09:31:35 codinghorror
any top 10 article featuring ThunderCats + HTML is a top 10 article I can get behind http://is.gd/M4ga
09:52:05 codinghorror
yeah, the DMCA is evil and all, until you have to use it because some jackhole is using your content in a totally illegal way
11:11:30 codinghorror
I love Total Eclipse of the Heart, and this is the best version I've ever seen of it. EVAR. http://bit.ly/Kwhw9
11:38:25 codinghorror
after the last 2.5 months with a newborn, my opinion on daycare has gone from 'sounds expensive' to 'cheap at any price'
15:28:21 codinghorror
Brought to you by Wilson Ear Drill! We don't recommend that you use an ear drill, but if you insist, why not get the best!
21:34:07 codinghorror
soliciting questions for @jasoncalacanis on the podcast, going on right now! What should we ask?
23:16:01 codinghorror
thanks to @jasoncalacanis for guesting on the Stack Overflow podcast! Where's our stackoverflow.com Mahalo landing page, man?!
00:37:39 codinghorror
'they found social isolation to be as torturous and agonizing as any physical abuse they suffered' http://is.gd/MEaW
00:54:04 codinghorror
r @wilshipley what's the password? is it encoded? WHY DO YOU KEEP SECRETIVE SECRETS
00:57:15 codinghorror
'But Natal allows for full-body thrusting.'
08:52:38 codinghorror
'I recently invented the div inside a span.' http://bit.ly/jpwrD
09:26:11 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers that 'ferrari guy for hire' photo gallery is a national treasure. http://is.gd/MXsp
10:47:28 codinghorror
r @realscottgu it sounds like your wife and I were students at the University of Virginia at approximately the same time..
11:55:15 codinghorror
when will I learn that turning SafeSearch off only leads to mental trauma? WHEN WILL I LEARN??
12:30:25 codinghorror
rt @robconery shared this mind melting music video 'experience' with me http://bit.ly/N5OFk
23:45:19 codinghorror
social media: unlocking the awesome potential of behavioral disorders http://site.despair.com/socialmediatee/
00:06:03 codinghorror
r @kevindente closed as [belongs on superuser.com]
01:24:14 codinghorror
in Japan, even the manhole covers are awesome http://bit.ly/jmxDv
01:28:13 codinghorror
04:51:16 codinghorror
podcast with @spolsky and @jasoncalacanis is now up. http://bit.ly/B6cwF
05:05:55 codinghorror
r @kevindente I plan to make a Mahalo landing page for that. Skee-ball economy FTW!
07:19:48 codinghorror
can anyone recommend a versioned-SQL-script (NOT code-based) 'bring the database up to this version' build system for .NET?
07:49:38 codinghorror
r @shanselman LCD in your mame cabinet? boooooo! Arcade monitor only!
07:52:04 codinghorror
I'm kind of suspecting that iPhone v3, with 2x memory and almost 2x CPU, will end up being much faster than the Pre. Speed!
07:59:59 codinghorror
r @shanselman I dunno, for bright fast moving 80's arcade sprites on black, I wouldn't want an LCD. Also, viewing angles are problematic.
08:35:23 codinghorror
typed 'host a ' in google, the #1 suggestion is 'host a lingerie party'. I was thinking of a bittorrent file, but that DOES sound more fun!
09:15:35 codinghorror
LEGO battleship Yamato, largest LEGO ship ever, completed after 6 years http://is.gd/NR3r
09:39:43 codinghorror
does anyone know of a good public bittorrent tracker for sharing creative commons data?
09:43:25 codinghorror
r @jongalloway legaltorrents.com supports OpenID! SUBSCRIBED!!
10:53:18 codinghorror
ok, to heck with public trackers, I'm my own bittorrent tracker now. http://is.gd/NUgd
12:01:58 codinghorror
every Pac-Man fruit should be an emoticon. I hereby declare emoticon fail.
12:12:47 codinghorror
Stack Overflow Creative Commons data dump http://bit.ly/U2FMZ
20:43:36 codinghorror
some details on the 'perfect storm' of Google and Yahoo bots indexing us: 16 megabit (!) http://is.gd/PmeA
20:48:14 codinghorror
I have a new favorite @secretgeek post! http://bit.ly/hids1
06:44:54 codinghorror
hey buster, can you bust the frame-busting buster? http://bit.ly/sUbqZ
07:52:54 codinghorror
in honor of all the frame-busting talk today: next day's function, high class luncheon! http://bit.ly/amaMj
07:56:35 codinghorror
am I hallucinating, or was Young M.C. sporting a black guy mullet in the Bust a Move video? http://bit.ly/amaMj
08:24:01 codinghorror
@shanselman excellent mame series, but.. no trackball? only one set of flipper buttons (no nudge)? LCD monitor? :(
08:45:33 codinghorror
r @shanselman why didn't you use this as a base? has trackball, dual flipper buttons, etc: http://is.gd/PTbK
09:08:56 codinghorror
rt @ryanthames A google search for 'sampler plate hot wings' brings up SO question 141779 as the first result. Congratulations!
04:42:50 codinghorror
'a woman who said she purchased Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries because she believed 'crunchberries' were real fruit' http://is.gd/R3fu
08:00:57 codinghorror
rt @migueldeicaza rt @jacksonh: Starting tomorrow reading my enterprise level tweets will require a support contract.
08:49:27 codinghorror
Leo Laporte vs. Mike Arrington http://bit.ly/111Zhp
09:23:08 codinghorror
transforming laser mouse http://is.gd/RiQJ
09:50:02 codinghorror
r @shinyplasticbag believe me, I know. http://twitter.com/codinghorror/status/1076144830
09:54:30 codinghorror
Did You Know? prefixing urls with view-source: works in FF and Chrome? Like so... view-source:http://☃.net/
10:00:32 codinghorror
details on the stackoverfow dot com, llc, comprehensive health care plan. enjoy @jarrod_dixon and @superdalgas ! http://is.gd/RkS7
01:03:56 codinghorror
I grow weary of the intarweb obsessive fascination with bacon. I like bacon, and all, but damn. let's move on.
01:29:33 codinghorror
down with bacon! up with SAUSAGE! who's with me?! <runs out of the room, yelling incoherently>
01:34:57 codinghorror
r @migueldeicaza where can I download a keyboard cat ringtone? http://is.gd/SbcS
04:37:41 codinghorror
Finally, the ultimate fashion accessory has arrived. Say hello to 'The Shat!' http://www.flickr.com/photos/betsyphd/3605337552/
09:32:11 codinghorror
getting myself ready for December 12th, 2012! http://bit.ly/h7EWc
11:52:38 codinghorror
'Married men and women, on average, have sex with their spouse 58 times a year.'
00:40:52 codinghorror
if you're thinking of taking the fake plastic rock plunge, huge blowout at Gamestop / EBGames: http://www.gamestop.com/gs/landing/umbs/
08:22:28 codinghorror
vanilla ice apologizes http://bit.ly/O6yFB
10:04:32 codinghorror
Hilarious Reasons to Turn Into the Hulk #1 (watch the whole series!) http://bit.ly/NvcdQ
14:15:13 codinghorror
thanks expertsexchange, I mean, stackoverflow! :) http://bit.ly/9jWj3 (scroll to bottom as per usual..)
00:59:00 codinghorror
Han Solo, P.I. http://bit.ly/oYuyF
02:16:41 codinghorror
ordering my iphone 3gs. This is the first Apple product I've owned since 1985.
02:26:08 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers nobody does semi-closed ecosystem better than Apple; they were born to do phones. I still say : iPhone > original Mac.
05:15:18 codinghorror
'Running a start-up is like being punched in the face repeatedly,' he says. 'But working for a large company is like being waterboarded.'
05:24:24 codinghorror
NB: when I put things in 'quotes' that means I am quoting someone else. previous tweeted quote was from Paul Graham: http://is.gd/WnoE
05:43:21 codinghorror
r @rachelreese I would 'never' use quotes unnecessarily http://is.gd/Woq5
05:54:42 codinghorror
evaluating daycare centers. her? 21 point checklist. me? 'will my child be alive at the end of the day? and who do I make the check out to?'
06:58:22 codinghorror
Q261186: Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music http://is.gd/WwVp
21:13:42 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers funny thing, there are a lot of 'hackintoshes' running around. Side effect of Giant MacBook Dongle Copy Protection(tm)
21:14:35 codinghorror
rt @carnage4life When Should You Keep Your Ideas to Yourself? - http://bit.ly/dcVRW
21:48:45 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers you're evangelizing the wrong things. Screwdrivers, not couture. http://is.gd/XQNQ
21:49:08 codinghorror
'this is why the standard arguments for buying a PC falls on deaf ears. You're thinking screwdriver; they're thinking fashion outfit.'
23:37:04 codinghorror
that new iPhone GS I just bought, it's for business! I swear!! http://www.firemint.com/realracing/index.html
00:21:17 codinghorror
iPhone 3G S has ARM Cortex A8 and PowerVR SGX, just like Palm Pre: http://is.gd/YehD
01:21:35 codinghorror
'If I were off by myself, I would want to become an iPhone game developer.' -- John Carmack http://is.gd/YlO7
02:16:43 codinghorror
Street Fighter car destruction bonus stage: reality version http://bit.ly/85XlD
00:27:32 codinghorror
r @donpark framebusting is not possible if the framing site is smart, see: http://is.gd/Zc8G
01:11:01 codinghorror
'hope I die before I get old..' http://bit.ly/170sG9
04:35:17 codinghorror
'riskiest [malware] search terms: unscrambler, lyrics, myspace, free music downloads, phelps, game cheats, free ringtones and solitaire.'
09:41:37 codinghorror
Things I Won't Work WIth: Thioacetone http://is.gd/ZzH6
09:49:01 codinghorror
still very bitter that target='' is not a valid attribute in HTML 4.01 strict
11:03:22 codinghorror
rt @nathanbowers @micahcalabrese 'See how the genitals make use of the gap.' This is for an OFFICE CHAIR. Go fig. http://is.gd/11vNU
12:53:39 codinghorror
Gambling is fine in moderation? I'll bet you it isn't.
02:04:27 codinghorror
oh yeah, I totally need a fizzgig prop http://www.propstore.com/fizzgig.htm
08:32:01 codinghorror
youtube is a good case study in the failure of user tagging. Sooo much abuse. 'I think I'll tag this SEX!'
11:13:22 codinghorror
the singularity: 'nerd rapture'
11:14:32 codinghorror
arecibo message: Worst. Videogame. Ever. http://bit.ly/18oGSd
02:11:28 codinghorror
having a 15 megabit bandwidth problem with search spiders on SO at the moment. Apparently setting rate limits in robots.txt doesn't work?
02:48:16 codinghorror
Conan O'Brien and Slash go shopping for guitars on craigslist http://bit.ly/7rwbM
02:56:22 codinghorror
sorry Yahoo Slurp, you and your .01% of traffic / 20% bandwidth are banned until we have time to get that Cisco in front of our servers.
04:21:18 codinghorror
testing out computing with @rockhardawesome in a baby carrier. Sort of like.. mini.. babby.. voltron.. form. http://is.gd/130XL
04:32:15 codinghorror
r @marcoarment good to know; we're definitely seeing some really painful 'perfect' google+yahoo bot storms.. 15 megabit is so uncool.
06:13:50 codinghorror
bandwidth: it still ain't free http://www.simplecdn.com/savings
08:10:40 codinghorror
mr @jarrod_dixon came up with this clever query, apparently simplecdn.com is about $35 / TB http://is.gd/13bxE per http://is.gd/13bzA
08:51:02 codinghorror
the perfect web spider storm http://bit.ly/SkZpP
10:01:10 codinghorror
Conan O'Brien picks his all-time favorite Late Night segment: http://is.gd/13g80
07:20:48 codinghorror
I got to serenade my wife with Warrant's Cherry Pie vox tonight. I can now cross *that* off my bucket list. Thanks Guitar Hero: Smash Hits!
07:43:45 codinghorror
so @chadpaulson just told me he took today off from work to play GhostBusters. Also, he's building an ECTO-1 for reals. True fan. RESPECT +1
20:51:32 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers glad I waited for the 3gs. looks DRAMATICALLY faster (2x or more) per the video http://bit.ly/zBRif
21:08:15 codinghorror
c'mon guys, this is not new news. ALWAYS wait for the third version. That's when it gets good. #windows3.0lol
21:38:44 codinghorror
rt @nathanbowers 'modal [dialogs] are so bad that they can't even be used ironically.'
01:15:41 codinghorror
instead of animals, each O'Reilly book should have a different type of scary woodcut clown illustration. ps this is why I'm not in marketing
01:20:00 codinghorror
you know what's awesome? cowboy first person shooter montages set to sad cowboy songs. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/59186
04:40:32 codinghorror
stardock recommends switching to Windows 7 'as quickly as possible' http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/59187
04:56:34 codinghorror
these WARP benchmarks are hilarious. Scroll to bottom. Intel 'extreme' integrated graphics FTL. http://is.gd/14Wc2
06:14:33 codinghorror
burned myself soldering again. programmers shouldn't be soldering. this is almost as bad as that one time I had to write Perl code. Almost.
08:50:17 codinghorror
when we're strolling with @rockhardawesome and I see another baby, for some reason I always think 'BABY FIGHT!!!1!'. My mind, it is broken.
09:52:23 codinghorror
dear 'designers': crowdsourcing design should *not* be the same as an explosion at the clipart factory. I'm just sayin'.
10:05:13 codinghorror
r @eschaton it's more like a brainstorming session. But you know how you're always supposed to say 'yes, and'? More like 'HELL NAW, and..'
10:49:23 codinghorror
rt @monowerker 'escape by default in django was a fairly recent change, community persuaded core devs.'
13:06:50 codinghorror
when life gives you lemons, make a freakin' lemon cannon. http://is.gd/15eYw
14:45:01 codinghorror
NoScript is the very definition of a 'boil the sea' solution. It's toxic. Unless you love building whitelists for every site you visit.
14:55:16 codinghorror
'I forgot how much I like pickles!!' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN2HAroA12w
14:30:00 codinghorror
'Blogging and Making Money. Want To Make A Six Figure Income, From Blogs. Work An Hour A Day.' LIES!!!1! And I should know!
14:32:23 codinghorror
a four-figure income is much more achievable through blogging. Well, if you're really good.
16:53:40 codinghorror
For his epitaph he suggested, 'I've finally stopped getting dumber.' http://is.gd/16lhC
03:14:41 codinghorror
best part of iPhone 3GS? Speed! 3.0 maturity! mobile safari! worst part? iTunes. gag.
04:21:10 codinghorror
can't. stop. buying. iphone. apps. But at these prices, why not?
04:26:25 codinghorror
ah, the guru meditation. http://bit.ly/KyWZw
05:00:21 codinghorror
What's up with the graffiti on trash cans? Taggers, aim higher with your 'art'!
05:40:46 codinghorror
'foo could not be transferred from your iPhone because you are not authorized to play it on this computer.' Oh DRM, I haven't missed you.
06:36:23 codinghorror
there's an iPhone skeeball game called '10 balls, 7 cups'? I lol'ed. http://is.gd/16YUV
08:05:14 codinghorror
some of @spolsky 's mockups he gave us have some .. strange .. placeholder text .. the product of a clearly disturbed mind ..
09:01:33 codinghorror
3GS : 3G :: Pentium : 486 http://bit.ly/VkMHq
09:11:12 codinghorror
go home, IE6! http://www.flickr.com/photos/robotjohnny/3629069606/sizes/l/
01:45:23 codinghorror
r @jzy 'liver could not be transferred from this body because you are not authorized to use it on yours.' DRM's a bitch, ain't it?
03:46:16 codinghorror
r @mattcutts Google's webmaster tools says robots.txt supports 'regular expressions'. http://is.gd/17MRJ I don't believe this is true..?
06:00:51 codinghorror
r @omarshahine 'Facebook .. sorta sucks' I fixed your tweet for you.
06:05:51 codinghorror
what is Edward Furlong doing these days? Brainscan trailer (1994) http://bit.ly/TbyvQ
06:38:13 codinghorror
people, people. have we learned nothing from Pauly Shore's BioDome? Walled gardens are all doomed. http://is.gd/17V6d
16:12:36 codinghorror
poolga.com has some amazingly beautiful iPhone/iPod backgrounds
16:30:25 codinghorror
> 1 year later, still fascinated by radical honesty http://www.esquire.com/features/honesty0707
17:43:51 codinghorror
Loving kindle for iPhone but why no kindle for mac/pc laptops? Seems like a logical progression...
17:58:12 codinghorror
'Worse than the dreams where something terrible happens to you are the ones in which you commit a horrendous act.'
18:55:38 codinghorror
it will be a cold, cold day in hell before I ever allow in-text advertising on any site I'm associated with
19:29:16 codinghorror
so all song purchases from iTunes are aac? that sucks. need mp3 vbr for compatibility.
19:37:10 codinghorror
I agree that mp4 is more advanced than mp3, but mp3 vbr (what amazon mp3 uses btw) is equivalent in quality/filesize + works *everywhere*
19:38:28 codinghorror
well, at least itunes store is now drm-free on music, which was my main objection, really. That's the important thing, beyond format.
20:32:11 codinghorror
ZeFrank is such a smart guy, and this whole 'I've gone to hollywood' thing is so profoundly *dumb*. I can't reconcile that.
20:37:27 codinghorror
disapproval frog finds you wholly unsatisfactory http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/4322/disapprovalfrog.jpg
22:42:50 codinghorror
thanks @tobiasgies for creating a proper demotivator for disapproval frog! http://is.gd/18AbE
22:58:29 codinghorror
see @jarrod_dixon 's developer lair! now featuring autographed picture of Val Kilmer and a mini-Mola Ram!! http://is.gd/18AAr
10:05:36 codinghorror
is the LCD monitor market stalled at 30'? Strange that there don't appear to be any larger panel sizes appearing..
10:15:20 codinghorror
r @longzheng I find my current 1920 x 1080 res problematic, because 1920 / 2 = 960, and that means I can't split web pages effectively.
11:22:15 codinghorror
r @wilshipley I actually don't have 3 30' monitors, I have 3 24'. Anyway, I think I need slightly higher pixel density vs. more size..
13:45:56 codinghorror
'Bret, the ladies go crazy for my sugar lumps.' http://is.gd/1998p
01:06:59 codinghorror
World of Crashes - Team Fortress 2 Style (youtube) http://bit.ly/ILWSR
01:10:41 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers it probably does, actually -- fex, Xbox Live has similar rate limiters on points card redemption. http://is.gd/19Cl8
01:23:48 codinghorror
rt @carnage4life Cool story about finding a lost iPhone with the 'Find my iPhone' feature: http://happywaffle.livejournal.com/5890.html
08:36:12 codinghorror
does bustin' make you feel good? http://www.mobygames.com/game/apple2/ghostbusters/screenshots
09:24:46 codinghorror
'We should learn to spend as much time looking for evidence that we are wrong as we spend looking for reasons we are correct.'
23:53:03 codinghorror
rt @carnage4life explains the relationship between engineering and QA with a cupcake http://imgur.com/UGvFD.jpg
23:55:34 codinghorror
'in our OpenGL ES testing, the 3GS is generally close to four times faster than the 3G' http://bit.ly/Q0n6F
01:53:29 codinghorror
rt @psaffo ASCAP: that's not a ringtone - its a performance, so pay up! | http://tinyurl.com/mu7gno
02:35:19 codinghorror
r @jwynia agree, I 'sidegraded' to 3 x Samsung 2343BWX because of the 2048x1152 res. I do lose 1' physical, but I gain logical pixels..
02:54:27 codinghorror
ok what is with the logos that have .com in them (literally)? Maybe i'll use my shiny new 56k modem to get 50 free hours of AOL!!
03:10:17 codinghorror
so @migueldeicaza hates poor people. Good to know.. good to know..
03:25:06 codinghorror
Trust us - we're Certified Web 2.0 Social Media Guru Expert Maven Coaches. http://www.socialmediadouchebag.net/
03:27:36 codinghorror
Little known fact: our fourth stack overflow family site will be 'seoseoseofarts.com'. GET SOME!
03:33:15 codinghorror
via @timoreilly -- 'speed matters' is not just lip service. http://bit.ly/DeDIK
04:50:13 codinghorror
r @wilshipley Apple Stores have always been 'lifestyle' stores. Like Styx once said: http://bit.ly/17pZij
06:02:44 codinghorror
when the disgusting snails come out, here's how I deal with them: GET SOME.. SALT! http://bit.ly/MtAJt
08:19:04 codinghorror
is it really worth it to get an iphone case, eg, to protect from dropping? I don't really want to make the phone any *bulkier* ..
08:45:08 codinghorror
rt @johnhann [iphone] is very sturdy and can handle a drop or two. Proof: http://is.gd/1byni
08:46:45 codinghorror
r @jongalloway with all due respect, Windows Mobile is ass. Needs rumored silverlight reboot.
09:53:49 codinghorror
best. captcha. ever. Yeah, that DOES prove you're human. I think.. http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/6631/fakeorgasim.png
09:55:18 codinghorror
previous was rt @lara_eagle who says 'First time it wasn't faked (in a long time).' robots = efficient.
11:17:49 codinghorror
the process of growing new humans is rather amazing. as in, I can't believe any of us ever made it this far.
11:32:26 codinghorror
'We upgraded from a machine with 64 GB + 8 CPU to 512 GB + 32 CPU' I guess pof.com is going big iron, not mapreduce? http://is.gd/1bHss
11:56:58 codinghorror
r @alexstapleton no, at the config Markus bought (8 GB DIMMs, ouuch) it's definitely $100k+ for that big iron. http://tr.im/pz4E
12:23:30 codinghorror
r @alexstapleton right, for $100k we could build ~83 quad core + 8gb + 500 mb 1u servers = 332 cpu + 664 gb + 40 tb (!)
17:51:48 codinghorror
Reason #26 Why I Hate Software Licensing: it makes my brain hurt http://www.microsoft.com/Sqlserver/2005/en/us/licensing.aspx
00:32:06 codinghorror
the insulting librarian: http://bit.ly/ieqOC
09:24:23 codinghorror
the iPhone makes sending annoying pictures of food to my friends easier than I ever could have possibly imagined!
09:52:50 codinghorror
god bless all creatures, big and sma.. HOLY F**K WHAT IS THAT http://bit.ly/32NJT
10:51:07 codinghorror
is the current iPhone App Store pricing sustainible? Seeing some pretty dramatic price drops for big name titles..
10:56:40 codinghorror
r @dun3 @JonWinstanley scheduled network upgrades at host datacenter until 2 AM PST
12:47:53 codinghorror
r @carnage4life asks: How long will my vendetta against Facebook last? I've got some bad news for The Facebooks: I plan to live forever.
14:19:56 codinghorror
the house that Daikatana built http://www.rbdg.com/projects/ionstorm/
23:53:32 codinghorror
hey @spolsky , have you called for speakers via twitter?
00:32:45 codinghorror
the only t-shirt you will ever need http://bit.ly/4yK8U
00:42:27 codinghorror
r @dehora the cloud is often even more expensive; flexibility, at a (steep) price
00:44:19 codinghorror
pulled the trigger on the 48 GB memory upgrade for our database server. All the *COOL* kids have tons of memory on *their* servers.
00:54:40 codinghorror
I cain't love no one that don't have no twitter account http://gunshowcomic.com/d/20081103.html
01:19:50 codinghorror
michael jackson died, but the real casualties are apparently Twitter and Teh Facebooks
01:57:58 codinghorror
most tattoos are valuable public service announcements of poor judgment. others are just plain WTFs http://i39.tinypic.com/20sbqzb.jpg
03:47:31 codinghorror
mapping physical locations in time; nifty http://vimeo.com/4556951
03:49:38 codinghorror
total made this month on twitter: $19k. total made from 30k record sales: $0. http://is.gd/1dGCf
06:22:44 codinghorror
I would give my left elbow for an operating system that could actually tell me WHY a file is locked, and by whom. Good lord.
06:25:36 codinghorror
phew, so looks like I qualified for the 'Enthusiast' / 'woot!' badge on my own site. (30 days of consecutive visits)
06:26:12 codinghorror
rt @grork 'Windows 7 now tells you why the file is locked -- specifically the process thats locked it -- when you try to delete.' nice!!
08:08:00 codinghorror
r @miffthefox thank you for noticing that indeed I already blogged about the locked file issue. my point: should be *default functionality*
09:54:10 codinghorror
so there might be actual Threading in JavaScript now via 'Web Workers' proposed standard? http://is.gd/1e0Wx
12:42:04 codinghorror
I appreciate what Android is trying to do, but I feel it has about as much chance as Linux on the desktop. Can't get excited about it.
13:34:11 codinghorror
r @grumpydev forgotten Atwood's Law already? Any application that can be written in JavaScript, *will* eventually be written in JavaScript.
10:30:41 codinghorror
meta.stackoverflow.com launches. But where will you discuss the discussion about the discussion??? http://is.gd/1gKsv
13:11:21 codinghorror
'The big problem we ran into, actually, was meta-discussion overwhelming the channel.' http://is.gd/1gRup
15:29:14 codinghorror
hyphenated site vs. non-hyphenated site.. FIGHT! http://is.gd/1gY9P
01:29:01 codinghorror
this artist video http://is.gd/1hoCj just blew my mind-hole. direct quicktime link: http://is.gd/1hoKo
01:32:59 codinghorror
'a famous person has died, we go live to somewhere tangentially related' http://picturesforsadchildren.com/blog/famous.png
01:57:36 codinghorror
note that previous video http://is.gd/1hoKo is amazing when run as your desktop background in DreamScene http://is.gd/1hq6V
02:08:58 codinghorror
r @betsyphd that twitter book should be exactly 140 pages http://twitpic.com/8pos7
07:20:25 codinghorror
sold my BetaBrite sign on eBay. Confirmed winning bidder shipping address is 1600 Ampitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043. Familiar?
09:51:53 codinghorror
'I've never read so much crap in my life as sifting through the garbage that was the 'Free Energy' file.' http://is.gd/1hN4i
11:56:59 codinghorror
Remember the TV show Airwolf? unfortunately, Jan-Michael Vincent doesn't. http://bit.ly/chj5w
12:27:58 codinghorror
Meta is Murder: at some level, meta-discussion cuts into time you could be using to, y'know, BUILD STUFF and SOLVE PROBLEMS.
15:17:06 codinghorror
r @DenisDollfus are meta-problems more interesting than problems? Let's call a meeting to discuss that. http://is.gd/1i2Ew
23:44:25 codinghorror
hey, look what the postman left on my step just now -- 48 mother lovin' gigabytes of memory!
01:56:40 codinghorror
Our Google AdSense CPMs are so low they kinda make me want to cut myself
02:05:32 codinghorror
Lol, signed up for payment gateway merchant acct and got these SWEET stickers! http://twitpic.com/8szzj
02:16:35 codinghorror
r dfab_con AdSense TOS prohibits posting cpm, only gross revenue
02:49:39 codinghorror
r @marcoarment thanks man! out of curiosity -- how does Tumblr generate revenue? (I am a *big* fan of http://www.tumblr.com by the way)
02:55:45 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers you've made all the Iran supporters very angry.. and you wouldn't like them when they're angry!! http://is.gd/1izez
03:20:00 codinghorror
Kent Beck says speaking gigs no longer pay. http://bit.ly/Yjd4f
04:08:29 codinghorror
Godwin's Law of Parenting: sure, your baby is cute, but so was baby Adolf Hitler. Just sayin'.
04:40:19 codinghorror
'Thinking about Chinese smoking statistics is like trying to think about the limits of space.' http://www.slate.com/id/2221438/
04:53:35 codinghorror
'How Can I Fix My Marriage?' http://is.gd/1iF7i (you can FIX ANYTHING at this site!!)
05:03:56 codinghorror
r @zedshaw your hacker news score is higher than mine? I can fix it!! http://is.gd/1iFEZ
05:33:25 codinghorror
congratulations @splattne on being the first serverfault user to reach 10k rep! http://serverfault.com/users/45/splattne
05:53:42 codinghorror
poll: which logo works best for superuser.com? http://bit.ly/Nb3Jz
05:58:17 codinghorror
and if you don't like any of those logos (!?), dig through the submissions http://is.gd/1iICZ -- or submit your own ideas!
06:44:47 codinghorror
rt @jzy the best banner Ad evar?? http://yoono.com/tjGDAu5
06:59:52 codinghorror
r @kathysierra I always found 'Think Different' ads *incredibly* pretentious. At least the Mac vs. PC ads are funny (and Hodgman = awesome)
08:11:58 codinghorror
Ruby Enterprise Edition? What's next, Ruby Home Basic and Ruby Ultimate? http://www.rubyenterpriseedition.com/
09:08:47 codinghorror
kinda wanting 12 GB of memory on my desktop now. That's the one reason to upgrade from Core 2 to Core i7 IMO.
09:26:28 codinghorror
rt @havremunken 'Just got a 12GB desktop machine. It's like a forest of VMs, and everyone is singing and dancing.' I HATE YOU
09:34:33 codinghorror
r @salmonmoose 8gb was a very common motherboard memory limit pre-Core i7. Think 'now it's triple channel'..
10:10:21 codinghorror
can anyone explain to me the following: http://com.com , http://org.org , and http://net.net ? Also, I seriously need to get a life.
10:48:40 codinghorror
you know what's impossible to crowdsource? taste.
11:20:20 codinghorror
yet another reason New Zealand = awesome http://bit.ly/13Wmy3
00:56:29 codinghorror
this 'less css' thing that @jongalloway linked is interesting. http://lesscss.org/
02:04:27 codinghorror
was able to find a quote I remembered in the text of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest courtesy of Google Book Search. Thank you Google.
04:42:57 codinghorror
'I'm 100% full blooded Korean, meaning I have been gifted with unparallel talent to master any video game' http://is.gd/1jBSq
05:01:29 codinghorror
why does the Konqueror browser still exist? Just to collectively piss us off?
06:30:25 codinghorror
Didn't google change their OpenID support recently (~4 months?), to better support the OpenID standard? Anyone have the link?
08:11:31 codinghorror
it's interesting how intellisense and match-as-you-type biases naming towards 'similar things must begin with the same characters'
08:39:30 codinghorror
all you UKers who live in UTC +0 are dirty, filthy, stinking timezone *cheaters*.
08:49:38 codinghorror
rt @cannonade 'If only we all lived in UTC +0, it would make my life so much easier.'
09:04:36 codinghorror
r @chrisweiss whoooa there! Metric system? You'll get my ounces and gallons when you pry them out of my cold, dead hands! http://is.gd/1jK1y
11:43:15 codinghorror
can a lady person *please* make romance explosion with @wilshipley so my tender brain is not assaulted by his leering transgender tweets?
13:04:49 codinghorror
By the powers of Greyskull, it's Bollywood He-Man!! http://bit.ly/ynSVZ
01:49:02 codinghorror
'I ran 2 games, listened to music, browsed the web watching YouTube videos and downloaded files all at the same time!' need 6 cores for that
02:02:40 codinghorror
wow, Yahtzee's Sims 3 review was kind of.. disturbing.. actually. http://is.gd/1kX0P
02:09:32 codinghorror
'if you impregnate 4 women who all give birth on the same day, you can walk around while you're on fire and not care.' http://is.gd/1kXfM
03:42:42 codinghorror
I am altogether too excited about this 48 GB db server memory upgrade. I mean, it's no Jonas Brothers concert or anything.
03:53:02 codinghorror
db 48GB memory upgrade complete. Punchline: Windows Server 2008 Standard limits us to 32GB. http://www.sadtrombone.com/
03:58:34 codinghorror
r @twoscomplement tell me about it. I sing sad cowboy songs to console myself. We'll have to upgrade to Kenny Loggins edition.
04:03:37 codinghorror
when it comes to software 'edition' marketing, it's 'don't make me think... UNLESS YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU NEED TO PAY US!'
04:47:12 codinghorror
r @siracusa Apple could fix a lot of their 'problems' if they stopped being such secretive dicks about everything. http://is.gd/1l4iF
05:19:43 codinghorror
God help me, I've actually begun to prefer the fancy curly “quotes” over the plain ASCII 'quotes'. I blame @gruber
07:56:15 codinghorror
the 'not-me' ghost has caused unimaginable damage to civilization as we know it http://bit.ly/eop0G
08:12:03 codinghorror
'A slightly humorous fact is that Sculley himself took the taste test and picked Coke instead of Pepsi.' http://is.gd/1lcXX
08:47:35 codinghorror
kodu: programming as creative medium. http://bit.ly/O8xvu
12:56:34 codinghorror
the amount of ads on the eweek.com site is borderline obscene. OW MY BALLS! http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000772.html
12:59:28 codinghorror
ok so firefox 3.5 improvements blah blah blah, do they finally include the user's timezone in the damn headers?
12:59:55 codinghorror
seriously, if I have to enter my timezone on another website, I'm going to cut someone. Or myself.
15:34:10 codinghorror
shameless one time plug: got an awesome product for software developers? want to advertise it on Coding Horror? jatwood@codinghorror.com
17:57:25 codinghorror
do not believe what you read here
19:13:28 codinghorror
Oh, 'First!' guy, I've fallen in love with you all over again.
03:18:06 codinghorror
'It was a giant middle finger to iPhone developers.' because Apple is just not a developer-friendly company. http://www.marco.org/122990476
04:00:48 codinghorror
wow. just got this from ReCaptcha: BIPOLAR OCD. I think I need some .. time .. to be alone now.
04:47:45 codinghorror
Service Pack 2: way more service packier than 1.
05:40:56 codinghorror
r @gazzonyx 'comparing SP1 to SP2 is like comparing House Party 2 to House Party 1!' http://bit.ly/13UuwI
07:38:05 codinghorror
'tiered pricing is fair for cloud products!' er, ok, then I guess it costs 37signals an extra $50 a month to 'host' 10 GB more data for us?
07:39:09 codinghorror
tiered cloud pricing is 90% charging the rich customers more. Inasmuch as those 'enterprise' features 'cost more to develop'.
07:46:35 codinghorror
r @jongalloway my argument isn't really about the money, but the mental friction. I'm sick of dealing with marketing weasel feature matrices
08:58:10 codinghorror
'And I'll search the world over, for my angel in black.' http://bit.ly/12rgP4
09:40:08 codinghorror
r @marcoarment I just don't understand why Apple is so compelled to shoot themselves in the foot with the needless and harmful secrecy.
06:48:24 codinghorror
'there is no suitable codec that all [browser] vendors are willing to implement and ship' http://is.gd/1pzrC
06:54:36 codinghorror
the tire that longed to be with its family http://bit.ly/rQuE1
07:16:56 codinghorror
so @spolsky is convinced that open sourcing #stackoverflow would be a 'destroy the company' moment. Very ballmeresque.
07:17:36 codinghorror
(note, open sourcing #stackoverflow is just something we are *discussing*, with a timeline of > 1 year from now)
07:26:02 codinghorror
r @johnsheehan but hosted FogBugz ( like http://stackexchange.com ) already has LOTS of open source competition, and they seem to do OK.
07:29:06 codinghorror
r @johnsheehan Six Apart seems to open source their core Movable Type product while hosting it. Is it BLACK MAGIC??
07:38:54 codinghorror
I am hoping to have @migueldeicaza on tomorrow's podcast with @spolsky to spend 10-15 minutes discussing open sourcing SO pros and cons
07:41:08 codinghorror
r @walterchisenski 'will StackExchange offer things like MSFT AD integration (SSO) or other enterprise features that differentiate it?'
07:41:55 codinghorror
I've been telling @spolsky for a while now that they need to fork and go full-on *enterprisey*. There's your differentiation.
10:34:22 codinghorror
r @neiled well, @jonskeet says 'As someone who has to deal with time zones all the time, I'd advise .. to stay away from them' [if you can]
10:35:02 codinghorror
rt @jonskeet C# in Depth 1st edition - 50% off, today only. Use code twtr0708 at http://manning.com/skeet
12:28:01 codinghorror
meta: Will Open Sourcing Stack Overflow Destroy Our Business Model? http://is.gd/1pOea
16:44:06 codinghorror
way too much drama for a Tuesday morning
19:03:58 codinghorror
great, so by *default*, if CPU spikes to 90%, gzip is disabled, and won't be re-enabled until CPU goes below 50%. welcome to CRAZYTOWN!
19:29:13 codinghorror
r @tintop when google is 90% of your traffic, the correct answer is always 'thank you sir, may I have another!'
23:19:17 codinghorror
ok so I just had to apologize to @spolsky for calling him 'Ballmeresque'. It is absolutely true, he is FAR less sweaty than Steve.
23:34:36 codinghorror
rt @jzy @elliottkember: To those of you posting developer jobs: DO IT MORE LIKE THIS http://bit.ly/lqZ5b
00:31:03 codinghorror
r @maggiel but what if I secretly *AM* a genius programmer??!? http://is.gd/1qqtx
05:01:50 codinghorror
English localization of Street Fighter 4 http://bit.ly/VmCeG
05:20:40 codinghorror
gundam 1/1 scale http://bit.ly/u0EOM
06:40:08 codinghorror
@shanselman wow, I think you are the ONLY person to have predicted that! :)
10:35:55 codinghorror
testing is for the weak. real developers use The Force, because in your heart you just *know* that sucker is gonna work!
11:01:30 codinghorror
I need, like .. six .. 4th of July holidays to even get close to catching up on my email backlog. Or, just declare email holidays!
11:13:16 codinghorror
well, then, which is worse: a reply to your email in 3-6 months, or an immediate 'nae! I canna do it cap'n!!' response?
13:44:14 codinghorror
don't just fail. fail *spectacularly*.
16:31:54 codinghorror
rule of programming #67: when in doubt, imagineer a solution to a problem that nobody actually has.
16:33:38 codinghorror
chatting at http://tinychat.com/thinkvitamin #tinychat
23:36:27 codinghorror
RT @shanselman: Overheard at MSFT: 'I serve at the pleasure of The Gu.'
23:38:23 codinghorror
RT @kevindente: Dear Web Site - if I have to watch a flash video to understand your service, you auto-fail
01:34:09 codinghorror
DRY, KISS, YAGNI, NAMBLA. Live it, learn it, LOVE IT http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000856.html
01:50:31 codinghorror
dartboard driven design http://bit.ly/2lIWGu
04:05:44 codinghorror
are there any windows grep tools that can parallelize queries? working with these 2.5 GB+ daily lIS og files is not so much 'fast'
04:28:31 codinghorror
I'm using PowerGREP, which I totally <3, ( http://is.gd/1rInN ) but it only uses 1 CPU to parse these 2.5GB+ logs. Gotta be a way..
04:34:51 codinghorror
for those of you saying 'waah! nobody needs 12 GB on the desktop! waah!', I say to you -- 10 GB database queries + 2.5 GB logfile queries.
04:35:50 codinghorror
in other words like @marcoarment is saying, the file needs to be in memory, then 4/8 cpus can get all parallelize-y on it.
05:25:34 codinghorror
holy crap @rockhardawesome can laugh now!! And we can *make* him laugh! TTL (time to laugh) = 4 months.
06:04:03 codinghorror
Dear 'Facebook -- you must log in to see this page' brick wall page: f**k you. Sincerely, and with the deepest respect, Jeff Atwood, esq.
06:05:47 codinghorror
If even Superman is losing it, what hope have us mere mortals? http://is.gd/1rNZi
07:14:30 codinghorror
Dub Fx beat looping a whole song with his voice only. Watch out Bobby McFerrin! http://vimeo.com/2707661
02:07:36 codinghorror
Darth Vader in Love (part 1) http://bit.ly/76P2R
02:58:44 codinghorror
one thing you learn as a new parent: babies are programmed for happiness. So what happens to us as adults to suck that out of us?
04:34:03 codinghorror
RT @deliciousbees: iPhone manual focus + magnetic-attached macro lens = awesome. http://yfrog.com/0rxlaj
05:30:03 codinghorror
Journeying Electronic Facsimile Fabricated for Accurate Troubleshooting, Worldwide Observation and Online Destruction http://is.gd/1t1FR
06:04:56 codinghorror
hey! hey! heeey! http://bit.ly/aCedw
06:08:22 codinghorror
welcome to canada http://bit.ly/Ch5MG
06:18:35 codinghorror
This Just In: Stack Overflow Defeats Google http://bit.ly/yYO0a
11:22:57 codinghorror
12:15 am to 2 am outage -- that is not very comcastic! though, to be fair, comcast bay area has been quite reliable for me over time
15:07:32 codinghorror
for female adventurers, armor class 4 has a whole different meaning http://bit.ly/npIiL
16:57:57 codinghorror
in the future, being a dick is a crime. http://img44.imageshack.us/img44/2595/idiocracywanted.jpg
17:14:53 codinghorror
I don't get people that don't 'get' the movie Idiocracy. LOOK AROUND YOU. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/
17:49:53 codinghorror
r @sarajchipps if you watch Idiocracy and get 'eugenics is good stuff' out of it, you have much deeper problems to contend with.
18:47:54 codinghorror
yeah, wall-e was pretty much Idiocracy for teh chiltrens. if you hated idiocracy, you better have hated wall-e. Same stuff in cartoon form
15:24:00 codinghorror
the actual 'Don't Copy That Floppy' guy doing a modern update? wow. http://bit.ly/htpD9
16:25:33 codinghorror
Eric Lippert (huge fan!!) has 3,479 Stack Overflow rep and has cast.. all of five votes -- all downvotes. LOL. I'd hate to be those posts.
06:33:03 codinghorror
in the last 4 1/2 years, storage (hard drive) performance barely doubled. that's actually better than I expected. http://is.gd/1vvbA
07:34:43 codinghorror
mr @jarrod_dixon likes ternary operators so much he's going to marry them. It'll be a freaky three-way relationship, just how he likes it!
11:34:08 codinghorror
are there any tools other than WebDeveloper which allow live editing, *as plain text* (not a FireBug dom tree), of the CSS in the browser?
11:47:13 codinghorror
r @loicwolff @miksago thanks for the tip -- using css tab, edit button works a treat in FireBug (and it has search!) -- didn't realize!
12:12:05 codinghorror
ooh, it looks like the phoenix editor add-on is what I want (firebug is not quite right for live CSS plain-text editing) http://is.gd/1vO3Y
06:56:25 codinghorror
r @anildash we got this knife sharpener, it is officially Cool Tools(tm)(r)(c) approved!! http://is.gd/1DQBV
11:35:40 codinghorror
'This is a war universe. War all the time. There may be other universes, but ours seems to be based on war and games.' http://is.gd/1E2m8
11:38:07 codinghorror
Joss Stone: 'piracy is great' (... as long as you come to the live shows) http://bit.ly/UdHw
13:52:19 codinghorror
who killed Software Engineering? http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001288.html
14:31:14 codinghorror
apparently Terminator: Salvation was written by that 15 year old kid who writes all those books about dragons. Such a disappointment.
00:07:05 codinghorror
The Noam Chomsky Show http://bit.ly/TDGnO
02:09:04 codinghorror
apparently it is literally *impossible* to use an asterisk (*) in an ASP.NET MVC route. Prove me wrong!
02:18:11 codinghorror
I mean a LITERAL asterisk as in example.com/foo/bar*
05:42:19 codinghorror
r @shanselman more to the point, why ARE there mattress salespeople? Why is selling mattresses apparently a trazillion dollar industry?
06:16:01 codinghorror
new The Beatles: Rock Band trailer! http://is.gd/1FVlW
08:39:45 codinghorror
r @hmxcasey The Only Reason You Need to Buy Guitar Hero 5 -- 'Fat Bottom Girls' with 4 simultaneous bassists. 'NUFF SAID
08:51:04 codinghorror
I don't 'get' free climbing. video: http://is.gd/1G52r defined: http://is.gd/1G539
09:33:29 codinghorror
r @flitzwald '[free soloing] is like patching the live server without running unit tests first' yeah except the part where NOBODY DIES
10:52:01 codinghorror
'Project Bovine RC5-64 .. reached a speed of 76.1 Billion passwords per second' http://is.gd/1Gb2S
23:37:55 codinghorror
Kenny Rogers made me do it. http://twitpic.com/b5ad9
00:21:46 codinghorror
cancelled our landline telephone. Between Skype and dual iPhones, seemed like an unnecessary expense.
00:24:46 codinghorror
Windows 7 Trim command + new Intel 34 nm SSD = WANT http://is.gd/1GP3F
02:35:21 codinghorror
rt @siracusa @clint Fancy Fast Food! http://bit.ly/Uy282
03:18:06 codinghorror
Stack Overflow flash mob at #oscon. So cool! http://bit.ly/3LIhEx
07:16:06 codinghorror
r @kevindente I beg to differ. about:blank is the only start page out there that doesn't suck.
08:19:40 codinghorror
RIP THE BOSS 'He was da Best' 1972-2009 http://bit.ly/Wwc1y
09:03:32 codinghorror
errorwear has added a few new/old errors since the last time I checked. http://www.errorwear.com/index.php
09:39:02 codinghorror
yeah I think we totally just took out errorwear.com . Please click *responsibly* you animals!
14:19:42 codinghorror
'select' isn't broken. except when it is. http://bit.ly/WErBe
00:18:00 codinghorror
RT @siracusa: Everyone loves Zappos so much, it almost makes me wish I cared about shoes.
07:48:13 codinghorror
r @jarrod_dixon best comment 'WHY DOES THIS EVEN EXIST' http://bit.ly/gTGKQ
07:56:02 codinghorror
r @jzy Ping Pong Cat is even better http://bit.ly/UXymF
08:26:59 codinghorror
Rock Band Network: the MTV of this generation? http://bit.ly/PwZk8
09:18:21 codinghorror
Dear Inernet User We are pleased to notify you the 'Winner' of our Internet Lotto draws.
09:31:49 codinghorror
apparently Firebug under FF 3.0 is actively breaking our site and causing us to get emails. awesome. (no repro in FF 3.5)
09:32:14 codinghorror
seriously, I want a standalone executable version of what Firebug does. I do NOT want it as a plugin. ever. EVER!
10:04:07 codinghorror
I watched this on purpose. http://bit.ly/H9dB9
10:12:57 codinghorror
'Bio-Dome isn't merely entertaining halfwits. It's saving souls. It's doing God's work, one dumbass at a time.' http://is.gd/1IBkb
10:48:47 codinghorror
dang, *15* of the 26 letters of the alphabet are also programming languages. I hereby declare NAMEFAIL
11:27:05 codinghorror
so apparently there are a lot of bugs in the new FireBug. We need FireFireBugBug to debug them.
13:31:56 codinghorror
extreme minimalism in web design http://bit.ly/DP2Ei
13:44:49 codinghorror
I'm reminded of a green laser pointer I had. So bright you couldn't look at it. Useless as a pointer. 'as you can see here.. AHH! MY EYES!'
14:40:03 codinghorror
I think 'the radioactive boy scout' is just a wee bit crazy http://bit.ly/3fA7gg
16:59:17 codinghorror
white people, this is why we can't have nice things. (wedding video) http://bit.ly/mw4ha
17:01:24 codinghorror
I am shocked, *shocked* to learn that website I took down via casual twitter link is powered by WordPress! http://is.gd/1IYTK
17:29:12 codinghorror
reminder: anyone who would like to beta test http://superuser.com , password is here http://is.gd/1J0yR
02:33:49 codinghorror
Some footage from the 8th annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY http://bit.ly/rpX5z
06:16:05 codinghorror
rt @jzy romantic mathematics, it's so sweet http://webplaza.pt.lu/laurent3/include/html/romantic.html
06:59:55 codinghorror
can you code? http://crap.teurasporsaat.org/archive/5851.jpg
07:36:01 codinghorror
rt @donpark 25 fun signup pages. http://bit.ly/eG6KE - liked most-expensive-to-cheapest ordering the most
07:50:04 codinghorror
Programming: you're doing it completely wrong. http://is.gd/1JU6Q
08:30:16 codinghorror
like SQL puzzles? try this one http://bit.ly/heyAs
10:55:09 codinghorror
r @rob_farley had arguably the best answer to our SQL puzzle. Thanks man! http://is.gd/1K5LO
11:04:10 codinghorror
fair warning @rob_farley the first 'hit' of Stack Overflow is free.. :)
11:38:10 codinghorror
Hi, my name is CRAZY-ASS USER and I like to browse your site with cookies and JavaScript disabled, then send you support emails! Yayyy!
14:38:48 codinghorror
The server threw an exception. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT))
21:17:50 codinghorror
RT @notruthless: @codinghorror Thanks for that! I took a class from John McCarthy in college. That totally captures it.
04:51:46 codinghorror
will all advertising eventually be viral advertising? I wonder. It's remarkably effective.
05:39:31 codinghorror
the gp2x wiz, open source gameboy -- emulates ST, C64, NES, SNES, GB, GBA, NeoGeo, etc! http://is.gd/1MUD5
07:18:57 codinghorror
'Perilous Quest', another FINE collectible from our insane friends at The Bradford Exchange http://is.gd/1N1GH
08:27:52 codinghorror
we are now letting Google host our jQuery dependency, as it was consistently our #1 bandwidth consumer http://is.gd/1N5Uz
08:36:23 codinghorror
100 best movie lines in 200 seconds http://bit.ly/15o2oG
09:10:26 codinghorror
looking at hardware upgrades for my desktop. Core i7 is so uninspiring/expensive on the desktop, except for the 12+ GB memory options
09:24:57 codinghorror
r @markjholmes core i7 has other improvements (memory) but they only typically come into serious play on servers. BIG deal on servers.
09:25:41 codinghorror
of course this always comes as a crushing e-peen blow to those who like to romantically envision their desktops as servers. :)
10:36:08 codinghorror
r @rickstrahl long tail effect -- a few core website dependencies are pulled down a TON, and the bigger ones really start to hurt
11:37:45 codinghorror
browser caching ain't what you thought it was. '40 to 60 percent of daily visitors have an empty cache' http://is.gd/1Ngcr
12:28:46 codinghorror
breaking down the Matsano hack http://bit.ly/XFqe7
16:51:44 codinghorror
Stack Overflow: we're forming a League of Justice on the web http://bit.ly/10sz4b
04:42:03 codinghorror
Catcerto -- orchestra playing to a YouTube video http://bit.ly/2FfXW
05:07:16 codinghorror
rt @jzy 'How it would be, if a house was dreaming' http://www.vimeo.com/5595869
05:13:46 codinghorror
going for a Windows 7 x64 in place upgrade. I took Bill O'Reilly's advice: 'f**k it, we'll do it live!'
06:44:32 codinghorror
within 5 minutes of installing Win7, I already like it better than Vista. Win7 = Vista + thought + polish
08:05:44 codinghorror
Win7: best Vista service pack EVER
16:23:32 codinghorror
sad moments in parenting, #87: you realize your baby is, somehow, chewing on a cat toy
16:52:29 codinghorror
I would like to suplex whichever PM at Microsoft decided it wasn't worth making the Win7 taskbar span multiple monitors.
18:53:19 codinghorror
r @siracusa so you're saying experts are not to be trusted? http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001226.html
18:58:58 codinghorror
rt @outworlder 'Are there any OSes whose taskbars span multiple monitors? I cant remember XP, OSX or Linux(gnome) doing that.' he's right
07:51:34 codinghorror
enjoy programming and math puzzles? Check out Bill's blog (he's a lizard) http://www.billthelizard.com/
08:19:47 codinghorror
it's really aggravating that Google uses two different spiders for web search and adsense. Can we get those teams on the same page? kthxbye
09:36:12 codinghorror
I think we need a Stack Overflow intervention program. 'delete my account!' ok, deleted. 'wait, I need it back!' err...
10:12:16 codinghorror
watched 'Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball' saturday -- great stuff. Didn't realize early 90s was 'golden era' http://www.tilt-movie.com/
11:22:23 codinghorror
nifty new tool from Jan G -- RegexMagic, generate regex in reverse! http://is.gd/1QbAw
12:01:18 codinghorror
twitpic: leading the way in disgusting and abhorrent advertising since 2008! http://is.gd/1QdWf
12:04:50 codinghorror
'We're a conglomerate of badassery.' -- Mark Rein
17:40:48 codinghorror
congrats to @migueldeicaza on launching sussudio, I mean susestudio.com! http://bit.ly/YVbKU
17:45:30 codinghorror
Provo, Spain? http://bit.ly/palYx
23:44:20 codinghorror
Adults Wear The Darndest Things! (keep clicking next) http://is.gd/1RDb3
23:45:46 codinghorror
RT @kevindente: Ironically, Twitter is one company that doesn't use Twitter for customer support.
00:13:08 codinghorror
10 Irrational Human Behaviors Marketing Weasels Will Use Against You http://is.gd/1RFcs
02:24:48 codinghorror
02:55:03 codinghorror
I didn't realize piracy was such a problem on the iPhone. Lame. http://is.gd/1RPq3
03:05:02 codinghorror
I blame Apple for rampant iPhone piracy. If you're going to build a closed ecosystem, *enforce* the damn thing. Otherwise why bother?
03:23:14 codinghorror
r @joelmarcey yeah, but there's Dreamcast/PSP level piracy, which kills the platform, and Xbox 360 level which is statistically nil
06:29:24 codinghorror
No trans-fatties http://store.theonion.com/images/get/164
06:46:00 codinghorror
it is so sad that 'common sense' is an oxymoron.
09:25:42 codinghorror
what do I get? http://is.gd/1SiXQ
09:57:10 codinghorror
wow, almost one year of Stack Overflow! It's been sort of like this: http://bit.ly/Yjj07
10:20:44 codinghorror
AWESOME Plants vs Zombies parody of Evony ad! This is *real*! http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/4034/74297053.jpg
11:03:56 codinghorror
for @shanselman & @haacked the HaHa Fiveheads http://bit.ly/fs6YL (via @harriyott)
22:07:57 codinghorror
'I don't know what you just said because I was thinking about Batman'
23:21:42 codinghorror
where is the IEEE standard on emoticons?
23:46:19 codinghorror
rt @venzann Dunno. But here is the W3C [emoticon] standard http://tinyurl.com/6p2bey (!!!)
23:51:00 codinghorror
mr @spolsky is very, very upset that Windows 7 RTM cannot be installed over Windows 7 RC
02:23:56 codinghorror
Windows 7 is good stuff. I had almost forgotten what using an OS with *polish* was like.
03:47:28 codinghorror
rt @NathanBowers 'Dianetics is a cure for diabetics involving volcano worship.'
04:32:53 codinghorror
I am not a C# programmer, but a C percent twenty-three programmer.
04:56:41 codinghorror
if you change your computer clock time to UTC, to be more in sync with the Stack Overflow daily clock.. you may be an addict.
05:05:16 codinghorror
You know what's wrong with writing? Not the Kindle, but affected, overwrought New Yorker articles like this one: http://is.gd/1TGqL
06:34:22 codinghorror
rt @unmodern We're only a few months away from the first rapper to rhyme about how big he is on Twitter.
07:19:19 codinghorror
comparing console and handheld piracy levels: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/59742
08:24:32 codinghorror
here's some radical Environmentalism: if they *really* loved the Earth, they'd stop having children.
09:03:32 codinghorror
I can't believe you like money too. We should hang out.
10:11:11 codinghorror
then again, well, they got Celine Dion http://bit.ly/RaXOd
10:16:43 codinghorror
I didn't know I done been kindle-ized! http://bit.ly/16Uinx
10:34:44 codinghorror
sheesh guys and gals, I'm pretty sure the Kindle 99 cents PER MONTH charge is just to cover network costs. No need to get all riled up.
10:51:39 codinghorror
I totally need to work 'by the power of Greyskull' into more of my correspondences http://www.27bslash6.com/buffed.html
10:56:46 codinghorror
r @theune crap, I didn't know others could 'steal' content to Kindle. Now I have to follow up with Amazon to get it de-listed.
11:02:53 codinghorror
I have been informed that it is actually spelled 'by the power of Gr*a*yskull.' Will She-Ra be 'disciplining' me? http://is.gd/1U6pB
11:47:31 codinghorror
Yes, I want to lose 5 XP! http://perlmonks.org/?node=thepen
11:53:09 codinghorror
I have *got* to stop saying 'LOL' when I type LOL. Even @betsyphd looks at me funny now.
13:55:48 codinghorror
Stack Overflow joins forces with How-To Geek (@howtogeek), for great web justice!!! http://is.gd/1UhOi
17:57:37 codinghorror
p.s. suicide death 9/11 murder (via @jzy) http://homepage.mac.com/joester5/art/gmail.html
22:37:56 codinghorror
Saw 'Up'. Muntz got a raw deal, he'd been looking for that rainbow Chocobo for decades!
02:07:11 codinghorror
big bad wolf, meet VORTEX CANNON http://bit.ly/wDI7Z
10:01:42 codinghorror
friday fun: learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube... DORK! http://bit.ly/Go7YB
10:51:40 codinghorror
happy sysadmin day! http://www.sysadminday.com/ -- you can celebrate on http://serverfault.com :)
11:31:42 codinghorror
'iPhone is much more powerful than Wii' http://is.gd/1VNjG
12:28:16 codinghorror
here's how awesome Win7 is. I have UAC on and I don't even care, because it *totally works now*. http://is.gd/1VQKM
15:09:26 codinghorror
07:33:13 codinghorror
With review hardware, you always hope they'll let you keep it, but this review PSP I have, I don't even want this thing for FREE
20:52:47 codinghorror
crud, this Win7 concurrent sessions hack totally doesn't work for me, at all. http://is.gd/1ZnNA
23:32:38 codinghorror
I wish #win7 would have replaced the f'ing horrible Windows-Tab behavior with Bao's *awesome* switcher http://insentient.net/
04:56:09 codinghorror
r @dozba I'm fat n' sassy!! http://is.gd/1ZTqg
06:58:52 codinghorror
the real viruses are other people
16:01:34 codinghorror
good lord laptops are cheap now. http://bit.ly/JRkfV
18:34:38 codinghorror
so *that's* what DJ Jazzy Jeff has been up to these days http://bit.ly/fFaFq
18:36:16 codinghorror
Tech meccas: the 12 holy sites of IT http://is.gd/20Mfz
19:10:04 codinghorror
I can just see @wilshipley on the Apple board. 'Meeting Point #5: Why Aren't More Hot Ladies on Wil's Jock?'
19:30:44 codinghorror
'Hot Waitress Economic Index' is pure comedy gold http://nymag.com/news/intelligencer/58195/
20:28:38 codinghorror
bah, I miss @rockhardawesome now that he's in daycare. Having a child has RUINED ME EMOTIONALLY!
20:54:52 codinghorror
the best thing about Pixar's 'Up' was the dogs. They *really* need to do a dog movie. SQUIRREL!
21:45:29 codinghorror
the Google AdSense experiment on stack overflow is officially over. conclusion? EPIC. FAIL. Also, I hate Mediapartners-Google bot.
21:49:14 codinghorror
r @tylerwhitaker they actually *do* click on ads, just not the random Google 'we guess this is relevant?' ones.
21:50:57 codinghorror
here's a fun number for you. We make 50x more from our own ads than AdSense. Seriously. 50x. Not kidding.
22:01:00 codinghorror
the 50x number is not supposed to imply that we make a killing, because we don't, but that AdSense = mouse nuts
22:36:55 codinghorror
I got a lot on my mind grapes! #30rock
00:07:31 codinghorror
you've got the eyes of a stranger, starring .. Tubbs? http://is.gd/217Kz
04:16:57 codinghorror
I am downgrading myself from 'high-functioning' to 'low-functioning'
07:53:42 codinghorror
wow, so, for the record deleting multiple server folders with 24k files using rmdir /q /s is *not* a good idea. Major system freakout.
08:21:22 codinghorror
r @rolfje definitely rate-of-deletion problem in my testing. I guess mass Windows file deletes cause a ton of MFT updates to collide?
16:56:23 codinghorror
I cannot post a link to the new Evony ad because it is borderline NSFW. I *wish* I was kidding.
18:17:25 codinghorror
Spinal Tap rock band DLC drops today! Good music for your Hell Hole! http://is.gd/22lPc
18:58:21 codinghorror
rt @superdalgas 'Caleb was playing babysmash the other day on Jennies computer - took out a keyboard.. 3 E D and R all stopped working'
19:09:38 codinghorror
'people are morons and double-click on everything.' 'my grandma triple-clicks on stuff.'
20:39:28 codinghorror
r @jzy 'bubbleologist'? Man, I picked the wrong career. AGAIN. http://is.gd/22uC6
20:40:41 codinghorror
Xbox 360: Rock Band 2 + Drumkit + AC/DC track pack for $49 https://www.rockband49.com/
20:55:36 codinghorror
also, Amazon has all Rock Band 2 full band kits for $99. Get your Fake Plastic Rock on! http://is.gd/22vBf
21:11:08 codinghorror
The Deep pinball *finally* dropped in the iPhone App Store. $0.99! http://bit.ly/emBq6
21:24:40 codinghorror
iPhone app store has ruined me for pricing. $5 for an app? OUTRAGEOUS! HIGHWAY ROBBERY!
21:36:33 codinghorror
The only cord that bothers me is my headphone cord. Are wireless headphones viable if you care about audiophile-ish sound quality?
21:54:37 codinghorror
if you are a software developer and you don't *enjoy* buying software, then it's time to take a long, hard look at your career path
23:34:35 codinghorror
r @jzy The Jack Principles (You Don't Know Jack) http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000085.html
02:33:32 codinghorror
Loving the Evony spoof ads for PvZ http://bit.ly/2Y6DO9
05:22:04 codinghorror
'I have read one of your article at your blog of codingHorror.com . I found you are awesome .' sometimes, email works!
09:20:40 codinghorror
here's one for all the programmer / race car drivers http://jobs.stackoverflow.com/?5152
19:39:11 codinghorror
wife: subclass of girlfriend. Unlimited access to your private members, hogs all resources, spawns child processes that you can't kill
19:59:39 codinghorror
rt @accordionguy Guilty musical pleasure: 'Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell' by Das Racist -- http://bit.ly/10ckke
20:39:57 codinghorror
just another 'tricky' normal day http://bit.ly/hxbxk
21:37:06 codinghorror
previous tweet about 'subclass of girlfriend' was adapted from the oft-brilliant Pesto http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/23921/pesto
21:51:06 codinghorror
r @shanselman clearly blogging was not cutting it as a form of therapy for that unfortunate guy http://bit.ly/Ypk53
22:07:52 codinghorror
surprisingly positive buzz on Zune HD, but unless it's also a phone, seems pointless at this juncture. http://bit.ly/2aWdg
22:23:03 codinghorror
r @darrenkopp actually ipod sales are way down; most would rather have one device, not 2 or 3 or 4 http://bit.ly/3JBJDq
22:24:17 codinghorror
WARNING: May contain disappointment
22:28:36 codinghorror
r @ogre ala the hi-tech Flight of the Conchords camera-phone!! http://bit.ly/1bMpD8
00:17:18 codinghorror
seeing some botnet activity in our stack overflow logs. very strange stuff. http://bit.ly/lxmIV
01:42:44 codinghorror
Guitar Hero: Van Halen tracklist revealed. http://bit.ly/frbP1
03:35:12 codinghorror
(warning, crude humor!) I don't need 140 characters to say .. http://is.gd/23VZi
05:04:49 codinghorror
seaman, the game. 'you don't LOOK busy.' http://bit.ly/Fqz0s
06:40:47 codinghorror
good tip on .mkv support in #win7 http://is.gd/24da3
07:59:42 codinghorror
optimus prime is a filthy, filthy robot! http://www.flickr.com/photos/dyl86/2608250735/in/photostream/
09:14:57 codinghorror
I have *GOT* to see this Teen Witch movie. http://bit.ly/4gawm
20:48:12 codinghorror
rt @jamesmarcusbach The symbol of the singularity should be a unicorn. Unicorns also get talked about a lot, and also don't exist.
20:58:06 codinghorror
how long will your next project take? Analyze it here! http://www.sixtoeightweeks.com/ (thanks to Ólafur Waage)
21:52:06 codinghorror
New wireless Fender bass in glorious seafoam green! Bass: how low can you go? http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/5531/fenderwirelessbass.jpg
22:10:54 codinghorror
rt @dehora 'Appreciation of when not to use Object Oriented Programming' http://tinyurl.com/nyey6w
00:02:09 codinghorror
this is the kind of wankery that results when designers are not given enough work http://is.gd/25wSl
00:07:28 codinghorror
that site had it coming, man! the aesthetic and moral superiority of rounded corners, come on. GET TO WORK YOU SLACKER!
03:28:05 codinghorror
the number of web spiders that don't do basic gzip compression is astonishing. Are these developers retarded? I feel a ban coming on..
04:58:37 codinghorror
r @thefear 'You cant blame them' see, that's where you're wrong. Allow me to introduce you to my GIANT WHEEL O' BLAME!! <spins>
07:50:28 codinghorror
I have lost count of the number of annoying Opera specific bugs we've run into. It's like IE, but without the market share. <two snaps up>
08:24:26 codinghorror
what do Short People and Opera have in common? They both have no reason to live. http://is.gd/265Zs
17:14:54 codinghorror
sometimes I really wish I lived in NYC http://bit.ly/15N3hA
19:08:21 codinghorror
woo! got 2 tickets to The Nightman Cometh in SF! thanks @rhigdon ! http://is.gd/26JcI
19:18:51 codinghorror
r @xinmyname you ain't lyin', man. TicketMaster really *is* the Troll Toll.
20:17:51 codinghorror
another week, another WordPress release to upgrade to...
20:33:59 codinghorror
Ice-T weighs in on the Mac vs PC debate http://bit.ly/yDU1w
05:14:37 codinghorror
Donnie, Marie & Vader http://www.joblo.com/donny-marie-vader
22:19:10 codinghorror
'I don’t believe there’s a teenager in the US who cares about The Beatles: Rock Band' http://is.gd/29xvb
22:29:34 codinghorror
my cause is just, my will is strong, and my gun is very, very large. http://bit.ly/vv9aU
22:34:49 codinghorror
'Apple’s iPhone accounted for only 8% of handset industry revenues but 32% of profits in the first half 2009' http://is.gd/29yiO
01:36:52 codinghorror
some Stack Overflow family speed improvements, documented http://bit.ly/g3REJ
02:19:24 codinghorror
Yahoo! Search: favicon.ico is 9% of all page views. Watch yer pixels! http://is.gd/29IBE
06:56:10 codinghorror
'Enjoy every sandwich.' http://bit.ly/KBVAT
09:23:18 codinghorror
I will never understand the human fascination with being stoned/wasted. Great, go do whatever, just freakin' shut up about it already.
09:45:29 codinghorror
clarification: I do not object to being stoned/wasted, just obsession with and endless discussion of it. Yes, we get SO q's on this.
10:37:35 codinghorror
rt @mstum and on each SO question about it, you get that xkcd WinME cartoon as answer, even though being wasted doesn't explain WinME.
11:01:14 codinghorror
whatever! I'm SO WASTED right now!!1!
11:39:44 codinghorror
So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.
19:58:47 codinghorror
rt @hmxcasey D.R.E.A.M. - Doughnuts Rule Everything Around Me
20:29:23 codinghorror
In praise of The Baroness http://is.gd/2aJlQ
23:12:20 codinghorror
just ordered ~$3,500 worth of stickers for the SO trilogy (and some for our justice league member @howtogeek )
23:26:44 codinghorror
r @chriscarpinello it's a LOT of stickers. 40,000 of 'em. I've used http://websticker.com/ for years, great quality, recommended!
23:40:40 codinghorror
just referred to Mark Russinovich as 'dreamy'. Questioning own sexuality. But seriously the guy is like a male model.
01:38:43 codinghorror
babies smell good. They're like freshly baked bread. Well, you know what I mean.
02:11:40 codinghorror
MACHETE! http://bit.ly/RnsVW
05:22:09 codinghorror
this whole 'touch only' paradigm on the iPhone really requires games *written* with that control scheme in mind http://is.gd/2bdID
08:10:12 codinghorror
'Virtual XP Mode' in Windows 7 is quite polished, I expected generic Virtual PC but it's super streamlined. And it supports USB!
11:46:03 codinghorror
The plus side of Apple often being arrogant, secretive jerks: at least they *force* their users to upgrade. http://is.gd/2bCNq
20:31:59 codinghorror
21:26:31 codinghorror
now here's a game with a control scheme designed from the get-go for the iPhone. That works. http://is.gd/2cae5
21:31:05 codinghorror
r @prestomation Is that commentary on facebook's new acquisition? It really exists http://www.friendface.org/ (lol, watch the video)
23:12:17 codinghorror
23:13:04 codinghorror
01:36:39 codinghorror
just played The Who's 'Magic Bus' in Rock Band 2, and now I am not sure that song is actually about a 'bus'.
03:35:24 codinghorror
wow, Cuil's bot managed to pull down 31mb in only 706 hits to our site. How many Cuils does that rate?
08:49:22 codinghorror
nominated for best use of Sex Machine in a video, ever http://bit.ly/oZK4F
09:10:09 codinghorror
chippendales online 'powered by 10,000 megabytes of man' I *swear* this came up in an unrelated search. http://www.chippendales.com/forums/
09:14:41 codinghorror
I am, like, FIVE megabytes of man, at MOST. So inadequate. </shame>
09:40:56 codinghorror
wow, 'insert media' is totally busticated in the Wordpress 2.8.3 I just updated to. Good thing 2.8.4 just came out. I guess.
10:20:18 codinghorror
say hello to the newest member of the League of (web) Justice: Doctype.com http://bit.ly/2JPGB8
10:43:35 codinghorror
the 20 worst games of all time. http://www.seanbaby.com/nes/egm20.htm
12:09:51 codinghorror
'We keep our commitments, even when our commitments are, like, totally retarded.' -- Dean Hachamovitch http://is.gd/2diDp
14:02:37 codinghorror
r @davidcollantes the http://doctype.com team is feverishly working on OpenID support as I type this! (right? right??)
00:28:06 codinghorror
'We’re on the precipice of a culture shift around how the mass market experiences music' http://is.gd/2e7yy
01:28:56 codinghorror
The first 3 albums scheduled for RB: Beatles DLC release are “Rubber Soul,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Abbey Road.”
03:21:53 codinghorror
r @wilshipley rich people complaining about health care? say it ain't so! http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/1188/luckyduckycartoon.png
03:51:59 codinghorror
the podcast wherein I declare PHP the new COBOL http://bit.ly/3FpKEn
04:03:24 codinghorror
Miguel de Icaza YOU SO FAMOUS!! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0208899/
05:32:28 codinghorror
yeah whatever i'm on IMDB too. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1794353/ also, check out my music video!! http://is.gd/2esbn
09:05:42 codinghorror
happy birthday, Iron Giant. http://bit.ly/1ajwde
09:54:44 codinghorror
is there any authoritative source on the actual benefit of ECC memory? seems like voodoo to me, based on the Google results.
10:10:04 codinghorror
I would love to meet someone at Google who worked on Google Answers, and tell me the story of why it was killed off.
11:07:37 codinghorror
On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/
19:47:30 codinghorror
have I mentioned that I despise Opera today? If not, just throwing that out there. So much more problematic than even IE6.
19:56:13 codinghorror
rt @waxpancake I want every one of these Know Your Meme shirts. http://bit.ly/6rufL
20:24:02 codinghorror
Opera is like the honors student who occasionally snaps and goes on a random killing spree. I'll take IE6 'special needs' over that any day
21:19:12 codinghorror
r @sarahmei absolutely, there will be airings of Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' video at Dev Days http://bit.ly/vVPZn
02:27:01 codinghorror
Digsby: only 90% evil http://bit.ly/18sZOW
04:02:50 codinghorror
starting to wonder if all software pricing isn't a 'race to the bottom' where open source is the floor. Gravity's a bitch.
05:07:44 codinghorror
Last year one blogger declared Swoopo was “about as close to pure, distilled evil in a business plan as I’ve ever seen”. http://is.gd/2g33z
05:23:23 codinghorror
r @jmbucknall well, if we can interpret 'quoted in the Economist' as 'one blogger said..' then yes, I was! :)
06:09:08 codinghorror
I demand that you view @jarrod_dixon 's twitter profile as it captures his personality so perfectly: http://twitter.com/jarrod_dixon
08:17:16 codinghorror
best feature of open source? Being able to tell people that if they don't like it, hey, they can fix it themselves. Nicest f**k you ever.
08:45:09 codinghorror
Firefox 3.5.x: one instance, peak working set 1.3gb. Chrome: 12 instances, 556mb.
11:59:13 codinghorror
Public Service Announcement: do not click on links titled 'awesome picture of necrotic spider bite'
21:48:01 codinghorror
rt @dozba 'Crawling web content is like touring a museum of failure.'
21:58:50 codinghorror
curse you @stevedrees for spoiling my next blog entry, Top X Blankety Buzzword Blankety!
22:37:03 codinghorror
full Beatles: Rock Band setlist confirmed. Warm up your 3 mics! http://bit.ly/2YIx6j
23:33:57 codinghorror
'Not technically great -- none of us are technical musicians. None of us could read music. None of us can write it.' -- John Lennon
00:04:31 codinghorror
I recorded a new podcast with @shanselman on website optimization! http://bit.ly/12bSur
00:18:14 codinghorror
mr @rockhardawesome is hanging out with me today. He's the best video game ever!
02:01:45 codinghorror
this TWIT transcript is the funniest thing I've read all week (pw: ewok.adventure) http://is.gd/2hhzY
03:55:05 codinghorror
does anyone actually *like* Yoko Ono? She's artsy, yes, but in all the most annoying possible ways.
04:28:38 codinghorror
reading that 1980 John Lennon Playboy interview, he referenced this 'gem' from McCartney. I had blissfully forgotten it. http://is.gd/2hspf
04:31:28 codinghorror
'You have to do it yourself. That's what the great masters and mistresses have been saying ever since time began.' http://eqi.org/jl2.htm
06:37:17 codinghorror
More evidence of my clock fetish http://twitpic.com/dy7p3
06:41:01 codinghorror
In what alternate reality does LOL mean 'Lots of Love'? http://twitpic.com/dy827
06:43:25 codinghorror
r @shanselman you got it, it's the Art Lebedev Verbarius clock. So fun. http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/verbarius/
06:53:22 codinghorror
vector clock WANNNNTT http://www.timefracture.org/vectclk.html
08:11:26 codinghorror
you all shut your damn dirty pieholes about how great District 9 is. I got a baby, man. I can't see movies any more!
10:08:02 codinghorror
rt @mcobrien my mum does this all the time: 'Aunt Emily not well, may not last long, lol xxx'
10:15:45 codinghorror
apparently @nathanbowers has not learned that Fashion is Danger. http://bit.ly/3MF5le
22:48:22 codinghorror
weird story about Abuse (the old game) and iPhone scammers http://bit.ly/1ukidj
05:12:11 codinghorror
I don't get all the outcry over the iPhone App Store. This is *news* to people? That Apple are arrogant, secretive jerks? Really?
05:14:56 codinghorror
I mean, seriously, did you not pay attention for the last TWENTY YEARS of Apple? Hello, McFly! Comes with the territory.
07:35:43 codinghorror
Harmonix makes some beautiful game UIs http://bit.ly/3GSlhY
07:55:32 codinghorror
rt @donpark I just explained to my son that knowing how to search for information will be the *most important* skill of his lifetime.
08:17:09 codinghorror
r @HMXCasey Kilmer <tooth snap> http://is.gd/2jbTd
08:47:56 codinghorror
rt @bradwilson: Nine Inch Nails + Rick Astley = Rickroll you want to watch! http://bit.ly/XJGmK
08:51:19 codinghorror
'I want to unread this. Give me my time back.'
09:19:03 codinghorror
That's why Fiji water tastes so good. It's made of tears. http://bit.ly/10SYvG
13:01:45 codinghorror
zardoz = still awesome http://ffffound.com/image/4dd24da1e6a7d754264a9f7982c896804523afba
22:09:33 codinghorror
I tire of 'Wait, I'll fix it' failcat. What funny/disarming image should we use for Stack Overflow errors -- suggestions?
00:59:47 codinghorror
a very brief history of micro-media http://bit.ly/tBgpp
01:02:50 codinghorror
papercraft ceiling cat is watching you {verb} http://bit.ly/deI4e
01:13:16 codinghorror
latest svn checkin comment 'switch out lolcat error for one that is even lollier and cattier' ps I LOVE MY JOB
02:18:23 codinghorror
watched True Blood episode 1. Meh. Not into the whole 'vampires as ultra-obvious metaphor for sex' thing, I guess.
04:49:20 codinghorror
if you think wikipedia is ruled by deletionists name 1 comic book or cartoon character of ANY kind without a wikipedia entry
05:03:19 codinghorror
'If everything you wanted a program to do already existed ready-made, it wouldn't be called programming any more. I'd be called shopping.'
08:08:46 codinghorror
given our robots.txt (http://is.gd/2kGoP) WTF is Google webmaster tools telling me /revisions/1234/list is ALLOWED??
08:20:41 codinghorror
I invoke @jonskeet on my robots.txt question. I have tried 3-4 different variants of robots.txt, and webmaster tools still says it's allowed
08:25:44 codinghorror
ah @pmylund and @cebjyre are correct; I guess all the robots.txt directives are reset in each section. Wow, that's not intuitive at all.
13:16:51 codinghorror
as predicted, my SmartFTP license has 'expired' and I gotta go fix it. Licensing is a game where there are only losers. http://is.gd/2kZzG
00:58:18 codinghorror
r daggmano well http://bit.ly/Wc3Sp doesn't resemble me in the slightest! I SWEAR!!!
01:13:27 codinghorror
trying to figure out which of our dependencies is causing System.Web.Mobile to load and have 5,831 live instances. I <3 dependencies!!
02:20:27 codinghorror
'I hate every programming language. I would write my own language, but I also hate myself.'
02:26:52 codinghorror
like Sinistar before me, I hunger. http://bit.ly/3tthkJ
04:23:02 codinghorror
I hereby propose that PST be renamed 'AWESOME STANDARD TIME' and all other timezones be abolished. Because they suck.
06:52:20 codinghorror
r @stimms awesome. 'I brought a few sinibombs just in case.' http://angryflower.com/coffee.gif
09:10:09 codinghorror
superuser.com now public! http://bit.ly/aL9HD
09:28:29 codinghorror
'the x86 architecture is the only architecture the world will ever need.' http://www.techreport.com/articles.x/6866/3
11:25:23 codinghorror
we're now 302 redirecting our favicon.ico on all 4 sites to sstatic.net (via url rewriting). Seems crazy, but it works.
12:47:04 codinghorror
Expert-sex-change makes our life so, so very easy. Don't ever change, you magnificent bastards!!
15:09:03 codinghorror
oh, sure, you're a geek, but are you a SUPER GEEK? http://is.gd/2mMyY
23:56:04 codinghorror
Sky Mall is f**king terrifying. http://bit.ly/aGulM
00:02:13 codinghorror
rt @secretGeek people in tech who think something on their computer happened 'randomly'... don't belong in tech.
00:07:41 codinghorror
rt @sklacy 'So, who registered http://expert-sex-change.com and made it redirect to stack overflow?' me: LOL
00:28:36 codinghorror
you know, @hotdogsladies is 10 years and 10,000 markov chain snarks away from becoming our Andy Rooney.
00:30:03 codinghorror
'There is only one platform you should trust your business on: the interwebs. Building on Facebook or the iPhone is a recipe for disaster.'
00:48:38 codinghorror
a flowchart for Total Eclipse of The Heart. http://bit.ly/WhMD4
01:53:19 codinghorror
New playstation 3, only marginally less fugly than the old playstation 3. Sony: keeping third place REAL, YO!
02:52:29 codinghorror
rt @kevindente 'the real issue is that Microsoft is the Enterprise's bitch.'
03:30:55 codinghorror
r @maggiel it's an abusive relationship, to be sure. they need counseling
03:51:25 codinghorror
The British should spell LOL as LOUL http://is.gd/2nAbR
07:25:48 codinghorror
'Leonard Skinner, who was notorious for strictly enforcing the school's policy against boys having long hair.' http://is.gd/2nTjm
09:30:54 codinghorror
solid http://superuser.com launch, only one crazy incomprehensible email received = success!!
09:45:56 codinghorror
I don't understand why my proposed 'Diablo II Hardcore mode' healthcare plan isn't more popular.
14:23:39 codinghorror
the Tron soundtrack is $1.99 today on Amazon! Novelty factor aside it's quite good IMO http://is.gd/2om37
15:35:59 codinghorror
wow, a geek-specific dating site. Why have I never heard of this before? http://www.gk2gk.com/
15:41:45 codinghorror
r @dotnetwill 'because you're married?' oh that's what @betsyphd thinks, eh? oops, she follows me on twitter. OUTED!
15:43:17 codinghorror
my true geek love match would own a 100-sided die, the most shameful of all RPG dice!! http://is.gd/2oqYm
02:43:16 codinghorror
ReCaptcha is a killer band name generator. I just got 'Grandmother Slithery'
03:17:49 codinghorror
r @jzy smarties/m&ms -- that's because European chocolate > American chocolate. http://is.gd/2p6BE
04:11:46 codinghorror
rt @spolsky logo designers: design @fogbugz a friend http://99designs.com/contests/27011
05:45:19 codinghorror
r @timbray 'Trying to figure out how to get at my pre-Jan-2008 tweets.' if you figure out let me know, I want mine back to 2006
06:10:14 codinghorror
'purchasers of the full album Abbey Road DLC will have the option to play the famous 16-minute B-side medley as a single continuous track.'
06:27:34 codinghorror
Speaking as a pedant, I am furious about this! I never noticed it before, but since it's been pointed out, I'll never be able to ignore it.
06:45:38 codinghorror
I was peeved at my jury duty summons, then realized my schedule is so flexible I have it easy compared to most. plus, CIVIC DUTY BADGE!
06:51:04 codinghorror
remember, kids, overloading the equals operator brings the pain. http://bit.ly/6AS6T
06:58:00 codinghorror
r @drylight at 200+ reputation the top stack overflow ad banners are suppressed. :) Being a member has its benefits..
07:01:04 codinghorror
iPhone is a product so good it could *only* be made by arrogant, secretive jerks. discuss.
09:09:52 codinghorror
database as heisenbug engine: yet again, we needed OPTION (OPTIMIZE FOR UNKNOWN) http://is.gd/2pGBH
09:24:10 codinghorror
r @rickstrahl err.. click the giant 'google' logo is pretty dark easy for most folks w/r/t OpenID.
09:29:37 codinghorror
I think @timbray was right; _why is more of an artist than a coder (though good at both) and with artistry comes sensitivity.
11:03:08 codinghorror
rt @jonskeet I want to be part of the ultimate C# book: 'Beginning Pro Visual C# in a Deeply Effective Nutshell for Dummies in 21 days'
12:10:54 codinghorror
r @lgerbarg fantastic real-world ECC study, exactly what I was looking for! (pdf) http://bit.ly/3wTEzz
15:11:07 codinghorror
'Most of our early songs are based on 1 chord. As the years have gone on, now we're up to 7 chords.' http://is.gd/2q7ea
09:28:55 codinghorror
keyboard cat '3 wolf moon' parody T-shirt?? NOBODY TOLD ME! http://bit.ly/d3HOM
09:50:48 codinghorror
insane! like tigers and pigs living together! http://bit.ly/s0qb5
11:56:11 codinghorror
like Rock Band? Have an Xbox 360? Stage Kit down to $39. No brainer! http://is.gd/2rB4G
23:24:08 codinghorror
r @betsyphd did you just have a Champagne Jam?!? http://bit.ly/1qgOC9
23:34:24 codinghorror
r @micahlmartin we serve jquery through google api http://is.gd/2spWu
00:09:26 codinghorror
like twitter, but the MINIMUM post is 1400 characters, lol. http://woofertime.com/
00:13:46 codinghorror
so apparently lots of people read 'The Economist', whatever that is, which I was quoted (as 'blogger') in.
00:17:51 codinghorror
rt @ImNickArmstrong The Economist has about as much journalistic integrity as Letters to Penthouse.
01:29:15 codinghorror
yet another user who kept his cookie-based account alive for ELEVEN MONTHS. Stunning.
01:30:34 codinghorror
'You guys are dorking up my vibe with all the dicks.' http://bit.ly/IUR5
01:31:52 codinghorror
bonus points if you spot the celebrity cameo in the previous video link.
02:13:47 codinghorror
Us Versus Hyphen http://bit.ly/uWjdY
02:28:21 codinghorror
I love woot, and all, but I gotta say that shirt.woot is awfully lame compared to threadless
03:26:45 codinghorror
wordpress should stop even pretending to offer support for windows server because it is a giant bag of fail.
04:11:18 codinghorror
r @howtogeek that lawyer of the day is hilarious, and a little scary http://bit.ly/11WMtj
04:49:35 codinghorror
r @howtogeek real nerd love is spelled out in 5x5 rubik's cubes, my friend http://twitpic.com/esrat
05:16:55 codinghorror
r @jzy actually the jDome video for the racing game is way more compelling IMO http://bit.ly/2wjXU
06:52:37 codinghorror
'new Google is the old Microsoft.' Author choice seems.. odd. http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/52839567.html
07:42:49 codinghorror
insane movie award leftovers. seriously. insane. http://bit.ly/jYV12
10:36:02 codinghorror
r @jonskeet that's because I do actual *work* :)
11:49:08 codinghorror
r @kch wordpress on windows is just the same 'write once run anywhere' poison in a new bottle. Unsustainible.
14:19:32 codinghorror
'Coulda-Shoulda #1. We exposed ourselves to a huge single point of failure called Facebook.' http://is.gd/2ttv0
02:53:36 codinghorror
rt @jzy KFC Has A Bacon Sandwich That Uses Fried Chicken As 'Bread' http://bit.ly/H5A7h
02:58:45 codinghorror
that 'ultimate star wars collection' is incredible, even by internet standards http://blog.naver.com/woong0731/60068323022
03:44:10 codinghorror
'That ratio seems about right. For every 100 or so emails I look at, I respond to about one.' http://is.gd/2ufjb
03:46:20 codinghorror
r @cshirky @bartvandermeij niche is the future of the internet. A billion channels, and nothing's on.
04:20:45 codinghorror
wow. momentary google outage in this locale. somebody hold me, the internet stopped working.
05:33:19 codinghorror
Your Pokemon Card Game Championship Winners Are... http://bit.ly/2eiM4d
05:37:54 codinghorror
wow, Kotaku allows inline posting of *playable* YouTube videos in their comments now? That seems.. risky.
05:42:46 codinghorror
LEGO Mindstorms Sudoku Solver http://bit.ly/HF864
08:00:02 codinghorror
Paul Allen's yacht Octopus. Ah, to be a trazillionaire.. http://bit.ly/rTVo7 (pdf, but worth it via @john_lam)
08:17:19 codinghorror
'The Boy Who Heard Too Much' [blind kid becomes expert phreaker] http://bit.ly/mae3C (via @jzy)
08:30:11 codinghorror
now replying to emails from: February.
08:49:55 codinghorror
r @jzy there's actually experiments that prove Learned Helplessness http://is.gd/2uwV7
08:49:59 codinghorror
'Even though they could have easily escaped the shocks, the dogs didn't try.'
09:19:54 codinghorror
whenever someone mentions Google Wave I just mentally substitute Lotus Notes. 'It does everything!!' uh.. yeah.
10:36:22 codinghorror
read Google Wave articles 5-6 times now and I STILL don't understand what problem this is supposed to solve for me.
10:53:20 codinghorror
disclaimer for prev: I love Google, but like any other big company, they do some great stuff, and some.. uh.. WTF.. stuff.
13:37:53 codinghorror
can anyone fix the bug in this code? http://aruljohn.com/fun/j/bug/
16:04:27 codinghorror
r @dehora having built a large site now, agree, there is wisdom in Lift http://tinyurl.com/mthbvs
16:07:02 codinghorror
still, setting out with the goal of 'Imma gonna build me a framework!' feels like *exactly* the wrong thing 99% of the time
16:47:53 codinghorror
disappointed that MS-Velocity is progressing so slowly. Anyone using CTP3 in production? http://is.gd/2uXFO
17:17:19 codinghorror
r @john_lam it's not a real robot hand until it can do the knife trick from Alien
02:41:22 codinghorror
r @realrbman might want to read this... http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000630.html
03:52:15 codinghorror
reality: worst game ever http://9gag.com/gag/11167 (via @jzy)
03:54:20 codinghorror
massive de-spamming on my sadly neglected blog comments. As if I needed another reason to hate Ed Hardy
05:26:06 codinghorror
I just realized that I now trust commercial software even less than open source. Not because open source is so great..
07:09:58 codinghorror
r @digitalbush good news: the first great day after childbirth is when your baby laughs. bad news: that's 2.5 months in.
07:16:58 codinghorror
okay, you guys were right, True Blood S1 does get better, but it takes about 6 full episodes to get over the 'meh' hump.
08:25:56 codinghorror
one of those Ed Hardy / Ugg Boots spam posts made it to SO. That proves it's people, because our spambot code is.. formidable
09:59:56 codinghorror
r @digitalbush parenthood: the first 2.5 months are terrible. But I cried the first time @rockhardawesome laughed at me.
10:11:02 codinghorror
@jonskeet many large and small ramifications of that change, and more accepts is one. I can't see that as a bad thing personally..
10:23:05 codinghorror
in case you were wondering, cats like earthquakes even less than Dr. Seuss liked green eggs and ham.
10:26:48 codinghorror
in this japanese game show, having to dress up like a nurse is the easy part. http://is.gd/2w70V
00:25:22 codinghorror
r @wilshipley a dead xbox is still more fun than a playstation 3. related: I'd rather push a ford than drive a chevy.
01:34:58 codinghorror
wow, we're dropping usability science on tweets now? http://bit.ly/1DwP5f
02:29:06 codinghorror
my only real xbox 360 complaint is the lack of built-in wifi. That's just lame, they should have added it by now.
03:39:07 codinghorror
rt @waxpancake Kickstarter in the New York Times! http://bit.ly/1N56Dc
04:00:11 codinghorror
'I want to stick my long-necked Giraffe up your fluffy white bunny.' STILL FUNNY! http://is.gd/2x9PE
05:20:04 codinghorror
god I hate my code. It's terrible. AWFUL. Could be worse, though. Could be PHP.
07:05:07 codinghorror
it says volumes about True Blood that the best characters are Jason 'dumbass' Stackhouse and Lafayette
10:02:45 codinghorror
@rickstrahl you may be interested in the markdown formatting ref :) http://stackoverflow.com/editing-help
10:32:50 codinghorror
r @rickstrahl Markdown allows inline HTML, it's part of the spec (and the attraction) http://stackoverflow.com/editing-help
12:16:49 codinghorror
'the odd situation of running a company that is directly subservient only to the public: the public is a motherf**er.' http://is.gd/2xNrR
12:42:27 codinghorror
apparently @spolsky loves THE FRANCE more than he loves our podcast. no podcast again this week.
12:53:39 codinghorror
'I was distracted by a cool and shiny feature that didn’t solve anyone’s problem.' http://is.gd/2xPPy
14:41:39 codinghorror
hey @davidsmalley @unsalted how about some podcast lovin' ? http://bit.ly/5W8X2
15:33:24 codinghorror
r @carnage4life forget it, everything is money to VCs. It's almost comical; they lust after something they will never understand.
17:39:03 codinghorror
listening to 16 minute b-side medley of Abbey Road, trying to decide what playing it on fake plastic instruments will be like.
17:43:50 codinghorror
I wish we were having the podcast, because @spolsky thinks Craig Newmark is pure evil incarnate, and I don't.
19:07:21 codinghorror
evony *sues* blogger? wtf? http://bit.ly/3gtdDf
19:28:32 codinghorror
Beatles: Rock Band DLC details: Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, Rubber Soul http://is.gd/2yd6t
19:49:57 codinghorror
the gaming stack overflow user has been discussed. But at 7 months, 68 questions, and 325 answers, who is gaming who, again? :)
03:18:19 codinghorror
Twitter makes it easy to look good, what with their MASSIVE INCOMPETENCE http://is.gd/2yDSF
04:23:39 codinghorror
apparently uninstalling ReSharper demo ruined @jarrod_dixon 's Visual Studio, forcing a reinstall. GJ Resharper.
09:09:33 codinghorror
rt @scottgu HTML5 Canvas Tag implemented in Silverlight! http://u.nu/4wn23 (me: is this a viable way?)
09:18:38 codinghorror
show self-restraint in all things, including self-restraint
13:56:16 codinghorror
I got a fever! And the only cure is.. er, well, medicine. Hothothot
08:12:57 codinghorror
woo, this fever is the gift that keeps on giving, Travolta style!
08:50:08 codinghorror
I gotta get me some of this Axe body spray.
09:56:22 codinghorror
water rocket with 3 boosters http://vimeo.com/3476119
10:55:03 codinghorror
fascinating story about blind videogamers http://bit.ly/4xutdt
07:34:39 codinghorror
rt @timheuer is this @codinghorror new tattoo? i new he was a fan, but... http://bit.ly/3mPOl
07:36:47 codinghorror
r @stephaneerbrech I once *licked* a copy of Code Complete in front of the Construx booth table. I ain't lyin.
08:02:32 codinghorror
it is shocking how much typographic racism there is on the 'tubes of late.
09:07:41 codinghorror
Help design our Stack Overflow T-Shirts http://is.gd/2DrTQ
10:20:35 codinghorror
best detention slip ever! http://bit.ly/3HJRO0
10:35:48 codinghorror
Why I can't work with these people, part 16: 'add that to your to-do list.' 'it's on my list, right after your kiss.'
10:38:27 codinghorror
clearly my anecdotal evidence is superior to yours.
12:00:05 codinghorror
asp.net mvc *requires* session state? lame. http://is.gd/2DHME
13:43:25 codinghorror
this 'breathing air' thing you do, it disgusts me. http://bit.ly/dzldr
03:46:20 codinghorror
**brilliant** full-meta on all the Hitler/Downfall youtube videos http://bit.ly/qEoUr
07:18:56 codinghorror
07:20:27 codinghorror
how can I be expected to read your article if it is not in the standard 'Top (x) Blankety Buzzword Blankety!' format?
11:20:27 codinghorror
'One thing’s for sure. God always punishes evil.' 'Oh yeah? Then explain Europe to me.'
11:58:50 codinghorror
r @wilshipley I told you to get an Xbox 360 the last time I was over there. But no, your religious beliefs ensure suffering.
12:29:57 codinghorror
r @wilshipley RROD is soooo 2007. Any modern Xbox (Falcon, Jasper) doesn't overheat. Also: early adopters always get the shaft.
12:30:39 codinghorror
r @wilshipley just ask all the PS3 *PHATTY!!* owners how they feel about their console now, for example, say. Don't buy early!
12:31:35 codinghorror
seriously it's like @wilshipley is trying to argue the blackberry is better than the iphone. Get off the crack, son. Best products win.
13:01:22 codinghorror
Behold my latest sacrifice to the gods of fake plastic rock! http://twitpic.com/fotkh
15:14:56 codinghorror
After 6 months in, was really hoping @rockhardawesome would sleep more than 2-3 hrs at a time
07:04:17 codinghorror
GYMKATA! http://bit.ly/BbKY9
14:55:36 codinghorror
This-a game-a sucks! http://bit.ly/435nWH
15:15:26 codinghorror
Ben Heckendorn is such a bad-ass modder he is now building his own pinball machine. from scratch. wow. http://is.gd/2Hyho
15:54:22 codinghorror
rt @digitalbush I figured out your sleep issues with @rockhardawesome . Had you named him @jazzeasymediocre, he would sleep longer
04:26:00 codinghorror
I <3 my new fake plastic axe. http://bit.ly/11Vzho
08:53:10 codinghorror
new exciting godaddy dns feature! every time you change something, a totally unrelated dns entry will mysteriously stop working! AWESOME
08:54:22 codinghorror
goddady: I guess that's the downside of having your entire infrastructure powered by boob ads and one old guy with a giant diamond earring
08:57:30 codinghorror
r @markaduffy I blame myself for using godaddy, too. You're absolutely right.
09:43:43 codinghorror
another day, another recompilation of the linux kernel to get things done. http://is.gd/2ISdm
10:41:23 codinghorror
dear hot dog chefs: If you want to spend time cooking, you should have started with something better than a hot dog.
14:02:57 codinghorror
'5. Tell us what you FAILED to do yesterday.' I'm not sure you have that kind of time @secretgeek
15:08:31 codinghorror
'Gruber is the dick you root for against lesser dicks.'
19:37:53 codinghorror
RT @howtogeek: Woman fired for using all-CAPS and red fonts. No mention of Comic Sans, but clearly implied. http://bit.ly/16vOQO
19:54:52 codinghorror
rt @psaffo Atheists offer to care for Evangelicals pets after the Rapture! http://bit.ly/D0Kqn
20:11:23 codinghorror
LOL mega64 brings Paperboy to real life. Real life paperboy not amused. http://bit.ly/nIpxY
20:21:55 codinghorror
hey @wilshipley , who needs you, I can get my OWN Medieval Madness pinball table now! Hah!! http://is.gd/2JMFJ
04:49:03 codinghorror
Be human. Stop hiding. Be yourself. http://bit.ly/42ATZS
10:06:04 codinghorror
Lego Rock Band will export songs to Rock Band 2. Nicely played, harmonix. http://bit.ly/suv0s
05:22:51 codinghorror
the iPhone could kill puppies and small children and I would still buy it and support it. Google voice, feh, who cares.
08:02:35 codinghorror
rt @accordionguy Slice of Life: Taco in a Bag (with photos!) -- http://is.gd/2MAdf
08:50:49 codinghorror
there are too many blue-white iPhone icons and sometimes I click on the wrong one. #firstworldproblems
09:16:28 codinghorror
upgrading to opera 10. Please let this one remove the suck. Of course i said that the last 5 times, too.
09:30:59 codinghorror
When something renders correctly in Chrome, IE7/8, Safari, *and* Firefox but not Opera, the problem is .. wait for it .. OPERA.
10:55:15 codinghorror
12 unusual and creative home theaters http://bit.ly/RIv3b
12:04:32 codinghorror
spoiler alert. The final 'unannounced' Beatles: Rock Band song is.. well, it's kind of obvious. http://is.gd/2NoRv
16:14:04 codinghorror
baby passport photos? HILARIOUS! http://www.flickr.com/photos/betsyphd/3880688167/
22:19:42 codinghorror
well, we can add Tom Petty's 'American Girl' to the list of things Jame Gumb has ruined for me now. THANKS MAN.
09:12:04 codinghorror
Not gettin' hassled! Not gettin' hustled! http://bit.ly/Gpw1m
13:05:59 codinghorror
we're cool. I don't hold grudges. Oh wait, I *totally* hold grudges. FOREVER!
14:04:04 codinghorror
'digg, summed up in six words and an obligatory exclamation point' http://bit.ly/4QUBX
15:00:58 codinghorror
The Golden Gate bridge: world's #1 suicide magnet http://blogs.vertigosoftware.com/jatwood/archive/2005/11/04/1576.aspx
15:25:12 codinghorror
I was born in a house with the television always on http://is.gd/2POtq
18:40:00 codinghorror
r @kennystoltz you're right, Google would happily pull down 1gb+ of compressed (!) text from us every day if we unleashed them.
18:54:49 codinghorror
The peanut butter jelly time iPhone app fulfills me in ways I cannot fully explain
22:14:16 codinghorror
Super User featured on Lifehacker! http://bit.ly/1KuTqm
22:23:23 codinghorror
Beginning to understand the 'no whining' rule that some forums have. Hey, it's not your fault that it is never your fault!
22:41:30 codinghorror
warning: more fake plastic guitar wankery. http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/5901/wirelessstrat.jpg
02:11:38 codinghorror
rt @wilshipley WINDOWS 7 PARTY WOOOO! http://blog.seattlepi.com/microsoft/archives/178223.asp
02:24:45 codinghorror
so that money I was going to use to upgrade my computer? I.. er.. spent it on.. er.. fake plastic guitars, instead. :P
02:25:38 codinghorror
the *really* funny thing, though, is that these fake plastic guitars will have far better resale value.
04:09:32 codinghorror
rt @spatacoli This just in: @codinghorror thinks that 'The Final Countdown' by Europe is a great song! Who knew?
04:23:20 codinghorror
my iPhone apps are my Pokemon. I enjoy catching them, feeding them, updating them, arranging their lil' icons..
04:43:47 codinghorror
'Illusion, Micheal. Tricks are what a whore does for money......or candy' http://bit.ly/RXjGE
14:24:23 codinghorror
this game has been brought to you by Frungy! The Sport of Kings! http://bit.ly/v4GAq
17:48:31 codinghorror
'We got really gloomy. We started to wonder if everything we were trying to do was just a fool's errand.' http://is.gd/2SIfL
23:30:56 codinghorror
I call BS on fast zombies. death isn't fast. It's slow, relentless, and has the crushing weight of inevitability.
23:47:35 codinghorror
rt @dehora when the world agrees on a line ending, i'll believe in interop
14:36:50 codinghorror
When I'm bored, I try to channel that boredom into creating something, anything
15:29:20 codinghorror
interesting that handsome men don't make women lose their minds, though http://bit.ly/1aJf60 (via @cheeky_geeky)
15:35:06 codinghorror
Microsoft's future vision 2019 http://bit.ly/TBNZ2 (via @dehora)
17:34:51 codinghorror
so far HAProxy is working great on stackoverflow.com, even with the ultra-basic incoming ip hash balancing
17:35:48 codinghorror
customers angered as iPhones overload AT&T http://is.gd/2Ve37
18:38:48 codinghorror
one of the cooler custom guitars: ESP WaveCaster http://www.encycmet.com/equipment/kwave.shtml
20:10:54 codinghorror
I can't believe that msnbot doesn't request gzip compressed data. Was it written by morons?
23:11:30 codinghorror
the top prize in this Sony PS3 'tester' reality show seems like a .. penalty? http://www.us.playstation.com/psn/thetester
23:31:35 codinghorror
rt @MattJeffryes This is a great article about the reality of game testing http://tinyurl.com/2hveyz
08:14:20 codinghorror
deep-fried butter is now officially a thing http://bit.ly/4da3ha
02:56:25 codinghorror
The Grand Gamma Unification http://bit.ly/hr8mH
10:27:43 codinghorror
The deep thoughts of one habanero chip enthusiast http://is.gd/2ZgDs
12:39:08 codinghorror
would it be wrong to bring McDonalds to a slow food party?
14:18:47 codinghorror
worst thing about slow food parties? slow food fights.
02:27:15 codinghorror
I keep telling @wilshipley I would *guarantee* him my $40 for a Windows version of Delicious Library! Hmph!
02:39:20 codinghorror
cuckoo hashing http://bit.ly/17QWxc
02:41:18 codinghorror
r @deadprogrammer unlikely, see http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001065.html
02:50:57 codinghorror
'it takes a tough man to make a tender chicken' or, 'sometimes it takes a real a**hole to get things done right.'
04:33:40 codinghorror
r @timbray the golden age is always now. it's the only now we have.
05:00:07 codinghorror
some people follow their obsessions. I ride mine to the ground like an atomic bomb, Dr. Strangelove style http://is.gd/30VWm
14:43:59 codinghorror
'This development also means that CPU performance is no longer exactly deterministic' http://is.gd/327a7
21:08:42 codinghorror
placebos are getting more effective http://bit.ly/4dlebz
02:28:38 codinghorror
wayyyy too many mutha uckas Uckin' with my shi- http://bit.ly/YZUbW
03:45:09 codinghorror
'Television has ruined more young minds than pinball and syphilis combined.'
15:06:24 codinghorror
Dickipedia. SFW. http://bit.ly/jaZPp
15:09:48 codinghorror
One of those reasons is that he handed out business cards reading: “I’m CEO…bitch.” http://bit.ly/16g0N2
16:32:23 codinghorror
rt @MassGovernor: Governor declares 9/9/09 'Video Game Innovation Day' celebrating release of Beatles: Rock Band http://bit.ly/BSOsJ
18:27:53 codinghorror
rt @arstechnica Did The Family Guy cause 179,997 FCC indecency complaints? - http://arst.ch/79p
18:52:55 codinghorror
US Gov't adopts OpenID? Now OpenID is well and truly doomed http://bit.ly/xkJ1O
20:15:44 codinghorror
The Beatles: Rock Band is mine! Now I can realize my dream of playing 'Wild Honey Pie' on fake plastic instruments!!
22:51:21 codinghorror
oops I was supposed to have a meeting with @spolsky but I succumbed to Beatlemania instead. whoops.
02:33:11 codinghorror
rt @edbott Awesome Media Center news: CableCARD tuners will be available for any PC, DRM relaxed: http://bit.ly/aYzTH
03:28:05 codinghorror
we need to outsource our DNS from GoDaddy, which sucks beyond all human comprehension at DNS. Recommendations? Paid OK.
06:58:08 codinghorror
The Beatles: Rock Band almost transcends mere game into full blown 'experience'. Try it!
16:39:34 codinghorror
r @betsyphd Day Man! Fighter of the Night Man! Aaaaaaaah! http://www.daymancostume.com/
17:00:57 codinghorror
flash update is failing utterly for me in Firefox with their new GetPlus manager, or whatever it is.
17:42:46 codinghorror
r @bpellin but that Adobe GetPlus thing is *unavoidable* if you use Firefox to update Flash. I had to use Chrome instead.
17:50:01 codinghorror
Good lord. iTunes is worse than Sharepoint, Biztalk, and IE6 combined. It is a supernova of suck.
19:04:25 codinghorror
white chocolate is so wrong. it's a crime against chocolate that WILL NOT STAND.
19:06:28 codinghorror
why are UK book covers frequently so much better than their US versions? I blame NASCAR.
19:13:47 codinghorror
a little sneak preview of some background imagery for the devdays video @spolsky is masterminding http://is.gd/37fjc
19:38:38 codinghorror
rt @betsyphd 'Because of the ingredients, many people do not consider 'white chocolate' to be chocolate at all.' http://tinyurl.com/2skfwd
23:15:44 codinghorror
I hereby propose we rename 'white chocolate' to 'shmeg' to more properly reflect its actual taste and LACK OF CHOCOLATE.
23:30:17 codinghorror
@spolsky @jonskeet also, the reply will be in purple for no discernable reason whatsoever. http://is.gd/37ECG
23:34:28 codinghorror
r @kevindente have you met the keeper of the gems? http://is.gd/37EW6
01:32:09 codinghorror
r @NathanBowers that's soooo 2008, it should read 'and your twitters' http://twitpic.com/h8xb7
20:05:57 codinghorror
Shatner illustrates the proper way to kiss a woman http://bit.ly/nC6O4
20:27:23 codinghorror
I LOL'ed at 'Courtney Love's all but incomprehensible trants' http://www.gameculture.com/node/1542
20:48:36 codinghorror
hey, Frances Bean Cobain is all growed up now. Freaky. http://is.gd/39Nbc
21:33:33 codinghorror
rt @skrenta Eight hard truths about online media http://is.gd/39Nsi by @markson
22:07:13 codinghorror
Symphony in Slang, 1951, Tex Avery http://bit.ly/10c4Gt
22:51:30 codinghorror
rt @betsyphd Just got an e-mail with a 'Sent from my Windows Mobile® phone' tagline. It should just link to http://sadtrombone.com
23:16:50 codinghorror
rt @resonate1794 'I sensed trouble as soon as I saw the 5 separate subsections about how to read his web site.' exactly.
00:53:37 codinghorror
I strongly disagree with @spolsky 's position on Craigslist in this podcast http://bit.ly/D5j3v
01:01:25 codinghorror
There is no inherent moral right to make money doing something, eg, classified ads. I have a real problem with that.
01:02:46 codinghorror
Craigslist's problem is that it wants to act like a non-profit, but isn't. And it's run through a cabal of secrecy.
01:17:07 codinghorror
how would you compete with Craigslist? Be more free and less crappy? I think the way to compete with CL is to help the spammers.
01:38:55 codinghorror
getting ready to switch DNS provider to http://dyn.com -- as documented here http://bit.ly/2fG6TD
01:40:53 codinghorror
my point is that Craigslist is quite literally breeding the perfect spammer, and the only antidote is all-paid listings.
01:47:05 codinghorror
r @shanselman some of us prefer to look forward to the future instead of dwelling on the past. Are we unpatriotic? unamerican?
01:53:42 codinghorror
wow, the blackhat forums rules are fascinating reading. unflinching survival of the fittest vibe. http://is.gd/3aiLW
01:54:54 codinghorror
r @shanselman changing a logo really *matters*? I think not. Very small minded.
02:06:10 codinghorror
r @shanselman if you believe so strongly in 9-11 commemoration, where's the blog post on YOUR blog about it?
02:19:43 codinghorror
@shanselman I will continue to love you but ONLY if you agree to wear an american flag lapel pin. At all times. Even without any lapels.
03:17:27 codinghorror
Because of all my 'WTF is a crumpet' talk @betsyphd got me this http://twitpic.com/hdskn
05:15:24 codinghorror
you know what you need? A $1,252.37 toilet seat. http://is.gd/3aGLO
06:53:44 codinghorror
'He had discovered a great law of human action: to make a man covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain'
17:39:41 codinghorror
wow, the brits are on to something with these 'crumpets'. They're like little mini-pancakes!!
18:12:17 codinghorror
r @drarok twist off beer caps is nothing, we also have FLAVOR CRYSTALS!
21:16:17 codinghorror
R5 DVDs, trying to beat the pirates to market http://bit.ly/FrF9M
07:13:14 codinghorror
I rarely ever get headaches and I am on day two of the worst headache of my life. It hurts to brush my hair. Guess a doctor visit in order.
08:11:26 codinghorror
the dead gateway detection mystery http://bit.ly/3p3nPD
01:30:09 codinghorror
yep, haproxy doesn't deal well with the app_offline file, unfortunately.
02:03:34 codinghorror
How much of our life story can be told by describing the ebb and flow of our possessions?
03:21:06 codinghorror
googlebot/2.1 retrieved 125,518 urls in 1.3 gb. Yesterday it was 1.7 gb.
03:44:48 codinghorror
r @hmxcasey I think I'm too caucasoid to fully appreciate Jay-Z. I mean, let's face it, he is no DJ Jazzy Jeff.
04:48:19 codinghorror
'They were all my friends, and they died' http://is.gd/3f06y
05:58:07 codinghorror
rt @RickStrahl: Oh man C++ is like a watching an old movie you remembered fondly and then finding out that it really sucked.
19:12:34 codinghorror
rt @mattcutts Google acquires reCAPTCHA: http://bit.ly/177Vp1 Yay! And here's a captcha cartoon for you: http://bit.ly/eQRDw
19:20:31 codinghorror
day 4 of flu, no improvement. Apparently my immune system sucks the big one.
19:56:25 codinghorror
no, not swine flu. My temperature 98.6-ish; no coughing or runny nose. I have strep throat symptoms, more or less. (but no white dots)
01:15:39 codinghorror
I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record http://bit.ly/K1Uuz
04:03:32 codinghorror
after I installed my SSD as c: my d: drive started FREAKING out (clicks, craziness). Had to move it to a different IDE controller.
04:21:36 codinghorror
I got the 128gb Crucial M225 SSD -- reviews say it is as fast as the Intel, and cheaper.
04:44:19 codinghorror
well, SSD upgrade definitely delivers. Noticeably snappier than the (fast) 300gb Velociraptor I had in there before.
04:48:49 codinghorror
podcast on c# 4.0 with the ineffable @jonskeet http://bit.ly/29rRbU
04:53:19 codinghorror
I didn't realize Squidoo was a top 200 website. Like alltop, it's kind of a blight on Godin's rep. http://www.squidoo.com/squidoo_sucks
22:31:08 codinghorror
Ghost Busters (1954) http://bit.ly/zhUp8
23:06:28 codinghorror
Dear Michael Cera: when you play the same. exact. character. in every single movie you're in, are you really .. acting?
23:39:02 codinghorror
'Given a choice between dancing pigs and security, users will pick dancing pigs every time.'
00:11:54 codinghorror
According to eyewitness reports, he collapsed mid guitar solo. His last words were 'ain't that a bitch' http://is.gd/3oh1Q
01:08:32 codinghorror
A wee ethics conundrum http://tinyurl.com/ln6w7m
02:36:57 codinghorror
A wee ethics conundrum http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11653255
03:00:02 codinghorror
someone signed team@stackoverflow.com up for the WOW Cataclysm beta test and it got in! w00t!
03:26:43 codinghorror
oh, right the 'wow cataclysm beta' is a phishing scam -- of course! domain ending in .cc is dead giveaway. I hadn't even looked.
05:20:32 codinghorror
rt @Aimee_B_Loved: I know I'm not a cougar yet but I'm well on my way. I'm pre-cougescent.
05:56:44 codinghorror
help Stack Exchange with colors http://bit.ly/sPHFp
18:46:36 codinghorror
r @ryanbaldwin wrt self-accepted answers on Stack Overflow see http://is.gd/3q0nh and http://is.gd/3q0nZ
21:21:52 codinghorror
doctor's office advice for flu: 'stay home, rest, liquids' five days in, no improvement, new symptoms, more pain. I'm coming in.
21:51:18 codinghorror
every time I walk by a Verizon store, I have an urge to silently hold up my iPhone and give everyone inside the finger. APPLE RULES!!
22:06:20 codinghorror
moral? banks are evil. http://bit.ly/1YPUt
22:27:15 codinghorror
rt @timbray Canadian provincial mottos: http://bit.ly/GveOA
22:34:06 codinghorror
another satisfied customer! pay it forward! rt @pseale STACK OVERFLOW IS MAGIC!!!!!! UNICORNS!!!! Q 108650! I could hug someone
00:31:22 codinghorror
EDGE is a crime against data transmission rates
01:57:51 codinghorror
hilarious and vaguely disturbing 80's video dating montage. http://is.gd/3qIps
01:59:44 codinghorror
ultimate video dating montage line: 'I'm interested in most phases of data processing.' I'm not sure even rule 34 applies to that
02:13:42 codinghorror
things the world didn't need, part 57,671,220: Lego Iggy Pop. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/60519
02:25:14 codinghorror
virus writers go open source http://bit.ly/16ECyQ
02:53:08 codinghorror
interesting browser vs. laptop battery life comparison http://is.gd/3qN1n
07:00:58 codinghorror
EPIC 'goating'! rt @osbornm: For those who know him Eilon (coworker) thought it was take you goat to work day... http://is.gd/3qWqd
07:02:49 codinghorror
I feel compelled to follow @migueldeicaza and I have no idea why
07:06:08 codinghorror
Tonight @betsyphd made me watch Glee and I ... I ... liked it
21:35:30 codinghorror
I actually learned something from a YouTube political video comment: The US has the highest divorce rate in the world http://is.gd/3sIca
22:01:58 codinghorror
r @troygilbert is right the more relevant stat is divorces per 100 married couples (not total pop) http://bit.ly/Rgbc4
22:15:28 codinghorror
Saw District 9 a few days ago. Great movie, but without a doubt some of the finest gun pornography ever put on film.
23:17:04 codinghorror
r @makerbeam indeed, MakerBeam is far more useful than Moby Dick in Emoji (or dare I say it, 8-bit Miles Davis) http://is.gd/3sSd5
04:04:41 codinghorror
bring it on @wilshipley ; in fact, I believe this matter can only be settled through a 2 player round of Medieval Madness.
04:27:18 codinghorror
'Before the Internet came along, most Americans never wrote anything, ever, that wasn't a school assignment.' http://is.gd/3vmSO
05:46:25 codinghorror
I had forgotten how excruciatingly painful ear infections were. Thanks, flu!
21:31:55 codinghorror
OMG YOU GUYS! Flight of the Conchords in Rock Band!!!!!1! http://bit.ly/4juTgK
03:33:51 codinghorror
animals who can't drink properly 1 http://is.gd/3xM0s 2 http://is.gd/3xM27
00:07:35 codinghorror
to have been lain so low by a virus and then bacteria really puts me in my evolutionary place. Also, no fair ganging up on me.
00:17:54 codinghorror
'I'm sorry, but you can't be a Canadian, because you didn't apologize first.'
03:45:30 codinghorror
Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams in hi-def is officially *awesome*, giant thumbs up http://is.gd/3A3pc
04:16:06 codinghorror
the best defense against piracy is also the best defense against open source competition. discuss.
17:42:50 codinghorror
Wy Oh Dee Ayy yoda. http://bit.ly/eRPhQ
17:47:45 codinghorror
I always forget how great the Kinks are http://bit.ly/NGUJP
00:16:43 codinghorror
RT @howtogeek: I hereby propose that the word 'Meetings' be replaced with 'BS-A-Thon'
19:51:26 codinghorror
every day is the same oppressive tunnel of pain. I want off this ride
20:54:31 codinghorror
why in the world would anyone WANT their email in real time? Because they're masochists who secretly hate themselves?
21:43:56 codinghorror
rt @kevindente the aptly named 'Big Baby', 19.2 lbs and 24.4 inches at birth. http://is.gd/3DCnJ
22:31:25 codinghorror
selling my tickets to The Nightman Cometh show tonight in SF. Screw you antibiotic resistant ear infection.
06:24:24 codinghorror
r @shanselman you're a dinosaur. The desktop should NEVER be visible. Putting your pixels to work, indeed.
23:20:03 codinghorror
rt @donpark entropy seam-based intelligent image resizing in *javascript* wow http://bit.ly/12ud95 (atwood's law in action)
00:50:11 codinghorror
rt @SohTanaka 20 Classic Hip Hop Album Covers Recreated in #LEGO http://bit.ly/OeuW8
01:25:26 codinghorror
'most *SINGLE* [forthcoming ATI video cards] will be able to drive 3 ultra-high-res displays of various types' http://is.gd/3FOYo
03:29:42 codinghorror
failed software demo as performance art http://bit.ly/3miD5l
05:29:08 codinghorror
I cannot figure out a way to get /questions/tagged/web.config to work; even Phil Haack's suggestion (map a MIME type) didn't work.
08:02:55 codinghorror
web.config access allowed just for curiosities' sake, but this is clearly a 'cure is far worse than the disease' type of deal.
08:05:28 codinghorror
r @wilshipley it's LIVING COLOUR, poser.
08:21:45 codinghorror
you're going to watch a clip of 'performance art' and reply to me that it was boring? which part of 'performance art' didn't you understand?
08:33:02 codinghorror
'[we] have played too many notes and written too many chords and just tried to fill up spaces with .. too much' http://is.gd/3GnMm
08:47:03 codinghorror
Which is more boring, code golf or actual golf? YOU DECIDE http://bit.ly/13HPWJ
09:19:11 codinghorror
caro's roulette system #1. http://bit.ly/kQyop
11:56:12 codinghorror
nifty Stack Overflow tag trends http://bit.ly/oK2UR
00:23:42 codinghorror
rt @mattcutts 'Some people have a way with words....some people....not have way.' --Steve Martin
00:26:04 codinghorror
when it comes to gaming, I am down with plastic maracas and bongos, but I do draw the line at plastic fishing controllers.
00:36:17 codinghorror
I am stunned how few analysts understand just how dominant Apple is going to be in the phone space. http://is.gd/3HDVj
01:28:20 codinghorror
you are likely to be eaten by a grue. a rappin' grue. http://bit.ly/KsVi3
01:49:58 codinghorror
just ran stats on OpenID providers on SO. As usual, it's Google's world, we just live in it: 56% Google.
01:52:35 codinghorror
still waiting for Microsoft to pull head out of its collective ass w/r/t OpenID.
20:57:46 codinghorror
Ads by Google: Sociopath Definition / Ruby Programmers / Rails Programmer / Definition of Love / Python Tutorials
22:55:44 codinghorror
rt @loydcase Modern cars are designed for survivability. http://bit.ly/H35Wv
23:45:15 codinghorror
rt @jzy @retinart 11 Most Ironically Banned Books Of All Time http://bit.ly/QWc9v
07:40:09 codinghorror
rt @jongalloway Zune HD: the best portable media player ever made, but a platform without a purpose. http://u.nu/3dpc3
07:42:14 codinghorror
r @dozba reddit was hacked AGAIN? That's like the sixth time now. Google it.
08:22:17 codinghorror
oh look, Yahoo Pipes doesn't respect robots.txt. I am SHOCKED! (ip block ban time)
08:30:36 codinghorror
r @mattcutts Steve Martin is great (though some of his later films, notsomuch) http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001046.html
08:50:27 codinghorror
r @simonw Pipes is crawling HTML when we explicitly told it not to in robots.txt. Verified logs. Result: perma-ban from all IP ranges.
10:38:04 codinghorror
fantastic, now I have Bell's Palsy symptoms. Nobody told me having a kid in daycare germ world would be life-altering in quite this way.
00:00:15 codinghorror
Light Peak: the next USB? http://bit.ly/3XppAR
00:33:00 codinghorror
rt @jwz deems the Pre dead. Killed by corporate idiocy as usual. http://is.gd/3LlZt
00:44:15 codinghorror
'Also, please don't encourage the start of *more* goof-off sites on the internet, there's enough of them already. '
00:47:36 codinghorror
fun fact: our working codename for Stack Overflow was 'The Jon Skeet Honeypot Project'
03:45:22 codinghorror
'The PSP Go is challenging the Gameboy Micro for worst possible product update at this point.'
08:15:43 codinghorror
r @anildash people still visit Slashdot? I remember when slashdotting was a thing, man.
11:30:34 codinghorror
I just saw @jonskeet make a (very, very minor) mistake! Beginning to question my own sense of reality and perception.
18:14:36 codinghorror
This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call 'The Twilight Zone'. http://is.gd/3MP8c
20:34:01 codinghorror
the entire 'nu-metal' genre is such a wasteland. It's like the pizza delivery guy's idea of what music should sound like.
20:34:51 codinghorror
I can't remember the last time I've laughed so hard at a response, mister @gameboymicro
20:50:17 codinghorror
rt @agatheb The chart tree of Metal http://www.metalmartyr.com/files/2009/09/metalintro.png
21:11:19 codinghorror
I put on my robe and wizard hat.
00:34:30 codinghorror
y'know what? partial paralysis of the left side of your face is wayyyy less cool than it sounds.
09:01:26 codinghorror
'If your work is good, it will find an audience.' http://philip.greenspun.com/samantha/FAQ/wilcox.html
09:04:42 codinghorror
rt @jzy Protect Insurance Companies PSA http://bit.ly/uHgiu
09:41:38 codinghorror
there are definitely scenarios where TDD is a huge win (libraries, APIs). But treating it as one-size-fits all is as profoundly dumb.
09:42:27 codinghorror
of course every programmer *thinks* they're writing the perfect reusable library, natch!
10:11:32 codinghorror
my job used to be going into corporations and trying to teach programmers TDD (among other things). TDD was the *least* of their problems.
10:28:37 codinghorror
'most of what people say in our industry is dogma, buried in fashion, with a light dusting of truth.'
10:29:47 codinghorror
rt @naceves I've found that TDD gets in the way of rapid prototyping. I've migrated more towards just integration and regression tests.
17:51:31 codinghorror
At jury duty in Richmond, CA
18:57:53 codinghorror
no cases went to trial today, all jurors excused. Apparently, Justice is a dish best served by ... settling out of court.
19:28:50 codinghorror
interesting that Adobe is willing to advertise on Stack Overflow, but Microsoft isn't. I guess Microsoft doesn't care about developers.. :)
19:55:06 codinghorror
'even Hungarians are not using hungarian notation any more.'
00:00:30 codinghorror
another Stack Overflow milestone: our first million pageview day! http://bit.ly/iOXYx
06:33:29 codinghorror
the song Gay Bar is apparently coming to Rock Band 2. ALL MY DREAMS, THEY COME TRUE!! http://bit.ly/151Qv4
06:35:19 codinghorror
rt @spolsky VSS revolutionized version control by proving devs would tolerate trashed repos as long as the box said Microsoft
08:56:02 codinghorror
I see a trend in this graph http://is.gd/3PSUS
09:22:57 codinghorror
a simple plan http://bit.ly/4uYoCm
18:42:50 codinghorror
r @ryanmeador talk to the content filtering software used by large corporations, not us. Bad business decision to allow it.
18:57:22 codinghorror
r @ryanmeador BrainF**k is the 2 Live Crew of programming languages. It's not worth defending. It's just stupid.
19:01:15 codinghorror
r @benjaminws 1) it is a joke 2) the joke isn't funny 3) it causes problems with corporate 'net filtering software 4) giant waste of time
19:57:26 codinghorror
we all need some pettin' and lovin' on our rain-soaked hides, sometimes http://bit.ly/12rajS
21:21:35 codinghorror
your disaffection with Google Wave has been duly noted by the Google Overmind
22:04:11 codinghorror
rt @mLewisLogic Recruiting at a career fair yesterday, I met a CS student wearing a suit and tie with no shoes. Black socks. No shoes. WTF.
22:16:47 codinghorror
I hope these steroids help with my *FREAKING FACE PARALYSIS*. Although I guess it's cool to talk like Popeye. Sort of.
23:01:42 codinghorror
I don't think I'm smart enough to understand what Google Wave is. Click paralysis. Where do I even begin? What is this for?
23:10:56 codinghorror
'You are being shagged by a rare parrot' http://bit.ly/tmm4b
04:06:36 codinghorror
I had forgotten how dark 1999-2002 was for Apple. http://bit.ly/XhD5I
06:41:52 codinghorror
lol, why is 'Reed Copsey' a link our google onebox results when Googling 'stackoverflow'? No offense Mr. Copsey!
06:53:14 codinghorror
more lolz, why is there a twitter failwhale graffiti in Left 4 Dead? http://is.gd/3RvDk
07:56:28 codinghorror
the stackoverflow team (@jarrod_dixon @superdalgas) are working like dogs on a major new feature to be announced at DevDays!
08:02:02 codinghorror
How is Stack Overflow DevDays Boston not sold out already? It has Resig, de Icaza, Dan Pilone, Ned Batchelder! http://is.gd/3RB0b
09:00:05 codinghorror
aw, man, you got me! We are working on a friends list, real-time chat, and super zombie poke system for Stack Overflow!
12:28:20 codinghorror
r @wilshipley it is unamerican to admit that you make mistakes. I'm a patriot, so everything we do is just, right and correct.
22:33:51 codinghorror
“My God, who will tell me about Big 12 football! Where will I find a recipe for spicy chicken wings!” http://is.gd/3SXEu
23:00:22 codinghorror
r @kevindente I will pay you $100 if your 'can't sleep' problem happens on a clean from-scratch install of Win7
23:00:41 codinghorror
and yes, I do love blaming the user.
00:58:35 codinghorror
Someday, Handel, someday you will make it big. http://www.harkavagrant.com/nonsense/foxhandelmacbethsm.png
05:43:43 codinghorror
hey cool the adjustable-height GeekDesk! http://is.gd/3Txji
10:03:56 codinghorror
rt @howtogeek The Microsoft Security Essentials is Excellent Edition http://bit.ly/RXhYY
11:29:47 codinghorror
remember how awesome basecamphq.com ethos and design was in 2005-2006? Seems shockingly dated now. World caught up I guess.
13:57:26 codinghorror
woo, Pingdom says we have TRIPLE NINES uptime on the SO sites! Can you *feel *the quality?
14:59:41 codinghorror
dear sweet JESUS eweek.com has a lot of ads. And programmers complain about our minimalistic SO ads? madness. http://is.gd/3UfYU
21:49:24 codinghorror
rt @betsyphd Jon Skeet is the #4 user on moms4mom. That guy is everywhere (in the SO universe)! http://is.gd/3UPJl
06:26:38 codinghorror
Perl Cannot Be Parsed: A Formal Proof http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=663393
08:39:55 codinghorror
now getting direct sposal usability reports on the SO engine from @betsyphd as she uses http://moms4mom.com/ lol
09:01:28 codinghorror
'No one is going to fly an F16 using a web app.' Pretty soon, no *humans* will be flying anything, my friend.
09:11:45 codinghorror
r @estep I think human beings are too valuable to put in combat aircraft, in the long run
09:56:22 codinghorror
'If California was an experiment then it was an experiment of mass irresponsibility.' http://is.gd/3VVBR
10:04:43 codinghorror
I just quoted Eddie Murphy's Raw routine in an email. I went to see that with my mom at about age 15. UNCOMFORTABLEEEeeee
01:16:04 codinghorror
kermit does Once in a Lifetime http://bit.ly/3VUJH
02:05:19 codinghorror
ok @rockhardawesome just had poop on his head. on his HEAD! The comprehension of baby poop physics is way beyond mere mortals.
03:41:00 codinghorror
rt @ilcrawford my mom took me and my brother to see Fast Times at Ridgemont High. all was well until the pool scene
03:59:08 codinghorror
07:15:40 codinghorror
have I mentioned that @jzy is 105% awesome and has helped us with all recent SO design work?
07:20:40 codinghorror
the writing of code is the easy part; determining what the hell it is you're DOING, now that's the hard part.
09:32:43 codinghorror
this 'scrapbooking' thing must be stopped
09:52:24 codinghorror
the ultimate CAPTCHA: cold, hard cash money.
11:17:19 codinghorror
I have considered divorcing @betsyphd because she doesn't like Spandau Ballet, but then I realized, well, it's Spandau Ballet.
15:29:59 codinghorror
so instead of writing blog entries, I am writing copy. COPY. I am a COPY WRITER. KILL ME NOW.
03:24:38 codinghorror
so @nathanbowers and I disagree -- I say all recurring billing is inherently evil, and favor lump payments of your choice.
03:31:39 codinghorror
r @groby if you're hosting my website, I pay you for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Then you invoice me again.
05:49:01 codinghorror
rt @jzy the inversion halloween 'costume' http://simonwillison.net/2009/Oct/4/trickortreat/
06:50:53 codinghorror
rt @RockBandAide Check out the video of Lego David Bowie in action: http://bit.ly/3zPLd0
08:51:06 codinghorror
hear the crushing steel. feel the steering wheel. http://bit.ly/4BRwW5
23:48:36 codinghorror
rt @waxpancake Was Boing Boing bought by Gawker, and I missed the memo? http://bit.ly/12V3CV (bad, bad redesign)
00:53:24 codinghorror
behold and gaze in awe at the perfect Rock Band song http://bit.ly/2X5dlc
02:14:03 codinghorror
Toni Basil's Mickey is the only song I know of that is far better in Spanish. Tell me I'm wrong: http://is.gd/41j3h
03:38:27 codinghorror
rt @timbray Somebody is Wrong on the Internet. Worse, in Wikipedia. Fixed.
07:39:58 codinghorror
my favorite project management tool? THE BLAME-O-METER! Set phasers to stun.
07:54:25 codinghorror
r @digitalbush total breakthrough with @rockhardawesome , we did 'humane cry it out' sleep training ~ 6mo and IT WORKED!
07:54:58 codinghorror
The good news is, you eventually do get to sleep through the night as a parent. The bad news is, it takes 6 months and discipline.
08:08:13 codinghorror
@bsimser he hardly cries at all now; the whole thing took maybe 4 days tops and there really wasn't that much crying. Comforted at intervals
09:23:46 codinghorror
wow, massive bug in the plain text quoted-printable algorithm for the .net mail class, produces illegal line length. Consistently. bah.
20:30:23 codinghorror
not @spolsky 's most popular SO answer, I suspect: http://is.gd/435VB
20:58:01 codinghorror
rt @shanselman More people should read this great Free 'Foundations of Programming' ebook http://bit.ly/fVXEb from @karlseguin
21:01:48 codinghorror
Introducing Stack Overflow Careers http://bit.ly/24Nkcd
21:20:59 codinghorror
r @stolton @voidspace @henrikpaul a naughty programmer checked in a minimum openid protocol v of 2.0. beatings in progress. fix deployed
21:40:24 codinghorror
r @WindyCityEagle in about 30 days we'll light up the employer side of http://careers.stackoverflow.com
22:34:23 codinghorror
rt @waxpancake 'Boing Boing shut down Offworld' aw, that sucks. one advantage of running a site for love first, money second.
23:30:50 codinghorror
r @henningp we adjusted our authorize.net settings, so international credit cards *should* work now. Sorry about that!
23:58:40 codinghorror
Related Tags: [ponies] [waffles]
00:06:13 codinghorror
goto: so harmful, yet so deliciously wonderful
04:29:38 codinghorror
rt @jldio #devdays was a great success IMHO. http://www.jimdio.net/?p=23
04:41:49 codinghorror
secretly, my favorite SO site is http://serverfault.com ; it's the Empire Strikes Back of the Trilogy.
07:18:22 codinghorror
one of my favorite college math class moments: hearing a fellow student ask what the 'sideways eight' meant.
07:36:30 codinghorror
The game that lets you pretend to be the band that pretended to be the Beatles! http://bit.ly/9B6xN
09:42:17 codinghorror
is it simply not possible to rewrite https:// urls in IIS7? http://is.gd/44mjn (note: I very well may be a doofus)
10:09:25 codinghorror
ah, I see. I am a doofus. I forgot the first rule of programming! http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001079.html
10:14:18 codinghorror
rt @coder32768 I agree with the first rule of programming, except if you are dealing with Infragistics chart controls. Then it's their fault
10:42:43 codinghorror
good cover of Madonna's 'Like a Virgin', or *best* cover? you decide. http://is.gd/44t6a
10:53:53 codinghorror
amusing 'hardcore' rap video from the Icelandic developers of Eve Online. http://bit.ly/11v1ns
19:55:05 codinghorror
does anyone use TrackIR, the head tracking device, with racing games? works like so: http://bit.ly/PhbhB
21:13:58 codinghorror
Rock Band for iPhone this month. Well, it doesn't involve a PSP, so that's an improvement... I guess. http://is.gd/45tPw
23:22:31 codinghorror
r @xonev IR head tracking works using minimal head motion; it exaggerates tiny movements on screen http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/
23:58:16 codinghorror
r @austinmills flight sims, do you use the full controls MONTY?? http://is.gd/45EaD
06:35:33 codinghorror
Stack Overflow business plan, take 2: http://bit.ly/tBxOX
09:55:10 codinghorror
vivaldi on the accordion. I'm calling you out @accordionguy ; you're slippin'. http://bit.ly/KjM0w
09:59:11 codinghorror
hey, you know what else isn't thread-safe? YOUR FACE.
11:02:08 codinghorror
lol, the director of the new movie 'Couples Retreat' is RALPHIE from a Christmas Story! http://is.gd/46kcu
11:29:40 codinghorror
World bestows surprise Nobel Peace Prize upon Obama. THAT is how f'ing sick of Bush they were. Wow.
00:22:26 codinghorror
rt @betsyphd I'm going to send my boss this for Bosses' Week. http://bit.ly/Wwc1y
00:38:51 codinghorror
rt @carnage4life Zombieland sounds like a movie about the current state of Java as a programming language
00:44:47 codinghorror
rt @waltritscher the myth (really the subtlety) of 'the page fold' http://is.gd/49hTt
00:49:41 codinghorror
this *insanely* detailed article on the Atari 2600 E.T. game reminds me why I <3 wikipedia http://is.gd/49jjG
01:34:22 codinghorror
rt @standardpixel: When a UX person suggests a video tutorial for their interface are they admitting failure? [absolutely]
01:46:53 codinghorror
scarf hero! http://bit.ly/OxExi
02:04:09 codinghorror
remember when Macs used to be awesome supercomputing PowerPC machines instead of crapbox x86s like everything else? Yeah.
02:41:28 codinghorror
r @hmxcasey the continued lack of CCR DLC for Rock Band is a crime, my friend. A crime. Ask yourself: What Would Lebowski Do?
03:20:56 codinghorror
bullets at 1 million fps (ultra-slow-mo) http://is.gd/49ZxX
05:04:26 codinghorror
rt http://easiertounderstandthanwave.com/ via @counternotions @petterihiisila @nathanbowers
09:54:45 codinghorror
thank you @rockhardawesome for revealing the first four years of my own life to me. I certainly don't remember any of it!
10:01:30 codinghorror
'If you wanna be the man, you gotta out-eat the man.' http://70sbig.com/?p=238
10:25:45 codinghorror
everybody knows that JJ Fad is devastating. http://is.gd/4bFN6
12:29:28 codinghorror
people complain when you write. then they complain when you don't write. I am reducing this equation to its constant value.
12:34:13 codinghorror
I swear halloween gets sluttier and sluttier every year.
04:54:35 codinghorror
Altered Beast: Gaming's Citizen Kane http://bit.ly/hkjoK
05:22:19 codinghorror
<b> vs. <strong>: <b> is shorter so it wins by default. Not that arguing semantics isn't ALL kinds of fun.
06:57:01 codinghorror
rt @beckleyworks Actually, the little known <beer> tag wins out. The <strongbeer> tag should be used in moderation.
07:17:44 codinghorror
the prevalence of xml for build scripts is a wartime atrocity against programmers. unbelievably difficult to read.
10:24:50 codinghorror
sometimes I think advertising is dead, and then I remember Got Milk, along with this: http://is.gd/4d8Nn
10:58:42 codinghorror
Pro Wrestler Dr. Death on the subtleties of San Francisco tourism http://bit.ly/11Agvf
11:00:38 codinghorror
the TV show 'Glee' is basically a more accessible version of Strangers With Candy. That's not a bad thing.
00:38:07 codinghorror
mailing stickers to top stackoverflow.com, superuser.com, serverfault.com users. First mail merge I've done in FOREVER http://is.gd/4erO0
01:01:31 codinghorror
twitter etiquette protip: before asking someone to dm you, make sure you are following them. In related news, I am an idiot.
02:27:53 codinghorror
so @betsyphd and I are living the 'make $5000/week stuffing envelopes from home!' lifestyle now, and I gotta tell you, I'm skeptical.
05:03:12 codinghorror
rt @bhollis I think you might enjoy this Swoopo.com Profits Greasemonkey script I wrote: http://m8.to/3Pl
05:22:17 codinghorror
Conan interviews the co-creator of USB from the rockstar commercial. Sort of. http://is.gd/4eOtY
07:17:55 codinghorror
maybe I'm crazy, but I'd like to see a browser with native implementations of jquery calls. Like C++ code implementations native.
07:31:52 codinghorror
Some people, when confronted with a discussion problem, think 'I know, I'll use threads!' Now they have two problems.
07:33:49 codinghorror
'You advocate that jQuery should then become a web standard at the expense of all other script libraries?' Yes, cut the gordian knot.
07:41:16 codinghorror
rt @john_lam More evidence that Sharepoint is the new VB: SP 2009 conference sold out at 7000 attendees. Wow. http://bit.ly/KzGuj
08:07:35 codinghorror
rt @kuzushi Most 'development' is electronic burger flipping.
08:14:08 codinghorror
someone just emailed me telling me I should write about the NP-complete problem again. Batten down yer hatches!!
08:23:52 codinghorror
unconscionable things I have been subjected to, part 8409: listening to @spolsky proofread sections of his wikipedia entry
08:51:02 codinghorror
did you know that every Stack Overflow email is baked with love? http://is.gd/4f1aT
09:27:28 codinghorror
dubious honor of the month: 6-starring 'Dancing With Myself' on expert guitar 1st try. Erm, I guess I know that song a little TOO well.
09:42:45 codinghorror
just ran into this problem in a modern browser. article dated ELEVEN YEARS AGO. HTML FTL? http://bit.ly/31lsMm
20:07:36 codinghorror
Pair programming with @rockhardawesome today! He's my coding buddy! http://twitpic.com/l9xgu
21:14:47 codinghorror
can anyone cite a proper rss/atom extension to specify vote counts in a feed?
02:55:25 codinghorror
rt @kevindente Etsy? How about Regretsy? http://is.gd/4g47s (vaguely NSFW) [The uterus pillow, I MUST HAVE IT!!]
22:15:11 codinghorror
a Stack Overflow for startup advice, with superstar backing -- http://answers.onstartups.com/
23:19:38 codinghorror
rt @seesharp http://bestc.am/WL5nv Geek chic #Casio calculator watch, reissued in Orange/Aqua/Tan
23:34:17 codinghorror
rt @migueldeicaza http://imgur.com/DgObr.jpg
00:29:28 codinghorror
AMD's awesome new codename for their next-gen GPUs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hecatoncheires
00:30:40 codinghorror
'copyright holders get 150 times more from pursuing filesharers than from selling actual music' http://is.gd/4iejj
01:02:03 codinghorror
Intel just made an obscene amount of money this quarter (most in 30 years); can we officially call the downturn over?
02:08:31 codinghorror
rt @jmorrill I will declare the downturn over when I'm making obscene amounts of money.
03:58:15 codinghorror
playing 'complete the circle of blame' with the #stackoverflow dev team. The one game where everyone is a loser!
04:04:03 codinghorror
remember, the circle of blame is *never* complete until someone leaves the room/im/email thread in anger!
04:24:59 codinghorror
rt @standaloneSA programmers should celebrate weekly festivus. The airing of grievences could be cathartic.
05:02:01 codinghorror
rt @spolsky the kiln website is now up: http://fogcreek.com/kiln/ [hosted mercurial + code review]
07:40:09 codinghorror
wow, just sent a direct message via twitter that disappeared without a trace. That's ... great.
07:53:09 codinghorror
just bought @rockhardawesome his first keyboard. Is 7 months too early? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EONVX0/
07:59:00 codinghorror
physical mail sucks, but buying, using and even collecting cool stamps is fun. There's gotta be a business model in there, somewhere.
08:42:10 codinghorror
a tender ode to non-alcoholic brew http://bit.ly/3YBJPy
10:33:10 codinghorror
the other problem with threaded replies: it lets jerkbags drag the margin to the right with endless pedantic responses.
10:36:57 codinghorror
threaded discussion problem #3: you think you're 'talking' to the other person, but you're really talking to every reader.
10:37:28 codinghorror
threaded discussion problem #4: after 1 response, trust me, nobody cares except you and that guy (and it's always a guy). Get a room.
13:14:12 codinghorror
DeBarge is awesome. THERE I SAID IT. I am not ashamed. OK, I'm a little ashamed. http://bit.ly/PcaCh
23:22:54 codinghorror
Are You Feeling Lucky? http://bit.ly/15JSL8
23:26:05 codinghorror
rt @hotdogsladies You say, 'I'm great at multitasking.' I hear, 'Delusion's made my carelessness scalable.'
23:49:18 codinghorror
rt @sween: 'Best Windows ever' is as dubious a distinction as 'whitest Jackson ever' [and just as technologically bigoted!]
01:02:58 codinghorror
put a http://meta.stackoverflow.com sticker on my laptop. It's a badge of shame, I mean, honor.
01:13:39 codinghorror
these new SSDs ruin you. Prepping laptop, and it seems *comically* slow now with its pokey mechanical spinning rust hard drive.
01:16:19 codinghorror
counting down the days until Apple goes SSD-only on all Macs. It's luxurious and elitist, thus it has to happen.
01:46:02 codinghorror
consensus: mechanical hard drives are sooo 2008. All the cool kids are going SSD! You want to be cool, don't you? eh? eh?
02:32:51 codinghorror
totally digging on the Lego Rock Band track list. Also: export! Also: works as a front end to DLC! http://is.gd/4jTRR
04:12:47 codinghorror
I don't mind sql server's built in fast-but-crappy compression. what I do mind is that the crappy compression prevents good recompression
05:58:43 codinghorror
I am not here to pimp my blog. You want to read it, read it. Meh. Who cares.
08:44:59 codinghorror
r @timbray the exec summary of http://diveintohtml5.org/video.html is 'we suck, flash wins.'
08:46:48 codinghorror
for double++ hilarity, the html5 video at the bottom of http://diveintohtml5.org/video.html doesn't work for me in Chrome.
19:57:09 codinghorror
flying out to LA DevDays in an hour or so http://stackoverflow.carsonified.com/events/losangeles/
22:17:09 codinghorror
Man security theater is the worst show ever. I want clowns, fire eaters, and sword swallowers.
23:58:38 codinghorror
The Shakira Conundrum: dancing? uncontrollable convulsions? maybe a little bit of both?
00:03:32 codinghorror
R @wilshipley people still write apps for operating systems instead of browsers? How old-fashioned.
18:10:52 codinghorror
I had forgotten that each #devdays speaker gets their own intro music. Guess what mine is? http://bit.ly/nGWel
20:12:08 codinghorror
#devdays participant just told me the conference would be better if I was replaced by @migueldeicaza - you're right!
01:55:35 codinghorror
Person with the #devdays ssid 'JeffJumpedShark', I see you, and your hilarity has been duly noted
08:25:29 codinghorror
heterosexual male? not after watching http://is.gd/4nksu and http://is.gd/4nktI . YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
08:46:15 codinghorror
most awesome Rock Band iPhone teaser video http://bit.ly/148AG6
11:58:05 codinghorror
Users never read anything you put on the screen. Still true, can point to live examples weekly. http://is.gd/4p2EV
21:28:52 codinghorror
r @jzy forget women and Ugg boots, what is it with the DAMN SPAMMERS and Ugg boots. Either way they need to die.
21:29:42 codinghorror
r @timbray I go directly from the microwave to the fridge. Dude cookin' at its finest.
23:28:37 codinghorror
rt @jwz Trying to find positive review or bio of Brokencyde for @dnalounge calendar. Not sure a nice word has ever been written about them.
06:44:25 codinghorror
RT @RockBandAide: The iPhone Rock Band app is now live in the US for $9.99 via iTunes! http://twitpic.com/m3e84
08:02:41 codinghorror
Ted Nelson: 'Of course it [Xanadu] is real. You know it's real because it crashes.'
09:19:31 codinghorror
I promise my #devdays SF presentation today will be at *least* 20% less sucky than my LA one!
09:21:42 codinghorror
you know what's awesome? reading a programming book and recognizing one of the people in it from Stack Overflow. http://is.gd/4qpuE
18:36:06 codinghorror
Boarding bus to #devdays sf, I will miss @Spolsky keynote, oh noes! :)
19:22:41 codinghorror
RT @loydcase: The best use for Microsoft Surface yet: playing D&D. http://bit.ly/2J6WZD
19:23:09 codinghorror
RT @deadprogrammer: @codinghorror 'Literary Machines' is a dense web of prophetic near-gibberish
19:24:56 codinghorror
At #devdays getting my Python on
22:27:07 codinghorror
Got to meet one of the Beyond Compare devs, and a totally sweet BC tshirt!! #devdays
00:20:35 codinghorror
RT @sn0wshrew: #devdays Hanselman repeatedly says we are 'advanced'. Don't believe his lies!
00:26:47 codinghorror
'At our church, the parish administrator demands that anything displayed on the screens be Comic Sans EVEN AT FUNERALS!!'
00:43:01 codinghorror
RT @geeksdreamgirl: @codinghorror At funerals they should change to Papyrus. It's a much more serious font.
06:32:26 codinghorror
Shut Up Woman, Get On My Horse. PG-13. http://www.shutupwomangetonmyhorse.com/
22:10:40 codinghorror
I hereby declare today Queen + Abbey Road day http://is.gd/4sPQH http://is.gd/4sPQt
22:23:33 codinghorror
new Flight of the Conchords album only $5 today on Amazon MP3! Awesome, just bought it. http://is.gd/4sQyb
23:11:47 codinghorror
rt @mfloryan Listening to podcast by @codinghorror @spolsky today made me change my thinking about recruiting people and searching for work
23:29:27 codinghorror
I am now *forced* to use Akismet (distributed bayesian) in addition to Recaptcha (human verification) on blog.stackoverflow.com
23:30:06 codinghorror
there's a lot of real-human-being farmed spam out there now, that's what I'm saying. A *lot*. Way more than 2 years ago.
03:14:52 codinghorror
rt @omarshahine Google Android is a copy of the Microsoft Smartphone business model. Why do people think it's going to be more successful?
05:28:27 codinghorror
looking at sponsoring LOPSA ( http://lopsa.org/ ) for http://serverfault.com
05:35:12 codinghorror
rt @NathanBowers Apple has never made a non-godawful mouse. Will the 37th time be the charm?
07:02:16 codinghorror
Playing the entire 16 minute Abbey Road medley is one of the best music experiences you can have in a game. http://bit.ly/ZFqcC
07:37:35 codinghorror
you know, @siracusa had it right. iPhone is now the Windows model. 'I can't use a different OS, all the best apps are on Windows!'
07:49:14 codinghorror
rt @iA @jzy I want that CSI Photoshop plugin http://i.imgur.com/WyoOL.jpg
08:12:56 codinghorror
in the UK? stand-up comedy benefit for Bletchley Park -- http://www.boffoonery.com/
08:24:36 codinghorror
the game Rock Band was my musical introduction to The New Pornographers, then I got a little obsessed http://is.gd/4txQn
08:37:01 codinghorror
amusing unicode face craziness http://bit.ly/3UoiyL
08:43:18 codinghorror
r @wilshipley unicode faces look correct in Safari 4/win. BEHOLD THE IMMENSE POWER OF WINDOWS DEBEN!!!1!
08:45:40 codinghorror
r @anthropic the Laws Have Changed video is based on Luis Buñuel’s Simon of the Desert http://thefaceknife.org/?p=19
09:21:04 codinghorror
rt @controlbreak 42 geek furniture items: http://bit.ly/3s7gev
09:43:56 codinghorror
these ebook readers are so dead once somebody ships a decent netbook style tablet. I would say Apple, but $$$ here.
09:55:33 codinghorror
If you can't identify at least ONE of the programmers interviewed in Coders at Work, you aren't a programmer, you're a dumbass.
09:58:31 codinghorror
Kindle app for PC/Mac would *kill*. I mean it would slay, murderize, fold, spindle, and mutilate ... er, the Kindle. Whoops.
10:03:50 codinghorror
r @oldmanuk seriously? How many lines of text have you read on a monitor in your lifetime? How many 'books' is that? Ok then.
18:29:28 codinghorror
I like to think of Stack Overflow as a kindler, gentler Skinner box
19:12:07 codinghorror
are you ready for some foootbaaaa.. er, hex-core desktop CPUs? http://is.gd/4ummB
19:17:04 codinghorror
r @simucal if we have a SO question with more than 30 answers, it's kind of a failed question already.. so limited utility.
20:14:53 codinghorror
rt @loydcase Interesting results from World of Goo 'pick your own price' experiment http://bit.ly/1E4ujM
20:52:26 codinghorror
rt @jzy a must visit. 'Learning Something Every Day' - http://qbnvg.tk
21:38:45 codinghorror
r @jzy @nathanbowers the irony here is that typography is provided by the OS and Safari 4 can't even render unicode smileys correctly, lol
21:48:16 codinghorror
r @jzy @jeannicolas here's what you're supposed to be seeing with proper typography support (works in Safari4/Win) http://is.gd/4uyfQ
21:48:37 codinghorror
Also, I'm sorry your OS sucks. My condolences. :)
22:09:06 codinghorror
Unicode smileys look perfect in IE8. And in Safari 4/Win. I told you, the OS does font rendering.
01:16:16 codinghorror
LEGO: the only brand that can make Robin within Batman games acceptable.
08:02:48 codinghorror
'if this is gonna be that kind of party, I'm gonna stick my.. ' http://is.gd/4vctG
09:01:30 codinghorror
@jonskeet I posted a bunch of test posts, which you can peruse.. seems ok to me
10:20:16 codinghorror
Opera: the browser so buggy, it makes you actually pine for good old IE6.
17:25:38 codinghorror
@migueldeicaza agree on mail Apis -- do you have recommendations?
18:19:36 codinghorror
RT @betsyphd: TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY. SHOUT AWAY!! http://capslockday.com/
19:39:24 codinghorror
I can't deal with Chrome themes or Windows 7 themes... at all. Give me plain, simple, clean, and uncluttered. kthxbye
19:48:35 codinghorror
rt @loydcase the Windows 7 Whopper (Japan only): http://bit.ly/2WfjwS [me: aaaAAAA!]
20:34:08 codinghorror
did anyone do the 'rickroll' halloween costume last year?
20:49:06 codinghorror
ok, you jokers, here's an actual link to at least one rickroll halloween costume http://is.gd/4we9b
20:54:31 codinghorror
'Oregon, in general, is a pretty Caucasian place, he said.' http://is.gd/4wewY
22:01:03 codinghorror
r @jongalloway Hey, you know where *I* would like to see more fullscreen Silverlight apps? NOWHERE.
23:21:17 codinghorror
necessity is the mother of .. er.. invention. USA! U S A! YOU ESS AYY! http://bit.ly/9FNrN
01:25:59 codinghorror
Mozilla Raindrop! 'We're Slightly Less Confusing Than Google Wave!'(tm)
02:06:59 codinghorror
r @wilshipley you have to admit they have nowhere to go but up. Is it even physically possible for WinMobile 7 to be *worse* than before?
02:07:59 codinghorror
rt @shanselman Couple of good shots of me at StackOverflow DevDays: http://bit.ly/3oRnYF and http://bit.ly/3c86rB
03:59:35 codinghorror
I love the smell of Regular Expressions in the evening.
06:17:49 codinghorror
is the uk the only TLD that does this crazy amazon.co.uk thing? Isn't it usually just amazon.fr, amazon.ca, amazon.de, and so on?
06:32:26 codinghorror
rt @portman_wills the UK's ccTLD is weird for all sorts of reasons, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.uk
06:32:37 codinghorror
06:53:58 codinghorror
mr @rockhardawesome doing his best Larry King impression http://is.gd/4wVVZ
09:37:07 codinghorror
what's my favorite rhyming couplet of all time? I'm so glad you asked: 'poetry in motion / Coconut lotion.'
10:04:49 codinghorror
@shanselman you are unable to read your children's UML diagrams? Tsk.
22:21:23 codinghorror
there is a parade going on almost directly outside. Here is how I feel about that. http://is.gd/4y7jZ
23:59:37 codinghorror
I swear we get *more* landline phone calls now that our landline has been disconnected! How is that possible? (turns phone off)
00:53:02 codinghorror
r @seesharp only one key tip for downloading content from Xbox Live: it's tied to the CPU (and account), so do it on 'your' Xbox!
01:43:08 codinghorror
if it wasn't for Dave Cutler and Windows NT kernel, would there even *be* anything other than the UNIX monoculture in OS-land?
01:46:56 codinghorror
funny how @gruber 's all like 'Apple innovates around the OS', when it's Yet Another Unix Flavor. That is CRAZY INNOVATIVE!!1!
01:47:48 codinghorror
maybe once everything's a web app, we can actually have new operating systems. But even then, I doubt it.
02:10:30 codinghorror
r @kevindente Apple's 'innovation' is 1) adopting x86 and 2) adopting unix. Good biz strat, but not exacly Fire In The Valley material
02:19:32 codinghorror
Meh. I wish Apple had built on the BeOS instead, and stuck to their guns on the PowerPC supercomputing initative.
02:19:54 codinghorror
That's 'Thinking Different'. x86 and Unix, not so fucking much.
02:24:51 codinghorror
r @sburnap 'Intel + developer friendly guts is why [Apple] is now succeeding' totally agree, 100% smart biz, but not 'thinking different'
02:28:42 codinghorror
r @jongalloway it's quite simple; stop pandering to corporations and start pandering to consumers. Bad news: corporations pay a LOT more.
03:24:36 codinghorror
rt @jzy Black Perl http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Perl #perl #poetry
03:32:44 codinghorror
whatever happened to Ronald Wayne? Ouch. Ouch. http://bit.ly/qk0gQ
03:50:04 codinghorror
hey @gruber , they're saying we should 'Replace Markdown with a more elegant solution which understands CRLF.' http://is.gd/4ytPD
03:58:55 codinghorror
iphone style checkboxes for jQuery -- cool! http://bit.ly/mGPTE
03:59:46 codinghorror
r @gruber I'm saying that SO at GitHub independently agreed on 2/3 of the top Markdown changes. Perhaps time for Markdown v2?
04:50:11 codinghorror
r @gruber I actually agree with you on the <br> thing, but it needs to be a configurable option. Lots of users get flummoxed by that one.
12:25:05 codinghorror
I wish I had more time to actually answer questions on the sites I run :(
02:22:19 codinghorror
experiencing some *very* laggy scrolling in firefox with large, hidden absolutely positioned <div>s. totally FF specific -- ideas?
02:34:01 codinghorror
r @inkedmn you're right -- it was display:none versus visibility:hidden. Firefox *hates* visibility:hidden!
02:57:08 codinghorror
starting next week, I'll be travelling to London for #devdays and I will be on Stack Overflow's official clock -- JST: Jon Skeet Time
04:12:59 codinghorror
Is a generic 'Submit' button on a html form *really* better than describing the specific thing that button will do for you?
06:17:53 codinghorror
yep, we have to install critical windows updates sometimes. HAProxy deals poorly with app_offline.htm, unfortunately.
07:02:45 codinghorror
I have three Steam copies of Left 4 Dead 2 to give away. You *must* have a Trilogy account with 1k+ rep, and a Steam account. At msg me.
07:04:13 codinghorror
this is a perk for Trilogy users! be sure to include the URL to your trilogy user page, and your email address.
07:15:56 codinghorror
ok, that was fast, all three Left 4 Dead 2 copies sent! Remember, Stack Overflow <3 s you! Well, some of you. Others, not so much.
07:24:17 codinghorror
rt @helloandre i missed your invite because i was playing L4D 1!! [lol]
07:29:58 codinghorror
left 4 dead multiplayer is crazy fun. I went through a month long period last November where I played it.. er.. a lot. :P
07:44:34 codinghorror
r @elliottcable the fourth in the trilogy. http://bit.ly/3wddb5
07:47:27 codinghorror
disturbing things I learned from @scobleizer : BOGU. This means 'Bend Over and Grease Up.' http://is.gd/4AjPv
08:45:00 codinghorror
some 'user' without 1k rep was trying to send me a twitter message, Shil Wipley or something? my reaction: http://is.gd/4AoJp
09:10:23 codinghorror
rt @iA Psychology of the blog comment section in a nutshell: 'How can I prove to myself and the world that I'm smarter than the author?'
10:56:27 codinghorror
'If you have three pet dogs, give them names. If you have 10,000 head of cattle, don't bother.' http://is.gd/4Azwn
10:57:04 codinghorror
rt @jwz tonight @bootie saw some white dude with tupac-esque tied bandana AND trucker cap, AND popped collar. He was a walking mash-up.
11:18:31 codinghorror
from http://moms4mom.com : 'Also, sometimes you really feel like yelling, Stop whining!' this also applies to adults. Sadly.
11:58:47 codinghorror
'we use WYSIWYG editors on all our Microsoft web properties, and that's why they're so awesome!' uh.. er.. yeah.. (gouges eyes out)
23:11:44 codinghorror
r @anildash it's different because it's 140 characters. Email has many problems, and chief among them: length.
23:35:41 codinghorror
r @marcoarment is right, Apple does do LCD monitors right, almost every time. Shame about the mice though. :) http://is.gd/4BqCG
23:54:31 codinghorror
'Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.' http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106308/quotes
00:19:45 codinghorror
I gotta stop responding to the emails that piss me off the most, because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
01:32:13 codinghorror
Vista wasn't that bad, and similarly, Windows 7 isn't that good. All about perception, I guess.
01:36:41 codinghorror
Here is @rockhardawesome writing a blog entry telling y'all how very wrong you are! http://twitpic.com/mynpd
01:40:38 codinghorror
r @shanselman @portman_wills do not agree that 64gb is enough as a boot drive. Say hello to my leetle friend /winsxs !! 128gb safest.
03:15:26 codinghorror
killing zombies just never gets old http://bit.ly/CcE5x
03:23:28 codinghorror
rt @TehGrumpyDude [in response to: killing zombies never gets old] http://is.gd/4BDd3 indeed :)
08:20:53 codinghorror
My SFO -> LHR fight is through United not Virgin, so no in-flight wifi. lame. :(
08:52:50 codinghorror
iTunes is so f'ing horrible. Worst 'feature' of iPhone, by far. Dear Apple: Stick to Standalone Hardware. kthxbye.
09:15:18 codinghorror
r @orj so many reasons to hate iTunes. First, because I love the web, and it is *virulently* anti-web. http://is.gd/4C538
09:19:37 codinghorror
iTunes 'Makes Me Think'. All I want to do is load music, and I have so many 'how the heck do I do this? wtf is going on?' moments.
09:20:16 codinghorror
apparently I'm not smart enough to understand either Lotus Notes or iTunes. C'est la vie.
09:37:56 codinghorror
rt @wilshipley I like to log into stackoverflow and add ignore tags for stupid languages until all the questions go away. So... peaceful...
09:40:59 codinghorror
r @wilshipley I suggest browsing just the 'right' tags, you programming language RACIST! Here you go: http://is.gd/4C6VQ
09:43:28 codinghorror
best Logo joke ever: 'SETXY Make the turtle do an alluring dance.' Hey, it's Logo, we don't have much material to work with here.
00:40:21 codinghorror
Headed to SFO for flight to London #devdays
01:52:17 codinghorror
my credit card was on hold, because I was using it to test the stack overflow careers billing with invalid info. lol.
02:34:51 codinghorror
#devdays is great, but honestly? I'm going to England for the chocolate. http://is.gd/4Dm4Q
03:45:47 codinghorror
Guy boarding plane recognized my Sea Battle t and used to play Utopia. George Plimpton would be soo proud
03:48:03 codinghorror
Just had an off-by-one seating error. I feel so ... programmery.
16:10:29 codinghorror
if it says 'baggage reclaim' instead of 'baggage claim', you may be in England. Also: ridiculously large power plugs. Fascinating.
16:32:19 codinghorror
rt @robfe the plugs hold fuses! Over here [in the UK] it's safe to gnaw live electrical cables!
16:34:36 codinghorror
r @otac0n battleship AI question looks accepted by the community to me, it got 9 upvotes already http://bit.ly/1QvwQC
23:24:37 codinghorror
How hard core is @jonskeet ? Answered a stack overflow q during speaker dinner! (and it was accepted!) http://twitpic.com/n6xfo
08:40:13 codinghorror
rt @blahspam Richard Stallman's first tweet! http://twitter.com/rmstallman/status/3102221010
09:15:44 codinghorror
rt @jarrod_dixon wish I could have attended the London #stackoverflow #devdays - 'there's Big Ben; there's Parliament!' http://is.gd/4FvKy
10:22:52 codinghorror
wow london #devdays is standing room only, go figure
15:59:00 codinghorror
ok so apparently the UK is *not* part of Europe, or so I am told. Stupid MAPS!!
16:08:16 codinghorror
the iPhone: Newton done right.
17:01:16 codinghorror
watching @jonskeet present at #devdays London. Note: includes sockpuppets as WE HAVE ALWAYS SUSPECTED!
04:00:33 codinghorror
hey @jzy they're on to you! http://9gag.com/photo/13495_540.jpg
04:17:58 codinghorror
Thanks London for a great #devdays! Now I know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.. http://is.gd/4GDbx
05:40:18 codinghorror
new: free public careers.stackoverflow.com CVs, unveiled at London #devdays http://is.gd/4GHqV
06:33:25 codinghorror
yes, there *were* female developers at #devdays, and I can prove it: I met @SaraS85 and @rachellaycock in person!
06:36:42 codinghorror
related, via @spolsky How CMU increased number of women in CS from 7% to 37% (pdf) http://is.gd/4GKaG
00:45:29 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers you can blame google for that -- they are the *only* openid provider to use per-domain urls, breaking our scheme.
00:46:03 codinghorror
in other words, Google issues a new, unique openid string for EVERY SINGLE DOMAIN.. per user. nobody else does that. shrug.
10:59:52 codinghorror
technically what Google is doing with openid is allowed, just.. unfortunate. You can't opt out of the 'privacy' or have a named endpoint
11:10:15 codinghorror
R @zmanian no but your stack overflow life will be easier if you use a named openid ala myopenid.com
15:55:45 codinghorror
apparently, mice are design kryptonite to Apple. So odd.
16:03:08 codinghorror
new and improved for Cambridge #devdays: free public http://careers.stackoverflow.com CVs http://is.gd/4GHqV
00:04:41 codinghorror
got a bottle of Salmiakki vodka from some kind Finnish developers as thanks for stackoverflow.com!
00:31:15 codinghorror
here's one thing I learned on my UK trip. You get INCREDIBLE battery life on the iphone when you turn off wifi and cellular :)
09:49:49 codinghorror
nobody told me how much I'd miss @rockhardawesome on my UK trip. It's crazy! Children ruin you!
09:51:49 codinghorror
rt @perspx recorded and uploaded @codinghorror's talk at Cambridge yesterday http://vimeo.com/7355062 #devdays
09:58:44 codinghorror
FTW: a @rockhardawesome lolbabby pic in my cambridge #devdays presentation http://is.gd/4IXFf
23:36:41 codinghorror
Getting a whopping 22 wpm on the iPhone typing tester.
01:08:38 codinghorror
obligatory 'check out the ridiculous costume we made our child wear for halloween' picture. YARR!! http://is.gd/4JBM9
01:42:41 codinghorror
EA rickrolls Yahtzee http://bit.ly/15XexG
17:39:12 codinghorror
I don't understand why @scobleizer has a 'job' working for anyone but himself
18:16:39 codinghorror
there are now as many Foo Fighters songs in Rock Band as there are Van Halen songs in Guitar Hero: Van Halen.
00:13:08 codinghorror
the amount of hand-wringing over 'who is competing with us' is so totally unwarranted. I want all the time I've spent discussing this BACK.
00:23:07 codinghorror
you're only competing with yourself. everything else is irrelevant. If you believe otherwise, you're doing it wrong.
04:56:11 codinghorror
'he'll save the children, but not the British children.' this song was on perma-repeat in my head while in the UK http://is.gd/4KFvA
05:27:43 codinghorror
the *Crunch sites (techcrunch, etc) are by far the most masturbatory, hard-core money porn on the net.
07:00:11 codinghorror
'everywhere I looked, I saw companies that were having trouble recruiting programmers, and not treating programmers well' http://is.gd/4KKh6
07:05:22 codinghorror
it sucks that you have to make things less than 140 chars so people can rt properly. constraints are good, but sometimes more is more.
07:06:31 codinghorror
I think 37signals goes much too far in worshipping at the altar of constraints. Ultimate goal: deliver a blank page.
07:26:21 codinghorror
Microsoft: 'we copy all of Apple's ideas, including the really, really bad ones.' http://is.gd/4KLei
07:33:10 codinghorror
that said, Apple does touchpads better than *anyone*. Is there even 1 PC vendor with a touchpad as large/awesome as new macbooks?
07:36:46 codinghorror
rt @betsyphd 'Check out my shellacked decorative vegetables, a**holes.' http://www.mcsweeneys.net/2009/10/20nissan.html
07:40:42 codinghorror
I blame IBM/Lenovo and their absurd fascination with that stupid trackpoint nipple. Which sucks. http://is.gd/4KLMY
07:51:57 codinghorror
the awesome giant trackpad on macs is the one thing I truly envy. The rest, meh, just a spendy, DRM-blessed x86.
08:33:51 codinghorror
a great @scobleizer post. This is why we discourage discussion on Stack Overflow, by the way. Not many get it. http://is.gd/4KNFE
08:36:55 codinghorror
dear @technosailor you're either borderline autistic or a total dick. Either way, congratulations.
08:44:35 codinghorror
if someone apologizes to you in good faith and you can't 'win' without belittling them.. man, that's just lame.
08:53:29 codinghorror
r @wilshipley is Obj-C less efficient than C++? It causes my mind grapes to hurt almost as bad as C++, anyway.
08:54:23 codinghorror
but, for the record, I am a wussy who thinks C syntax / language is one of the worst ever foisted on poor programmers.
08:58:18 codinghorror
C is good in that it's not assembly language, and bad in.. well, uh.. every other way.
09:04:25 codinghorror
rt @howtogeek Illustrated Guide to the New Firefox 3.6 Windows 7 Features http://bit.ly/3kNQQX
22:42:15 codinghorror
the Adventures of Lil' Cthulhu! http://bit.ly/Dm326
00:25:25 codinghorror
and the sign said ... http://www.talkingbumper.com/longhairedfreaky.jpg
00:28:43 codinghorror
r @skrenta when will these sites be regulated as what they really are, gambling? How long will this sham go on?
01:16:39 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers I've noticed my ms bluetooth laptop mouse gets very laggy depending on its position relative to laptop
04:04:10 codinghorror
twitter is not rss. http://twitter.com/isnotrss
04:52:47 codinghorror
I couldn't take it any more and trimmed the cat's nails. It was like having a feline Fred Astaire tapdancing around in here.
05:05:25 codinghorror
I don't even bother running adblock any more, since flashblock gets me 95% of the way there. Need it for Chrome, though.
06:53:38 codinghorror
google's 'less than free' biz model: they pay you to use their stuff http://is.gd/4LI1d
07:07:08 codinghorror
$ finger @bathroom.mit.edu http://is.gd/4LItP
07:09:30 codinghorror
it's cool that Chrome 4.0 has an extension for flashblock but .. how close is Chrome 4 to final?
07:24:52 codinghorror
I really don't like running beta executables. I've seen how the sausage is made, you know.
07:30:51 codinghorror
nice recap of @jonskeet 's #devdays presentation http://bit.ly/1ubltT
07:42:09 codinghorror
imma let you finish, but ... Consolas is one of the best programming fonts of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!
07:49:53 codinghorror
encyclopedia dramatica was never really SFW, now it is perilously close to not being safe for human eyeballs
08:16:46 codinghorror
conference speaker translation protip: 'I don't like to be away from my kids' = 'check not nearly large enough'
09:04:49 codinghorror
and thus ended capitalism. http://9gag.com/photo/6049_full.jpg
10:06:15 codinghorror
lol, Apple QuickTake 200 photos on Flickr! http://bit.ly/ok6Rm
11:44:12 codinghorror
Stack Overflow Careers: Amplifying Your Awesome http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001308.html
12:50:24 codinghorror
5. Do what you do best, link to the rest (via @anildash) http://bit.ly/2Rse0e
15:49:46 codinghorror
RT @secretGeek: Graph colouring question at SO, fun http://bit.ly/13XaMq
23:49:27 codinghorror
to be clear, a public CV on http://careers.stackoverflow.com is 100% free; opting in to the employer search requires small annual fee
00:03:31 codinghorror
r @robconery you can link whatever and wherever you want in your free public CV. You know that, right? <facepalm>
01:48:39 codinghorror
woot! Lego Rock Band is here! Fake Plastic Fake Plastic Rock FTW!!
03:27:37 codinghorror
my new favorite twitter feed. http://twitter.com/big_ben_clock
03:38:55 codinghorror
you would be shocked how thin-skinned some 'popular' online figures are. It's a surprisingly common combination, and it shouldn't be.
03:57:12 codinghorror
the online bile doesn't faze me. Like Kenny Rogers, I was raised on dairy, b***h! http://is.gd/4Muec
04:09:03 codinghorror
PLEASE SELECT ONE ( ) Have cake ( ) Eat it, too
09:09:41 codinghorror
having a bad day? do you need some pettin' and lovin' on your rain-soaked hide? http://bit.ly/32cdWB
09:59:03 codinghorror
I had no *idea* there were so many hot single ladies living near me! Thanks, intertubes!!1!
10:37:10 codinghorror
if we can run a top 1000 website on 3 servers, why in the world does anyone need to pay crazy expensive cloud rates? http://is.gd/4MJWd
10:45:02 codinghorror
On a related note, how long will Amazon Web Services continue to bill me $0.01 per month? HIGHWAY ROBBERY!
11:27:54 codinghorror
'Six years into this, and we finally made it easy enough for my mom to use.' http://is.gd/4MMiF
14:05:55 codinghorror
rt @richardcmcguire we all know that expertsexchange is a horrible name, but have you seen kidsexchange.net ?
16:00:18 codinghorror
WYSIWYG apologists: I'd like to show you this Word doc a poor user was trying to send as a HTML mail. Formatting GIGAFAIL http://is.gd/4MZLo
00:30:27 codinghorror
rt @deadprogrammer Republicans call for rewriting whitehouse.gov in Sharepoint
02:52:27 codinghorror
r @carnage4life not an Arrington fan, but I agree that http://bit.ly/4EjymK is what I'd like to see more of
03:58:17 codinghorror
email DomainKeys public/private key signing of email.. worth it or not?
05:59:06 codinghorror
commenters questioning my integrity.. code errors.. that's it, CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!! http://bit.ly/2D87d
09:01:11 codinghorror
here's your daily dose of human race embarrassment that is Yahoo Answers http://bit.ly/2hgzFb
09:02:43 codinghorror
'Cats are the ninjas of the pet world -- they long to flip out and kill people.'
09:04:34 codinghorror
wait, so you're telling me on this 'internet' anyone can type whatever random crap they want in a textbox and click 'submit'?
09:51:11 codinghorror
is @kevindente seriously asking me about the M:F ratio on Stack Overflow? I'd like to see 10:1, but reality? 100:1 easily
09:52:01 codinghorror
note that I am not counting the 'ladies' who choose the right name(s) to get their questions answered faster.
10:06:57 codinghorror
'There's avid belief amidst high school students that Computer Scientists sit in a cubicle writing code for the duration of their workday'
10:15:43 codinghorror
U.S. power plugs vs. U.K. power plugs -- AW SNAP ITS ON!! http://bit.ly/3bOpjg (via @null_loop)
10:17:14 codinghorror
as a programmer, I object to these stereotypes! I live a life of exotic .. er.. sitting in front of my PC .. all day..
11:22:03 codinghorror
yes @SaraJChipps aka 'Sara J. Chipps', if that is even your real name .. that *is* what I'm saying!
11:29:03 codinghorror
this one is for @robconery : great remix of tubular bells by Book of Love. http://bit.ly/3sIcW
14:37:08 codinghorror
I can't decide if Catto is for real or not. Either way, he is awesome.
02:38:23 codinghorror
rt @natfriedman: Congratulations to Steve Jobs on escaping death twice and being declared CEO of the decade by Fortune Magazine. Deserved.
02:39:59 codinghorror
rt @AccordionGuy Germany may have gotten rid of The Wall, but David Hasselhoff is harder to shake: http://is.gd/4O4NM
03:21:47 codinghorror
rt @jarrod_dixon the black velvet dubya. Remember, the 'W' stands for War! http://is.gd/4OpVC
07:07:33 codinghorror
sometimes I want to grab people by their shirt collar and yell at them 'I don't care!', but, meh, who cares.
17:25:24 codinghorror
bikini leia doubles our fun! http://bit.ly/2aZP5d
18:34:59 codinghorror
time to answer some non-subjective stack overflow questions!! http://is.gd/4OZyf
21:29:11 codinghorror
The *crunch brand, the smartest marketing move since Crystal Pepsi! http://churchcrunch.com/
09:07:21 codinghorror
the mysteries of SQL: getting 6000 records back with order by clause: 160ms. getting 6000 records back unorderd: 60ms. huh??
09:11:48 codinghorror
r @mohitthatte ordering 6k records takes 100ms on my 3.8 Ghz Core 2 Duo? Bubble Sort takes time?
09:21:16 codinghorror
incidentally, @jonskeet just happens to have ~ 6k Stack Overflow answers. Strange coincidence, no? :)
10:01:25 codinghorror
just for one day, I would like to feel this awesome: http://is.gd/4Pswg
07:43:01 codinghorror
ugh, had some spicy peanuts with way too much MSG. My body does *not* like MSG, causes stroke-like symptoms, massive headache
16:50:58 codinghorror
rt @howtogeek I really wish opera would switch to webkit. Then I wouldn't have to fix bugs for 0.0000001% of visitors.
17:46:45 codinghorror
implemented last-modified-since and not-modified for bots, hopefully this will reduce the 2gb/day of Googlebot http://is.gd/4Qebl
17:47:17 codinghorror
in previous tweet, I was referring to DYNAMIC db-rendered content, not static resources.. duh, that's a no brainer :)
03:45:13 codinghorror
already seeing 304s in my logs from Google. excellent. You know who knows how to write a non-crappy search bot? FREAKIN GOOGLE
03:49:37 codinghorror
There are a surprising number of clown cars driving around the internet masquerading as search bots. <carnival music plays>
05:26:56 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers false dichotomy. That's like telling apple they should be more valuable at strategy than design, or they're doing it wrong.
05:46:55 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers pagerank was a strategy, too, and that's just code. You can't ride the code forever, but it sure as hell helps to start
06:01:56 codinghorror
r @nathanbowers here's what you don't seem to grok: programming *is* design, when you do it right. Most people don't.
07:23:42 codinghorror
Can someone tell me what the breakdown of answers on Yahoo! Answers is? http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/2457/crackedyahooanswers.jpg
09:45:32 codinghorror
I really hate to be 'that guy', but finally seeing Romeo Void kinda.. ruined the 'slept together' song for me.
11:01:26 codinghorror
pardon my pimpage, but 2 free copies of Beatles: Rock Band for PS3 owners -- http://is.gd/4QLx8
11:20:17 codinghorror
stupid WORLD! it's so INTERNATIONAL now!! (grumble, grumble)
00:45:52 codinghorror
gentle reminder: the $29 / 3 years intro rate for http://careers.stackoverflow.com really *does* end at 23:59 PST today.
01:42:35 codinghorror
'for $199, your choice is a 0.5GB Droid where all of the apps run in a slow Java interpreter vs a 16GB iPhone with natively compiled apps'
01:45:59 codinghorror
oh yeah, that happens all the time! http://bit.ly/OSJ9l
01:49:32 codinghorror
rt @kevindente Android only supports 256MB of application space? Are you f'ing kidding me? DOA. http://is.gd/4Rimj
01:57:36 codinghorror
people don't seem to understand that megalomania is the best possible design for handheld phone markets. Not kidding.
02:01:23 codinghorror
'I always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my telephone. My wish has come true. I no longer know how to use my telephone.'
02:46:53 codinghorror
ok so Droid, Android, they're already wrecking the brand. Godspeed gentlemen, like Microsoft before you. Enjoy.
03:09:11 codinghorror
I am *convinced* AT&T vs. Verizon is Ford vs. Chevy in new bottles. Can't we get Calvin peeing on one of these guys, stat?
03:17:58 codinghorror
r @saturn825 who won Ford v. Chevy?? [ed: pretty sure that was Toyota.]
03:56:39 codinghorror
Shame on the NYT. http://bit.ly/2cdLU9
18:29:24 codinghorror
at the business of software 2009 conference #bos2009
18:50:02 codinghorror
'There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist, except an old optimist.'
19:19:59 codinghorror
Ask me about PONIES!! http://twitpic.com/p0j9d
19:22:25 codinghorror
every presentation should be Pecha Kucha. There should be no other kind possible.
20:26:43 codinghorror
rt @HMXCasey Vanilla Ice turned 42 this year. DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND?
02:14:44 codinghorror
fantastic presentation from the amazing @kathysierra at #bos2009
02:37:20 codinghorror
I had meatloaf for breakfast. lol please RT http://bit.ly/1Uv9Dm (via @nathanbowers)
05:26:53 codinghorror
r @kathysierra and @bertbates recorded a podcast with me and @spolsky ! Thanks again guys, you rock!
20:38:39 codinghorror
any system built on top of email is a fundamentally broken system.
20:52:34 codinghorror
you know who else loves ponies? @seesharp : http://bit.ly/sRMvG
21:38:40 codinghorror
'I just hate all smugness that is not my own.'
23:53:24 codinghorror
jQuery is great, but jQuery UI.. uh.. er... can we kill it?
10:25:02 codinghorror
yes, 'basil plant keeps dying'. of COURSE that's a valid question on Stack Overflow. Thank you, Mims H. Wright!
10:35:19 codinghorror
oooh @mimshwright I'm gonna get you, and your little basil plant too! :) https://twitter.com/mimshwright/status/5644487460
10:57:22 codinghorror
'Stack Overflow Careers - BEGIN YOUR SEARCH FOR SOME FINE ASS TALENT' uh, time for some copyediting on those emails
23:35:31 codinghorror
hey congrats to @jongalloway , now he's working for the 'man' aka the 'hansel-man' @shanselman
00:00:13 codinghorror
rt @carnage4life Google announces embrace & extend of HTTP with new SPDY protocol http://bit.ly/1UfvVK
01:26:44 codinghorror
r @jzy 'If you set your goals ridiculously high and fail, you look like a clown who can't even set goals properly.'
01:31:20 codinghorror
you know, it is possible and even sometimes okay to EXCEED your stated goals. Just throwin' that out there.
03:13:27 codinghorror
dogs welcoming home soldiers http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/40324
03:58:18 codinghorror
rt @jzy meanwhile, in Japan... http://bit.ly/tomP4
04:53:22 codinghorror
because MetaFilter is awesome, and it sucks when bad things happen to good people #mathowielove
12:30:52 codinghorror
do you have *awesome* programming jobs? want to help us beta test the employer side of careers? Email us: careers@stackoverflow.com
00:09:58 codinghorror
Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No http://bit.ly/4lB26I
00:13:49 codinghorror
'African-American Internet users use Twitter in greater proportion than any other racial group' http://is.gd/4Uxs8
00:16:24 codinghorror
courtesy of the institute of Snap!thology http://bit.ly/sjq0c
00:22:00 codinghorror
there are only 'social media experts' because these people have no usable skills.
00:23:29 codinghorror
when you try to parse XML with regex, Bad Things Happen! http://is.gd/4UxGV
12:04:41 codinghorror
not just Bad Science but $32 million worth of it http://www.badscience.net/2009/11/wtf/
19:08:33 codinghorror
This morning: choose wisely. http://twitpic.com/pia5e
06:49:11 codinghorror
'I don't have to get all dressed up like I'm going to Wal-Mart or something.' http://www.flickr.com/photos/skyzyx/251040544/in/photostream/
06:52:53 codinghorror
wow @mstum just linked me to http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/ and it has blown my mind-hole
08:28:48 codinghorror
I am disturbed that @shoeblogger read peopleofwalmart.com and then quoted Yeats http://bit.ly/34Y3c0
09:09:01 codinghorror
the 6 types of youtube videos there are waaaaaay too many of [Cracked] http://is.gd/4Vnhj
12:39:17 codinghorror
GeoCities: remembering MIDI http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/2342
02:54:41 codinghorror
c'mon @wilshipley didn't you ever see the movie Better Off Dead? COME ON MAN! http://is.gd/4VQxy
08:51:12 codinghorror
carpe noctem
10:39:54 codinghorror
belatedly realized after 6 months of email support that we should have been using Markdown formatting this whole time. Duh!
10:47:56 codinghorror
rt @betsyphd Only on the Berkeley Parents Network: A woman discussed pleasuring herself in the shower and was criticized for wasting water.
11:19:19 codinghorror
I can't believe MetaFilter users actually had the 'I can too parse HTML with regex!' argument. C'mon! http://is.gd/4W89W
11:20:12 codinghorror
I mean *I* parse HTML with Regex, but I *know* I'm doing something stupid. Stupid AWESOME.
14:01:25 codinghorror
benchmarked: AntiSamy .net is 20x slower than our Sanitize(BalanceTags(html))
17:47:36 codinghorror
apparently Eric Raymond sucks at programming almost as much as I do http://bit.ly/1RrqBJ
18:00:18 codinghorror
and people wonder why I diss PHP: gaze in wide wonder at the joy I have not found: http://is.gd/4Wo9O
09:30:27 codinghorror
wow, we (the stackoverflow.com team) are blown away by the Linq to SQL profiler! http://l2sprof.com/home
16:40:01 codinghorror
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (full album) DLC is out today! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHAo9npx3Q0
00:08:30 codinghorror
did anyone notice the shoplifting at 2:14 in the Microsoft Store dancing video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSAXEVXvNz8
00:34:40 codinghorror
Weird Al Yankovic helps explain auto-tune! features css-s-s-s.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYzv-AVi78E
01:58:48 codinghorror
now this is the 'type' of Ultimate Fighting a geek like me can get behind http://ultimatetypingchampionship.com/
07:59:22 codinghorror
hey @fotc are on twitter now? I am going to New Zealand for Webstock 10 next year and I WILL FIND YOU
08:45:37 codinghorror
I used to think blog apps were the new Hello World, now I'm thinking it might be twitter clients.
09:02:41 codinghorror
rt @jarrod_dixon Nothing says 'Merry Christmas, let the beatings begin' like a tall boy: http://is.gd/4XJe5
01:18:31 codinghorror
internet explorer 9 -- it lives! http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2009/11/18/an-early-look-at-ie9-for-developers.aspx
01:21:09 codinghorror
I am so tired of this meme, but ... bacon flavored envelopes. http://mmmvelopes.com/
01:54:58 codinghorror
the epitome of 'tough crowd': IEBlog commenters. There are some official MSFT response comments in there, surprisingly.
02:42:06 codinghorror
wrt all the angst over the Twitter official retweet: rt @jennyholzer THINKING TOO MUCH CAN ONLY CAUSE PROBLEMS
03:38:51 codinghorror
'Now, it’s up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum. Brian, for example, has 37 pieces of flair. And a terrific smile.'
04:10:27 codinghorror
hopefully you're having a better day than this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBD3fMNGI98
06:11:10 codinghorror
Stack Overflow podcast #74 with @kathysierra and @bertbates is finally up! One of my favorites. http://is.gd/4YvL8
11:07:32 codinghorror
'I want to debate with people on the internet but I worry that I'm not smart enough.' http://is.gd/4YEwZ
13:06:03 codinghorror
Stack Overflow careers employer beta now fully underway! http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/11/careers-employer-beta-underway/
13:38:27 codinghorror
15:02:56 codinghorror
Buy Bad Code Offsets Today! http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001312.html
15:16:40 codinghorror
rt @humantorch There isn't enough money in the WORLD for me to buy enough Bad Code Offsets to make up for my current projects :(
02:53:53 codinghorror
Crysis Back to the Future mod: I deem this Hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZAaKH0FYO8
08:51:10 codinghorror
'I only play Gal's Panic for... y'know... the gameplay.'
09:17:09 codinghorror
Vanilla Ice's metal phase freakout. Still bitter about that Denver show he cancelled. http://is.gd/51AT4
09:25:38 codinghorror
we watched Cool as Ice to prep for the (cancelled) Denver concert. SCREW YOU ROB. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrzp1zGuxbM
10:18:12 codinghorror
Firefox, I *hate* your one-process-per-user model. Horrendously bad architecture decision writ large.
10:30:03 codinghorror
NB: even IE6 gets this right. You can have multiple instances, or a single instance. Not sure about Safari and Opera.
13:20:07 codinghorror
I just *LOVE* the way retweets from accounts I have blocked show up in my timeline! Grrrrr.
13:54:10 codinghorror
If there was a contest for World's Most Unreliable Website, Technorati should be undisputed world champion 5 years running.
15:01:17 codinghorror
[lol] rt @charlesarthur Technorati could also win 'site that can't find anything you know is there'. Like the anti-search engine.
15:17:12 codinghorror
The Website Is Down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N38a5ja26xY
03:05:42 codinghorror
rt @migueldeicaza Why I am uber-super-fascinated by Silverlight 4 http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2009/Nov-23.html
04:00:56 codinghorror
oh great, how the heck will I get white teeth and a flat stomach now? http://is.gd/52ghv
04:03:01 codinghorror
sure @brunosalvino , let's play Global Thermonuclear War! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecPeSmF_ikc
04:05:49 codinghorror
'Some people might argue that San Jose, California is itself a place not worth visiting before you die.' http://is.gd/52grb
05:30:43 codinghorror
How a social media dream deal between Reddit and Conde Nast fell apart: http://is.gd/52iD4
09:04:07 codinghorror
The Beatles, one thousand years later http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z2vU8M6CYI
10:08:38 codinghorror
rt via @timbray and others: Teach The Controversy! http://controversy.wearscience.com/
11:54:32 codinghorror
'Thanks for embedding the iPhone videos, but they are in Flash I could not view them on my iPhone. Can you repost them in QuickTime?' LOL
23:38:33 codinghorror
ever click a link and regret doing so? I know, all the time.
04:25:00 codinghorror
rt @diveintomark Google Wave is a great tool for collaborating with people. Unfortunately, it turns out I don't actually like people
08:22:29 codinghorror
I'd like to send this long distance dedication to a tiny minority of our users. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vaAlnR-LeA&fmt=18
12:12:17 codinghorror
'I then asked him to think about why it might be that his brother-in-law is not the richest man in the world.' http://is.gd/53hlh
12:13:57 codinghorror
I am now required by law to link to this Christian Side Hug video. I'm sorry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_Oj0-splZw
12:33:56 codinghorror
I had no idea how lust-inciting *front hugs* were destroying civilization... until now. Thanks TFH! http://www.tfh.org/
02:43:06 codinghorror
Sounds like someone needs a side hug.
02:53:17 codinghorror
wow, got an email from an actual googlebot engineer about a possible issue with indexing. Impressive.
03:13:43 codinghorror
virtual windows xp mode in win7 is remarkably well done. It's not just a copy of virtual PC with an ISO as I feared.
03:54:24 codinghorror
this new Google Profiles OpenID support works in my testing! your OpenID can now be http://google.com/profiles/whatever
04:04:45 codinghorror
r @jongalloway it looks like real OpenID to our system, anyway -- and you get a *named* google openid, which is a first. No more hashes..
06:32:15 codinghorror
Nicholas Negroponte makes 5 predictions in 1984, 4 come true. http://is.gd/53QHI
06:33:43 codinghorror
loved @wilshipley 's run-in with Negroponte. Good times. Remember when Wil used to blog? http://is.gd/53QIH
07:31:10 codinghorror
Google Offers Named OpenIDs http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/11/google-offers-named-openids/
07:58:37 codinghorror
1) do you like Rock Band / Guitar Hero? 2) Are you as crazy as I am? 3) buy this, it's on sale. http://is.gd/53SmL
11:05:55 codinghorror
@jonskeet you are sooo lucky I can't downvote that :)
11:42:49 codinghorror
Google is now providing 61% of all OpenIDs for us. Data: http://is.gd/53YpH
12:51:42 codinghorror
why is so much user feedback in the form of 'I like this vehicle, but it's a car. You should convert it into a truck!'
17:20:43 codinghorror
I didn't think CPU speed mattered on the database server, then I saw a nearly linear increase in query speeds going from 1.8 > 2.5 > 3.5 Ghz
17:45:26 codinghorror
no.. even *ridiculously* simple queries scaled perfectly with CPU in my testing: 1.8 -> 2.5 -> 3.5. I was shocked, but #s don't lie.
18:09:58 codinghorror
remembering turkeys, and thanksgiving: http://z.about.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/S/H/bush_turkey.jpg
07:22:30 codinghorror
The Admiral's Pipe http://blogs.msdn.com/brada/archive/2005/05/12/417064.aspx
07:27:02 codinghorror
'if you like crowds and deals and the possibility of crushing disappointment, this is the event for you!'
07:38:16 codinghorror
scrubbing bubbles gone wrong. Very, very wrong. http://is.gd/54sQo
07:44:10 codinghorror
Itanium? They still make that POS? Never has a name been so apt.
07:55:06 codinghorror
Is 'Google's New Search Interface' some kind of joke? How is this.. different? http://is.gd/54tb1
08:08:28 codinghorror
rt @kevindente Here's that MS Keyboard 4000 link again. http://bit.ly/5aFs3l [I ordered 3! Keyboard of the Gods!!]