PowerShell tips and tricks part #2: How much is one kilobyte?

This is translation of my article about some PowerShell tips & tricks not only for developers. I will split the article into more parts, so you won't get tired too early ;)

How many bytes is 1kB?

The today's tip will be very quick.
Do you exactly know how many bytes is 1MB or even 1GB? Are you tired of using 1024*1024*.. all the time? Then look at the examples below.
Note that there is no unit for 1 Byte. Just kidding ;)

[0]> 1kb, 1mb, 1gb, 1tb, 1pb

What does it mean?
When working with files, you can think in terms of kilobytes/megabytes. Just use the size and add appropriate suffix. PowerShell will evaluate it automatically.

Meta: 2010-05-09, Pepa