07:21:57 RickStrahl
Crap - sent somebody a PDF file created with PDFFactory from a browser print file - and they can't open it. WTF?
07:38:16 RickStrahl
Man it's been hot for a week here now. In fact, it's hot and muggy. I thought I was getting away from that when came back from Maui. Grumble
07:48:31 RickStrahl
Strong typed resources are not generated if you don't have a cultureless .Resx file. Groan, another reason LocBaml doesn't work w/ Resx.
08:23:05 RickStrahl
Ugh, this is silly: WPF applications require a special build option to create the static Main entry point. http://twurl.nl/580q2g
08:29:30 RickStrahl
Does WPF really work with Localization only if UltimateResourceFallbackLocation.Satellite is set? Otherwise I can't get XAML to load.
08:46:52 RickStrahl
More than a few times compilation process is failing to create all BAML resources in satellite assembly. No error, just missing BAML resrcs.
11:32:17 RickStrahl
And Visual Studio hangs again. Cider editor bombs for the 5th time tonight. Grumble, grumble.
11:46:46 RickStrahl
Blend 3 seems to have major issues w/ static bindings. Crash on x:Static non-string value and non-rendering on x:static bindings. 2 manages
01:44:12 RickStrahl
MAnaged to sneak out for an hour of wakeboarding on the river. Glassss!
05:41:11 RickStrahl
Ugh, VS keeps crashing and burning with WPF. Looks like some markup extension syntax accessing resources goes boom!
05:52:57 RickStrahl
God, I suck at WPF layout!
09:31:19 RickStrahl
Getting errors in my WPF project everytime I add a class or document.1 or more files couldn't be added. I'm only adding a class?
09:32:47 RickStrahl
This error: Entry for 'C:\projects2008\Articles\WpfLocalization' has no URL. Anybody know what this means? This isn't even my project.
11:33:28 RickStrahl
Customizing a Localization Markup Extension. For all its warts WPF has some cool features and MarkupExtensions has to be one of them.
12:02:40 RickStrahl
Frustrating: Markup extension works in Cider in VS, but fails in Blend (2 & 3) - apparently resources are not found.
20:14:30 RickStrahl
“…the earth needs a new operating system, you are the programmers, and we need it within a few decades.” http://snurl.com/jfu8w
21:40:48 RickStrahl
Just updated my west-wind.com server to Server 2008 SP2. Phew. No problems so far.
19:39:08 RickStrahl
It's windy, but I really should be working...
20:17:36 RickStrahl
WPF is databinding is great when it works. And painful if it doesn't. Binding to CLR object and binding is not working-can't figure out why.
20:55:02 RickStrahl
Grrr. Charter uplink connection is back to crap. Just got off the phone with support and ironically THEY had a hard time hearing me (VOIP)
08:57:06 RickStrahl
Damn it was windy today - epic day on the water. 'The sea was angry that day my friend.'
09:35:21 RickStrahl
Why does every Irish pub smell like wet dog?
23:18:08 RickStrahl
Another blasting day on the water. I'm beat. Time for a nap...
03:07:40 RickStrahl
The Future of Food - a scary movie about how our Food supply is getting squeezed by corps/Monsanto - is on hulu: htp://twurl.nl/b26mj4
20:52:05 RickStrahl
Great Messenger now starts up, stays invisible and after a minute or so just quits. Not the first time I've seen this w/o changes to setup.
01:07:10 RickStrahl
Can't figure out how to get a reference to the startup assembly in a markup extension at Design Time.
01:12:00 RickStrahl
Anybody know of a document that describes exactly what fires at Design time when WPF is hosted in Blend/VS Designer?
22:08:45 RickStrahl
What is it with headlines like 'Oil rally stalls; prices hover around $68'.Do we really need a rally in oil? It'll come, but nobody'll cheer
01:07:15 RickStrahl
Wow weird error: In German a Type Converter fails to parse a Margin with a string value of 20,20,20,20. Is this formatted diff in German???
04:27:43 RickStrahl
Oh crap. Photoshop upgrade doesn't work on really old version of Photoshop (7 in my case).
05:02:59 RickStrahl
A fly is now living in my eye. Souvenir of the latest bike ride.
09:18:54 RickStrahl
Oh joy: Debugging a WPF control inside of the Visual Studio Designer. Fun and games, that...
22:39:58 RickStrahl
Pretty sad that VS has ToolTray icon Visual Studio is Busy. So much forethought for FAILURE! (when it happens you're usually hung for good)
19:44:23 RickStrahl
American Sustainability - the 'real' inconvenient truth. http://twurl.nl/qo4pj3. Hard to deny as it affect many of us already.
20:59:15 RickStrahl
Windows update scare. Machine came back with my Windows Profile gone - AGAIN. Happened before. Rebooted all's well, but WTF?
21:42:57 RickStrahl
Ah crap forgot about my double bagged cup of green tea and let it sit for 40 mins. Bitter beer face doesn't begin to describe it!
22:10:59 RickStrahl
Why would anybody who has a well read RSS feed want to re-syndicate with some big Web Portal? Suckers deal that dilutes any brand loyalty
23:45:32 RickStrahl
Is there such a thing Assembly level context? How would you store static data that needs to be assembly scoped?
23:51:54 RickStrahl
@robconery It's for keeping Resources separate for different assemblies in same project.
23:52:31 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Sorry same solution. Ie single manager for multiple sets of resources out of different assemblies.
00:08:35 RickStrahl
Bing Translator? http://www.microsofttranslator.com/Default.aspx. Here we go for more lame ass branding.
01:28:15 RickStrahl
Sure would be nice if in Visual Studio you could drag a project into the references of another project to add a project reference.
04:35:20 RickStrahl
Hey who put these trees here? On Mitchell Ridge failing to claim my view reward after an extra climb. Pout.
02:44:26 RickStrahl
It's so nice they put in a water front park in Hood River... RIGHT NEXT TO THE SEWER PLANT. Smells really nice and it ain't the dogs...
02:52:35 RickStrahl
Hmph is it really necesary to have Connect files that are 12kb downloaded with the lame ass Download Transfer Manager? C'mon!
04:23:33 RickStrahl
Ugh, creating diagrams (for an article) is a major time sink. I've been at it for 2 hours for 3 diagrams (and a little writing).
05:23:05 RickStrahl
Oh yes! I love those AHA moments when they happen. Just had a brilliant idea to simply resource binding syntax in WPF Markup Extension.
06:32:08 RickStrahl
Man the Blend Designer is freaking strict and fails much more easily than the VS designer. Apparently security is much tighter.
06:32:41 RickStrahl
Markup extensions of mine work in VS but fail in blend. Looks like Reflection is failing (even public Reflection)./
06:47:23 RickStrahl
So I'm looking at code in Reflector and what I have and it's nearly the same, but my code fails in Blend but the MS code works. Not cool.
06:49:52 RickStrahl
Specifically IXamlTypeResolver.Resolve() fails.
06:57:24 RickStrahl
Stupid question: VS is not displaying a GAC'd component in Add Reference, but I can see it in the GAC. How do I add a reference from GAC?
07:00:44 RickStrahl
Never mind - manually added it to the .csproj file, but why isn't it showing in the .NET list?
07:31:36 RickStrahl
Ok posted the whole Wpf Markup Extension Type resolving issue on StackOverflow. Had no luck searching on this... http://twurl.nl/zmuvua
07:32:56 RickStrahl
RT @kevindente: bah. Video aside, Silverlight is like webforms - web development for people who don't want to learn web development.
08:00:40 RickStrahl
Crap, Charter is fucking with me again today. This is the worst cable Net service I've ever had.
09:36:04 RickStrahl
Arghhh... WPF page is losing namespace assignments in XAML when rebinding. Great.
09:49:11 RickStrahl
Everytime I'm amazed by some of the cool stuff in WPF I get slapped down by some nasty inconsistency in the internals to waste hours on.
10:14:00 RickStrahl
Eew I smell like rubber! Just realized forgot to take a shower after sailing by the sewer today. Nice!
10:18:29 RickStrahl
Solved my rebinding problem the brute force way by caching propertyinfo. Ugly but it works.
11:00:33 RickStrahl
Anybody know how to force an msbuild task to run at the very end of the build after compilation is complete?
11:42:19 RickStrahl
Anybody have a recommendation for a good CSV editor that works with UTF-8/Unicode?
11:42:40 RickStrahl
Excel doesn't count :-}
21:17:20 RickStrahl
How intuitive: Wpf doesn't use CurrentCulture by default in Bindings. You have to explicitly assign them. http://twurl.nl/adqkjd.
04:10:29 RickStrahl
I hate when I fix a problem and I don't really understand why or how the solution works. MsBuild script now works, but not sure why...
08:08:57 RickStrahl
Crunching final pass on an article for submission. Final review is taking a lot longer than I thought it would.
08:37:12 RickStrahl
WTF is #Charter 's problem. Every night around 10-11 the Internet connection takes a total shit.
08:44:17 RickStrahl
This is weird - whenever I switch to RTL in WPF all the right (left? I'm so confused) paranthesis are lost. In labels, in combos. Only ) ?
11:23:48 RickStrahl
Done, done, done! Oh my bleary eyes... it's been way too many hours in front of the computer today!
18:15:45 RickStrahl
Man I'm so not into waking up early, but ever since I got back to HR I haven't been able to sleep in. Getting up at 8:30am seems criminal.
18:48:55 RickStrahl
I think it's been entirely too long without listening to Killers from Iron Maiden, don't you think? Wrathchild baby!
19:11:04 RickStrahl
Now that I'm done with my writing project for now it's decision time what to work on next. So many choices.
19:34:06 RickStrahl
The toner cartridge on this printer has been reading out of ink for nearly 2 years now and it still prints just fine.
21:38:06 RickStrahl
Yay it's windy. Rigging up and getting on the water today!
23:58:52 RickStrahl
It must be 'Ask Rick a Stupid Question' day today. Apparently people do not know how to read. Actually more likely are too lazy to read?
00:50:37 RickStrahl
Sql Server Compact is a retarded platform. From shitty tools to SQL incompatibilities it's not even close to what it should be.
00:51:53 RickStrahl
If you build a 'light' version wouldn't you at least think they'd provide to tools to go back and forth between compact/full?
01:30:35 RickStrahl
Anybody know of a link on what it takes to hook up a custom ADO.NET provider to nHibernate? Got one using TSQL dialect that I need to use.
09:06:24 RickStrahl
Wow reading May 23 issue of The Economist they talk about a Peak Oil issues without mentioning it by name. http://twurl.nl/vglccg
22:31:08 RickStrahl
'FDA says Zicam nasal spray can cause loss of smell' - Gee, who'da guessed. Anybody ever use this stuff have any doubt about that?
00:15:17 RickStrahl
Argh, another WPF nightmare: Creating a AttachedProperty and using a property key of 'Translate' fails, using any key works. W.T.F?
00:17:34 RickStrahl
Actually it looks like when I match the dependency property and property name it NEVER works. Only if prop and name DON'T match???
00:44:31 RickStrahl
Is there some way to easily retrieve the root visual in a WPF control generically?
02:54:12 RickStrahl
Hmm... if I have two Attached properties in a class it bombs. Comment one of the two it works. Am i losing my mind here?
04:03:03 RickStrahl
Off to Portland to Poison Idea and Germs. Been a long time since I've seen PI...
06:29:04 RickStrahl
Pretty funny to be at these punk shows. You got either little children or washed up geriatrics. Afraid to consider the category I fall into.
09:53:37 RickStrahl
Having major issues with an attached property. If I give the string name the same name as the a prop, it doesn't work. Invalid name works???
09:55:45 RickStrahl
Here's an example: http://twurl.nl/51ai7w. As posted it works. If I change string name to Translate attached property never gets called.
20:51:27 RickStrahl
The US government lies we hear every day in plain sight: http://twurl.nl/digy31. Why do we put up with this shit?
01:08:58 RickStrahl
Windsurf roadtrip late in the day. It's cranking out east.
05:12:28 RickStrahl
Nice evening session on the water. Long shadows and big swell. Hmmm... This is the life!
20:56:28 RickStrahl
Grrr... started up Visual Studio this morning and the back key doesn'
20:57:40 RickStrahl
Grrr... started up Visual Studio this morning and the Back key doesn't work. This happens occasionally. Weird bug. Anybody else seen this?
20:58:50 RickStrahl
Seems starting VS right after system startup can cause weird behavior. I also see things like plug-ins failing which normally load just fine
20:19:06 RickStrahl
It's sad that IE 8 is the only 'modern' browser left that doesn't support some sort of Radius rendering for corners.
20:41:08 RickStrahl
Is it possible in WPF to get the Dependency Property from PropertyInfo? Have the actual property, but I need to get at TypeConverter for DP?
23:11:36 RickStrahl
It's WINDY! Again... another big drive out East.
04:03:23 RickStrahl
Ugh loading an image from a Bitmap or Stream is a pain in WPF. Everything wants a source not a bitmap or stream.
05:01:14 RickStrahl
Apparently the WPF image encoder has a number of issues with reading various bitmap streams. Failing on a host of images.
05:28:11 RickStrahl
Anybody using Word .docx documents in Subversion? Does this work for merging changes?
02:58:30 RickStrahl
Awesome day up the mountain. 3hour bike ride in beautiful hood river spring weather.
20:26:04 RickStrahl
Who writes service methods with 12 parms? Customer for an old interop platform w/ hard coded parm count (up to 10 which I thought was enuff)
21:50:57 RickStrahl
RT @karlseguin: it'd be nice if .NET implemented a real password hashing algorithm in .net 4.0 (like bcrypt.net)
21:57:31 RickStrahl
Maintenance day - fixing lots of little bugs and issues in old products today. Talk about looking into a time machine!
22:07:49 RickStrahl
Developer attention deficit history: From Books -> Articles -> Blog Posts -> Twitter. What's next?
22:15:58 RickStrahl
Consider how we learn about development today compared to the past. Search engine addiction and attention deficit syndrome rule the day.
23:10:01 RickStrahl
Wow Google Adsense administration doesn't work with FireFox 3.5. Totally rejected. FAIL! http://twurl.nl/t4xj1a
00:04:02 RickStrahl
Anybody have one of those MSDN subscriptions MS gave away to some MVPs last year? Is there an expiration on date on those?
01:44:05 RickStrahl
Inconsistencies in IIS internal GZip encoding is driving me nuts. JUST DO IT ALREADY! Some odd internal rules apply.
01:45:21 RickStrahl
Looks like the static file link has to be hit a number of times in close succession before GZip kicks in.
01:44:44 RickStrahl
Working on a bunch of small maintenance fixes in the West Wind Web Toolkit. Ah it's nice to get some feedback rolling in.
01:55:02 RickStrahl
Flat water and no one with a boat I know is out. Ok, alternate activity...
02:41:24 RickStrahl
WTF is with these Web Services that don't even have a WSDL definition? From a vendor? Who makes these decisions to not be discoverable?
06:09:14 RickStrahl
#jQuery plug-ins tend to be very heavy handed when it comes to accepting URLs. No checks for ? or & in several plug-ins I'm looking at. Weak
06:14:25 RickStrahl
Well maybe not that messy - something like this: (options.url.indexOf('?') < 0 ? '?' : '&') usually fixes the problems.
08:32:11 RickStrahl
@codinghorror Sand, salt water and keys and no scratching...@bradwilson $20 for a piece of plastic has SUCKER written all over it!
08:34:03 RickStrahl
It's a Motorhead night. Bomber baby!
08:49:44 RickStrahl
More legacy Web Service stuff to work on tonight. Amazing how busy this stuff keeps me, but it ain't exactly a fun exercise.
10:39:25 RickStrahl
Even if you don't believe in Peak Oil shouldn't we be bothered that we're pissing away energy at a frivolous rate?
21:34:52 RickStrahl
Grumble - machine is complaining about low memory. Looking at ProcMon I see nothing approaching the 13.8 gig commit charge in running apps.
21:35:57 RickStrahl
Although my Dell Wireless Adapter driver has 400,000+ open handles. That might explain it...
22:42:42 RickStrahl
Ok these facebook 'fan' clubs of whatever trivial matters are freaking me out. How pathetic can we get? http://bit.ly/c1s1j
22:46:42 RickStrahl
Hmmm... what's the best way to route a request like this: 'localhost/mz32a' ? Notice root site and no path (URL *has to be short*).
22:47:49 RickStrahl
Only way I can see to do this is with custom URL rewriting in a module? Anything else (Routing, UrlRewrite module) require a path to diff.
23:14:43 RickStrahl
Nice: burnt VS2010 CD locked up the CD drive.
23:24:58 RickStrahl
Great another half thought out Help Standard from Microsoft: http://helpware.net/mshelp3/h3intro.htm. Only for VS...
23:26:05 RickStrahl
Worst part about it: XHTML 1.1 compliance is required which means most old help content will have to be tossed...
23:26:40 RickStrahl
... especially given that HTML Editor (IE based) doesn't produce anything near XHTML 1.1.
23:54:30 RickStrahl
Why does VS always have to install the Office Dev crap? Why is this even in the box? If there ever was a purpose for an *add-on* this is it.
23:55:18 RickStrahl
How many people have ever built Office interop apps? 2? 3? :-} Ok maybe a few more, but definitely not a common use case?
23:56:50 RickStrahl
Similar reasoning for: SQL Compact, Sync Framework. There are *4* diff Sync Network install items!
23:59:29 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Apparently Sync and Sql Compact are managed by the same folks. Can someone at MS help these guys deploy a product please?
00:31:33 RickStrahl
Oh this isn't good: VS 2010 editor uses WPF for rendering. Immediate loss of text crispness is the first thing I noticed. FAIL!
00:38:38 RickStrahl
The entire Visual Studio Architecture should be based more on an opt-in model with an easy way to add components from within VS itself.
00:42:33 RickStrahl
Keeping your VS components up to date today is a total nightmare especially since MS doesn't distribute SP1 integrated installs.
01:17:36 RickStrahl
Wow somebody really cleaned up the HatchCam - you can almost see the sail numbers!
05:11:28 RickStrahl
WebForms and Routing is a pain at the moment. Looks like there will be some relief in ASP.NET 4.0 tho: http://twurl.nl/iide6y
05:12:05 RickStrahl
I suppose one can simulate HttpRequest.RequestContext with Context.Items today. Messy, but workable.
05:13:51 RickStrahl
Still it feels to me that it would just be easier to write some UrlRewriting logic than putting code in several places w/ Routing.
05:22:09 RickStrahl
Hmmm... I wonder if you could pass around RouteData.Values in the Context.Items collection.
05:23:12 RickStrahl
Yup - that totally works: id = (Context.Items['RouteValues'] as RouteValueDictionary)['id'] as string
07:16:34 RickStrahl
Fine, now (@ 10pm) the gradients are tightening and the wind starts kicking in, rocking the house. Be that way... <pout>
00:02:50 RickStrahl
Ugh, not getting shit done today - stuck paying bills and accounting paperwork. Time to get outside. I smell pine needles and bike grease...
20:23:30 RickStrahl
Big waves coming on the coast later today and tomorrow. Time for a road trip tomorrow to Oceanside.
03:17:46 RickStrahl
Seems like my iPhone lately is locking my SMTP mbox long after it's disconnected from last mail run. Can't access my box for 5 mins+ after.
07:35:12 RickStrahl
Great just as I need to start localizing an application the Res editor is no longer loading.The designer loader has not been initialized yet
07:44:38 RickStrahl
Apparently nothing a freaking reboot can't fix. There are entirely too many things in VS that require an implied reboot.
19:09:28 RickStrahl
Oceanside Cam shows sum nice swell rolling in. http://digg.com/u16zlF. Road trip time! Yay!
06:59:42 RickStrahl
Awesome day on the coast. Big waves and big wind. And lots of broken stuff. 1sail,1board, 1 body and 1 car - all kaputt. But worth it!
08:48:52 RickStrahl
Inflation is one form of taxation that can be imposed without legislation. milton friedman.Remember this as your $ is losing val every day!
09:24:31 RickStrahl
Using Seesmic these days instead of tweetdeck and liking it considerably better. The app is just better behaved than Tweetdeck.
11:12:39 RickStrahl
Great - Amazon is closing my Amazon Associates account due to State of Hawaii Tax regulation. Uhm who's this helping? Certainly not HI...
11:18:28 RickStrahl
Even though this loses me some money I think Amazon is right in saying Fuck you! to the states manhandling them.
11:20:08 RickStrahl
FWIW the issue is that Amzn Associates are considered physical outlet and Amazon is supposed to pay local Sales Tax accordingly. Bogus!
23:59:01 RickStrahl
My WPF Localization paper went live on CodePlex yesterday. http://wpflocalization.codeplex.com/
00:15:12 RickStrahl
Unfun drive home from the Coast yesterday: Oil light blinking on and off and out of cell range. Ugh. Trying to find a mechanic in town today
02:16:36 RickStrahl
Uh huh. Fox news - fair and balanced. http://digg.com/d1std9
04:11:22 RickStrahl
I have MVC View and get Request Validation errors, even though I ValidateRequest='false' on the view page. What is that all about?
08:45:13 RickStrahl
'These changes reflect the dramatically higher cost of doing business... as we work to preserve the broad availability of credit' Citibank.
08:45:54 RickStrahl
Yeah it's tough getting 0% interest loans from the Fed and charging 15% minimum and up to 30% interest.
09:26:37 RickStrahl
Starve the Beast: http://bit.ly/15wiTk - going on a consumption strike to hurt 'em where it counts.
09:58:57 RickStrahl
Can't see how you can possible control styling the MVC Html Validation Summary. A <span> tag for header and no wrapping element? Really?
21:03:34 RickStrahl
'Wall Street and the banking industry are nothing but lost productivity.'
21:39:15 RickStrahl
My first MVC app is going painfully slow and it's as simple as they come. Ugh.
00:11:53 RickStrahl
Wow weird. String.Split is somehow not splitting in the last element I'm returning when using a Count parameter. Works without count parm
04:48:10 RickStrahl
Schwarzenegger about CA: 'We are actually [in] much better shape than the United States.' Does that sound like a little child or what?
05:00:29 RickStrahl
Path resolution in ASP.NET MVC is painful. Relative pathing with rewritten/routed urls is easily broken?
05:04:36 RickStrahl
Oh for fuck's sake. Visual Studio is choking on a one of my View pages. Solid lock up of VS...
05:45:44 RickStrahl
Updated iPhone to 3.0. Couldn't sync. Apparently voice messages are causing a problems synching. Deleted voice msgs and it works again.
20:49:21 RickStrahl
Been using Bing for a couple of weeks now and it doesn't suck. Only occasional ventures back to Google.
21:53:21 RickStrahl
Experimenting with some simple spam prevention measures on open post Web page.
21:57:41 RickStrahl
Why are there just no decent HTML editor components out there? I mean desktop, commercial quality? So much HTML and nothing to edit with.
22:03:06 RickStrahl
@shanselman /Freddie/ And you figured that out just now? You were old enough to know what 20 years ago? :-}
22:15:17 RickStrahl
Mental note: Html Form CR/LF encoding in browser is \n, but ASP.NET Request.Form[] returns \r\n.
22:18:13 RickStrahl
Is it reasonable to expect the length captured from $('#var').val().length to be the same as Request.Form[] (with CR/LF fixed up)?
22:36:50 RickStrahl
Hmmm... looks like padding: 0px in browser reset is breaking <li> elements, cutting off bottoms. FF35 and Safari4.
01:39:10 RickStrahl
Great took the car to the shop to look at oil light/pressure. They don't see it. No light, full pressure.
02:28:40 RickStrahl
Rounded corners in FireFox have been cleaned nicely for 3.5. -moz-border-radius: 5px;
03:48:42 RickStrahl
Weird String.Split behavior when using the Count parameter: http://codepaste.net/c5f3ae4a. Last element always holds rest of the string.
07:34:49 RickStrahl
Just got attacked by an errant martini glass in the bar. A
20:01:33 RickStrahl
How spoiled can you get? It's blowing 35mph and we're waiting for it get better?
04:41:01 RickStrahl
Grrr... why does Windows Update inundate me with Language Packs for every known language?
05:36:49 RickStrahl
Having problems stepping into .NET Framework code with Source Server enabled. This process is flaky - sometimes it works, most it doesn't.
05:56:08 RickStrahl
Seems like my problem with source server is that System.Web is not downloading. Other symbol files are there but no System.Web?
08:03:33 RickStrahl
Wrote an ugly routine to strip leading indentation from a string. Can this be done with RegEx more cleanly? http://codepaste.net/55e289da
08:50:30 RickStrahl
Ugh IE legacy rendering is killing me. IE is not respecting top margin when elements sit at top with position:absolute
09:03:00 RickStrahl
This is really weird - IE is not rendering a margin-top. Turns out IE requires SOME non-position absolute content before margin-top takes.
09:04:12 RickStrahl
Adding a   before <div style='position: absolute; ...'><div> and before <div style='margin-top: 125px'> (in styles) works.
20:02:09 RickStrahl
@codinghorror The whole gzip craziness in IIS drives me batty. DO AS I TELL YOU! :-}
20:40:31 RickStrahl
Are MVC routes processed in the order declared or some other scheme? I have a route declared before a less specific one and it's not called.
20:50:17 RickStrahl
Looks like the routing prob was some sort of caching in server/application? Created more specific route,removed it and now it works. Weird.
20:55:36 RickStrahl
Dealing with a routing scheme where one of the urls doesn't have a controller in it: http://codepaste.net/a880efbe
21:01:10 RickStrahl
Thanks all for the links to @haacked Route Debugger. Ah the joys of re-discovering basic tools :-}
21:02:16 RickStrahl
@oising Yup several good suggestions. http://codepaste.net/list/recent
21:02:35 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Immediate Window and LinqPad?
21:54:16 RickStrahl
Corruption at its best: http://twurl.nl/zb6g2c. Who says we're better than 3rd world countries for 'paid off gov't'?
22:25:26 RickStrahl
@karlseguin /help mvp/ To be fair Rob Chandler has done a lot for the help community. MS totally has dropped the ball on help FOREVER!
22:26:21 RickStrahl
@karlseguin There are next to no useful Help resources available from MS. As somebody who's built Help tools I can tell you this space SUCKS
22:33:46 RickStrahl
@karlseguin He he... FoxPro MVPs existed LONG before any .NET mvps. I agree though, some disciplines feel a little pretencious although.
22:35:21 RickStrahl
Is there a way to force a page not to emit a Title if you have a runat='server'? If I remove title still end up with an empty title tag.
22:37:40 RickStrahl
So Microsoft is creating MS Help 3.0 for VS help, but still leaving the main help platform in use in the 1990's CHM format. Nice planning...
00:53:40 RickStrahl
Anybody else noticing that FireFox 3.5 rendering feels really sluggish since RTM.
03:23:04 RickStrahl
Looks like clearing out Temporary Internet Files helps FireFox 3.5 performance some.
07:17:46 RickStrahl
I'm rich, I'm rich: http://twitpic.com/9nvas. Something we can look forward to in this country soon!
21:08:57 RickStrahl
Looks like some of my seats on my trip to Europe later this month are in First Class. Didn't book FC tho. Would be nice...
21:37:35 RickStrahl
Is it possible to instantiate to render an MVC Controller/View from a non-MVC request (specifically from Application_Error)?
00:00:29 RickStrahl
Interesting read on German Hyper Inflation in the 20's,how they got there, what worked and didn't. http://usagold.com/germannightmare.html
00:11:38 RickStrahl
So generic error display in MVC is easy with a custom ErrorController: http://codepaste.net/dbe671a6. This sort of routability is NICE.
01:17:01 RickStrahl
Argh. Fighting <pre> tag overflow. Can't seem to contain it within a parent container control where everything is % based widths.
01:17:42 RickStrahl
Works in IE but all other browsers refuse to contain the non-wrapping lines. overflow/overflow-x has no effect. Weird.
01:38:42 RickStrahl
Looks like my overflow problem is related to a <fieldset> inside of a fieldset (for an error page) which causes <pre> to overflow.
04:07:02 RickStrahl
Sometimes I wish I could open two solutions inside of VIsual Studio just to get Source Control to behave
04:41:14 RickStrahl
Engaging in a hostile takeover game of tennis...
20:09:09 RickStrahl
Lame: SL3 install fails w\ Silverlight Developer Components are out of date.Why should that matter?Tools not working ok, install failing?Not
20:34:34 RickStrahl
In order to get SL3 installed I had to uninstall EVERYTHING SL previous. SL 3 Beta tools, SL 2 tools AND SL 2.
20:35:37 RickStrahl
The SL install experience - definitely NOT smooth. Here's hoping that uninstalling SL2 is not a requirement. It was on my setup.
20:45:26 RickStrahl
My black toner cartridge in my Minolta 2300w printer finally gave out after 6 years!!! I'd say that beats ink cart. ROI by a million times.
20:46:39 RickStrahl
Granted I don't print a lot, but enough. THe color toners are still going strong (no light even yet :-}).
23:49:23 RickStrahl
Here's a real challenge for SQL Compare 8: Rolling back some wicked primary key changes from another server. Wish me luck.
01:26:31 RickStrahl
SQL Compare 8 challenge: Managed to synch back to my original schema undoing primary key type changes and default values. Impressive.
02:26:00 RickStrahl
MasterPages without <head runat='server'> result in no url resolution and no more CSS intellisense. Bummer.
04:36:20 RickStrahl
4 digits (even with upper/lower) seems small for a random key generator.
09:45:59 RickStrahl
@codinghorror That''s better than what the locals do in Hawaii: Welcome to Hawaii - now go home!
00:39:53 RickStrahl
Anybody else having problems with TweetDeck's connections to non-Twitter services? Url, Login, Facebook all fail with connection errors.
17:24:45 RickStrahl
Heading to mt. St. Helens for an all day bike ride. It's early and going to be a scorcher.
18:06:10 RickStrahl
Abort abort. Looking at wind on the river and it's way too windy. Hmmm. Hot ass bike ride or nice cool day on the river. Tough choice eh?
03:40:28 RickStrahl
Seesmic Twitter Web App looks pretty nice. http://seesmic.com/app/
04:25:04 RickStrahl
Holy crap it was WINDY today on the river. It looks like the next two days will be EVEN windier. Hopefully my body will hold up...
23:45:59 RickStrahl
Still having major problems with app startup being incredibly slow. Even hitting empty ASPX page (no data/logic) takes nearly 2 mins.
23:51:24 RickStrahl
Wonder if it could be Subversion files? But this project is relatively small so even that seems wrong.
00:01:32 RickStrahl
Ok so I created a new Application Pool and added the app to it, and startup now is fast again. (3-5 seconds vs. 90-120 seconds).
00:03:54 RickStrahl
Actually interesting thing happened: New AppPool was created with a new Account: ApplicationPoolIdentity - from .NET 4.0? Fast with it.
00:04:31 RickStrahl
Switching back the AppPool Identity to Network Service brings back the slow startup. WTF?
00:05:57 RickStrahl
My guess is the slowness started when I installed .NET 4.0/Vs 2010. What could this have done to foul things up?
00:31:41 RickStrahl
I really disapprove of yet another default account being created for IIS.Isn't it enough we have ASPNET/NETWORKSERVICE/IUSR to contend with?
00:32:13 RickStrahl
It's a bloody configuration nightmare to have to deal with all these default accounts in installations.
08:30:40 RickStrahl
Just a few days left before heading to Berlin and Salzburg for a few weeks! Looking forward to escaping the heat here in Oregon.
09:55:52 RickStrahl
ApplicationPoolIdentity IIS 7 (SP2 and later) looks like a total disaster to me. Non-discoverable, magic value account.
09:56:59 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Let's make something that actually made sense, was reasonably flexible and worked and make it more difficult to use. Yeah!
09:59:37 RickStrahl
The mindless shit that gets done in the name of security never stops to amaze me. Memo: The more complex the more likely it won't get used!
10:06:42 RickStrahl
Looks like my IIS 7 slow startup with NETWORK SERVICE issue is related to network issues. Turning off Wireless makes everything fast again.
10:07:39 RickStrahl
What could IIS be doing that causes NETWORK SERVICE to be slow at accessing some resource when it works with other accts? Used to be no prob
00:15:36 RickStrahl
Added a few improvements to http://codepaste.net: Easier copying of code, line number toggles and feeds.
00:35:35 RickStrahl
Number of people asked about code for CodePaste.net: It's online in Subversion: http://tinyurl.com/kwbrvw. Be gentle it's my 1st MVC app ;-}
01:57:19 RickStrahl
I love my Kindle but dislike the power indicator that goes from 1/4 charge to 'Your Kindle is shutting down because of low battery'. Grumble
03:44:01 RickStrahl
@shanselman Yeah really. Those dumpster divers can be annoying, huh? :-}
10:12:02 RickStrahl
The moon walk site is pretty cool, but the 'holodeck' grid at the top of some of the pics brings back conspiracy theory memories :-}
10:12:22 RickStrahl
Oh, here's what I'm talking about: http://www.google.com/moon/
10:12:54 RickStrahl
Zoom into the lander and check the top above the pictures. 'Your program is ready for you!'
23:42:49 RickStrahl
Just got a sales call and man was it hard to shake this guy. Not one pause. Except the one when I just hung up :-}
00:16:02 RickStrahl
Hmmm... can I fit 3 weeks worth of cloths and shit into a tiny carryon suitcase? I'm trying...
00:18:49 RickStrahl
Visual Studio back in it's deadly white screen spin cycle. Start, run for 5 minutes. Crash. Rinse and repeat.
01:03:36 RickStrahl
Damn, travel agent booked me on the wrong day for DevConnections in Vegas in November bc of Red Eye. I hate using travel agents. #worthless
07:47:58 RickStrahl
Just my luck: As I'm going over to Europe the Euro is near its highest level against the dollar in a while.
20:22:08 RickStrahl
At pdx waiting for flight to Amsterdam to board. Love pdx wireless and the little work cubbies everywhere. Wish more airports were like pdx
11:44:42 RickStrahl
Absolutely no Fahrvergnügen on my flight to Berlin: 20 year old plane, no movie, fat women, crying, kicking babies and lost luggage.
12:33:31 RickStrahl
Smooth - forgot I made some database changes and forgot to sync before updating live site. Errors galore.
12:34:33 RickStrahl
Red Gate's SQL Compare to the rescue. Phew.
09:12:53 RickStrahl
Looking at new PayPal PayFlow API .NET samples. Java developers shouldn't write .NET samples. Never. Ever!
09:30:20 RickStrahl
@DanWahlin Well their example looks like a straight Java port trying to do MVC with Web Forms in a rather twisted way.
09:30:51 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl For a sample, where the core features are a few lines of code this is horribly twisted. Epic fail. #PayFlowPro
21:32:57 RickStrahl
Jetlag's not letting go of me this time around. The fucked up flight over really did me in this time.
21:53:53 RickStrahl
The fleecing of America by the banks through the Fed in plain language: http://tinyurl.com/lmje9g. The banks own us!
21:57:21 RickStrahl
As long as there's no transparency for the Fed we'll be fucked over by the banking system.Remember the Fed is private and run by priv Banks.
21:57:55 RickStrahl
ie. the same people who are benefitting from trillions of dollars of tax dollars to 'rescue the system'.
10:33:32 RickStrahl
@codinghorror /#1 bandwidth consumer/ Really? Even over content? Something's not right with that?
11:04:08 RickStrahl
@codinghorror Understood, but it surely can't be larger than content? How much of your traffic caches js libs?
11:16:38 RickStrahl
Any social & financial system eventually folds due to the perversion and obfuscation through amendments that deny accountability.
22:07:02 RickStrahl
@shanselman /Remoting/ The CLR needs a clean, built-in way to copy object data across object instances. This would solve a lot of problems.
22:27:17 RickStrahl
@shanselman I'd like to be able to pass in source and target instances and copy data between them reliably.
22:27:53 RickStrahl
@shanselman I have my own lib code to do this but it's Reflection (slow) and has a few holes due to complexity.
22:28:40 RickStrahl
@shanselman A few overloads or an option parameter to handle, circular refs, nesting levels etc. would be nice.
22:30:33 RickStrahl
@shanselman FWIW, I've asked a few times and got blank stares from the CLR guys. I use this a lot in distributed scenarios.
22:36:53 RickStrahl
Amazing that Expression Web 3 is still inferior to even the VS.NET Html editor. No synchronicity in behavior - feels totally foreign.
22:39:11 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Oh and types to copy could be optionally of differing types so you can copy message data to a business entity for example.
22:52:43 RickStrahl
anybody using ZeroClipBoard and getting it to work more than once in IE when not hooking mouseover behavior (as the samples do)?
23:36:26 RickStrahl
Ok, I hacked ZeroClipboard into working with IE. Turns out a hover CSS class I use breaks it for IE. No hover CSS no breaky.
16:14:06 RickStrahl
Immersing myself in big city life for a few days. Busy, busy, busy - everyone's running around like a busy bee all the time.
22:51:13 RickStrahl
Wish had more time to put into CodePaste.net right now. Lots of folks have sent great comments and suggestions. All logged. Slowly adding.
22:53:48 RickStrahl
Packing my stuff for flight to Salzburg tomorrow. Maybe @MarkusEgger will wake up in time to collect me :-}
23:44:10 RickStrahl
For once I would like to have a Windows machine that properly shuts down when I close the lid or press to power button!
16:16:57 RickStrahl
Experimenting around with different ways of creating complex-ish controls in MVC.
00:25:20 RickStrahl
Drank some comped greenish fu-fu drink with @markusegger. Apparently the bar tender thinks of Markus fondly. :-}
11:31:52 RickStrahl
Calling out Goldman Sachs for what it is: gangsters! http://tinyurl.com/nch44p. Entertaing to watch moderator squirm.
13:02:45 RickStrahl
Just because something is legal doesn't make it ethical. Motto permeates all aspects of life in Western society. What can I get away with?
14:08:36 RickStrahl
There's nothing wrong with competiveness and going for the buck. But ONLY going for the buck without regard for social implications is EVIL
14:36:51 RickStrahl
Whatta deal: Yahoo shares plunge 7% in pre-market trading on Microsoft deal. Not exactly vote of confidence: http://bit.ly/44IGC
15:46:27 RickStrahl
Experimenting some more with MVC control syntax. Something like that looks useful to me: http://bit.ly/1F2ZKU
19:28:35 RickStrahl
Is there a way to load Web Resources from outside of Page.ClientScript? IOW, how do I get a resource Url without Page instance?
10:07:43 RickStrahl
'Google is the last company I would trust with my data': http://tinyurl.com/nolars. Duh!
02:28:57 RickStrahl
Unterwegs Sauftags with @MarkusEgger and co in Saalfelden. Almost like first Fridays in Hood River only more drunkenness going on. :-}
11:11:34 RickStrahl
RT @JamesNK: James is blogging: .NET 2.0 support added to Json.NET http://bit.ly/pz8kr. Very cool James!
12:23:23 RickStrahl
Arrghh... I hate C++ and trying to figure out header file problems. INSANE - how did we do this for so long and not go nuts?
01:18:20 RickStrahl
Back from the castle feast with @markusegger and co. Castle got struck by lightening while we were there. Fun times...
11:31:09 RickStrahl
Blog spammers are getting better and better. They actually appear to read content of posts. Still can tell most of the time...
15:03:56 RickStrahl
Peak oil prognosis from coming into mainstream: http://tinyurl.com/nmemcg
23:07:23 RickStrahl
Updated CodePaste.net with a bunch of updated over the weekend based on requests. Not enough time tho, more stuff coming.
23:38:06 RickStrahl
So MSDN comes up in German for me because I'm in Austria completely ignoring my Language settings. FAIL! Luckily I can still read it - still
01:48:46 RickStrahl
Helping @markusegger debug his Web site configuration. Entertaining... :-}
02:03:21 RickStrahl
So MVC (and also WebForms Routing) HAS TO route all Urls including static content through ASP.NET. Anybody done perf testing on this? Slow?
02:43:48 RickStrahl
US Manufacturing: Guns 'r us: http://bit.ly/8RQak http://tinyurl.com/mm8njf
02:47:09 RickStrahl
Our bread and circuses: Beer, booze, drugs, gluttony & addiction to entertainment electronica. Anything to avoid critical thought.
15:18:38 RickStrahl
Just dealt with a developer asking to check for a style prob with FireBug or IE 8 Web tools. Response: Oh we only have IE 7. Argh!!!
17:18:28 RickStrahl
Another rainy day in Austria at @markusegger 's place.
18:32:25 RickStrahl
Even the most trivial of applications often can consume immense amounts of time. #featurecreep
21:00:06 RickStrahl
Off to another night out to see @markusegger 's dad play crazy music in Zell am See. Sleep deprivation continues.
19:11:10 RickStrahl
FireFox 3.5.2 update was a bear to install. Tons of download failures and the install failed twice. Not encouraging.
20:49:30 RickStrahl
Have to rebook my flight back home to Portland. Airline refuses to move airports - WTF?
22:35:09 RickStrahl
It's crazy that airlines still pull shit like one tickets being nearly twice as expensive as round trip tickets.
00:05:22 RickStrahl
Back from a casual bike ride through the country side. Flat tire - this trip has 'excitement' with every activity.
12:04:23 RickStrahl
Anybody know if classic .NET Web Service proxy generated support Basic Authentication thru Credentialsl? I thought it did...
12:06:41 RickStrahl
Ah - looks like the .NET Proxy might need to auto-send authentication since there's no challenge. http://tinyurl.com/me9xkc
12:39:03 RickStrahl
Off to tourist with the Eggheads in Salzburg. Beer garden stop finally?
01:41:52 RickStrahl
Completed 'Summer Games' at the Egger estate. Unfortunately I was assigned to the losing team. Grumble. Grumble. BIG FUN!
03:49:32 RickStrahl
Trying to catch up on email and other obligations between fun and games. Literally. It's 4am better call it a night.
11:50:34 RickStrahl
Ah - the American Dream: http://tinyurl.com/ne4vyk
13:14:19 RickStrahl
Had a couple of rather embarrassing bugs running on CodePaste.NET over the last couple days. Code formatting was uhm off badly. Fixed.
14:26:27 RickStrahl
@omarq /Code Embedding/ It's on my list. It's actually there already just not documented yet. Just not sure people would actually use it?
14:28:36 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl For example how would you like to display something like this: http://codepaste.net/codeonly/6oysv6
17:08:08 RickStrahl
ASMX or WCF service for CodePaste.NET (in addition to REST interface)? Honestly to this day I think I prefer ASMX services for client issues
17:18:47 RickStrahl
Looking forward to TatarenHut tonight in a small cabin restaurant with @markusegger and family. Last night in Austria.
18:04:59 RickStrahl
It really bites that WCF REST services can't work interchangeably with existing service contracts. WCF REST is not really worth the effort.
18:06:13 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl IOW you can't use a single Service Contract to handle SOAP, REST - JSON, XML.
01:58:00 RickStrahl
The Fog of Numbers: http://tinyurl.com/m934my. Kunstler stating the obvious that's not so obvious and fanning the flames at the same time.
01:59:01 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Political debate is so full of black and white these days that nothing can ever change, short of drastic audience participation
22:49:30 RickStrahl
Hmmm... there's such a thing as the 'US religious left'? http://tinyurl.com/ltcmho
23:22:33 RickStrahl
Still experimenting with the best way to publish a single service base for SOAP and REST APIs. Almost there, but lots of re-re-refactoring.
23:26:21 RickStrahl
What are people liking for complex types in Rest Services? Pure simple post vars? Object Posts? Or skip and stick to simple parameters only?
23:27:16 RickStrahl
Leaning towards latter choice (simple parms only) for REST interface and both simple and complex for SOAP.
23:32:40 RickStrahl
I've been seeing more thunderstorms in two weeks than in the previous 20 years. TS's rolling in loud in Berlin now.
23:40:59 RickStrahl
Seems to me easiest way to build a flexible REST interface is w/ Handlers rather than MVC Controllers. Direct method maps vs. ActionResults?
23:57:31 RickStrahl
Microsoft often asks me direct for feedback. I provide it and then... it goes into a sinkhole. What's the point? Feedback is a conversation!
01:16:13 RickStrahl
Ah, lost internet connection in the middle of an IM conversation. Guess it's not just in HR that I have IP problems. Grrrr...
01:21:13 RickStrahl
Oh yeah! ActionInvoker.CreateActionResult opens all sorts of opportunities!
01:49:39 RickStrahl
This is what I'm using for REST results in my MVC controller(s) - http://codepaste.net/ytojpk. Lots of opportunity in ActionInvoker - like!
19:53:22 RickStrahl
Interesting statistics on bank profits from overdraft fees: http://tinyurl.com/m86mgj. Life is good in the United Corporation of America.
00:37:10 RickStrahl
Amazon is no longer paying my referrals even after re-instating Hawaii from the recent assoc. blocking. Support is clueless.
01:18:53 RickStrahl
Enough playing for now: Posted first cut SOAP and REST apis for Codepaste.net: http://tinyurl.com/qh4gp5
11:58:31 RickStrahl
Argh - been struggling with a pulled muscle in my back for the last 3 days. #gettingold sucks :-} Especially on vacation.
13:00:03 RickStrahl
Getting ready to leave for Munich and Regensburg for a few days. Lot of flying back and forth lately...
18:22:41 RickStrahl
Arrived in Regensburg for work and apparently more social activities. I guess Team Antisocial has to wait until next week.
09:25:47 RickStrahl
Generic Types are a pain if subclassing is involved. There's no way to retain control generic parameters in a subclass or is there?
09:26:48 RickStrahl
IOW create a subclass of a generic type, wanting the subclass to specify the generic parmeters that both the instance and base should use.
10:19:33 RickStrahl
Had fun last night at a local BuergerFest near Regensburg. Euro fests seem to bring out way more people of all stripes than in the US.
12:03:09 RickStrahl
Yup, everything's rosy and recovery is just around the corner: http://tinyurl.com/rx485n. NOT!
18:34:54 RickStrahl
Last night in Germany tonight. One last bier zelt ausflug is on the menu then I'll have to settle for Double Mountain again :-}
18:39:14 RickStrahl
Spent the last few days working with LLBGen and it addresses many of my complaints with various ORMs I've had.
07:32:03 RickStrahl
Argh - it's early. Heading to Munich to the airport. Flying back to Portland via Vancouver today. Grumble, Grumble, Grumble...
02:57:13 RickStrahl
Flight to Vancouver arrived late, and would have missed my flight to PDX. For once I'm glad a flight's delayed!
02:58:33 RickStrahl
Vancouver Airport is deserted. I cruised through bag pickup, Can. and US Customs, bag check in less than 15 minutes including a pad-down.
04:57:01 RickStrahl
Back in Portland. I'm about to keel over from lack of sleep. No sleep til hmmaersmith...
07:54:38 RickStrahl
Home! Ah it feels good to be lying down after 24hrs of travel. I give it 3 minutes. Lights out.
16:31:34 RickStrahl
Ah it's good to sleep in my own bed again. Unforutnately my time zone is now complete screwed up again. Being up at 7am is ungodly.
18:16:39 RickStrahl
Just downloaded Win7 with FireFox. At the end - couldn't save file (presumably because > 2gig). Do over... lame.
18:17:24 RickStrahl
What happened to DL manager? Should MS know that this is a problem when linking these files?
19:47:35 RickStrahl
Feeling dumb: Recent question re: Generic Type Inheritance was caused by slightly wrong sytnax on my part. Duh!
19:48:38 RickStrahl
Something like this public class TimeTrakkerBusinessBase<TEntity, TContext> : BusinessObjectLinq<TEntity, TContext> actually does work.
19:49:09 RickStrahl
...as long as all the generic restrions (where) are reapplied on the subclassed typed.
20:32:39 RickStrahl
What SSD drives are people using and recommending?
20:46:17 RickStrahl
Do these SSD drives fit into a standard 2.5 drive bay in a laptop? Need converters?
20:53:50 RickStrahl
Sigh - Charter is still fucked even after 3 weeks gone. Mid-day and the connection stutters crazy just as before I left.
21:01:31 RickStrahl
FireFox is really starting to piss me off. Constant hangups across windows on every day browsing.
21:01:49 RickStrahl
Actually it looks like FaceBook in particular is giving it problems.
21:47:41 RickStrahl
Reading Free Lunch http://tinyurl.com/ojapmp for lunch. Appetite is disrupted. Corporate socialism in the name of capitalism is sickening.
22:39:28 RickStrahl
Going to attempt an update to Win 7. Will put off paving until I get a new drive. Waiting a little longer.
23:49:37 RickStrahl
Ugh - Win7 install is shlogging through my existing settings. 40 minutes and only on 40%. Same gig on the other end I suspect.
03:06:31 RickStrahl
Just finished Peter hamilton's Judas Unchained. Another awesome scifi read Took forever tho - not enuff time to read.
03:08:29 RickStrahl
I guess it's on to the next book while I wait for win7 finishes installation. It's been 4 hours now.
04:12:31 RickStrahl
Great - Windows 7 product key I got from MSDN isn't valid. WTF? I cut and pasted the thing.
04:21:47 RickStrahl
I'm an idiot! And no I'm NOT telling you why :-}.
04:45:08 RickStrahl
Ordered some stuff with my MVP bucks in late June - order still not shipped. Lame. Backordered item. Wasn't backordered when placed.
08:35:37 RickStrahl
Win 7 up and running - ended up doing another install and Transfer Settings. Reinstalling most things now...
09:03:58 RickStrahl
Grrr... Daemon Tools are not working on Win 7 for ISO mounting. Any suggestions for a replacement?
09:36:18 RickStrahl
Some spirited venting on getting reamed by our financial institutions: http://bit.ly/RcfEY.
09:40:16 RickStrahl
Still installing and installing and... installing. VS, SQL, Office and many utils. Going fast now, but still not done.
11:14:21 RickStrahl
Done it again: SQL 2008 installation fails to install the management tools, even tho I'm SURE I had it checked in install. Grr...
11:33:48 RickStrahl
Yup management tools are checked in the installed instance, but they're just *not installed*. Now what? Re-install didn't help.
11:51:47 RickStrahl
@stack72 Argh - This is insane... you can't install SQL Tools because VS is installed? How does shit like this get past QA?
12:06:54 RickStrahl
@stack72 Actually I didn't install SQL Express. Uninstalling VS now. Hopefully just VS uninstall will work.
12:08:44 RickStrahl
@stack72 Only if you select it. I think it's the IDE that's the problem. SQL MMT uses the VS shell.
12:37:24 RickStrahl
@stack72 Yeah looks like it worked, but the whole process of install for VS and SQL Server took now 3.5 hours. Ridiculous.
12:38:12 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl And then there are those creepy VS install dialog images with the weird plastic people to endure :-}
12:47:09 RickStrahl
Thanks all for the many suggestions of ISO mounting for Win7. I used Virtual Clone Drive and it works great!
19:59:27 RickStrahl
Back to installing more shit. :-} After my VS/SQL install debacle now it's tedium vs. angry frustration I hope.
21:29:21 RickStrahl
One thing I forgot to do before paving: Backing up my IIS configuration. Bummer all local sites lost. That'll take a while.
02:51:07 RickStrahl
OpenId just seems annoyingly slow to use and the process is hardly easy to follow for Joe Consumer. Am I missing something?
05:59:12 RickStrahl
Hmmm... do classic XML Web Service Proxy's not support generic SOAP headers (non contract)? I'd hate to convert this code to WCF client.
06:01:01 RickStrahl
Amazon really hosed things by requiring such a funky 'signature' interface for their service interface validation esp. for read-only access.
09:03:54 RickStrahl
It's pretty amazing how Amazon's eCommerce service went from useful to completely useless because of security changes: http://bit.ly/yimJ9
09:04:59 RickStrahl
The stuff doesn't even work out of the box since the contract doesn't expose the security functionatlity. I'd call that an epic fail.
08:02:40 RickStrahl
I guess it's been a looooong time since my last repave. A true clean install of VS feels (for the moment) much smoother than it has been.
08:43:15 RickStrahl
Doing some hacking of generated SOAP proxies by injecting additional code. Ugly, but hey it works :-}
11:09:36 RickStrahl
Strangely productive day today. Updated and released several product updates, fixed a big pile of bugs and added some new features. Nice.
17:39:06 RickStrahl
Wow actually got feedback from the Web Expression team after my Tweet about <title /> getting hosed. Been trying to find SOMEBODY forever.
19:36:38 RickStrahl
It's windy! Finally. Time to head out to the river and see if my aching back will cooperate - or better yet realign itself...
00:14:19 RickStrahl
No more Services accessible directly from the start menu in Win7. Have to use Computer Management - Services. Grumble.
00:25:03 RickStrahl
Windows 7 overall has been real smooth for me, small annoyances aside. Definitely one of the smoothest OS installs I've had.
00:25:43 RickStrahl
Then again, there's also nothing here to get excited about coming from Vista. Perf feels slightly better but prolly only bc of new install.
03:55:11 RickStrahl
Reading 'Verlogene Gesellschaft'. Discusses a lot of problems in the German Welfare state. Interesting perspective but same issues we face.
03:56:53 RickStrahl
Bottom line is there aren't black or white political answers anymore,no us vs. them. We're all at fault for the financial & cultural decline
03:58:06 RickStrahl
Yet political debate keeps demonizing on and on. Everyone for 'emselves.
08:49:43 RickStrahl
Just came back from District 9. Bucking my streak of bad movies finally. Pretty damn gory tho... no 'hinting' here just Martha Splatterhead!
00:09:23 RickStrahl
Stuck inside while it's blowing like stink today. My back is still not better. Time to go see the doctor tomorrow. Damn!
02:25:43 RickStrahl
Climbing another Data Access learning curve. How many times have I done the same thing in my career?
02:33:47 RickStrahl
Really wish CodeRush had a better way to export all of my templates instead of one at a time. Lost a bunch in re-pave - forgot to backup.
01:40:56 RickStrahl
Grrr... I hate static classes! If you build a config class with statics create an instance and hang the class as a single static off that.
01:48:03 RickStrahl
... and that goes especially for GENERATED static classes :-} No casting, no interface - no way to generically ref the thing.
05:49:36 RickStrahl
Hmmm... StackOverflow doesn't accept angle brackets as plain text in messages. Odd choice.
06:12:06 RickStrahl
Hmmm... to upgrade to CamTasia 6 or stick with Version 5?
07:06:26 RickStrahl
Ugh, listening to the mixes of the demo we made for C2D last spring. Awful, awful mix from engineer. Home mix we made was much better.
08:32:45 RickStrahl
How did I miss this? The Cult's playing in PDX tomorrow night. Ticketless.
08:39:15 RickStrahl
OMG there are still tickets!!! Done deal! Yay!
10:27:20 RickStrahl
@codinghorror What does not allowing tags in text buy you? Aren't you HTML encoding everything?
10:29:47 RickStrahl
Is it just me or does Obama just look like he's more and more like a marionette? I mean physically - and well politically as well.
21:49:21 RickStrahl
Making my month in advance call to Time Warner Cable on Maui to ensure somebody's available to hook up internet service when I get back.
21:49:56 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Sad part is it really required this. Couldn't get an appointment on the day I wanted!
01:03:55 RickStrahl
Ok finally getting a few spare cyles to look at OpenId - DotnetOpenAuth
01:49:41 RickStrahl
Hmmm... looks like DotNetOpenID has changed interfaces. Most samples no longer work. How the heck do I get a ClaimsResponse?
01:51:09 RickStrahl
Hmm... look like I'm doing it right: http://bit.ly/166er2. Still getting null though and provider definitely is returning the info.
02:05:31 RickStrahl
Lots of churn in the dotnetopenauth project it seems. every sample I see has different syntax. Got it working though.
02:16:22 RickStrahl
About to head to Portland to see The Cult tonight at the Roseland. Love to see shows there - just the right venue size! Rock on!
18:58:42 RickStrahl
ugh - my hosting ISP was down most of the day yesterday afternoon and evening. All sites down, no email. Ugly - caused by telco wire cut.
19:44:35 RickStrahl
Grrr... AT&T's message forwarding is sporadic again. Just had a VM show up from *yesterday* morning.
22:22:54 RickStrahl
Basic account validation with OpenId is easy. OpenId signup and account association - a bit more work to get right.
22:23:33 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Not for the tools, but for the workflow. Multi-step request callbacks are always a pain.
22:24:28 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl First time in a long time I've needed to use a Session variable to pass base state between requests.
02:38:30 RickStrahl
Ah yes our government at work: http://bit.ly/3028Ct. Reselling seized guns . WTF? Isn't the point to get this crap off the streets?
05:20:43 RickStrahl
Getting 'Validation of viewstate MAC failed.' in an MVC page when adding a second partial view. EnableViewStateMac is false. WTF?
06:41:10 RickStrahl
Turns out the ViewStateMac error occurred due to the designer at some point inserting a <form runat='server'>.
06:41:31 RickStrahl
Looks like I accidentally dropped a control on the page and the <form> tag came along with it.
08:25:18 RickStrahl
Red Gate Sql Tools installed. I have some data updates to do on my live site.
08:26:00 RickStrahl
Now if only fucking Charter would not go down every 5 minutes. Piece of shit service. Never again!
08:37:02 RickStrahl
Hmmm... looks like IIS 7 on the live server is blocking the OpenId callback Urls. Getting 404 errors. Weird.
08:57:11 RickStrahl
Ah I love IIS 7's error reporting - detailed error msg actual tells you what's wrong (if you can get onto the actual box).
08:57:56 RickStrahl
Yup - requestfilters maxQUeryString lenght has to be bumped.
10:09:28 RickStrahl
Win 7 and nVidia drivers now fail to detech external monitor disconnects, which is annoying. Half my windows are on the non-visible screen.
18:53:04 RickStrahl
Browser Highlighter plug-in in FireFox is killing startup speed. No idea what installed that. Skype I think? Skype didn't ask just installed
19:40:03 RickStrahl
Is there an accepted way to ignore all file routes in MVC?
19:46:06 RickStrahl
Several people asking about OpenId on CodePaste.net: Yes, you associate your existing account to OpenId. Log in and THEN select your OpenId.
19:47:33 RickStrahl
@TimBarcz No I mean file urls. I'm having problems with a generic route that also catches file urls (ie. /favicon.ico). Route: {id}
19:56:12 RickStrahl
@karlseguin Routing is easy in concept but hard in the details :-}. Especially if something goes wrong.
19:56:53 RickStrahl
@karlseguin Also a little concerned about perf since EVERYTHING including static content runs through ASP.NET pipeline with MVC.
21:44:45 RickStrahl
Still completely tweaked out with my screwed up back. Not getting better. I've been immobilized for 2 1/2 weeks now - going stir crazy.
19:56:16 RickStrahl
Just a more annoyance: going to the dentist. Let's see what else can go wrong w my health right now. :-)
00:43:45 RickStrahl
Dusting off some old jQuery examples and updating with lots of new stuff for presentation next week. Crazy how quickly things feel dated.
00:46:01 RickStrahl
Using Wireshark to dig for some SMTP problems. I wish there was an easier way to monitor an STMP conversation. Any ideas?
03:38:16 RickStrahl
Good read on the insanity of our current state of the economy: http://bit.ly/IsCMK. Utter denial... Ignorance is not bliss.
09:42:32 RickStrahl
Night out on the town to forget the fucking pain. It's helping.
21:19:56 RickStrahl
oh man my head hurts today but hey my back is doing much better for a change. :-}
21:39:58 RickStrahl
Having some odd issues with Chrome not refreshing a style sheet at all.
03:47:42 RickStrahl
How do I create a dynamic RegEx for: rex = /\{0\}/g; ( re= new RegEx('/{0/}','g'); doesn't work)
03:56:41 RickStrahl
Regular Expressions are a PITA when you need to inject dynamic values. Double double encoding is not intuitive in the least. :-}
10:35:47 RickStrahl
Finally there's a stack option in jQuery's draggable to automatically stack dragged windows to the top. Missed that in earlier versions.
03:06:35 RickStrahl
Updating my ASP.NET wrapper around the jQuery ui date picker control. This damn thing changes more than a chameleon. Grumble...
03:30:11 RickStrahl
My neighbors are *teaching* their 2 year old kid to scream. Every day - it sounds like fun but seriously strange... #WhiteTrashParents
03:34:23 RickStrahl
Can't tell you how much I use the ViewSourceWith FireFox plug-in to view source and related resources of a request. http://bit.ly/3ZrT5
06:47:23 RickStrahl
Argh. Firebug is no longer showing JavaScript parsing errors as it used to. There an option I'm missing...
06:50:23 RickStrahl
Argh! Now it works again. These inconsistencies are killing me. Wonder if it might be when launching from inside of VS (ie. View in browser)
20:31:18 RickStrahl
Anybody else having problems with Tortoise and Resolve crashing constantly?
22:57:08 RickStrahl
Grrrr... I hate it when the .NET framework explicitly marks types as non-COM visible especially when there's no good reason for it.
22:57:37 RickStrahl
Point in case: SoapHeader class.
23:50:46 RickStrahl
Good day today fixing lots of little nagging issues through various products and tools. Progress...
02:24:25 RickStrahl
Couple of small updates to the jQuery templating (based on John Resig's Micro Template). http://codepaste.net/2ab3x2.
02:28:02 RickStrahl
No kidding: Fast! RT @robconery: Holy Moley - Ajax Live Search using Bing. Now *this* is impressive! http://bit.ly/Yc3r1.
03:28:55 RickStrahl
@karlseguin Wish they had bigger capacities than 160gb.
03:32:03 RickStrahl
Put out a pretty big update of the West WInd Web & Ajax Toolkit just now. http://bit.ly/2YnO5P. Tons of small enhancements and bug fixes.
03:37:44 RickStrahl
@karlseguin I need this to be portable in my laptop, otherwise yeah. Really wish laptops would more often provide 2 drive bays.
06:01:18 RickStrahl
I am the procrastination king!
00:03:38 RickStrahl
Getting ready to head to Portland for PADNUG meeting tonight. Speaking today on jQuery & ASP.NET.
00:05:24 RickStrahl
Wonder how well my back will hold up between bending over the computer and sitting down. Argh. This oughta be humorous.
00:06:34 RickStrahl
And Rich will prolly bring me a freaking wheelchair just to spite me :-}
18:08:52 RickStrahl
#scatterbrain - left my power adapter in Portland at PADNUG meeting yesterday. Guess that means I'm going to see @jasonmauer's talks today
18:28:03 RickStrahl
Thanks to everyone at @PADNUG meeting yesterday - lots of questions and interaction on the jQuery talk last night. Great fun!
18:31:00 RickStrahl
The sample download links for the talk are at: http://bit.ly/8GzGV . #yourecutoff
20:07:42 RickStrahl
No truth in advertising: The patriot act ain't patriotic.Federal Reserve isn't a federal agency. Social Secuirty is looking mighty insecure.
20:10:34 RickStrahl
Starting the day badly: Chiropractor and dentist back to back. Ugh...
20:59:30 RickStrahl
All the folks at the dentist are just entirely too happy. I think they've all been sniffing the anastesiac or somethin'! :-}
21:46:56 RickStrahl
Almost like being in Germany: Picked up a case of Spaten Octoberfest at CostCo yesterday! Score! Is it beer thirty yet?
00:55:16 RickStrahl
Back in COM interop hell. Lovely.
02:37:19 RickStrahl
Alright - I'm going to attempt to ride my bike up (and down) the mountain. This may be a short trip, but I can't stand it any longer.
04:34:28 RickStrahl
Ahhh yes. I survived my bike ride with only minimal pain. Took the old man's route tho - very laid back and Zen.
05:08:15 RickStrahl
Just ordered a 256gig SSD drive. Yeah the new Intel drives look nicer but the size just ain't right for me. http://bit.ly/Q3ePx
20:22:55 RickStrahl
Wow - serious bad vibes this morning. Bunch of combative emails and support questions. Grumble.
03:14:35 RickStrahl
Yeah! Crappy tedious COM Interop work done. A bitch to get there but amazingly enough it works. Nothing some abstraction can't fix. :-}
22:13:10 RickStrahl
This is rich: http://bit.ly/oqETl. Let's have taxpayers double finance the public debt. How stupid do they think we are, really?
22:33:58 RickStrahl
Rain, rain oh blessed rain: Much needed to wet down the bike trails for a few days. As soon as it stops I'm there.
22:42:44 RickStrahl
Resolving an ASP.NET request Url to a fully qualified url. http://codepaste.net/1di1u5
22:56:17 RickStrahl
Looking at Chinese code in CodePast.net is just weird. Tendency to label it spam is great... :-}
23:01:14 RickStrahl
What do people use to clone a drive completely? Hoping once my SSD drive gets here I can just clone the existing drive w/o reinstall.
09:51:23 RickStrahl
Got totally carried away refactoring my configuration management classes. What was supposed to take an hour took all evening.
20:53:44 RickStrahl
Off to get muddy on a bike ride! It's been raining for two days - this oughta be fun.
20:57:15 RickStrahl
Really sick of all this Irish punk/polka crap Pandora keeps throwing into my mix.
00:46:54 RickStrahl
Mud bath ride was fun today. Still not 100% but getting better. I only wiped out twice although once I needed help to get back up :-}
05:17:36 RickStrahl
Does DotNetOpenId retrieve claims values from non SIG sources (ie. google, yahoo etc.). They provide but in a diff format? Handled?
05:18:22 RickStrahl
DotnetOpenAuth is nice but the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. I can't find anything short of digging thru source code.
05:19:10 RickStrahl
Then again the whole OpenId morass is badly documented. This is still an immature API at best.
07:30:17 RickStrahl
Interesting: Intellisense for Math.Floor and Math.Ceiling seem to be mixed up.
23:08:33 RickStrahl
Having a CostCo size box of chocolate covered almonds sitting around is just EVIL! #noselfcontrol
23:12:47 RickStrahl
FireFox and Flash just don't mix anymore in FF 3.5 for me.Whenever Flash is going (ie. Pandora) all other tab/browser instances are dog slow
00:55:00 RickStrahl
Argh - always forget that Request.ApplicationPath will return / on root but no trailing / for virtuals. Bit me YET again on a root app today
02:33:11 RickStrahl
Apparently just broke my OpenId implementation - every auth request is now timing. Out. Can't tell WTF changed. Grumble...
02:53:54 RickStrahl
Any idea on: 'The maximum time allowed to complete authentication has been exceeded. Please try again.' ?
03:52:24 RickStrahl
Holy crap - just found the problem: Apparently my ASP.NET application was restarting on EVERY hit. Web.config updated on each hit...
03:55:33 RickStrahl
Talk about Operator Error on that one! Config provider bug kept checking for a skipped property. I'm a moron... :-}
03:57:42 RickStrahl
Is it too late for a bike ride? Clamp on light? Summer is waning way too fast.
04:23:51 RickStrahl
Starting to read Reality Dysfunction by Peter Hamilton. http://bit.ly/HuHGc. Sounds like our current times, not like SciFI at all :-}
08:25:01 RickStrahl
Finally signed up for Pandora One. External app is nice. Oh, and this is one service worth supporting with $$$ in my book.
09:17:48 RickStrahl
Pretzels and Beer!
20:22:42 RickStrahl
Looking at Mt. Adams - completely snow covered after this weekend of rain and cold weather.
20:26:33 RickStrahl
Going to try and ride Mt. St. Helens later this week - oughta be awesome up there!
00:22:20 RickStrahl
Just had to remind myself how ctor firing order works in inherited classes. Parameterized base ctors are NOT called - but paramless is.
04:27:46 RickStrahl
Is there a BellPepper Crisis: At the store on *special*: 2 red bell peppers for $4??? Did an ice storm kill some Canadian greenhouses? :-}
05:00:20 RickStrahl
Be nice if there was a way to declare a generic property/meth that has the current class as its generic parameter: public MyType<THISCLASS>
05:03:43 RickStrahl
where THISCLASS would pick up the current class type automatically without *explicitly* providing it. There's isn't a way to do this now?
08:11:03 RickStrahl
Our democracy has been hijacked and the hijackers are not likely to give it back without a serious fight!
00:32:46 RickStrahl
Once again Charter is completely screwing me today. Constant line drops. Can't keep VOIP or GotoMeeting sessions alive. #crapinternetservice
01:14:30 RickStrahl
Really wish that Reflection classes had a common base class for PropertyInfo and FieldInfo.
01:26:53 RickStrahl
Pissed away the entire day on support calls today. And I had such good intentions to get stuff done today, too :-}
02:15:58 RickStrahl
@oising Yeah but member info also includes methods. MemberInfo is totally generic and you almost always have to cast it.
02:16:35 RickStrahl
@oising FieldInfo and PropertyInfo have a lot of common functionality and you end up writing branching logic and casts to work with both.
07:58:46 RickStrahl
First #Win7 Blue Screen of Death tonight. In IE testing a file upload - boink!
08:04:39 RickStrahl
Can't say that's too bad after almost a month on #win7...
09:51:28 RickStrahl
Not done with my shit today. Hate that. So close but I gotta turn in - going to ride Mt. St. Helens tomorrow. Should be beautiful!
18:26:48 RickStrahl
Beautiful day! Heading to st. Helens for a long day ride.
05:39:26 RickStrahl
Back from all day ride at St. Helens. Awesome! http://twitpic.com/h9w8z. Big views, marmots and other critters, and no back pain today! Yay!
05:41:01 RickStrahl
Here's another good shot from St Helens: http://twitpic.com/h9whm
18:05:25 RickStrahl
Ugh driveimage XML says it'll tak 15 more hours to clone my drive. This is after 9 hours already overnight. WTF?
18:22:17 RickStrahl
For disk copy last night I turned off power auto shut down options in win 7. this morning the machine was hibernated anyway. Not cool.
19:32:22 RickStrahl
What is it with the FireFox Download component losing the files that have been downloaded? What is deleting those automatically?
20:01:14 RickStrahl
This whole disk imaging thing is turning into a hassle. Might just be easier to do a fresh install after all (1 month old :-})
20:01:45 RickStrahl
One more try with Clonezilla from DOS - if that goes south or takes 10 hours I'm reinstalling :-}
20:11:45 RickStrahl
@karlseguin Not a big fan of jquery.ui either. except for base behaviors (draggable, droppable, sortable). Components nay!
21:40:21 RickStrahl
Aspnet connections travel agency we are supposed to use now fucked my itinerary twice. Byond lame!
21:47:31 RickStrahl
So I gave Trueimage a try. Working on image copy now - looks like about two hours instead of 24. Good if it actually works.
22:40:24 RickStrahl
Clone done - SSD drive booted right up! TrueImage worked nicely in about 2 hours.
23:08:06 RickStrahl
Sabre travel confirmation is a link to their site. Clicking email itinerary still emails a link. If I'm offline HTF am I going to read it?
03:44:18 RickStrahl
JavaScript Callback error handling is a pain even when using jQuery to get a decent msg on what happened: http://codepaste.net/akumjr
04:14:55 RickStrahl
Oh IE why do you hate me so??? IE error handling broken due to some obscure inconsistency. MF!!!
04:23:10 RickStrahl
Hmmm... didn't realize IE doesn't like res[0] on a string. Returns undefined. res.substr(0,1) is required for ie.
05:07:08 RickStrahl
jQuery's $.ajax() function is bonking for in IE on timeouts in onreadystatechange. For some reason xhr is null.
05:07:31 RickStrahl
Posted a message on the forums: http://bit.ly/RiDNI
21:08:38 RickStrahl
What are people using for FTP clients? Using Filezilla and like it but I really need file exclusion lists.
22:15:47 RickStrahl
Weird. Installed Virtual PC Extensions in Windows 7 Win2003 VM. Rebooted and came up with a DIFFERENT XP VM and installed there.
02:28:03 RickStrahl
It's been a long day fixing small cross browser bugs in my JavaScript library code. Lots of little UI issues all with IE. Bah!
02:32:50 RickStrahl
Time to hit the trail for a quick eve. bike ride. Still sore from the St. Helens ride two days ago, but can't be stuck behind desk all day!
05:49:52 RickStrahl
One thing I really dig about the new SSD drive (besides the somewhat noticable speed boost): Quiet. Machine now runs dead quiet!
10:12:40 RickStrahl
Just witnessed an awesome moon rise over the Eastern hills from my balcony: http://twitpic.com/hkfap. Bonus: A shooting star a minute!
12:46:51 RickStrahl
Ran into a Marmot on the way down from St. Helens a couple of days ago: http://twitpic.com/hkop9. Pudgy little fella ready for hibernation!
12:48:12 RickStrahl
And one more epic shot from the St Helens ride: http://twitpic.com/hkosm. Mount St. Adams from St. Helens Awesome!
20:59:54 RickStrahl
Thanks for all the tips on FTP solutions for site uploads.Filezilla w/ file exclusion lists and Beyond Compare w/ saved settings work great.
21:45:48 RickStrahl
Argh. BSOD on Win7 again. Looks like VS Attaching to IE (by accident) causing the problem. Third time in as many days.
21:46:43 RickStrahl
Wow - the crash also destroyed on of my VS projects. Half the csproj file is missing. Never seen that before.
21:53:15 RickStrahl
#Win7 startup time especially with the SSD rocks. When I get to desktop I can actually start apps immediatly. Vista took about 2 minutes.
21:55:02 RickStrahl
Slowly getting through my various apps and samples that use #Amazon services and fixing for the new 'signature rules'. It's a pain.
21:56:32 RickStrahl
BTW I've found that the easiest way to update Services is to WSE3 and the pre-configuredAmazon proxy. Way easier than custom config with WCF
23:48:51 RickStrahl
I've been running on a single laptop only for about 2 years. No desktops and the hassles of constant synching for me. :-} #minimalist
05:24:10 RickStrahl
Oh man C++ is like a watching an old movie you remembered fondly and then finding out that it really sucked. #LifesTooShort
12:44:52 RickStrahl
Ok , I got about 200 retweets of the C++ comment. WTF? I guess everybody hates C++ now. :-}
13:04:02 RickStrahl
Alright it's 4am and I've packaged up my project and pushed it out. Ready to pass out now! zzzz
13:04:32 RickStrahl
Somehow these marathon sessions are very satisfying. Been a while.
13:07:23 RickStrahl
In Win 7 Microsoft has once again shuffled the default printers around. Anybody know if a PostScript printer is avail in XP,Vista & 7?
09:46:37 RickStrahl
It always takes me a long while to get a Sql Server Restore to work. The UI is obtuse at best. Usually end up usingscript code.
09:47:22 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl UI always fails with database is in use or backup sets don't match, blah, blah. Never an exact message tho alwayys guessin'.
10:25:09 RickStrahl
1 am - it's an early night to turn in :-]
10:31:08 RickStrahl
Laughing out loud with this German book: http://bit.ly/10vmBf. German is just so much more expressive than English for humor.
23:04:16 RickStrahl
Another blog post in the can. Finally got around to writing up OpenId implementation on CodePaste.net. Post in a couple of days.
20:36:39 RickStrahl
@karlseguin /null dispose/ wouldn't that depend on the class you're calling?
20:39:54 RickStrahl
RT @a7an: Blend is an amazing tool in the right hands. And a terrible one in the wrong one. Mine for example :-]
20:41:13 RickStrahl
Don't know where to start today. So much stuff to work on it's driving me koo koo.
21:44:13 RickStrahl
Great quote from @Encosia: 'These monolithic rectangles rot at a frightening rate' talking about plug-in uis SL/Flash: http://bit.ly/199P8S
22:07:42 RickStrahl
How the heck to I start Virtual PC on Win 7 to create a new VM?
22:10:27 RickStrahl
How intuitive: vpcwizard.exe - no shortcut or link anywhere on installation.
22:53:08 RickStrahl
Is there anyway to install VPC Integration components before installing an OS? Install is maddeningly slow now
23:41:56 RickStrahl
Live Writer makes it so nice to update old posts easily. Gotten to the point that it's easier to publish articles LW than any other way.
07:45:56 RickStrahl
I was just at the lamest windsurf/kite party ever. DJ f-f-f-uckhead. Oh yaeh.
07:47:30 RickStrahl
Woulda sent a photo from the lameness but Twitter wasn't working.
07:56:27 RickStrahl
Another way CC companies screw merchants: Cash back cards are promoting CC companies, but merchants pay the higher percentage. #ripoff
07:57:32 RickStrahl
Looking at my CC statement my '2.1%' Visa charges average 3.5%. Almost ever transaction is a 'special' card w/ higher rates.
08:08:27 RickStrahl
Great my Win7 install on VPC has locked up at the entry point for the activation key. Frozen.
08:16:59 RickStrahl
Why does VPC need VPC Integration components? Shouldn't this just be part of the VPC shell? What exact ly is this doing?
23:02:57 RickStrahl
Cakewalk was bought by Roland? When did this happen?
23:46:59 RickStrahl
Playing around with PLINQO today. Pretty nice, but the CodeSmith nag screen is a bit too intrusive. :-}
00:18:58 RickStrahl
New Session Drummer in Sonar 8.5 looks nice. I think this might finally give me the integration a drum handicapped person like me needs
00:59:01 RickStrahl
Nothing like a blog post to bring out small inconsistencies in Web functionality when people pound on it. Several small OpenId id bugs fixed
01:05:55 RickStrahl
Me loves me Red Gates' Sql Compare. So easy a marmut can do it!
01:21:43 RickStrahl
I think my back is nearly back to normal. I'd say 90% of range of motion. I don't think I've ever appreciated mobility as much as I do now.
01:22:05 RickStrahl
Did I mention getting older sucks?
01:25:37 RickStrahl
I used to be indestructable. Now - not so much. I guess will have to pay for overindulgence in younger days: http://twitpic.com/i84ru. h ...
01:36:31 RickStrahl
Ok time to get out on the trail. Quick bike ride after a quick stop to the bike shop for new tires.
05:13:55 RickStrahl
Wow, there might a Second Volume for the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. http://bit.ly/2EhwxQ. Can't find more info tho.
05:14:04 RickStrahl
Don Rosa rocks ducks!
21:19:23 RickStrahl
Contemplating whether I'm ready to go Windsurfing or take it easy and lay off. I think I know the answer given the wind prediction for today
21:38:39 RickStrahl
Really wish the Resx strongly typed resource generators in VS would allow some override method to hook in a custom ResourceManager.
23:21:45 RickStrahl
Looking into getting My Localization Administration tool to work in MVC projects. Minor changes required for resource import/export.
00:05:46 RickStrahl
Grrr... Red Gate Sql Prompt installed unwanted and added functionality into VS. Uninstalling Sql Prompt leaves VS menu option behind. #fail.
00:53:01 RickStrahl
Great - have a WebForm DropDownList that DOES NOT want to clear a selection. ClearSelection, SelectedValue=null,index-1. Nothing works. WTF?
04:19:31 RickStrahl
Sweet - LocalizationAdmin stuff works in MVC apps (and with any ResX resources for any project now) via imports/exports. This will be useful
04:34:47 RickStrahl
I'm having serious issues with FireFox caching and not releasing script references. Have to unload constantly.
20:17:27 RickStrahl
Off for another day ride in Washington today.
21:26:36 RickStrahl
Ugh - I slept 12 hours last night and I feel like I need more. Still not awake yet.
22:28:36 RickStrahl
Is the NETWORK SERVICE account in non-English versions of Windows named differently? How would one find a 'generic' version of this account?
22:28:51 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl ...specifically related to SQL Server logins.
22:34:27 RickStrahl
Wonder if you can use SIDs for account assignments in SQL Server?
01:26:12 RickStrahl
OMG I'm looking at some of my first written C# code. It's quite embarrassing to look at. FoxPro conventions everywhere :-}
01:29:37 RickStrahl
Come to think of it - code is quite complex for being a 'first shot' of doing .NET usage - Help Builder .NET type Imports using Reflection.
01:35:11 RickStrahl
Some Reflection inconsistencies are a pain: Internal - class: IsVisible. Members: IsFamily or IsFamilyOrAssembly
03:59:57 RickStrahl
What's the trick to get FaceBook to work again after TweetDeck update? I can't seem to add the account - click on add button does nothin
10:37:19 RickStrahl
Ah yes, the joys of debugging a Visual Studio Add-in. Gotta love it!
10:40:27 RickStrahl
Watching a VS 2010 Beta install fail twice in VPC with a bad file signature. Third re-try and now it's working. All warm and fuzzy. NOT!
19:56:24 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Translated - I have no freajung excuse! :-}
21:19:08 RickStrahl
I was just going to write a nasty email in response to a nasty email I got. THought better of it. Let it go...
21:19:35 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Sometimes writing it down makes you realize how pointless a nasty response really is. :-}
22:00:00 RickStrahl
I never was able to figure out the problem with the ListBox rebinding and Selected value after clearing it out i had a couple of days ago.
22:24:21 RickStrahl
So the listbox code binding code fails but wrapping an empty exception handler around list.DataBind() works. http://codepaste.net/95othj.
23:18:28 RickStrahl
Anybody else seeing this with FireBug: ReferenceError: Components is not defined pointing at xhr.send() in jquery.js?
23:20:21 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Shows up for a while, shutting down and restart fixes it. #FireBugUpdateSuckage
23:47:37 RickStrahl
t@InfinitiesLoop Don't agree... IE 8 debugger is pretty weak in a lot of places. Plus you have to develop in IE to begin with. Not an option
00:09:03 RickStrahl
Checked in latest updates to Localization Provider. Many updates around importing & exporting ResX resources. #WestwindWebToolkit
00:12:25 RickStrahl
Where oh where did this day go? Bug squashing the last 3 days. Lots of stuff done well worth it but exhausting having to read my own code:-\
10:20:57 RickStrahl
Great - Windows 7 in VPC is not bringing up Explorer. Apps run fine but Explorer doesn't come up. Nice! OS w/o a file browser.
10:22:01 RickStrahl
Rebooted the VPC - now it works. Odd.
12:40:15 RickStrahl
Ugh... late night. Fought some installer problems tonight that turned a 10 minute build into a 3 hour nightmare.
12:41:30 RickStrahl
All done though. Html Help Builder update posted with lots of small .NET import updates.
21:00:17 RickStrahl
It would be nice if the Visual Studio Class Diagram designer allowed for some sort of annotation support.
23:01:57 RickStrahl
Whenever I use StackOverflow I can't help but think: These guys really got a A LOT of things right all in one app! :-}
02:07:05 RickStrahl
Hmmm... all firefox links into MSDN are failing. Anybody else seeing this? Looks like some redirect/Live Login issue.
02:20:40 RickStrahl
Hmmm... is there no API in .NET to do LogonUser natively without using PInvoke?
20:46:37 RickStrahl
First day back on the water in two months! Lovin it even tho it ain't the greatest day. #addict
20:48:00 RickStrahl
Ok round two. It's blowing 40.
22:51:04 RickStrahl
RT No kidding: @peterbromberg: Can't believe the amount of GUI and BS to install SQLEXPRESS.
00:32:26 RickStrahl
Gotta love how easy Func<T> makes it to create async delegates: http://codepaste.net/gfpewp
00:53:17 RickStrahl
Aha! 3 months later Microsoft company store ships order. Cool but still kinda sad it took so long.
00:56:17 RickStrahl
Major humm in my internal Audio system. Have to install Line 6 Toneport I have sitting around. Wonder if it's the SSD drive?
09:18:34 RickStrahl
Why do password validation forms always have a checkbox but make you re-enter the email address/username again. Needless repetition. #badUI
09:40:17 RickStrahl
Anybody have a suggestion for a generic Silverlight Wmv viewer that's embeddable?
11:09:49 RickStrahl
Man this video encoding business is SLOOOW. Half an hour of screen capture and it's taking CamTasia an hour to encode.
21:55:57 RickStrahl
So i don't quite get oAuth. Who issues the oAuth tokens and manages the actual login credentials exactly?
01:43:08 RickStrahl
Expression Web bug figured out after call with Expression folks: Old FrontPage Web folders screwed with page updates after publish. Yay!
20:16:45 RickStrahl
Damn it! Should have gone to the Coast today. NOA upgraded the forecast: 7-8 foot swell at 16 seconds and 15-25 knots. 10 feet tomorrow!!!
20:39:56 RickStrahl
Last weekend in Oregon. Tuesday it's back to Maui. Yay! Looks like a couple of more days of sailing here though today and tomorrow!
21:12:18 RickStrahl
Detaching LINQ to SQL Entities: http://tinyurl.com/y9eym6b. Nice.
03:32:29 RickStrahl
Busy day: Daily double completed. Couple hour bike ride. Couple hours of sailing in 35mph. Now off to Portland to see Alice in Chains.
03:36:18 RickStrahl
RT @codinghorror: still waiting for Microsoft to pull head out of its collective ass w/r/t OpenID.
03:39:22 RickStrahl
Slow day in email today. So do Spammers take weekends off too? :-}
04:00:11 RickStrahl
Tomorrow's Oregon Coast forecast has been upgraded. More wind bigger waves. 10 feet west swell at 13 seconds. Going to be BIG.
05:17:50 RickStrahl
Beautiful ride into Portland at sunset.
07:17:34 RickStrahl
This is retarded. Alice in chains show is over by 10. WTF? Babies need to go sleep?
07:37:22 RickStrahl
Ok take two Living colors playing down the street. They don't have early bedtimes.
07:39:20 RickStrahl
The Accused playing across the corner too. If this woks right I get to see 3 shows tonite.
08:41:15 RickStrahl
I don't care how amazing a drummer is - drum solos are boring as shit.
09:26:00 RickStrahl
Living color was pretty dmn good. Off to show #3 to get splattered at The Accused.
22:10:14 RickStrahl
@damienguard Looks like the Events are what L2S uses to detect attached *status* tho?
22:10:42 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl So - what would it take to complete detach a L2S entity from the DataContext?
00:06:23 RickStrahl
Feeling dumb: Never noticed that inside of a class you can do: this.SomeEvent=null. But externally, someInstance.SomeEvent=null fails. Why?
00:19:24 RickStrahl
In some more testing the PLINQO Detach works to keeps SubmitChanges() from saving but doesn't keep entity from being seen in other contexts
00:19:59 RickStrahl
A subsequent load still loads the detached entity and re-attaches it. IOW, it isn't a full Detach() at all.
00:48:39 RickStrahl
@oising Understood but in this case the intent is to clear all delegates. Just not sure why in the class = works, and externally it doesn't.
01:59:40 RickStrahl
@oising I agree - in this case though the component is generated code with no hook.
02:00:48 RickStrahl
@oising How does that work tho? Events are public yet the behavior varies depending on class internal and external code? #DotNet101
02:15:54 RickStrahl
@oising Thanks. I think I must have skipped over Event Implementation when I learned .NET :-} Time to get out Duffy's book and re-read.
03:16:23 RickStrahl
Customer asks for project blessing. Uh, no! I ain't no saint. Give me something real I can help you. Vagueness doesn't help either of us :-}
03:26:36 RickStrahl
Either people overestimate my capabilities or I'm undestimating mine seriously. I suspect the happy medium is somewhere in the middle.
04:11:58 RickStrahl
So many things wrong with the MSDN Magazine subscription site. Pathetic. No FF. Non-standard fieldnames (can't fill). JS that navigates off
04:18:53 RickStrahl
Awesome: MSDN Mag site asks for 10 digit subscription key but allows only 9 characters. Oh wait, they ask only for 9. Pure GENIUS.
04:56:15 RickStrahl
So I'm reading FlashForward (Robert Sawyer's novel) and just found out about the TV series. Let's say - very looooooosely based on the book.
05:17:04 RickStrahl
AZSC@ShawnWildermuth Yeah but they threw out the whole scientific background for it and just left the premise. Disappointing.
08:41:04 RickStrahl
Packing - gathering books, cds, packages etc. for the migration. Mostly compu reference books...
19:49:58 RickStrahl
Charter shows map to local office in a menuless window - no way to print the thing. #Fail
22:10:59 RickStrahl
Does a secuity exception in ASP.NET override a try/catch handler? Getting yellow screen of death on full trust code wrapped in T/C block.
02:36:45 RickStrahl
Aargh. United rebooked my flight tomorrow to an earlier flight. Grumble, grumble - one less hour of sleep.
07:32:28 RickStrahl
Do I have everything? do I? Packing and checking and hoping I'm not leaving anything critical behind for migration back to Maui tomorrow.
08:34:20 RickStrahl
Early night for me tonight. I'm beat. Up at the ungodly hour of 6 (66?) tomorrow morning. ARgh...
17:34:37 RickStrahl
Wow this airport is deserted even for this 10:30am flight. 5 minutes from curb to gate...
17:57:15 RickStrahl
I guess I'll find out if the SSD drive will improve battery life. 5 hours to Maui - maybe I can make it on a single battery? Be nice.
20:16:40 RickStrahl
Three hours to kill at sfo.
12:21:19 RickStrahl
Ah back on Maui! It's nice to be home!
12:23:00 RickStrahl
...and I'm still poaching neighbor wireless. #thievery
23:37:58 RickStrahl
Acclimatizing to being back on Maui - it always takes a couple of days to get used to the humidity again. And that lovely red dirt smell.
23:40:20 RickStrahl
Cable guy had a weird redirect on his hookup to my homepage. FireFox cached the url and redirect even after restart. Clear cache only fix.
23:40:40 RickStrahl
FireFox's agresssive caching has really screwed me over a lot in recent months.
09:49:59 RickStrahl
Haeh? the Windows 7 version number reported by the OS is 6.01. Yeah - perfectly logical that.
09:53:50 RickStrahl
@FransBouma Yeah I know - still doesn't make a lot of sense if you name the OS V7. I suppose Windows 6.01 just doesn't roll off the tounge?
09:54:10 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl And it isn't even 6.10 - no it's 6.01 :-}
12:40:52 RickStrahl
Man, another long evening doing deployment testing and finding lots of little bugs in different OS versions. PITA!
14:20:38 RickStrahl
Ah, cozy Maui trade shower. Wait, cozy? It sounds like somebody is dumping a continuous bucket of water onto the house...
22:08:41 RickStrahl
Anybody know of a way to capture audio from a Web page to send to the server?
23:01:56 RickStrahl
So I take it from the Flash responses here - no Mic/WebCam support in Silverlight?
00:54:11 RickStrahl
Fighting Visual Studio crashing when loading *any* solution.
01:01:01 RickStrahl
Man, I'm so lucky to have so many loyal customers! Avalanche of orders today after an update.
02:01:31 RickStrahl
Blog Comment today: 'I always get excited when I'm searching for something and end up on your site because I know my search has ended!'
07:47:55 RickStrahl
Geeking out with a Harmony Remote. Software is pretty impressive in it's recognition of options. Unfortunately most setups still don't work
10:46:40 RickStrahl
This is how fucked up our financial system is: Amid all the talk of recovery markets tank big time. Saying so apparently doesn't make it so!
11:18:10 RickStrahl
Love this line: 'It is a short way down the road of depletion-and-scarcity before the major complex systems we depend on...'
11:18:17 RickStrahl
'...for daily life become so unstable that general socio-economic collapse ensues'
11:25:55 RickStrahl
Just fixed up a few of my ASP.NET components/controls so they work better under MVC - removing references to Page.
11:39:16 RickStrahl
It's amazing to me how many people are afraid of more than a few lines of code. 'So much code to do something so simple?' Usually it's not!
21:11:01 RickStrahl
Picked up a new 24 inch monitor at CostCo yesterday for $189. Who sez there's no deflation? My laptop screen now looks so... quaint.
21:49:09 RickStrahl
My office mate seems to like the monitor too: http://twitpic.com/jzm5z. That's a problem - hey, give me back my monitor!
22:33:56 RickStrahl
Hate it when SlickRun freaks out and flashes spastically. Still use it for a number of things that the taskbar doesn't handle so well.
22:37:28 RickStrahl
@karlseguin Depends how you set it up. If operations can be isolated it's not difficult. Shared state - complexity rises rapidly.
01:47:02 RickStrahl
@oising 2ms response time on 24'. ViewSonic #costco.
05:30:53 RickStrahl
Ah nice day on the water. Wind, overhead high waves, flying fish, turtles and a good time had by all...
05:36:10 RickStrahl
How do I match a RegEx that looks for a quote NOT preceeded by an escape slash (ie. not valid: 'txt'. Valid: \'txt\'.)
05:45:59 RickStrahl
For clarfication this is a test string: Text 'invalid quoted' text. \'this is valid\'. and it should match the first two quotes.
06:09:01 RickStrahl
Yay! The RegEx fix was the last of the failing tests. Time for something to eat starving. Thanks all for your help on the RegEx code.
09:11:29 RickStrahl
Windows 7 Media Player is a big step backwards. UI got a lot less intuitive especially for playlist mgmt. Lame.
09:46:41 RickStrahl
@robconery Please don't tell me you use iTunes. I'll come over tonight and kick your ass!
10:03:54 RickStrahl
@robconery Phhht. I own all the music I listen to... you never know when ms shuts this shit down or decides on something new. :-}
10:50:31 RickStrahl
Oh WPF how I hate you. Keyboard input in WPF applications just died on me. All of 'em. Other apps work fine. Great.
10:51:16 RickStrahl
@shanselman Not bad, but 10 songs wouldn't get me far :-}. And yo uhave to have a Zune to begin with.
01:47:04 RickStrahl
Wow. Placed an ad on CraigsList for my old Monitor - gone within 10 minutes.
04:16:23 RickStrahl
Great reference for DataContractSerializer operations and settings. Lotsa to the point examples: http://tinyurl.com/ybjovtt
05:44:19 RickStrahl
SqlMetal LINQ generation misses options the DBML designer has and the designer misses features SqlMetal has. WTF?
05:44:55 RickStrahl
At least with the designer you can hack the XML file, but SQLMetal seems pretty useless without full options support.
06:03:12 RickStrahl
Is there any logic to the FireFox Downloads page and files disappearing off it? If there is I don't know what it is.
06:13:33 RickStrahl
Ok where the hell is hte Rip option in Windows 7's media player?
06:15:01 RickStrahl
Ok, now I see it. Put CD in music shows in Playlist. I have to click on the CD on the left, then see the tiny menu at the top. #Fail.
06:18:16 RickStrahl
I've been pretty happy with WM in Vista, but the Windows 7 version is just unintuitive and clunky. Way to fuck up a good thing Microsoft.
08:04:58 RickStrahl
Crap - just found out I left my USB->SATA cable in Oregon. Need to grab VMs off a backup drive and no go now. Grumble.
08:14:14 RickStrahl
Bad Religion: 30 years of writing the same song over and over again. Luckily its a decent song :-}
22:02:11 RickStrahl
@SteveBlack /wmp/ How would you know? You're still using what WMP 7 on 2000? :-}
22:37:48 RickStrahl
@SteveBlack iTunes? Great? Really? I've tried all of those and they are all mediocre and massive resource hogs.
22:39:02 RickStrahl
Why the heck is there no native T4 syntax highlighting support in Visual Studio?
23:16:00 RickStrahl
Sql Server Import Data Wizard is actually pretty decent for data mapping. A few quirky UI problems (as usual in SMS) but overall works well.
23:40:10 RickStrahl
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and Debt is Recovery - welcome to our 2009.
01:58:33 RickStrahl
.Where (in L2S) has 4 overloads. Two Expression<Func<...>> and one Func<T>. Using expressions always works, but using Func<T> not so much
01:59:19 RickStrahl
When woudl the Func<T> overloads be approprirate? Anybody know?
02:03:59 RickStrahl
Here's an example of what works and doesn't with L2S expressions: http://codepaste.net/4prtcb
02:10:02 RickStrahl
@SteveBlack So yeah that matters. Say what you will about WMP (in Vista/win7) it is relatively light and requires no addition installs.
02:11:33 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl I don't particularily find it amazing, but compared to others out there it's no worse. The search and play UI is actually nice!
02:12:59 RickStrahl
Duh. Of course the .Where(Func<T>) signatures are base LINQ. The Expression<Func<t>> are the L2S specific ones. #brainfart. Time to sailing
05:40:23 RickStrahl
Can you set this via the templates? I don't see that parameter exposed. Only imported from dbml.
22:07:39 RickStrahl
How long does it take you to set up a Web project to get 'ready' to actual write code? Proj, css, libs, master pages, templates?
22:08:04 RickStrahl
For me it seems it always takes a heck of a lot longer than I expect it to even though I have templates to do a lot of this for me.
23:31:40 RickStrahl
Caneburning today looks like a nuclear bomb hit. Full on mushroom cloud. Scary. Allergies here I come!
23:37:42 RickStrahl
Nice. Big Brother is going to be watching over your Blog: http://tinyurl.com/y8cxuvu. Pretext to censorship?
03:30:57 RickStrahl
One of the failings of HTML is that it has no clean way to fill controls consistently into a resizable area. 100% NEVER works as expected.
03:31:49 RickStrahl
Doesn't help that overflow and overflow-x/y are incredibly quirky on any given browser.
04:00:12 RickStrahl
Is it just me or is jQuery.resizable killing draggable performance drastically?
08:40:05 RickStrahl
Watching TV shows over a few seasons the make up just gets thicker and thicker. I guess for women actresses 5 years is a career cycle? :-}
08:41:58 RickStrahl
Interesting that the value of the dollar is no longer under US control (if it ever was). How does that rate for national security?
04:07:12 RickStrahl
A few (obvious?) thoughts about food that are easy to forget: http://tinyurl.com/yedpvgc. #takingfoodforgranted
04:25:49 RickStrahl
Damn it is HOT! I can't think - my mind feels like a slug. And I just got back from a dip in the ocean.
04:39:05 RickStrahl
How the heck does on know which USB001 or USB002 you need to use for a printer other than trial and error? Is there a way?
05:38:03 RickStrahl
Great Visual Studio is crashing when trying to remove a broken reference. WTF? Closed down all plugins still crashing.
05:45:03 RickStrahl
Had to manually edit the project file to remove reference to the assembly/project. Lame.
00:08:53 RickStrahl
Looking for a varied icon collection. Anybody have a recommendation?
01:46:04 RickStrahl
So I bought #IconExperience and it's NICE! Search and find, icons in all sizes. Already useful after 10 minutes for several things!
04:46:27 RickStrahl
Just got off the water for a short surf session but it didn't help the sweatorama today. Too hot to work. Oh look it's beer thirty!
09:18:41 RickStrahl
Interesting - my machine just randomly sitched out of Aero mode all of a sudden. Not going back either. nVidia driver crash. Nice.
11:52:10 RickStrahl
So I found the problem to my 'unpinnable' application on Windows 7: http://tinyurl.com/y8p3tht. It's the EXE filename. #FAIL
21:47:35 RickStrahl
Found out a few more issues with my App not pinning to Win7 Taskbar. Updated post: http://tinyurl.com/y8p3tht.
00:15:26 RickStrahl
Ah life is better after a massage today! And a slight breeze to keep the humidity at bay.
01:08:03 RickStrahl
Brilliant: Deleting two large folders (50gig) locks up Explorer while Calculating Backup Size. Uh huh.
01:10:04 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl Like: I know how big they are and I don't want them in the Recycle bin, just DO IT! Not so much.
05:49:14 RickStrahl
Kindle ought to do well in Europe. When I was over there people always wanted one right then and there. As long as they get content right.
05:59:08 RickStrahl
Nothing is ever certain until the government denies it.
09:33:34 RickStrahl
On a kick of old NWOFBH music today. Ah the memories. Ah, to be back in 1983 when music had some balls.
10:51:07 RickStrahl
Dragging with iframes is painfully slow and inefficient. My own draggable and jquery.ui both choke on iframes. Wonder why?
11:06:48 RickStrahl
Paypal: As soon as x has used PayPal to receive a total of, you'll receive a bonus of $1. 100s referred never saw a cent from PayPal.
11:07:20 RickStrahl
That means either all of these business failed miserably or PayPal is not even bothering with its 'generosity'.
11:08:10 RickStrahl
I tend to think its the letter. PayPal - necessary evil? Always amazes me why they are so successful with bad APIs and service?
11:18:11 RickStrahl
Interesting WebKit seems to do much better with Draggable iFrames than either IE or FF.
11:59:45 RickStrahl
Anybody remember how to tell CodeRush not to format the expanded templated (HTML Markup editor) from a template?
12:14:57 RickStrahl
RT @FransBouma: Obama wins nobel peace price. Erm.... this guy increases troops in afghanistan to keep fighting a war. War == peace?
13:35:06 RickStrahl
It's 1:30am and it's still in the low 80's and muggy. Another night of waking sleep tossing I suspect.
22:05:36 RickStrahl
Ah that lovely russeling of palm trees woke me up this morning. The trades are back lightly Bye bye you miserable mugginess.
23:35:19 RickStrahl
More raping from big banks: Just got notice that merchant rates will be raised by 15-20% based on new VIsa/MC rules. Banks: new feudal lords
23:37:09 RickStrahl
Banks take from all of us on all ends of transactions to the tune of at least 3% off EVERY transaction made via CC. Staggering.
23:38:49 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl And still they feel like they have to ream people with ursery interest rates and fees.
00:42:22 RickStrahl
Anybody have any old spare PC2100 1gig memory modules laying around? My spare living room laptop blew one of these modules.
03:56:19 RickStrahl
Nice day on the water today with logo high waves. Light, light wind though - lotta work that.
12:01:01 RickStrahl
Is it possible in HTML to get both <pre> style white space management AND line wrapping?
21:58:55 RickStrahl
Every system has its pros and its cons, and our monetary system has a doozy of a flaw: It must continually expand, forever to function.
23:05:33 RickStrahl
Interesting jQuery.html() gotcha: <#= test #> results in < > for the angle brackets. #jquery
23:06:10 RickStrahl
Uh, Ok that should b & lt ; and & gt ; (w/o spaces) in the previous tweet
23:07:36 RickStrahl
Ah you gotta love how most software can't deal properly with HTML markup as text.
23:29:25 RickStrahl
Just got a box of CD Mailers. The glue on the envelope is so weak it won't stick closed. If you make envelopes how can you get this wrong???
02:07:00 RickStrahl
Question: Are people having problems with CodePaste.net source pages because of Flash component in the page? I do (Flash + FireFox == Dog).
02:07:20 RickStrahl
Wondering if it's worth it to have the damn flash component in the page just for Paste support.
02:55:43 RickStrahl
Wow. Unbelievable but I just had a10 minute visit to the DMV. That never happens.
07:46:27 RickStrahl
@shanselman The video they have is pretty funny. Nobody's hair is moving so thing isn't even on :-}
11:58:23 RickStrahl
Well this is real fun. My MVC app just completely stopped responding to routes. Always displays home index page.
12:05:59 RickStrahl
Wow this is really freaking strange. Check out this RouteDebug output and compare against the address bar. http://twitpic.com/lczwb. WTF?
12:28:25 RickStrahl
Truly insane. Even adding an explicit route for this controller fails. RouteDebug reports false for the route: http://twitpic.com/ld0ws.
12:39:26 RickStrahl
So I renamed the controller and view folder and it all starts working. Rename back - all fails again. (Twilight Zone theme playing). #Fail.
23:58:01 RickStrahl
jQuery AutoComplete has an unfortunate setting that makes the lookup list overflow: 'auto' . Not cool. Hacked.
00:00:07 RickStrahl
Really retarded since this can be set just fine in the style sheet.
00:56:02 RickStrahl
Man completely sidetracked from what I should be doing today. Why are some days like this? :-}
04:18:59 RickStrahl
Hmm... I really question my judgement in buying a number lock for my bike. What is the damn combination again? :-}
05:27:28 RickStrahl
MF snails are eating my plants. I hate be all genocidal, but I'm sorry you have to go guys!
05:52:23 RickStrahl
Ugh - 60+ megs of security patches today. I throught we were over that with newer win versions. Guess not.
06:00:54 RickStrahl
Is there a good way to automate SQL script Schema generation from a database? I constantly end up manually rebuilding scripts.
07:11:58 RickStrahl
Actually looks like Red Gate's SQL Packager will let me create remembered settings in a project to create scripts that are repeatable.
07:25:47 RickStrahl
Starving! I'm off to make a hot fish curry. If you don't hear from me a in a couple of hours my head has exploded! :-}
11:17:10 RickStrahl
'When a bank makes a loan, it simply adds to the borrower's deposit account by the amount of the loan. No money is drawn from another acct!'
11:18:11 RickStrahl
'when banks lend money they don’t necessarily take it from anyone else to lend. Thus they ‘create’ it.'
20:40:53 RickStrahl
Thought for the day: 'Every moment spent in past or future is a moment lost in the present here and now.'
20:48:48 RickStrahl
Off to the chiropractor followed by a massage. It's going to be a 'loose' day! :-}
00:27:19 RickStrahl
Yay! The Trades have returned unexpectedly a day early. Looks like I get out on the water today! Waves tomorrow - life is good!
00:53:33 RickStrahl
Reading C#, Java, Visual Basic, FoxPro etc. are reasonably easy to glean program logic from. Looking at PHP code today - not so much!
20:58:02 RickStrahl
Watch out - I'm armed and dangerous: http://tinyurl.com/ylppv5c
22:08:39 RickStrahl
VS.NET Web Designer Madness last night was fixed by - a reboot. I hate that fix because it tells me nothing about WTF was wrong.
22:14:22 RickStrahl
'The fallacy is that we are pleading with the State to help with the implementation of limiting or removing the State!' Not gonna happen!
01:31:02 RickStrahl
Rats - vendor shipped me wrong kind of memory for my laptop. PC2100 desktop vs. laptop memory. Even after explicitly asking (wrong sku)
01:35:22 RickStrahl
Great Visual Studio 2010 installer bombed on the last install items. Luckily it's the EF package - surely don't need that anyway :-}
01:38:41 RickStrahl
Looks like WPF text rendering finally is looking easy on the eyes with .NET 4.0. VS.NET text editor no longer looks like a fuzzbucket. Yay!
01:51:12 RickStrahl
Bummer - Intellisense on Html elements doesn't appear to be working in VS 2010.
02:04:52 RickStrahl
RT @GothicCoder: I love how I opted out of F# and the VS 2010 installer installed it anyway. Same here.
02:13:15 RickStrahl
So is there anything new in JavaScript editor in VS 2010? I can't see any of the long promised features (plus no Intellisense now)
02:20:06 RickStrahl
Man I really wish that ContentPlaceHolder controls would actually participate in page mgmt. As it is they don't work with ClientIdMode.
02:30:07 RickStrahl
Hmmm... ClientIDMode on an asp:Panel apparently doesn't pass its setting to child controls. Only Page level inherits to all children.
02:32:34 RickStrahl
What I want is: ClientIDMode='Static Inherit'
03:43:43 RickStrahl
RT @GothicCoder: Dragging one tab of code off onto a second monitor is very cool. I can view my code behind at the same time as my aspx
05:27:28 RickStrahl
Bummer that there isn't an easy way to turn an XElement into a XmlNode easily. Gotta do a full read/convert. Really?
05:56:37 RickStrahl
Holy crap the new TweetDeck notifications are annoying. They're freaking huge! And true Air style - they don't support a second monitor.
06:11:40 RickStrahl
Banks own us today. The majority of funds consumers spend are surcharged by CC Companies. Every penny you spend that way! Ponder that.
06:12:33 RickStrahl
If that doesn't bother you think how easy it was for banks to raise interest rates to 30% w/o even a fight from regulators or even consumers
06:13:39 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl They can (and are) doing the same on the merchant end. My rates just went up by 20 basis points 'because times are tough'.
13:00:11 RickStrahl
Just did some... uhm overeager Find and Replace refactorings that really screwed the pooch. Just made myself an extra couple of hrs of work
22:36:23 RickStrahl
New USB->SATA interface locked up solid trying to copy 6gig VM image. Locked up Explorer, ProcMan. All I can do is reboot. Crap.
23:35:00 RickStrahl
Brrr... bad internet connection today. RoadRunner is sucking this time around. Always had good luck in past - this year, not so much.
08:30:53 RickStrahl
Sneaking into Aerosmith concert. This may not end well. #geriatricrock
09:29:56 RickStrahl
I say: LESS cowbell!
00:45:00 RickStrahl
Interesting USB to USB file copy of a 6 gig VPC VM always fails. Copying to local drive first - works just fine.
04:16:01 RickStrahl
Great. My merchant bank failed foreign transactions again with AVS, but applies the Auth to customer acct. anyway. Nice. Cust is pissed.
04:17:45 RickStrahl
Microsoft Keyboard drivers are installing from Windows update. I need a keyboard driver like a hole in the head.
09:10:19 RickStrahl
Ironic: My rash guard is giving me a rash.
09:20:40 RickStrahl
With VS 2010 Beta 2 and CodeRush not there yet I guess I'll be using Snippet Editor a bit more: http://tinyurl.com/ylnlxh5
09:28:35 RickStrahl
Applications that use the folder browser dialog that doesn't include a way to paste/enter a path should be fined!
09:50:52 RickStrahl
Snippet Editor really rocks. I ported a good part of my CodeRush expansions to the Code Snippets. Very nice.
06:07:42 RickStrahl
PayFlow Pro SDK documentation is actually WRONG. Wrong key values. I suspect the docs are actually for their old product but wrong is wrong.
13:44:11 RickStrahl
'Profits can be privatized and the debts conveniently socialized - another convenient term for this system would be “banana republic.”
23:42:34 RickStrahl
Poking around in ASP.NET 4.0 stuff today. Loving new features, but it appears beta 2 should have incubated a little longer. Lot of bugs.
23:51:31 RickStrahl
Has anybody got VisualSVN 1.7.6 running in VS 2010 B2?
00:55:55 RickStrahl
God I love this Visual Studio Error: The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error. So helpful in narrowing it down.
00:57:18 RickStrahl
Well it seems to be a problem with Ankh. As soon as I remove source control of projects compilation works again.
00:57:53 RickStrahl
Apparently VS is not capturing plug-in errors correctly. Had same issue with VSVN until I stopped it from loading.
01:05:12 RickStrahl
Hmmm... how do I disable a plug-in that bombs on startup? /SafeMode lets me launch but plug-ins are already not loaded and I can't unset.
01:33:03 RickStrahl
This sucks: Code Snippets pull from both VS 2008/2010 folders. If you have the same snippets in both you get selectsion for both.
02:21:29 RickStrahl
L2ST4 templates are bombing in VS 2010 on DataContext generation for me. Oddly even after removing L2ST4 VS still wants to use the template?
02:32:14 RickStrahl
Installed a Reverse Osmosis Water purification rig today. Our water on Maui is terrible and basic filters still leave the water nasty.
03:54:52 RickStrahl
VS 2010 Intellisense 'in string searching' is pretty useful. Didn't think I was going to use that much, but it's proving real helpful!
10:55:07 RickStrahl
It's incredible just how BAD PayPal sample code for .NET is. Hardcoded, generated code strings, duplicated framework code, manual HTML gen.
10:58:00 RickStrahl
Even worse PayPal doesn't seem to have a do-it-yourself reference. All you can do is reverse engineer these fucked up samples.
12:06:34 RickStrahl
PayPal Express Checkout requires a POST operation to another server now which means by default it won't work in Medium trust. #fail.
12:07:15 RickStrahl
Oddly the old 'PayPal Classic' API that I'm still using works just fine and allows way more control. #ChangeForTheWorse
23:01:10 RickStrahl
iPhone sync has been screwed for me for a while. An unknown error occurred (13019). Yup Apple does so much better in usability :-}
23:02:20 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl The lamest part about this is that the sync actually DOES work for most things. Syncs some things and not others. No idea which.
23:03:41 RickStrahl
I have to wonder again: How is that the Payment Processors are so TERRIBLE at producing usable APIs? Isn't that their livelyhood?
23:25:13 RickStrahl
Been refactoring and old application's Credit Card processing interface. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. :-}
02:40:13 RickStrahl
I keep getting debugger warnings that one of my DLLs is not compiled with Debug mode. Yet it is. Every project - always one assembly?
08:51:59 RickStrahl
Totally beat today. Bike ride, few hours at the beach, Yoga and a party at my house tonight. Talk about making most of a day!
07:55:08 RickStrahl
Interesting: Localhost.com redirects to Google.com.
07:58:47 RickStrahl
Deployment time for a major update. Wish me luck. Updates can be so much more painful (especially of old apps) than new installs.
07:59:49 RickStrahl
I'm so looking forward to ASP.NET 4.0 web.config version management. Deploy failures invariably are web.config mismatches between dev/live!
08:26:23 RickStrahl
@shanselman /no blur WPF/ Yay! Seriously it's amazing it took this long and one of the main reasons I've shunned WPF.
08:27:50 RickStrahl
@codinghorror #devdays /chocolate/ Shouldn't you be going to Switzerland then? :-}
08:46:29 RickStrahl
Ha! PayPal accepts payments even when sending money to an invalid account. No error! #PayPalIsLame
12:19:27 RickStrahl
Productive day today.App updated & deployed, several successful support calls and solutions & some nice R&D time. Need more days like this.
12:20:21 RickStrahl
Unfortunately never got around to playing some music tonight. Bummer. Had a riff going thru my head all day long.
21:05:49 RickStrahl
Usury? Usury? We need no stinking usury laws. http://tinyurl.com/ykc5pre. 79.9% Credit Cards...
21:48:24 RickStrahl
'The average life span of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years' - we might be overdue...
21:55:58 RickStrahl
Doesn't WinForms have some sort of ListItem control/component built in? I can't find it if there is.
22:05:16 RickStrahl
I of course know there are List controls. It's the list ITEM control that I was thinking of. ListViewItem probably will work.
22:33:25 RickStrahl
Just heated the house with the oven burner when I turned on the wrong burner for tea. Grumble.
22:58:16 RickStrahl
Dealing withclient fixated on designer driven design - can't think outside of this mindset. One extra line of code is just too much... :-}
23:47:06 RickStrahl
Is there an easier way to add items to a databound WinForms listbox? http://codepaste.net/c7v9ot
01:49:38 RickStrahl
Ugh. Cleaning up an old WinForms app to use separate designer files. Man this is UGLY.
22:50:32 RickStrahl
Damn - White screen of death in VS 2008 when copying CSS file text. Consistent bomb.
01:44:19 RickStrahl
Oh crap. Doing a Ctrl-C in any Themes folder CSS file crashes VS 2008 hard. Nice.
01:47:54 RickStrahl
Apparently this has something to do with the Solution. I can open the file by itself and there's no problem.
01:50:06 RickStrahl
Turns out it's CodeRush causing the crash. CodeRush/R! off and crash goes away. Weird since CR doesn't do anything in CSS files.
01:50:44 RickStrahl
When in doubt with VS crashes - turning off CodeRush (or other heavy add-ins) is the first thing to try :-}
03:02:10 RickStrahl
Just let my merchant provider have an earful on the coming merchant increases. Feeling utterly helpless tho since we depend on CC processing
03:33:05 RickStrahl
The bottom line for CC processing is: How much is the convenience of using CCs worth to us? Real cost: 4-5% of every transaction.
09:11:07 RickStrahl
God I hate ASP.NET themes and the crazy shit it does to style inheritance (page styles inserted BEFORE master css).
09:11:35 RickStrahl
Never again will use Themes in an app he vows!
10:28:36 RickStrahl
Burn my Eyes by MachineHead is easily my favorite Metal album ever made. God this mother is heavy!
10:31:33 RickStrahl
RT @jqGrid: writing help again after 2 years, feeling much better using West Wind's Help Builder (as opposed to Innovasys) #HelpBuilder
14:02:54 RickStrahl
Building 3 sets of installs is oh soooo much fun.
00:31:25 RickStrahl
is there a way to turn of ASP.NET Page Trace in code?
01:25:31 RickStrahl
FileZilla rules for checking for 'newer than' updates doesn't work worth a crap most of the time.
08:42:58 RickStrahl
Damn my suggestion for Static ClientID Behavior change was shot down: http://tinyurl.com/yj7njq5.
10:25:09 RickStrahl
Lost remote connection to SQL Server & Sql Mgmt Studio completely locks up while typing in a backup path. WTF? Not even sending a cmd!
10:53:01 RickStrahl
Fighting RoadRunner again tonight. Guess my ISP luck has run out. First Charter in Hood River this summer, now RR on Maui. Always been good.
20:56:09 RickStrahl
'A constitution unamended to defend against central bank malfeasance is a toothless constitution in great matters that impact our destiny.'
20:57:04 RickStrahl
Great commentary on our financial crisis: http://tinyurl.com/yze8d95
21:00:20 RickStrahl
ClientIDMode='Static' on Data List Controls produces invalid HTML. Really lame. If you want this changed vote: http://tinyurl.com/yj7njq5
21:15:44 RickStrahl
Here's another Connect suggestion that's dear to me: ASP.NET Markup editor should support full Property Sheet: http://tinyurl.com/ykhnvy7
23:01:32 RickStrahl
Need to pick up some new Sci Fi to read for travel in the next few weeks. Any suggestions? I've run my pool of stock authors dry.
23:34:38 RickStrahl
Thanks all for the Sci Fi suggestions. Picked up a few Kindle books for the road.
23:45:42 RickStrahl
Packing for a two week trip to Houston @markusegger's pad and then DevConnection in Vegas. Argh, leaving Maui in November is... hard!
23:48:15 RickStrahl
Totally unexpected today: Wind and Waves picking up. Maybe a nice send off gift?
23:48:41 RickStrahl
Kanaha today: http://tinyurl.com/n4xaps
04:02:37 RickStrahl
Nice day on the water. Now gotta hurry and get packed for the Red Eye out of here tonight. Ugh...
07:34:41 RickStrahl
At the Maui airport just got hassled for all the gadgetry in my carry on bag. Whole thing unpacked by tsa. I feel safer now. Not.
07:49:10 RickStrahl
White socks and sandal alert. Very fashionable!
07:51:27 RickStrahl
One look is all it takes to spot the German tourists. Or Babaressen as@markusegger likes to say! Hilarious.
17:21:08 RickStrahl
Just ran into @richardcampell in the Denver airport. Small world.
20:19:18 RickStrahl
Made it to Houston without any problems smooth sailing all the way. That's a new one.
20:04:10 RickStrahl
Working on some COM interop stuff today using Dynamic and ExpandoObject in .NET 4.0. Nice! So much easier!
21:06:32 RickStrahl
For a beta VS 2010 is surprisingly stable and fast. This release feels much closer to a release version than previous VS version betas.
02:57:22 RickStrahl
Great idea: RT @shellyroche: my iPhone app is in the app store! Find out if fruit is conventional, organic or GMO: http://FruitDecoder.com
03:28:50 RickStrahl
@shanselman /dyslexic penmanship/ Same here. I had 'perfect handwriting' in first grade. Now: not so much. Convulsive best describes it.
00:34:27 RickStrahl
Ugh - WSDL Template bombs because there's a naming ambiguity between System.Web.Ui.DataBinder and Westwind.Web.DataBinder. Can't isolate.
04:17:33 RickStrahl
Working on some cool Web aysnc system code tonight. Updates to some code I haven't used in ages for a customer app that's pretty slick.
05:19:20 RickStrahl
So glad for the LinqPad C# 3.0 in a Nutshell Examples to jog my memory on LINQ to XML. Replaced huge block of DOM code with few lines of L2X
05:22:16 RickStrahl
Counting on @robconnery telling me when I'm missing waves back home. I can go mud-surfing here in Houston. Grumble.
06:31:46 RickStrahl
'We've raised a couple of generations of thieves; thieves who admire more prominent thieves and who aspire to steal more.'
23:09:33 RickStrahl
Catching up with backed up maintenance items accumulated over the last few days. Scary how fast I can fall behind!
23:13:48 RickStrahl
Still struggling w/ this weird Assembly problem where one project always pops up a 'not compiled with symbols' when debugging. Yet it is!
23:15:04 RickStrahl
Odd thing is that it actually debugs just fine as well. Wiped ASP.NET Tmp folder goes away for a while, but always returns. Weird.
23:23:50 RickStrahl
TweetDeck's notification sounds don't seem to respect the settings you configure. Unless I turn sound completely off everything still dings.
23:41:53 RickStrahl
Taxes on text messages? WTF? http://tinyurl.com/ydk595f. Pretty soon the air we breathe will be taxed. #BecauseWeCan
00:56:42 RickStrahl
@mikekiddere Ah I'm doing the opposite. I only want to 'hear' mentions so I only check mentions but beeps on everything.
00:05:37 RickStrahl
Working on sessions for DevConnections next week. Reviewing some core ASP.NET creating a couple of custom auth modules (OpenId/custom Basic)
02:20:02 RickStrahl
Updating old Credit Card Processing samples for DevConnections tonight. Cringing at the old code - total loss. Do over!
02:24:13 RickStrahl
Visual Studio 2010 still occasionally fails to run the compiler which some sort of configuration fuckup on startup. Restart to fix.
02:49:33 RickStrahl
Updated ClientIDMode in ASP.NET 4.0 post on my blog with a few additional insights and clarifications: http://tinyurl.com/ykdfxhz
20:15:42 RickStrahl
Banks doing 'God's work': http://tinyurl.com/y9lrjy6. Seriously how freaking arrogant can you get?
22:44:39 RickStrahl
Just dropped off @markusegger at the airport in Houston. Back at their house thinking about what I should do their house. Muaaaahaahaa...
23:14:43 RickStrahl
Anybody from #DevExpress know how to turn off the silly tab behavior in HTML markup that navigates <td> elements on tab? Can't find option.
23:15:29 RickStrahl
@RickStrahl #DevExpress Thats for CodeRush for the HTML desginer... (guess didn't notice thus until today looking at some old HTML).
00:34:31 RickStrahl
One thing I don't like about the the ASP.NET Response object is that you can't create a fully self contained response that contains headers.
00:35:44 RickStrahl
When interfacing w/ another backend technology that generates fully self-contained HTTP responses ASP.NET has to split headers from content.
02:08:45 RickStrahl
Way too much material for my Modules and Handlers session. Over the years there are so many great examples I've used and accumulated.
04:27:23 RickStrahl
The United site is pretty damn sneaky about upgrades. All default buttons want to trick you into a paid upgrade. #GangsterMarketing
06:23:50 RickStrahl
Bitten by Intellisense: Mistyped a new type name when I created it and used the wrong name for 2 months before noticing the typo. :-}
06:50:36 RickStrahl
Hmmm... looks like there's a bug somewhere with .fadeTo/.fadeOut/In in IE with jQuery. Very inconsistent failure scenarios.
06:56:51 RickStrahl
Ha this is weird: $.fadeOut also fails to fade, but when timeout is up it does hide the element... It works but IE doesn't apply the filter.
06:59:49 RickStrahl
jQuery support on Google is royally crappy. Apparently the jQuery team has figured this out too: http://tinyurl.com/ygc8kjo.
07:00:59 RickStrahl
Luckily the need for jQuery support and workarounds (for me at least) has been absolutely minimal...
07:19:43 RickStrahl
Oddly this works: $('#gdEntries>tbody>tr[pk^=25]:even').addClass('selectionhighlight').fadeTo(2000, .30);
08:53:17 RickStrahl
Ugh - it's 2am and I have to get up at 8 tomorrow to catch a flight to Vegas. I had good intentions to go to bed early. I swear :-}
15:37:44 RickStrahl
I am... so... tired... this morning. Slept like crap - I really dislike morning flights (even if it's not that early :-})
16:36:49 RickStrahl
Say what you will about @markusegger 's bubble car but it got me to the airport while sleep driving.
05:41:49 RickStrahl
Finally madeit to the mandalay bay in vegas after a trip from hell that took all day. Woulda been here quicker had I come from Hawaii.
04:00:47 RickStrahl
Really should be working on my sessions. Instead heading to dinner w @markusegger and @ellenwhitney for an overstuffed seafood buffet.
04:03:41 RickStrahl
Talking trash about @robconery at the trade show At devconnections. Rob youre such a technology whore :-)
09:51:27 RickStrahl
Still tweaking sessions for tomorrow. I'm so overdoing it with samples :-} Couple of really nifty ones for the handler/modules session tho.
23:23:57 RickStrahl
Done with sessions #DevConnections today. Went really good except - surprise - running out of time in the jquery session. Need 2 hours :-}
00:45:16 RickStrahl
The bed in my hotel room feel comfortable, but it's not helping my still sore back. Waking up sore every morn. 10 min stretch not optional.
00:54:43 RickStrahl
I'm completely zoned out after my talks today. I'd never admit it but I guess I stress without really knowing it.
01:11:52 RickStrahl
@shanselman /IDE/ Now if you could only get a decent editor to go with that. Editors for dev all suck (web or desktop) .
01:25:41 RickStrahl
Question from a session today I ahd no good answer for: Best way to capture and modify Http output in ASP.NET (in module)?
01:26:30 RickStrahl
Response.Filter is the only thing I can think of but tricky because data is chunked and has to be written back out.
01:27:40 RickStrahl
Outputstream is not readable or writable. Other options for reading post handler Response output?
01:57:55 RickStrahl
I got something that works using Response.Filter by capturing all output into a memory buffer, then transforming then writing otu.
01:57:59 RickStrahl
Really ugly though.
02:21:12 RickStrahl
This Response.Filter code works to capture, transform and write out with the transform even on multi-chunks. http://codepaste.net/6iejv8
05:30:11 RickStrahl
Eating way overpriced food at Mandalay bay. #whatelseisnew
07:18:46 RickStrahl
One more day of #devconnections. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting out of Vegas here and back home to Maui.
18:02:27 RickStrahl
Perfection is unachievable. Striving for perfection however is a worthwhile journey.
21:18:47 RickStrahl
After yesterday's Response.Filter discussion, here's a generic Transformable Response.Filter Implementation: http://codepaste.net/7hbohm
02:18:37 RickStrahl
Done done done!
02:27:04 RickStrahl
At red square w a bunch ofvspeakers trying out vodka(s).
04:37:20 RickStrahl
Last night post #devconnections looking for something to do. Where is everybody now that the old folks have gone to bed? :-)
18:08:38 RickStrahl
1 good thing about bad economy: Getting thru airport security. Last yr leaving Vegas I barely made my flight. Today: Curb to gate 15 minutes
19:06:32 RickStrahl
Posted blog post to follow up the Response.Filter output capture/transform discussion over the last days: http://tinyurl.com/yhamaks
19:52:17 RickStrahl
Argh. Getting settled on plane. Inoppotune time for kindle batterry to die
21:37:44 RickStrahl
Getting reAdy to run for my gate and miss my flight at SFO. thanks united for changing the flight schedule.
22:06:01 RickStrahl
Made it as the were closing the door. Me and three of my not so close friends off to Maui;-) Plane is practically deserted.
22:07:18 RickStrahl
Find an Internet cafe usually quite cheap there.
22:15:54 RickStrahl
Ok all this rushing to make the gate and now we are still sitting at the gate waiting for take off slot. #hurryandwait
03:39:26 RickStrahl
Home on Maui and here to stay for while finally!
09:25:13 RickStrahl
Firepit under clear starry skies. Good to be back home.
12:58:06 RickStrahl
Good friends good times good night Maui style
21:28:27 RickStrahl
The picture of the woman on the PayTrust site is freaking scary: http://tinyurl.com/lwab
21:28:42 RickStrahl
it is a woman isn't it? :-}
21:31:16 RickStrahl
What are some of you using today for local Web load testing? VS tools are painful to use and setup. Heck I still use WAST most of the time.
21:37:53 RickStrahl
Nice. RT @scottw: My favorite part of bing is the flight advisory (aka, Farecast) http://tinyurl.com/nzx9py
21:51:02 RickStrahl
How intuitive: The File Type Association dialog in #Win7 is under Indexing Options | Advanced | File Types. Perfectly logical.
21:53:31 RickStrahl
Oh and it doesn't let you edit associations. Great.
22:01:50 RickStrahl
@oising #win7 Ah thanks. Yeah that's more like it. Still can't figure out how to change the folder open default app.
22:22:51 RickStrahl
@oising #win7 Yes, some of it is. I wouldn't go as far as saying that 'all' of it is laid out clearly.
22:27:38 RickStrahl
@oising unfortunately that doesn't do it. Search works correctly and is associated with Explorer. It's folder open that I can't find.
22:29:38 RickStrahl
Sailing conditions today: Cloudy with a touch of spider silk: http://tinyurl.com/y86ud8a
23:13:06 RickStrahl
Got 1 extra meg for an old XP laptop hoping it will help streaming video performance for Hulu and Netflix.
23:27:38 RickStrahl
Funny. Considering buying a waterproof camera: http://tinyurl.com/yl3h84m Note that the PINK one is way cheaper. Not sure that's enuff.
10:17:22 RickStrahl
Ping Pong Party!
23:08:58 RickStrahl
My FireFox install has turned into a nearly unusable piece of crap of late. Continually locking up. #FireFoxSuckage
23:44:45 RickStrahl
So I uninstalled FireFox, removed my profile, re-installed and installed the three plug-ins I really need, restart and all PIs are back.
23:45:16 RickStrahl
Along with the immediate lockup on load. Beautiful. I hate software trying to be too smart for its own good.
00:34:13 RickStrahl
So after an hour of screwing with un-install, re-install of firefox it seems FF is back up and stable. Profile deletion alone didn't do it.
00:34:58 RickStrahl
I think the culprit was a bad bookmark possibly. What worked: Export bookmarks, import into Chrome, Export again, import to FF.
00:36:16 RickStrahl
Still even a clean install of FF is by far the most sluggish browser installed. Chrome, Opera and IE 8 all are noticably faster than FF.
00:52:22 RickStrahl
Didn't know: #Win7 Shift right-click opens a secondary Explorer context menu with additional options like Open Command Prompt Here. Nice!
04:23:09 RickStrahl
Latest Sql Compact fail: Trying to let LINQ to SQL create a database to SQL Compact. Token line number if known = 1 error. Thanks!
04:37:19 RickStrahl
The lack of decent synergy between SQL Server and SQL Compact is such an obvious omission all I can ask is: WTF?
05:08:52 RickStrahl
Shit this is just not my day. Now VS 2010 stopped compiling code again. WTF? It works one day next day it decides to take a rest?
09:54:35 RickStrahl
I call this day a complete loss on all fronts. Enuff of that - I'm outta here early and cry myself to sleep. :-{
20:02:50 RickStrahl
It's time to buy a new chair for the office. Any recommendations (outside of Aeron chairs which is too obvious :-})
20:05:53 RickStrahl
“It's probably wrong to pillage the planet in celebration of Christmas”: http://tinyurl.com/yc8v8uz
20:07:32 RickStrahl
FWIW, in these climes any office chair needs to be a mesh chair.
23:44:40 RickStrahl
VS 2010 is no longer working. Attempting to compile anything results in 'The Operation Could not be completed - unspecified error'. Ideas?
01:20:30 RickStrahl
RT @markusegger: Done putting up the #CODEMagazine booth for #pdc09. Come by and hang out in our bean bag lounge!
02:40:22 RickStrahl
Off to Yoga with me to sweat off the excesses of the last conference weeks.
10:36:59 RickStrahl
2012 was pretty good - for a comedy... I haven't laughed this hard in a looong time.
00:13:19 RickStrahl
Looks like the VS 2010 compiler not working bug is related to VS 2008 having been started. Once 2008 is fired up the 2010 compiler is hosed.
00:14:34 RickStrahl
I was really hoping I could start a new project with VS 2010 B2, but given this compiler crapping out BS there's no way.
07:46:19 RickStrahl
Wow, now here's a nice security error message in ASP.NET 4.0 (while running in Full Trust no less): http://twitpic.com/pylla
07:47:26 RickStrahl
Level 2 transparency causes all methods in AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers assemblies to become security transparent by default. Uh huh, right.
07:49:19 RickStrahl
If that's what they call 'easier security model in .NET 4.0' - Shoot me now!
08:01:16 RickStrahl
This attr [assembly: System.Security.AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers()] caused the problem. Seems oddly counter intuitive to remove this.
08:06:16 RickStrahl
Am I missing the obvious - but edit and continue locks source files in ASP.NET. If you can't edit It doesn't matter much to continue? :-}|
08:06:43 RickStrahl
Always run with Edit and Continue off, maybe I never figured it out right? :-}
08:23:29 RickStrahl
The VS 2010 shell looks like Windows running w/o Aero - ie. crappy. I hope this'll change before RTM.
10:41:26 RickStrahl
The Connect site is an impossible UI. So bad I can't even easily find my own feedback submissions. #fail
13:57:13 RickStrahl
Posted my slides and samples from #DevConnections last week: http://tinyurl.com/ya5qztj
13:59:15 RickStrahl
Eeek - how did it get to be 3am already? Lost in code tonight, but now it's time to catch some z's.. Waves promised for tomorrow.
21:23:33 RickStrahl
SL 4 looks interesting with some needed stuff (Cam, Microphone - Clipboard would be nice!) - what's the timeline for SL4 shipping? VS 2010?
01:29:30 RickStrahl
Got rolled over the falls not once but three times today with my gear. It's a Miracle we (gear & I) are still in one piece.
06:30:32 RickStrahl
4 hours on the water today in iffy conditions. I'm tired beyond belief. Dinner and bed is about all I'm good for tonight I think.
23:00:42 RickStrahl
Messenger on Windows 7 bugs no longer minimizes to the tray. Two icons too (1 for desktop? WTF)
23:02:53 RickStrahl
.NET 4.0 compatibility issues are killing a new project I'm working on. Lots of small framework breaks. Rolling back to .NET 3.5 and VS 2008
00:10:43 RickStrahl
Watching Entity Framework Session from PDC: http://tinyurl.com/ycfb3ke. This addresses many of my complaints. Can we trust it though? :-}
05:58:14 RickStrahl
Curious what people do for ASP.NET Localization. Quick Survey: http://tinyurl.com/yjlyq8w
11:03:48 RickStrahl
Bonfire on the beach at Paia bay. Life is good.
21:36:45 RickStrahl
Survey says most people don't use ASP.NET native localization features: http://tinyurl.com/yjlyq8w using strong typed or custom localization
22:25:58 RickStrahl
The gift that keeps on giving: Page in Web app is complete but EF queries keep on running in the background. w/o code calling it. WTF?
22:56:10 RickStrahl
Sql generated by EF: WHERE [Extent1].[Sku] LIKE N'WCONNECT%'... No named parameter? Really?
23:12:12 RickStrahl
RT Nice. @david_hayden: Leverage custom T4 Templates in ASP.NET MVC for maximum productivity: http://bit.ly/5FEPOR.
20:52:38 RickStrahl
Incredibly sore from an all day session on the water yesterday. Looks there's more wind and surf today - woo boy.
20:56:32 RickStrahl
Busted: http://tinyurl.com/ybprsjd
23:56:07 RickStrahl
Playing hooky again today. Smooth 10 foot faces and nice offshore wind. Too good to pass up. Tomorrow there are no excuses.
09:55:15 RickStrahl
The Dollar Bubble: http://tinyurl.com/yaaejmg
10:25:03 RickStrahl
#Seesmic for Windows has a ways to go even to match the Adobe Air version. All this excitement due to WPF usage by MS folks seems premature.
11:34:14 RickStrahl
Which is worse? #1 a small efficient app that has a small memory leak. #2 Big bloated app that starts at 100 megs?
11:35:11 RickStrahl
I'm guessing most will say #2 while #1 may never reach the bloat stage #2 has on startup.
06:04:03 RickStrahl
Holy crap: Surf along north facing shores will be 6 to 9 feet this afternoon, building to 20 to 30 feet Wednesday!
08:42:19 RickStrahl
Hmmmm... Awesome food tonight at Mama's Fish House tonight with client.
21:34:40 RickStrahl
Hmmm... Windsurfing or Turkey Basting? Windsurfing or Turkey basting? Both will be painful today - waves are still GIANT!
21:52:20 RickStrahl
RT @gblock: Really like CodePaste.net, you can search for people's snippets by name.
21:54:44 RickStrahl
So do those little cheapo netbooks handle streaming video (NetFlix and Hulu) and Audio (Pandora) smoothly? Any feedback? Need a new TV compi
21:58:20 RickStrahl
@shanselman Does it have an Intel video card or upgraded to a higher end video card? Worried about jittery video my old spare laptop has.
22:40:15 RickStrahl
@shanselman So do you have an upgraded video card? Wondering if the cheapo cards can handle jitter free video decoding OK.
23:55:28 RickStrahl
Test: ParseTemplate - Modified version of John Resig's MicroTemplating Engine: http://codepaste.net/2ab3x2
00:02:51 RickStrahl
Still at home. Wind doesn't want to co-operate. Heading down to the beach anyway to get out a bit today. Hoping for more wind to give thx to
10:36:08 RickStrahl
My turkey cooked today was superb - total noob cooking experience, but maybe beginner's luck?
10:37:03 RickStrahl
Great thanksgiving dinner with friends from many places. LIfe is good and I have lots to be thankful for!
10:47:53 RickStrahl
Love Hulu content and can deal with Hulu format but the Hulu Player application needs some serious help to be more user friendly.