18:30:20 shanselman
Cool! Congrats! RT @minhajuddin: Posted my first blog entry at http://minhajuddin.com Thank you @shanselman , for the push
18:31:06 shanselman
RockScroll for CodeRush! RT @RoryBecker: RockScroll Studio Addon derivative joins DXCore plugin site as MiniCodeColumn (http://is.gd/tFmu)
19:19:22 shanselman
Happily and easily transfered 17 domains over to GoDaddy.com. No trouble at all. Butter.
19:21:24 shanselman
White People love their Moleskine Notebooks (funny) http://bit.ly/p4RzW
19:23:07 shanselman
Overheard at work: 'There are likely about 9M Professional Developers worldwide.' #tech #programming
20:16:53 shanselman
Does anyone read MSDN Magazine? The Site? Do you want the Dead Tree edition? Should it exist or should the content be spread out?
20:42:06 shanselman
Thanks for ALL the MSDN Mag feedback. We're taking ALL your tweets, rolling them up and taking them to a meeting today!
20:47:03 shanselman
Starting to use this for the parents and folks who want video chat but don't want to install: http://www.snapyap.com
21:13:58 shanselman
Machine shop just called. The Hanselcade control panel is drilled. Woot for @johnbat and I.
21:58:09 shanselman
RT @elijahmanor: 'jQuery Parallax Scrolling - Build Your Own 1980's Video Game!' #tech #jquery http://bit.ly/nYrsp
22:02:34 shanselman
You are INSANE! - RT @bdicroce: Is it me or does @shanselman and @ninob look like twin brothers? I have trouble seeing the difference.
22:30:29 shanselman
You think i look like Cary Elwes? RT @mindmodel: This has been bothering me since we met: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2967378176/tt0093779.
23:51:20 shanselman
Picked up the drilled Hanselcade control panel from the machinist. http://twitpic.com/3qcgu
23:55:13 shanselman
If you need metal cut in Portland, Gilbertson's Machine Shop is the spot: http://twitpic.com/3qct3
01:03:21 shanselman
Wow, 2 days of free WPF/Silverlight Training via @timheuer http://bit.ly/PUtyP
02:16:32 shanselman
blogged: Social Networking for Developers - Conference Talk Video: First, a disclaimer. This is some rea.. http://tinyurl.com/dxc3ng
02:54:30 shanselman
I think I want to get this Electric Adjustable Computer Table (in a different color) http://bit.ly/7Tui8
03:10:09 shanselman
09:45:07 shanselman
Wow http://www.emachineshop.com/ via @adamhunger
10:32:10 shanselman
Anyone try to host the WPF Editor in VS2010 or Intellipad?
10:43:48 shanselman
Charity via @lachlanhardy: $5 JIRA/Confluence licenses. All money to Room To Read: http://atlassian.com/starter
20:16:44 shanselman
Watching a presentation internal to Microsoft. Rocky Lhotka is used as clipart for 'an engineer without a college degree.'
20:29:43 shanselman
What do you guys think about this '#Devigner' term folks use? (Developer/Designer?)
20:41:29 shanselman
Better terms than #devigner (which is a cop-out) are 'Developer with Taste' and 'Designer with Tech'
20:51:47 shanselman
NEWSFLASH: @wrox says the #aspnetmvc book should ship today or tomorrow. http://bit.ly/zLlmI
22:31:47 shanselman
Have you put a site LIVE in production with ASP.NET MVC? ASP.NET Dynamic Data? Let me know!
23:02:34 shanselman
Great post. Read it twice. Learning and Understanding: http://bit.ly/b9dlw
23:05:19 shanselman
Wondering why when women wear tank-tops and tiny shorts it's cute but when men do it, it's creepy. http://bit.ly/PltnW
23:24:05 shanselman
Now THIS is how I want to be able to access magazines (Circuit Cellar #225) http://bit.ly/INOy
23:36:52 shanselman
Quick UI Mockups from MockupScreens. Looks interesting #tech http://bit.ly/Qwmw8
23:57:37 shanselman
Ugobe is gone. Another extinct dinosaur #robots http://bit.ly/afD3p
23:58:12 shanselman
RT @JeremiahLee: http://www.cueprompter.com/ is great.
07:24:41 shanselman
Friend of my Dad's works at a local Water Treatment Plant. Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser are there filming: http://bit.ly/XYFy2
08:16:37 shanselman
Oldie but a goodie (of mine): Sharpening the Saw for Developers http://bit.ly/SBdR
10:16:20 shanselman
blogged: Paint Fence, Cut Wood, Pull Weed, Plant Tree - Finding Geek Balance Outside My Comfort Zone: Pl.. http://tinyurl.com/d5rlwy
17:31:17 shanselman
RT @JesseLiberty: @shanselman what's the difference between ignorance & apathy? Answer: I don't know, and I don't care.
17:33:55 shanselman
RT @sdorzak: @shanselman thanks for explaining 'jumping the shark'!
17:50:56 shanselman
Going 0 mph on the freeway, wondering if I'm going to be late for my talk at the #innotech conference this morning.
18:05:13 shanselman
Truly, the parking meters in Portland could NOT be a worse example of usability.
19:32:05 shanselman
RT @TheFix: GREATEST SEGUE EVER....Andrew Mitchell: 'Speaking of torture when is the Minnesota Senate race going to be decided.'
19:38:21 shanselman
This was embarassing (not really) today at #innotech. ;) That's my #mix09 talk on the screen. http://twitpic.com/3u8fu
22:24:45 shanselman
Programming Skills vs. Life Skills http://is.gd/u9uv
22:43:50 shanselman
Portland Code Camp coming up on May 30th: http://PortlandCodeCamp.org
23:02:38 shanselman
RT @missrogue: Done! Over 1 billion downloads of apps to our iPhones in under 9 months. Crazy. http://www.apple.com
00:20:43 shanselman
.NET Open Source's best kept secret: ELMAH. Kicking ass for many years http://is.gd/nF9
00:21:33 shanselman
Ha! RT @Sougent: I wonder if the Hanselman referred to here is @shanselman? http://is.gd/uaMr
00:34:00 shanselman
I'm starting to think that the Remember Me button on Twitter just isn't hooked up.
02:16:33 shanselman
blogged: ELMAH: Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET (and MVC too!): Joe Lowrance said, er twe.. http://tinyurl.com/cnvve4
00:45:04 shanselman
#dotnetjobs Hiring in Alaska: http://tr.im/ipoq
00:52:14 shanselman
Wow, I've been *saying* we should do this. Can it be true? http://bit.ly/KN4ma
01:26:59 shanselman
Anyone upgrade their Dell Mini 9 with a Runcore SSD? http://bit.ly/15500B
05:56:24 shanselman
Frustrasting the news guy says you need to keep your system patched 'especially if you're running Windows.' MacOS X prompts me just as much
06:00:45 shanselman
If you say 'Cyberspace' to refer to the Internet, #PleaseStop.
06:02:32 shanselman
RT @Obscura: @shanselman Same goes for Linux. Keep it patched or get rooted.
06:39:12 shanselman
Interactive Ruby or Python DLR session in Silverlight http://bit.ly/g798d
06:55:03 shanselman
Great post by @tillig on ASP.NET and the problems with 'Multi-tenancy' http://bit.ly/paOcR
07:07:11 shanselman
Free Public Functional Programming Workshop in Portland on Apr30: http://bit.ly/cB4B3
07:16:11 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 159 - IronPython in Action with Michael Foord: My one-hundred-and-fifty-n.. http://tinyurl.com/ceapmw
00:23:14 shanselman
How do you want your steak? Wife: Burnt, dead, gray. Me: Just silence the moo.
01:49:05 shanselman
RT @dave_erwin: @shanselman FYI saw your new MVC book @ Barnes & Noble in Oakbrook, IL today.
05:06:43 shanselman
Ever see a movie so horrifically bad that you walked out of it...*in your own house*? I just did: 'The Spirit'
07:57:53 shanselman
Do you think this swine #flu thing is going to be a #pandemic?
00:59:42 shanselman
Watching my son on his tricycle. I think it's time for a bicycle.
01:32:03 shanselman
Moonlight 2 - RT @migueldeicaza: Alpha next week; Beta early summer; Final late summer. We are pretty excited!
02:51:43 shanselman
Swarm! Swarm! - RT @scottgal: Holy crap,. just noticed that 45 to go and I have 1000 followers!
03:28:31 shanselman
RT @jeffreymcmanus: http://shouldibeworriedaboutswineflu.com/ #swineflu
03:33:50 shanselman
RT @scottcate: http://demo.webapp-net.com/ - nice iPhone js/css library
03:34:34 shanselman
RT @mfeathers: Ooooo this is sad (education): http://bit.ly/wszKB
05:13:58 shanselman
I know this is ironic, but RT @Scobleizer: Liked 'Retweet is stupid (Scripting News). http://tr.im/jLAS' http://ff.im/2nJrU
05:16:08 shanselman
Feeling sub-optimal today. And yesterday.
05:23:16 shanselman
iPhones are popular because there are the small 'info-pads' we were promised in scifi books.
05:44:40 shanselman
#youreaparent When you find your swede ottoman covered in green permanent marker and your 1st thought is: 'this kid's got potential.'
05:51:04 shanselman
@mrcarxpert well, @codinghorror's baby is still in 'plant' phase. Trust me, 'pet,' and 'person' are great fun.
05:56:16 shanselman
@mrcarxpert kids are great, if you're programmed to be a parent, it'll be the 1 thing that matters. Sharpie across the Flat Screen doesn't.
05:57:45 shanselman
@mrcarxpert babies have 3 phases, Plant, Pet, Person. Plants poop and need watering. Pets follow you. Persons break stuff.
06:00:13 shanselman
@mrcarxpert child birth and child-rearing isn't a horror story. It's much bloodier and more messy than any horror story. ;)
06:13:39 shanselman
Tonight's episode of the #Dollhouse is fantastic.
06:47:00 shanselman
Attn: @brookscl is looking for an inspirational female speaker with experience in the gaming industry, hopefully in Oregon.
06:51:25 shanselman
Watching #1ladies. Jill Scott NAILS the Botswana accent. Anyone know her? I'd love to interview her for the show.
08:20:15 shanselman
Win7 RC is coming: http://bit.ly/17I3BI
08:43:00 shanselman
Arguing with @codinghorror on Skype over why he doesn't follow me on Twitter. It's a war! #hanselwar
18:20:42 shanselman
RT @xenijardin: Family member now convinced they have swine flu. Why? 'I'm tired, coughing...' U have a cold. 'But I also feel...porky!'
18:47:10 shanselman
Here's a statistic. More people are currently sick from eating bad alfalfa sprouts than from the #swineflu.
18:49:31 shanselman
LOL - RT @domusvita: @shanselman so you're saying we should be stopping alfalfa spouts from getting off planes?
22:20:11 shanselman
Steven Frank: 'Would it be tasteless to have a 'Remember me?' checkbox on one's gravestone?'
23:45:13 shanselman
MSDN Code Search Preview: http://bit.ly/uojLk
00:23:11 shanselman
#zimbabwe *100* of these is US$1. http://twitpic.com/44i2i
00:23:59 shanselman
Ah, my copy of JCVD just shipped from NetFlix. Woot! http://bit.ly/DI592
00:51:58 shanselman
Wow. Apache Emulator for IIS http://www.helicontech.com/ape/
01:08:10 shanselman
Nice WPF Charts. 50% off discount if you use the code 'hanselman' - no kickbacks for me, just a coupon. http://bit.ly/6wTS5
01:37:09 shanselman
Free WPF and Silverlight Charts via @jaykul http://visifire.com/
05:37:18 shanselman
Thinking about doing some *Live Remote* User Group Visits. Skype+SharedView, 2 projectors. Thoughts?
05:44:45 shanselman
If you're not using ClickOnce, what's the best way to install and app AND have it auto-update itself?
05:49:46 shanselman
Dependency Injection, Structure Map and WebForms Screencast: http://bit.ly/OILSW
08:31:48 shanselman
'Robbing a bank in Belgium shouldn't be this hard.' #jcvd
09:21:39 shanselman
Nice WPF Charts. 50% off discount if you use the code 'hanselman' - no kickbacks for me, just a coupon. http://bit.ly/6wTS5
09:32:46 shanselman
Watching the #jcvd trailer. WTF? Were scenes cut? I didn't see 30% of these scenes. Are there two versions?
09:45:33 shanselman
#nerddinner Free #aspnetmvc tutorial, now available as HTML http://bit.ly/mQ2vW
10:07:24 shanselman
Wow, just got an email from a student in Pakistan who has been assigned a project based on MY project from college. http://bit.ly/12Eyx3
10:12:02 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: RT @lazycoder: rt @camsoper Best. Code comment. EVAR. http://tinyurl.com/dmuxyy (line 107).
10:20:00 shanselman
RT @raboof: @shanselman The commit log message sums it up nicely as well. http://is.gd/v3tK
10:45:26 shanselman
RT @ayende: my post about testing NH is up, yes, it is THAT simple: http://tinyurl.com/d8wtqf
18:41:41 shanselman
Office 2007 SP2 ships today: http://bit.ly/ecAJa
19:15:55 shanselman
Um, why? http://tinyurl.com/d434hz
19:26:38 shanselman
The guys that write ISAPI_Rewrite are on Twitter: @helicontech
19:27:35 shanselman
Open Source SIlverilght Game for kids via @SmartyP http://bit.ly/13ElXo
19:34:35 shanselman
Tough decision re Rails Community from @MikeG1 http://bit.ly/GkyeE
19:49:49 shanselman
Got any links to code with 'awesome' (funny, evil, insightful) code comments? Send them to me.
19:57:08 shanselman
World's best code comments on SO: http://bit.ly/3i6xl
20:08:46 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: via @jzy the tyranny of experts-exchange http://skitch.com/jackcheng/bpmpn/ee
21:50:25 shanselman
Office 2007 SP2 *is out* http://support.microsoft.com/kb/968170 (The Outlook improvements are good)
22:19:58 shanselman
NewsFlash. Tech Analysts are neither techie nor analysts. Poop on them. http://is.gd/vc4W
22:28:33 shanselman
Watch out for XSS, Fluffy: http://is.gd/va9Z
23:08:42 shanselman
Is it OK to be a dick if you're introspective about it? http://is.gd/vcEZ
23:19:15 shanselman
Happy Webbies...T-shirts with Programmer's Faces. So cool. http://is.gd/naFu
23:38:27 shanselman
RT @raboof: Blackbird is one sexy looking JavaScript “alert” replacement for debugging & logging. http://blackbirdjs.googlecode.com
00:21:40 shanselman
I'll be speaking in Eugene, OR on Thurs. If you're within driving distance, why not stop by? http://is.gd/qBse
01:17:27 shanselman
blogged: The Weekly Source Code 41 - Searching Code, Sharing Code, and Reading Code (and Comments): I re.. http://tinyurl.com/ckcuzv
05:02:25 shanselman
@bsimser There's another Scott Hanselman in Vermont or something who is a web developer. We should talk, but I can't find him on Google. :(
09:12:53 shanselman
Getting cold...gotta go outside and cover up the #sqftgarden to protect it from frost.
09:16:42 shanselman
blogged: Don't Give Bile a Permalink - Finding Balance within The No Asshole Rule: I asked on Twitter to.. http://tinyurl.com/d6tdyt
09:40:21 shanselman
Install Xobni, again. Still don't see why it's useful.
09:44:35 shanselman
*Awesome* use of Twitter http://www.twhistory.com/
09:56:27 shanselman
Almost time to pull the trigger on an Intel SSD for my main machine...and/or my laptop per @spolsky http://is.gd/viaK
18:11:58 shanselman
I just noticed i.stackoverflow.com show up on NetCraft @codinghorror ? http://is.gd/vo3c
18:37:05 shanselman
Everyone should RT this and follow them: Awesome use of Twitter by a #historyteacher http://tinyurl.com/c2mt5l
18:41:17 shanselman
Truly, best woot EVER? http://www.woot.com/
19:39:55 shanselman
Free *Beginning* ASP.NET MVC Chapter from @simonech and @wrox http://bit.ly/djFb9
19:56:04 shanselman
I need a FREE Outlook Calendar DeDuper. I'm suffering.
23:51:17 shanselman
An epic day, truly. My mom is upgrading the RAM in her laptop ON HER OWN in anticipation of Windows 7.
01:33:52 shanselman
RT @guykawasaki: Breaking the silence: Top 10 drugs we used as kids. http://adjix.com/3wqc
01:47:01 shanselman
Holy crap, that's cheap. http://tinyurl.com/dgd22p
01:53:19 shanselman
Finally, USB keys shaped like a freaking key. I've lost so many USB keys because they weren't. http://bit.ly/FF7SZ
06:15:43 shanselman
If you've read the #aspnetmvc book covertocover, please do leave an honest review http://bit.ly/zLlmI
06:17:44 shanselman
Four reboots and 3 NVidia drivers later and I finally got 'Visual Effects' enabled on Ubuntu 9. Woot!
06:19:56 shanselman
The first #aspnetmvc book review is in! - RT @SCMcDonnell: @shanselman My review: WebForms are better. ;)
06:41:30 shanselman
Unix people don't get viruses because anyone who downloads something and chmod +x's deserves it, right? ;)
11:16:26 shanselman
What will the next StackOverflow/ServerFault instance be called? #stackoverfault
19:08:23 shanselman
I'll be in Eugene, OR tonight http://www.eadnug.org Two shows, tip your waiters!
19:23:51 shanselman
RT @agileguy: @shanselman The new parents website 'DiaperOverflow' or 'DaddysFault'? #stackoverfault
19:39:42 shanselman
RT @dchest - If Everything Was Made by Microsoft http://tinyurl.com/cw6hwo
22:11:59 shanselman
LOL! - RT @lazycoder: True story, I once said 'gosh' in front of @shanselman and he FREAKED OUT. Said he would pray for my immortal soul.
23:04:10 shanselman
RT @lazycoder: The 10 most shameful RPG dice. http://is.gd/vAA1
06:14:08 shanselman
RT @codekaizen: Listening to @shanselman recover his MVC talk from leaving his smart card on his kitchen table, bricking his laptop
06:25:12 shanselman
RT @haacked: 'I can't choose whether someone is offended by my actions. I can choose whether I care.' - @martinfowler
06:36:07 shanselman
RT @martinfowler: @jeremydmiller I'd prefer it to be called the Occasionally Useful Suggestion of Demeter.
06:44:22 shanselman
RT @RayLinder: Go offline (like NO internet connection) for 2 weeks and see how much work you actually get done. I got a TON of work done.
10:33:10 shanselman
RT @venzann: @shanselman Tell me about it. 23 minutes between twitter posts, with a pave/install of 7100 inbetween ;-)
10:42:58 shanselman
Upgraded every machine to Win7RC. 3 laptops, 2 desktops, 1 netbook. Windows Reliability Index is 10 for the first time ever.
10:57:52 shanselman
RT @StuartDavies: Win7 driver detection is a marvel to behold. Only 1 was missing from initial install, which it *found* 3 days later.
18:05:02 shanselman
RT @richardroeper: Wow, Vegas star Danny Gans died. Sad. Far too young. http://tinyurl.com/dfy5v6
18:31:26 shanselman
RT @lewisshepherd: I assess that I can give full value to Microsoft stockholders without having Twitter on for the rest of the afternoon.
19:59:51 shanselman
Use a Kindle? 70% chance that you're an old person. http://bit.ly/KzBO1
20:17:33 shanselman
See? Swearing isn't always needed in technology discussions. F**king A. http://bit.ly/17lQ1Y
20:19:06 shanselman
It had to happen! BabyStomp! via @aaronlerch (video) http://bit.ly/4fa0g
22:01:17 shanselman
Rails on IIS7 http://is.gd/vWPn
22:01:53 shanselman
We're editing a podcast with @joshmarinacci for this week.
22:02:37 shanselman
In case you didn't know, @joshmarinacci (check the pic) is my 'Evil Spock' living in parallel Java World.
22:52:38 shanselman
Collecting all #aspnetmvc Action Filters http://mvcactionfilter.codeplex.com/
22:52:44 shanselman
RT @johnbat: Is convinced anyone selling an arcade video cabinet thinks they're selling gold.
23:38:23 shanselman
Just can't seem to find a jQuery control that'll do Date and Time elegantly and populate one TextBox.
00:42:08 shanselman
Sweet. I can Remote Desktop from my Multi-mon Win7 system to my Laptop Win 7 system and use ALL THREE MONITORS.
00:58:37 shanselman
Just updated #nerddinner in Production. UI Tweaks, support for all countries, removed Phone# Regex, added Elmah.
01:33:55 shanselman
RT @just3ws: @shanselman babysmash was on Pg. A4 of the Joliet, IL Herald News last Saturday. http://twitpic.com/4d7cv
07:37:47 shanselman
RT @jokeyxero: 'So, fear of massive popularity is why you're not blogging?' [ paraphrased from @shanselman ]
07:49:24 shanselman
Playing Catan with @haacked and wives. Phil is controlling, our wives are models... http://twitpic.com/4e06l
23:09:38 shanselman
Es la verdad - RT @gabo: ASP.NET MVC es sólo una forma de hacerlo es como para ir de un lugar a otro puedes hacerlo en carro o en moto.
05:04:55 shanselman
My 3 year old as @haacked and family drive away after the weekend over...'Who were those people?'
05:10:32 shanselman
@Jaykul @Rob_Russell @SharpGIS @codedread Just to be clear, I'm not speaking as MSFT. I've never *personally* come upon SVG in the wild.
05:55:16 shanselman
05:55:54 shanselman
06:22:16 shanselman
06:40:55 shanselman
06:54:47 shanselman
07:15:38 shanselman
Patching original holes... http://twitpic.com/4j4ju
07:21:57 shanselman
07:38:15 shanselman
07:39:55 shanselman
08:00:27 shanselman
Crap! Broke the acrylic control panel front. The evening is automatically over. Gotta get and cut and drill new plexi for the #hanselcade.
10:51:08 shanselman
OH, HELL NO. You're goin' do me like THIS, Amazon? No warning? No upgrade? B.S. http://is.gd/wvnv
10:55:22 shanselman
Don't use in-process-plugins for Chrome Win7 x64...security risk. Instead, use the Dev Channel: http://is.gd/2K06
19:01:33 shanselman
Heading to Seattle today...should we do a Tweetup tonight?
19:19:40 shanselman
Hm....LINQ for #JavaScript (clientside) http://is.gd/wE9a #tech
19:24:37 shanselman
Fantastic, an LOCALHOST OpenID Provider for developing Web Apps offline, from @aarnott http://is.gd/wqEW
19:27:44 shanselman
How many passes does the team in White make? http://is.gd/1YmW
19:29:13 shanselman
Ah, no tweetup for me, there's a Redmond .NET UG tonight: http://is.gd/wEfb Thanks @brian_henderson
19:33:12 shanselman
OK, 44 emails in my personal inbox and 46 in work. I'm overwhelmed here.
00:06:30 shanselman
How do you know if the R&B you're listening to is played out? 'Girl, I'm wise enough to know...'
06:16:01 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 160 - JavaFX and the Web's Four Virtual Machines: My one-hundred-and-sixt.. http://tinyurl.com/cy6j54
06:46:24 shanselman
Giving up on trying to cut acrylic myself. Making an EPS/AI and letting a laser do it for the #hanselcade http://twitpic.com/4l553
07:01:04 shanselman
RT @WardCunningham: I will attend Portland Code Camp and present 'Swim' if I get enough votes here: http://is.gd/wNZi
07:16:38 shanselman
Free CodeRush Express (beta) http://is.gd/wO8F
07:39:46 shanselman
Wanna make #codeplex better? Add or *Vote* on Issues. They pull new features DIRECTLY from http://is.gd/oBJT
07:42:15 shanselman
Cloud App contest for .NET *and* PHP devs. $5k cash price. RT: http://bit.ly/12GA1N
07:43:54 shanselman
Had a great time speaking at @eadnug last week. It's official, I take only Thomas the Tank Engine Trains as payment. ;)
08:39:12 shanselman
What do you guys think about a plugin that lets you speak code? Like DragonNaturallySpeaking for .NET? #speakcode
09:01:18 shanselman
RT @RyanFarley: Just what you always wanted. A Patrick Swayze centaur-chippendale tattoo. This dream lasts forever http://snurl.com/he3id
09:10:39 shanselman
I'm thinking I'm going to have to get the #uberKindle. As an early adopter, I'm bound.
09:15:02 shanselman
RT @aridlehoover: @shanselman I already have a 'plugin' that lets me speak code. I call it my pair.
09:24:47 shanselman
THIS is how you apologize on the 'tubes: http://is.gd/wtiH
20:40:44 shanselman
Visiting Microsoft campus...beautiful spring day...;) http://twitpic.com/4m2o7
22:27:11 shanselman
Sitting in a meeting in building 42 on campus in Redmond talking about PHP
22:47:42 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: we refer to RDP-ing into our prod servers as 'hanselman' now. 'hey, looks like an issue, you better hanselman into prod'
23:16:31 shanselman
Counting the number of F-words in this meeting on PHP.
23:28:11 shanselman
Tweeting just quotes from the ASP.NET meeting I'm in: 'It's LOB and CRUD.'
23:39:18 shanselman
Quotes from the meeting I'm in: 'Can I get some of those drugs, because those sound GREAT.'
01:16:10 shanselman
blogged: ELMAH and Exception Driven Development FTW: Jeff blogged last month about Exception-Driven Deve.. http://tinyurl.com/djujuw
03:19:31 shanselman
New soccer field at msft http://twitpic.com/4mvti
04:33:53 shanselman
3 down... http://twitpic.com/4n18u
05:25:36 shanselman
On the phone with @bellware about Selenium, Cucumber, RSpec, stuff...@brookscl and he should talk.
05:32:25 shanselman
People on my blog giving me crap about coding 'if(something == true)'
05:43:56 shanselman
LOL! - RT @codypo: @shanselman Clearly the preferred style is if (!(false == something))
11:10:18 shanselman
My podcast this week on BBS's fell through!
11:12:40 shanselman
Interesting chart on Malware infection rates: http://bit.ly/6I3PZ
11:20:40 shanselman
Don't forget all the fun #win7 keyboard modifiers for the SuperBar. Try Ctrl-Shift-Click. Try Shift-Click. Try WinKey+#number.
20:21:28 shanselman
Sigh. Kindle2 for sale. ;)
21:32:20 shanselman
The PHP site now links to the Web Platform installer as a download option: http://bit.ly/GbV8p
21:44:23 shanselman
NYTimes Silverlight Kit...interesting sample http://bit.ly/Tg6F3
22:02:50 shanselman
Who is going to #teched09? I'm in a profound slide panic.
22:18:14 shanselman
It's XP Mode, son. You got it? #win7 http://is.gd/xiGb
03:28:42 shanselman
And ScottGu as Higgins? http://bit.ly/TGHAr
07:59:49 shanselman
Looks like BizSpark hit 12,000 enrollments: http://bit.ly/ULc9p
09:32:55 shanselman
Woohoo! Got my .NET 4.0 talk in my brain, thanks to @jolson. Next step, setting up 15 demos and showing them in 75 minutes. ;) #teched
09:59:26 shanselman
My brain is full, otherwise I'd be all over this: http://www.chessatwork.com
10:04:44 shanselman
Possible MultiMonitor Taskbar for #win7. Warning, I'm just reporting the news: Be wary. http://bit.ly/Ue1UQ
11:36:27 shanselman
Hey, made $3.61 on Adsense today. I can retire soon.
19:05:42 shanselman
Hey, if anyone has a copy of the NYTimes, hang on to it, I'm mentioned in the travel section. Is there a picture?
21:00:08 shanselman
Dynamic Data == Data: The Preview 4 is what you'll see in Beta *2* of VS2010... http://is.gd/xy9T
21:08:21 shanselman
From a comment on my blog: 'A man who writes code like that, and is not ashamed to show it to people, is clearly capable of anything.'
21:13:58 shanselman
@karlseguin You are not lying. That's some hard-core stuff there. It's hardcore==true. ;)
21:23:14 shanselman
RT @SCMcDonnell: @shanselman it's ok, I use if(true.ToString().ToLower() == 'true')
21:24:20 shanselman
If you were going to see a keynote where the general conference topic was 'Efficiency' - what would you expect to see?
22:20:03 shanselman
The .NET Micro Framework moved over to DevDiv: http://is.gd/xzaT and source will be become available, apparently.
22:28:27 shanselman
Bill Hill has left Microsoft (he helped invent ClearType) http://is.gd/xo0t
22:31:50 shanselman
Want 20-40% faster PHP on Windows? http://is.gd/xzkB
22:51:48 shanselman
RT @markveldhuis: How to get Live Messenger back in the System Tray on Windows 7 : http://bit.ly/AqraL #windows7 #win7 #messenger
23:16:21 shanselman
blogged: Switching my Windows 7 Boot Disk from D to C with BCDBoot rather than BCDEdit: Disclaimer: It's.. http://tinyurl.com/cgm6bs
02:09:56 shanselman
RT Save Dollhouse. Fans get their voices heard @BuddyTV http://tinyurl.com/SaveDollhouse
05:57:02 shanselman
RT @robconery: Dear People Who Make Webcasts: I can hear absolutely *everything* in your mouth and nose. We're not on a date :)
19:31:44 shanselman
Another TweetDeck contender...this one in WPF, and looks to support more features: http://bit.ly/77Ujm
19:37:01 shanselman
Media Browser just gets better (be sure to scroll down) http://bit.ly/i1uc4
20:48:19 shanselman
Fun Silverlight game for kids 'Matchingo' with source: http://bit.ly/lgzm7
21:39:37 shanselman
RT @sixuntilme: From my friend: The blind, diabetic wine taster http://twurl.nl/3bsien
22:03:48 shanselman
Just did a great BBS podcast with @coolcsh and @JimHarrer. If you used WildCat! or like BBS's, follow these two founders.
22:43:50 shanselman
Sweet! Alarm.com has a native iPhone App (iTunes Link) http://bit.ly/7NPKy
00:58:58 shanselman
Twitter sick today?
02:05:19 shanselman
What's a better reference for side-by-side: Bosom Buddies with Tom Hanks, or Perfect Strangers with Balki Bartokomous?
04:25:07 shanselman
You're at dinner with your family, take out the bluetooth! (says the other guy, twittering during dinner with his family)
04:27:35 shanselman
RT @DanielSchaffer: .NET Facebook API v2.0 Alpha + VS Starter Kit! #facebook http://bit.ly/cg5fN
06:41:18 shanselman
Loving the new Alarm.com iPhone App. Woot.
22:32:29 shanselman
Saturday in Oregon http://twitpic.com/4vbgw
23:01:19 shanselman
My brother had a small fire. Here's his Sony Vaio: http://twitpic.com/4ve84
00:49:06 shanselman
At my brother's farm http://twitpic.com/4vo8u
04:10:55 shanselman
Got a hair cut. I look like 'evil' Nathan from #Heroes
05:42:10 shanselman
3yo before barber haircut: 'A little off the sides, a little off the top and a little off the bottom.' http://twitpic.com/4wctx
05:46:45 shanselman
@shanselman is Evil Nathan Pettrelli with this new haircut? http://twitpic.com/4wd5b
06:54:23 shanselman
Thinkig about getting an external iPhone battery for trips. Is the Richard Solo any good?
07:10:45 shanselman
Facebook group for Wildcat! BBS users: Woot! http://bit.ly/6vttH
07:12:14 shanselman
Run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta http://is.gd/xLDr #win7 #windows7 to see if you'll have trouble BEFORE you install.
08:23:34 shanselman
Sweet Sassy Molassy The #Dollhouse Finale ROCKED my world. People, watch this show, starting from Ep.6.
22:32:12 shanselman
Heading to the airport for #teched
01:47:54 shanselman
Just got bumped off a flight to #teched, but now I'm rolling first class in two hours.
05:52:17 shanselman
Thinking bout checking into my hotel, then hitting #startrek, perhaps at Sheraton theater around 10? Who's with me? #TechEd
07:42:01 shanselman
Heading to #startrek at universal amc #TechEd
09:37:09 shanselman
OMG the new #startrek is fantastic.
09:51:35 shanselman
Someone needs to tell me what Madea is doing in #startrek.
11:20:23 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: @shanselman I totally agree. Second only to Khan. #startrek
20:26:11 shanselman
Talking to @millermark at the DevExpress booth at #TechEd. Coderush FTW!
20:31:08 shanselman
Looking at @millermark's demo at #TechEd http://twitpic.com/4zom5
04:59:41 shanselman
07:56:20 shanselman
I think I'm the only poor schlub at the Sheraton Universal. ;) #TechEd that'll teach me.
11:07:16 shanselman
RT @coolcsh: Podcast with @jimharrer and @shanselman on the good ole days and Wildcat BBS is live. http://bit.ly/2SC7Z
17:49:32 shanselman
Best email of the morning: 'Dear Author of Scott Hanselman Computer Zen Blog Hello.'
18:35:43 shanselman
Me: '...we can use a toilet paper roll and make a jet engine.' 3 yr old: 'Daddy! Toilet paper is for wiping your butt, not for jet engines.'
18:49:04 shanselman
On the bus heading to #TechEd from Satan's As...I mean, the Sheraton Universal. ;)
18:53:14 shanselman
Crap. Just realized I ordered the wrong Mophie Pack and it's already shipped! I wanted the Mophie Juice Pack *Air*. :(
18:56:06 shanselman
Getting ready for my 1pm TechEd talk on .NET 4. Come and tweet, there will be a book giveaway and a cool Twitter tool.
19:13:18 shanselman
Ok, people. Twitter poll. Do you run your web servers Domain-joined or NOT domain-joined? Go. Please RT
19:58:10 shanselman
#teched Just starting to present Crazy Tour of .NET 4, follow it at #scottha
20:18:08 shanselman
Sorry, I am NOT talking yet. I am just testing a Twitter tool. Come to my talk to see more! #teched
20:36:07 shanselman
Signing #aspnetmvc books at #TechEd @wrox booth 252 on the end
20:40:21 shanselman
Nice visual reminder of who's in charge #TechEd http://twitpic.com/51puq
21:47:25 shanselman
Ok, getting ready to start my #teched talk.
21:47:55 shanselman
If you are in the talk, you can interact with an add-in I'm running in Visual Studio 2010 written by @kzu's company
21:48:31 shanselman
There's like two DOZEN people here. Awesome. #teched
21:48:55 shanselman
Wow, this is a big empty room. #teched
21:51:12 shanselman
A horrible pic from my talk at #TechEd http://twitpic.com/51vdl
22:58:17 shanselman
#scottha GenerateChart(copyToWord: true);
02:47:33 shanselman
Check out my woman-repellent called 'Golden-Eye' #TechEd from Motorola http://twitpic.com/52gqg
02:59:42 shanselman
Hanging with @vonlar at #TechEd http://twitpic.com/52hlu
03:22:45 shanselman
Where's the party? #TechEd
06:53:59 shanselman
Giving away a signed #aspnetmvc book at my #TechEd talk Weds. Signed by Gu, Haa, and Ha. Be prepared to tweet.
09:57:36 shanselman
Good thing I got ahold of a hub for my 3-computer talk at #teched tomorrow. Very complex.
10:11:13 shanselman
RT @passionsista: Photo Manipulations by Pierre Beteille http://bit.ly/GYBT6 (via @vivek1209)
10:18:46 shanselman
Axum, concurrent by default. Hm. http://bit.ly/TMODg
10:32:43 shanselman
'The speaker dwelves a lot into things (like twitter, live mesh, hiyooo, sadtrambome etc.) that creates distractions and distorts focus.'
10:32:51 shanselman
'Very funny, but wasted alot of time. Cut back on the jokes by 50% and it would have been great.'
11:19:02 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 161 - BBSs and Wildcat! from Mustang Software: My one-hundred-and-sixty-f.. http://tinyurl.com/p42hlb
11:44:03 shanselman
Holy crap...Twitter FAIL. #endoftwitter? http://bit.ly/bMWeA
11:46:44 shanselman
Twitter mucking with @replies == New Coke 2.0
12:04:33 shanselman
RT @MikeG1: @shanselman : If you use the #fixreplies tag it makes it easy to check out the growing lynch mob :)
19:19:24 shanselman
Up at the crack of 10am, on the bus heading to #TechEd...shoot! Forgot to have breakfast at Qdoba, across from the hotel.
21:47:16 shanselman
RT @RyanFarley: ok. @shanselman was right. #dollhouse finally became worth watching after episode 6. Ep8 was best so far.
22:37:23 shanselman
If you went to my talk at #TechEd, take a sec to fill out an eval. Very few so far.
23:34:45 shanselman
Getting ready to start my 'Velocity' session at @teched in Room 404.
02:48:47 shanselman
RT @coloradojules: party INETAwood style tonight at the Chaya downtown LA on Flower St 630pm tell them I sent you #teched #INETA
04:49:18 shanselman
Random tiny #nerddinner at 'Best of Mediterranean' at 663 S Hill. Here it is via iPhone Copy/Paste: http://twitpic.com/54t3k
05:00:19 shanselman
Random tiny #nerddinner at 'Best of Mediterranean' at 663 S Hill. #TechEd
07:18:27 shanselman
RT @wrox: Scott Hanselman with his iPhone and iPhone battery pack http://twitpic.com/54e51
18:23:20 shanselman
RT @coolcsh: New release of the Ajax Control Toolkit with bugs fixes and 3 new controls: http://tinyurl.com/rcnfkf
18:24:36 shanselman
RT @haacked: New Ajax Control Toolkit release includes files for pure client-side only usage http://is.gd/zJdZ
18:26:23 shanselman
RT @obie: Broadcasting live discussion of 1966 white paper 'The Next 700 Programming Languages' live at http://www.ustream.tv/hashrocket
19:17:40 shanselman
'hang on, I might have the 31 cents...' -what is it with old ladies and loose change?
19:20:10 shanselman
RT @markjbrown: http://tinyurl.com/qlfg3v - PHP Driver for SQL Server Now in Web PI
19:33:56 shanselman
RT @Dunn_Browne: I am now with 1700 other captured 'Yankees', about to be marched in the broiling sun, without a mouthful to eat.
19:37:40 shanselman
RT @MikeG1: http://www.google.com/appsstatus# is handy, except....they should host it somewhere else.
04:09:26 shanselman
Oops, ordered a 'Mophie Juice Pack' rather than the 'Juice Pack Air.' Now I see the former as 1800mAh vs 1200mAh. Keep it or send back?
20:33:36 shanselman
#aspnetmvc #nerddinner on #mono http://bit.ly/MzIVq
21:00:56 shanselman
RT @bryanl: Howdy Ho! What is something interesting YOU learned or did yesterday? #standup
21:01:15 shanselman
@shanselman I learned that some people don't like my sense of humor. Poop on those people. #standup
22:32:27 shanselman
I've published my blog to Kindle (up in 48 hours) and you can too: http://bit.ly/WvICk
22:53:22 shanselman
$2.99 iPhone charging solution during the Woot Off http://www.woot.com/
22:56:03 shanselman
Wow, I'm STILL getting referrals for a Free Mac Mini, years later. Awesome. http://bit.ly/Q9vqX
23:08:38 shanselman
AutoText for .NET (TATFT) http://bit.ly/d5xxY
00:06:24 shanselman
Wow - RT @SubliminalEd: Emergency landing back in LAX due to failed hydrolic system. Kudos to united 924 pilot for great landing.
02:41:05 shanselman
06:13:24 shanselman
I REALLY don't want a PS3, but I REALLY want a BluRay player...any chance there will be one for Xbox?
20:32:21 shanselman
Heading down to Salem for a computer programming camp for 12 year olds. Keynote FTW!
21:17:45 shanselman
RT @styletime: 9 Signs You Shouldn’t Hire THAT Web Guy http://bit.ly/Gp3L0
04:57:51 shanselman
My wife just hit 101 in #flightcontrol on the #iPhone
05:38:35 shanselman
Big day... http://twitpic.com/5equ8
05:58:39 shanselman
RT @jamirandajr: @shanselman and @saraford hard at work in #teched http://twitpic.com/5elvf http://twitpic.com/5elx8
09:31:08 shanselman
Catching up on my 'Dear Mr. Scott pleaz send me the codes' email. 23 to go.
09:58:19 shanselman
Installing #SQL on #Win7? http://bit.ly/WOqAO
10:00:28 shanselman
Another Mobile Browser File Update. 57 new devices http://bit.ly/cIM63
17:50:09 shanselman
You're welcome 4 the codez - RT @secretGeek: @shanselman orsome! just got a reply from scott. now i know how to wire up a click event!
17:53:23 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: http://www.wolframsbeta.com/
18:39:04 shanselman
Heh. At the auto detailing shop. http://twitpic.com/5fl2e
19:29:10 shanselman
Hate Americans for their fast Internet Speed? Hate us more for 50Mbps for $99. http://is.gd/B1bn
19:34:00 shanselman
My anti-virus software has been beating my hard drive like Tina for the last 40 minutes. Perhaps IT is the virus?
19:45:40 shanselman
r @patrikdahlen Epic. Can I be Swedish?
19:48:46 shanselman
From 14,000 Texts a month to ZERO. Take your kid's phone away. http://is.gd/B3oR
20:36:13 shanselman
Today's blog feedback 'The timestamps on your blog are not prominent at least three people find it objectionable'
20:44:08 shanselman
Oy. 274 emails since I ducked out of life and went to TechEd. Whew. ok, here we go...Do It, Drop it, Defer it, Delegate it....GO.
21:12:48 shanselman
overheard during #recession - '...the first thing we need to do is get everything out of the pawn shop...'
22:11:49 shanselman
#diabetes is really getting me down this week. I can't eat a muffin without 6U of insulin and 4 hours of headaches. What the hell to do?
23:07:28 shanselman
To the 'don't eat the muffin' crowd responding to my #diabetes tweet, I'd say 'you try it for 15 years, then call me.' It's hard.
00:29:01 shanselman
3 year old: 'Can you make my milk hot like a hot summer day?' @overheardathome
00:52:17 shanselman
'Daddy, I can't pedal anymore, I've used up all the food in my tummy.' @overheardathome
02:04:25 shanselman
#diabetes quote of the day, courtesy of @robconery. 'If I could give you my spleen, I would.' Thanks, bro. Love you, man.
04:39:46 shanselman
If you enjoyed the #nerddinner / #aspnetmvc book, do me a favor, take a moment and review it on Amazon.
06:22:08 shanselman
RT @gblock: Great day hanging out with @Eyads. He came all the way from the UAE to come to Tech-Ed USA and then hang out in Redmond.
20:06:16 shanselman
Ninjas on fire!
20:08:09 shanselman
RT @DanielSchaffer: Do you know Microsoft SQL? http://bit.ly/uBn7C Come work at SocialCash! #mssql #sqlserver
20:09:30 shanselman
'Daddy, can I please have Everything?' @overheardathome
20:36:47 shanselman
That's a lovely man-bag...#sfbags http://bit.ly/Q5z7V
20:58:30 shanselman
In an MSDN meeting via RoundTable. I wish everyone who invited me to a meeting would use a RoundTable. http://twitpic.com/5i5hi
21:13:37 shanselman
WolframAlpha useful for #diabetes http://bit.ly/SNbJR
22:18:11 shanselman
And I'm STILL afraid to install - RT @jordandrake: Catalyst 9.5 drivers full Win7 support http://tinyurl.com/ovjqaq
22:26:28 shanselman
Amazon has spoiled me. HomeDepot.com ships things SO SLOWLY. Agonizing. 4 days and still 'being processed.'
00:16:27 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 162 - PowerShell 2.0: My one-hundred-and-sixty-second podcast is up. Scot.. http://tinyurl.com/ouuxz2
01:16:05 shanselman
blogged: ASP 4 - Whirlwind Tour around .NET 4 (and Visual Studio 2010) Beta 1: Hey, we released Visual S.. http://tinyurl.com/raukb6
01:48:27 shanselman
Down to 79 emails...debating just, oops! delete!
02:35:10 shanselman
When there's articles about your technology on the web called 'Common Pitfalls With ______' you know there's trouble.
02:40:19 shanselman
Lots of great stuff at @overheardathome lately http://overheardathome.com/
02:55:30 shanselman
RT @scottgal: Classic bit from the simpsons: http://is.gd/Bted 'Damn Scots, they ruined Scotland!'
03:16:08 shanselman
blogged: CLR and DLR and BCL, oh my! - Whirlwind Tour around .NET 4 (and Visual Studio 2010) Beta 1: Jus.. http://tinyurl.com/op737m
04:31:51 shanselman
3yo: 'Are you happy?' Me: 'Yes.' 3yo: 'You're welcome.' @overheardathome
05:13:05 shanselman
Really impressed. A neighbor lady just drove her 9 year old over to apologize for ringing the doorbell and running. Classy. Shook his hand.
05:17:01 shanselman
Wow, carry an iPhone AFTER having a battery pack attached to it and you really realize how THIN it is.
06:10:13 shanselman
RT @brandonleblanc: Netflix comes to Windows Media Center! (Plus 2 cool videos!) http://tinyurl.com/o59x8a
06:30:47 shanselman
RT @RussellSolberg: @shanselman just been my experience that Oregon is the land where parenting still exists.
09:46:17 shanselman
Watching The Guild http://www.watchtheguild.com/
10:56:57 shanselman
RT @robconery: Do you use 'sa' in your db connection string and host your code on a searchable public server? Oops: http://bit.ly/12Lc8t
10:59:07 shanselman
Installing yet another Twitter app, this one called 'Destroy Twitter' https://destroytwitter.com
11:08:08 shanselman
Ya, I'm not sure why, but #DestroyTwitter has a nice style and could give @TweetDeck a run for its money.
11:16:05 shanselman
blogged: The Weekly Source Code 42 - Tree Trim, Plugins, and MEF: I really advocate folks reading as muc.. http://tinyurl.com/p5xf83
11:21:44 shanselman
I'm pretty sure you're a good parent if you nearly tear up while making your 3yo's sack lunch each evening imagining his reaction.
11:23:55 shanselman
RT @raboof: MIME type of the year: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document :P
18:10:01 shanselman
RT As of today, @virginamerica is the first airline to offer WiFi on every flight. Take off and log on! http://bitly.com/RpC3E
18:18:22 shanselman
RT @jrguay: A Developer's First Look at Windows 7 http://bit.ly/16ugsI
19:00:54 shanselman
Listening to my girl Chrisette Michele @epiphanygirl
19:58:01 shanselman
Breaking .NET News! VS2010 and .NET 4 Beta 1 is live: http://bit.ly/MtiHS
21:56:51 shanselman
For those that care, my blog is on #kindle now. Apparently I get 60 cents if you subscribe. http://bit.ly/Khweq
22:06:54 shanselman
Microsoft Automatic Troubleshooting - great link for Mom http://bit.ly/ZGG99
22:09:40 shanselman
RT @patcdr: Also, today is the worst stress day ever. No failures. WTF am I supposed to do now that Win7 is so stable?
22:18:44 shanselman
Interesting, #aspnetmvc 'controls' from SyncFusion: http://bit.ly/ZQUNu
22:40:38 shanselman
Wow, Twitter Slimy? Notice the tweet timeline of @Kindle_Amazon. It's someone posting the same URL in an attempt to get associates $.
23:14:19 shanselman
Classic ASP on IIS7? Of course. #asp #tech http://bit.ly/176qHF
23:17:16 shanselman
RT @fraying Twitter was more fun when I could bitch about a company without them r'g to ask how to provide me with excellent service today.
23:24:09 shanselman
RT @garnes: RT @tormodfj: Win7 allows you to set your default printer on a per-network basis: http://lifehacker.com/5262909/
23:44:58 shanselman
'My Name is Earl' being canceled, OH HELL NO. Join by following @EarlTwitition and RT'ing!!!
23:52:25 shanselman
WTF where Earl and Terminator are canceled, Dollhouse was almost canceled, and 'Parks and Recreation' gets renewed?
00:17:01 shanselman
blogged: C# 4 and the dynamic keyword - Whirlwind Tour around .NET 4 (and Visual Studio 2010) Beta 1: I'.. http://tinyurl.com/o3dlbg
01:00:30 shanselman
I don't know about you, but I HATE hearing phrases like 'Value Proposition' in MSFT Keynotes...I wonder if I can make it stop?
02:16:16 shanselman
blogged: Back to Basics: Using Fusion Log Viewer to Debug Obscure Loader Errors: It's time to remind peo.. http://tinyurl.com/o7sx8l
18:49:05 shanselman
Going to setup a Win7 VM and *boot from VHD* to play with VS2010 Beta 1
20:04:41 shanselman
Enjoying 'ALT-P' and the speedy file previews in #win7 for viewing lots of code quickly
21:00:35 shanselman
Nine years old and still a good read. Deterministic Finalization: http://bit.ly/QYWAU
21:16:47 shanselman
blogged: Demo Dashboard and IDE Extensions - Whirlwind Tour around .NET 4 (and Visual Studio 2010) Beta .. http://tinyurl.com/ryutv2
22:31:43 shanselman
Amazing to me that people don't realize that wearing headphones while driving is dangerous, if not illegal. Truly shocking.
00:02:44 shanselman
Custom VS2010 Start Pages with WPF: http://is.gd/C9hY
00:38:27 shanselman
RT @JerryNeal: @aslamkhn Discussion w/@shanselman was open and honest. Sent to 1000 black employees at Microsoft. http://alturl.com/q44g
01:07:40 shanselman
#HowTo use Boot to VHD in #Win7 #tech: http://is.gd/Ca0S
01:16:50 shanselman
blogged: Less Virtual, More Machine - Windows 7 and the magic of Boot to VHD: NOTE: This is some advance.. http://tinyurl.com/o4xxxs
06:46:40 shanselman
Excellent detailed analysis via NDepend of .NET 4 vs .NET 3.5 http://bit.ly/Uk7oG
06:51:10 shanselman
Looking for a Code Preview Handler that works in #win7? Try @tathamoddie's oldie but goodie: http://bit.ly/Tb1Ix
07:11:30 shanselman
Interesting Linq 2 SQL Extensions http://bit.ly/Exa61
08:35:11 shanselman
Working on an entry for the 'Summer Scripting Games' in PowerShell, hosted by the @ScriptingGuys
09:18:41 shanselman
Seriously, someone with some magic Digg power go and Digg the hell out of this VHD post. Knock my blog over. http://bit.ly/8Px1F
09:19:14 shanselman
Firefox with JumpLists RT @XaocCPS: Winfox - дружит #firefox и#win7 http://bit.ly/UmRwA
09:25:28 shanselman
RT @ShawnWildermuth: @shanselman Let's digg this up: http://is.gd/CioW
09:30:07 shanselman
Quick 3 question #developer #survey on #ajax RT? http://bit.ly/RprtF
10:15:37 shanselman
SO feature request @codinghorror - I love the Flair, but I'd like one without my picture. I have that on my blog already. http://bit.ly ...
10:18:03 shanselman
My tiny 3200 rep on StackOverflow has me feeling small. I'm a Level 2 Gnome amongst Level 70 Mages.
11:00:14 shanselman
Loving this iPhone CSS Kit http://bit.ly/MUuv
11:08:01 shanselman
Clever observation and Deep thoughts on the new #win7 logo from @mabster http://bit.ly/wmMyQ
11:13:45 shanselman
Oh, ya, that's safe #organdonor http://bit.ly/IJxY1
23:43:44 shanselman
Lord, this podcast episode of #thisamericanlife is tearing me up.
23:49:55 shanselman
RT @ShawnWildermuth: Let's digg this up: http://is.gd/CioW #windows #voteup #win7
23:54:13 shanselman
RT @absolutspacegrl: RT @spacemike: FY 2010 NASA Manned Space Budget $6.1B-Additional Bailout funds 4 GMAC yestrday $7.5B
00:44:35 shanselman
Nice 'We don't give too much weight to version numbers and will continue to roll out useful updates as often as possible.'
01:24:20 shanselman
Blogged: HOW-TO Seamless Windows XP apps with #win7 http://bit.ly/zNB0w
01:38:55 shanselman
'I'll try to be a good boy and do what you say so I can get candy EVERY DAY!'
02:16:38 shanselman
blogged: Windows 7 - Seamless Apps in Windows Virtual PC (Virtual XP) and Application Compatibility: I'm.. http://tinyurl.com/q4pvdl
05:03:56 shanselman
Daddy's night off! Going to see #wolverine, no matter what you say!
05:19:34 shanselman
RT @davidwhite: @shanselman save yourself $12 and watch the 30s version of Wolverine: http://tinyurl.com/dkpxp4
07:12:37 shanselman
#Wolverine wasn't a bad movie, although it changed the canon in some fundamental ways.
07:13:49 shanselman
One thing I will say about #Wolverine, the compositer should be fired, killed, then fired again. I've seen iMovies with better effects.
07:24:37 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: Bringing back the old pre-PC Apple vs. Commodore computer wars. An Apple IIe emulator in Silverlight 3 http://bit.ly/gIP7a
18:37:37 shanselman
RT @EthanSuplee: It seems that Earl is actually dead. Fox has passed. The mustache will live on in our hearts.
20:39:40 shanselman
'Daddy, what does every single animal that I don't know, eat?' @overheardathome
21:22:19 shanselman
The American Cell Phone industry is a racket. Wife wants a phone, with a camera. AT&T guy won't sell it without a data plan? Scandalous.
00:12:53 shanselman
At the zoo... http://twitpic.com/5sumb
00:21:42 shanselman
The boys at the zoo http://twitpic.com/5svi8
00:31:38 shanselman
Zebras! http://twitpic.com/5swhw
00:35:15 shanselman
Sun bears! http://twitpic.com/5swuh
00:53:10 shanselman
RT @spacemike: $700B TARP Bailout Fund+$787B Stim= $1.487T; NASA only gets $1B & faces $3B in cuts thru 2013. (pls RT!)
06:59:08 shanselman
'Daddy, do gnomes have feet and ride bicycles? If they have no feet, how do they pedal?' @overheardathome
07:01:59 shanselman
RT @terryfator: Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: #celebrity #comedy #music
06:04:16 shanselman
Wife made me watch 'Austrailia' - Baz Lurman is insane. Ballsy to co-opt a Proper Noun for your film. I still think 'Philadelphia' was too.
06:07:18 shanselman
Wow, 'Bing'? I really hope not...a search engine with one letter separating it from Bang, Bung, Bong...yikes. 'Lemme bing that...'
06:12:20 shanselman
I've always said we should name our search engine 'Moogle.'
07:35:39 shanselman
Anyone got any >4gig sony memory sticks lying around they don't want?
08:58:45 shanselman
RT @johnsheehan: The .NET Twitter Stream is done! http://managedassembly.com/Twitter Built with ASP.NET MVC, #tweetsharp and jQuery.
08:59:56 shanselman
RT @NickHodge: I read. I lol'd. I cried. The Register: 'Microsoft arms half-wit developers with PHP handgun' http://tinyurl.com/q8ryzk
19:49:02 shanselman
RT @haacked: i wonder if OSS contributions decline in the summer or if the southern hemisphere picks up the slack.
19:52:16 shanselman
RT @alexhung: Liked 'How addicted are you to the web?' http://ff.im/3eHMu
19:55:56 shanselman
RT @davehog: Summer in Oregon is the best on the planet.
20:01:32 shanselman
@karlseguin sure but none of those are static languages.
20:14:54 shanselman
@karlseguin what if you could have no-compile (ish) MVC?
05:34:22 shanselman
18 mo. old while putting on pajamas: 'G'bye pee-pee! See you tomorrow!' @overheardathome
06:59:17 shanselman
Playing the Wolverine Demo on Xbox 360..seems totally awesome, but they are supposed to be in Lagos...sounds like they are speaking isiZulu?
18:16:21 shanselman
Just interviewed Patrick about NDepend and Software Metrics. SUCH a fantastic tool. http://bit.ly/Uk7oG
18:25:45 shanselman
Good Book Review of 'Code Leader' by @pcauldwell, I wrote the foreword. http://bit.ly/14fHyR
18:27:29 shanselman
Great write up on Code Contracts in VS2008 and VS2010 http://bit.ly/NdTTc
21:22:38 shanselman
Wow, the Tanasbourne Game Crazy at Hollywood Video has a new manager and *WOW* that place is organized. Recommended!
22:03:45 shanselman
I gotta figure out how to make NerdDinner more awesome like http://www.communitymegaphone.com/
23:07:07 shanselman
RT @xpaulbettsx: Code Contracts + Automatic test generation based on contracts = Revolution: http://bit.ly/178Q9Y
00:02:57 shanselman
Trying out Verizon Broadband Access (a 3G PC Card)....5gig a month capped? useless. I've used 500 megs this HOUR. Crap.
00:16:59 shanselman
blogged: When Word of Mouth Got a Permalink - Companies, Customers and Twitter: Derek Powazek dropped th.. http://tinyurl.com/oqdfqs
00:30:09 shanselman
PowerShell Script for applying a Windows Image to a VHD for a Virtual Boot: http://is.gd/FI7h
00:36:36 shanselman
Slick Museum Site, uses both Flash and Silverlight. Find a piece and 'Examine in Detail' http://is.gd/FIG2
00:40:03 shanselman
Office Ribbon Control entirely in JavaScript http://is.gd/FIZg
00:47:00 shanselman
RT @Duncanma: posted about Silverlight support for Chrome and other updates to Channel9 http://ch9.ms/A35O (dig the custom URL Shortener...)
01:10:26 shanselman
'...need a premium SKU to enable protection of devices with BitLocker, any SKU can unlock and use a protected device' http://is.gd/FLC7
01:53:07 shanselman
What's @robconery's and my next big thing? PottyCast.com - 'We're number 3.'
02:34:46 shanselman
RT @realscottgu: here goes my first tweet...
02:47:05 shanselman
LOL! RT @ssathya: @shanselman I do not want your tweats. Where is this week's podcast?
03:12:13 shanselman
RT @sjmokeefe: I think it's tres cool that the new Supreme Court nominee is a person living with #diabetes.
03:19:47 shanselman
Best times to pee during movies http://www.runpee.com
06:29:08 shanselman
Woot! RT @TommyLee: Zune HD news, http://bit.ly/LrYws
07:19:19 shanselman
RT @spolsky: ServerFault is now open to the public! It's StackOverflow for sysadmins. http://serverfault.com/
17:47:21 shanselman
Scott War! - RT @lcorneliussen: @shanselman @MossyBlog @scottcate @scottgal @realscottgu @lazycoder @scottw
18:01:18 shanselman
Thinking of declaring Twitter-war on @realscottgu...
18:07:28 shanselman
RT @mstum: @shanselman From a tactical perspective, that makes sense. Your name is 1 character shorter, giving you 0.71% more attack power.
18:18:07 shanselman
Take a look at the #lewar hashtag, that was a war between @michaelianblack and a dude from star trek. ;)
18:26:26 shanselman
I love it! - RT @mecurioJ: @shanselman how about calling it #guwar?
20:44:22 shanselman
Is the replies thing fixed on Twitter yet? Things are too quiet... #fixreplies
21:29:09 shanselman
RT @jokeyxero: 'MS NERD Center' = Microsoft New England Research and Development Center. I'm amused.
05:47:44 shanselman
Well, poop. Greeted by flaming oil and white smoke. My Toro mower from @HomeDepot is a lemon. Gotta take it to a local store now. BUMMED.
08:16:17 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 163 - Software Metrics with Patrick Smacchia: My one-hundred-and-sixty-th.. http://tinyurl.com/ocm36h
08:45:42 shanselman
Best thing about Google Search? I can slap the keyboard, come up with 'knoeldger chaber' and it finds the exact link I need.
09:29:57 shanselman
Trying out Google FriendConnect on http://www.babysmash.com (top bar)
09:48:58 shanselman
Technorati is OFFICIALLY COMPLETE USELESS. Removing links to them from my feed and site.
10:01:36 shanselman
R @aafvstam I used to use Technorati to track posts about my posts. They don't follow 301s, they think I have at least 3 blogs, and on & on
10:02:52 shanselman
Robber is given $40 for Insulin http://bit.ly/eqB1H #diabetes
10:06:08 shanselman
Nice Free Image Resizer that works in #win7 http://bit.ly/10PBpq
10:11:09 shanselman
RT @officeliveguy Multimap add-in for Outlook - add maps to your meeting reqs, sig and more http://tinyurl.com/ctrss3
10:17:30 shanselman
Another nice image resizer for #win7 minimalist and elegant http://bit.ly/Bhq9r
10:24:18 shanselman
Like Tabbed Windows? Why not Tab *ALL WINDOWS* http://bit.ly/sapwM
10:26:39 shanselman
I never sign NDAs. I *will* however, sign a FriendDA: http://friendda.org/ (via @kevdog)
10:27:23 shanselman
R @mladenm It is ShoeboxScan. I'm struggling with layers in WPF and I'm out of my element. I need a WPF expert to enlighten me. Blocked.
20:27:58 shanselman
Advanced #Diabetes Technique YOU can use with your Pump - SuperBolus http://bit.ly/2OEet3
20:37:49 shanselman
Thinking of getting Clear WIMAX Wireless so I can work anywhere in town...any one got it and like it in #pdx?
20:43:30 shanselman
R @akcoder Good info. There is a trial, I think, and no sign up, so I can try #clear for a month, I think.
20:43:39 shanselman
R @akcoder Good info. There is a trial, I think, and no sign up, so I can try #clear for a month, I think..
21:08:20 shanselman
These young people are killing me. When did pajama bottoms and flip flops become appropriate outside? #getoffmylawn
21:27:39 shanselman
R @NateSchneider I hate flipflops. I prefer my feet to be oppressed.
21:30:19 shanselman
RT @phantomdata: @shanselman Sounds like you need a good dose of http://latfh.com (language~NSFW)
21:30:52 shanselman
RT @simonvilleneuve: Bing, or Wolfman Alpha for the masses: http://www.bing.com
21:31:09 shanselman
Hm http://www.discoverbing.com/
21:31:56 shanselman
R@JimLamb Oh, you have NO IDEA the depths of my crotchity-ness. I'm like 73 years old.
21:36:24 shanselman
R @joshjs It'll be out on Weds. However, I agree. Same with Wolfram. Launch when you're ready, otherwise, bugger off.
21:38:40 shanselman
MSFT should have named the Bing Search Engine 'Hiyoooo' instead http://www.hiyoooo.com
21:47:34 shanselman
r @kspidel Try the 'raga' sound theme...that's the one I've found is the most relaxing for #win7
21:58:23 shanselman
Hulu DESKTOP! Woot! http://www.hulu.com/labs
22:23:54 shanselman
R @Pete_Brown That's a netcraft caching/CDN bug. I've confirmed that Bing is in the MSFT Data Centers, all Windows/IIS.
23:02:09 shanselman
R @pilotbob Why wouldn't you use Playon to watch Hulu on your XBox? That's what we do.
23:10:56 shanselman
R @Jabrown85 Yes, I use PlayOn to watch Hulu nearly every day. Considering canceling my Cable.
23:16:04 shanselman
R @devhammer Yep, running Hulu Desktop on multiple win7 machines, no problem.
23:28:20 shanselman
#tech @misfitgeek is launching a new .NET podcast: http://bit.ly/VLAl0
01:15:02 shanselman
R @jcoehoorn Totally. WIth the Xbox + NetFlix + Hulu/PlayOn, I rarely play games on the thing. Even better when you use it as a MCE Extender
01:27:03 shanselman
Details on the .NET 4 'Client Profile' vs. the Full Framework http://is.gd/Iwlz
01:28:28 shanselman
If you want to give .NET Client Profile feedback (what to cut, size, etc) there is *still time to make changes* Be heard. http://is.gd/Iwlz
01:31:31 shanselman
Simple Plugin Creator for IE (with a questionable name) http://is.gd/IwAJ
01:52:18 shanselman
R @1kevgriff I've been 100% on every machine I own on #Win7 since build 7000. No regrets.
01:59:29 shanselman
RT @adkinn: Jaime's list of WPF 4 features in Beta 1 and Beyond http://ff.im/-3lWlT
04:51:43 shanselman
News people, it's 'u-boon-tu,' not 'u-bun-tu.' #petpeeve
04:55:14 shanselman
Correct. - RT @webdev_hb: @shanselman more like 'ewww'-boon-too
05:09:58 shanselman
RT @bellware: @tedneward the last thing i want sitting at the other end of a browser request is some media that isn't at home in a browser
05:25:01 shanselman
RT @davecowart: Dangit, someone beat me to it: http://www.lmbtfy.com/ and I think @robconery got the longer version.
05:56:47 shanselman
RT @Marston: 'If you're not really willing to sacrifice for your dream, then it really isn't your dream.'
06:03:10 shanselman
RT @davecowart: The number one reason to have a kid: http://twitpic.com/65upw
06:05:32 shanselman
RT @TwittinGirl: So, do you guys like the name, Bing? 'Microsoft Bing: Much better than expected' http://tinyurl.com/mgcotd
08:03:40 shanselman
Bing! - RT @ironshay: @shanselman Does Bing stand for 'Bing Is Not Google'?
08:06:18 shanselman
RT @absolutspacegrl: If you've enjoyed my Tweets, please let me know. #saveabsolutspacegrl
08:11:52 shanselman
R @tgibbs you work on bing? Woot! I mean, Bing!
08:30:21 shanselman
I swear the talented girl from #Glee is channeling Idina Menzel and no one in my peer group knows what I'm talking about. #showtunes
08:38:52 shanselman
Wife and I just watched #glee on Hulu. (also available elsewhere on the tubes) going to be a wonderful show. @gleetv RT!
17:12:19 shanselman
Interesting Video of a team exploring migrating from Ruby on Rails to ASP.NET MVC http://is.gd/J71R
17:18:06 shanselman
-> RT @raybooysen: I was on this team. :) RT @shanselman Video of a team migrating from Rails to ASP.NET MVC http://is.gd/J71R
17:45:59 shanselman
The author is @moflanagan -> RT @shanselman Like Tabbed Windows? Why not Tab *ALL WINDOWS* http://bit.ly/sapwM
18:46:26 shanselman
'...its fuel lasted for only about half a minute, 'which led to more screaming,' Wilson says.' http://is.gd/JaIb
19:04:44 shanselman
If you're bending light around you to appear invisible, wouldn't you also become blind as light isn't reaching your eyes? #physics
19:13:20 shanselman
R @richcampbell If the light hit you so you could see, but didn't reflect off, you'd be a black empty space #physics
19:15:41 shanselman
Do me a favor and check out this 3 question Survey on AJAX http://bit.ly/qfFdl
19:25:37 shanselman
Nice! RT @abhinaba: @shanselman I'd selectively bend visible spectrum and see using IR #physics
20:22:23 shanselman
Dotfuscator used as PostBuild Code Injector http://is.gd/Jes9
20:24:56 shanselman
How often have you tweeted something about a company and had them respond? Do you think they care about # of followers?
20:31:31 shanselman
See replies to my question about 'has a company's customer support contacted you via twitter' http://is.gd/JeNx
21:15:50 shanselman
Hey @GleeTV, you sincerely need to check out @NickPitera's cover of this Glee arrangement. You should have him on. http://is.gd/JgrN
00:13:14 shanselman
Dude, pick one, barefoot, or shoes, but THIS?!? http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/
00:15:58 shanselman
blogged: Adding Custom Search Providers to Windows 7 plus Advanced Search Tricks: Disclaimer: Many of my.. http://tinyurl.com/n78o8e
00:49:46 shanselman
R @pjthum Remember that I'm knocking the Vibram shoes as a fat dude who sits for a living, so my opinions matter. ;)
00:51:20 shanselman
Folks, need feedback on VS2010/.NET4 Beta 1. Send me your tweets and I'll get them to Soma. Tag them #beta1
01:33:01 shanselman
RT @dylanbeattie: Ctrl-Scroll resizes desktop icons and file/folder thumbnails in #windows7 RC. Win7 is like the best Easter Egg hunt ever.
01:51:47 shanselman
Trying to get my head around when I'll want to use my personal SVN vs. Live Mesh...
02:02:28 shanselman
R @jvanderh I put my SVN inside LiveMesh and got nailed with conflicts. It's NOT safe.
02:31:39 shanselman
I have a folder called 'Mesh Desktop' that was meant to sync stuff between machines. Now it's my own personal global crap drawer.
02:33:25 shanselman
R @jeffmoser What does dropbox offer that LiveMesh doesn't?
02:36:01 shanselman
LOL! - RT @mabster: @shanselman I think you should rename the folder to 'Meh Desktop'.
02:36:31 shanselman
R @jeffmoser My issues are general file management related. I'm debating just using search and giving up on folders completely.
02:37:07 shanselman
R @jeffmoser Right now I've got a few folders in Mesh, but moving to SVN hosted on my Windows Home Server and port forwarded.
02:38:13 shanselman
R @jeffmoser Mesh, Dropbox, and FolderShare all look the same. However, EVERY sync tool I've ever used has sync'ed a delete and killed me.
02:39:56 shanselman
R @billycoover Right now Mesh is Windows and Mac only I think.
02:59:10 shanselman
Folks check out @nickpitera cover of this Journey Classic...stick with it until 30s in. http://bit.ly/Pf3Y2
03:00:07 shanselman
R @hotgazpacho Nope, Git also gets messed up with conflicts on Live Mesh if you do changes in two places.
04:01:32 shanselman
'Awww, MAN!' - my 18 month old. No doubt taught to him by the three year old. What's next?
06:12:11 shanselman
Watching 'Unbroke.' Very simplistic, but pleasent. George Lucas' girlfriend is nice enough to listen to.
07:39:10 shanselman
Watching 'Transporter 3' - When did 'Unusual Constraints' become a movie genre, and when did Jason Statham become their king?
07:50:16 shanselman
RT @GLEETV: #Glee I think more people have seen @NickPitera then saw the original pilot
08:02:14 shanselman
Wow, installed #win7 on my Mac Book Pro...booted off the DVD and all set in 30 min. Fastest install for me yet.
18:50:59 shanselman
#pdxcodecamp Just starting to present CodeCamp - Lap Around .NET 4, follow it at #scottha
18:52:47 shanselman
#scottha [Export(typeof(ICarQuery))]
20:29:33 shanselman
Details on the .NET 4 Client Profile http://bit.ly/ICBUh
00:18:19 shanselman
RT @passionsista: RT @Twitter_Tips: Popular fictional characters on Twitter: http://cli.gs/u0AjdH
00:41:29 shanselman
RT @joshuamcintire: Ha! http://www.famouslasttweets.com/ What would YOUR #lasttweet be?
00:44:39 shanselman
Considering running Symlin simultaneously in *another pump* - thoughts? Doctors? Others? #diabetes
01:02:16 shanselman
Just saw lawn maintenance company called 'Scotland Yard.' #cleverbiznames
05:22:50 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: WebForms has destroyed people's understanding of web development. 'How do I have two buttons in MVC?' is a weekly forum q.
05:23:28 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: @bradwilson web forms is why a huge percentage of the dev community did web development at all. Don't knock it.
08:03:10 shanselman
Testing Rise of Lengends on Win7...
08:03:18 shanselman
RT @jrcs3: #pdxcodecamp was cool! Earned a brick from @shanselman for my heckeling. Now I have to get the monster home!
08:03:34 shanselman
RT @nikhilk: Agree. #1 goal of WebForms was to abstract web dev, so it felt familiar to client devs. Abstraction helped in early 2ks.
08:24:16 shanselman
This #sfbag Man-Bag (Murse...it's European!) continues to call my name... http://bit.ly/Q5z7V
08:45:28 shanselman
SuperUser.com is coming..wow. http://bit.ly/15SmIa
21:31:03 shanselman
RT @bellware:the worst part about organizing events is dealing with developer celebrity and the inevitable disrespect that flows from vanity
21:32:31 shanselman
RT @PeopleBrowsr: @mchammer' I have watched who I am through the media for 20 yrs' - 'I am not that person, on Twitter I can be who I am'
21:34:36 shanselman
RT @TWTRCON: @mchammer: Twitter 'for right now, is the apex' of authentic communication from celeb to real people. #twtrcon
05:11:31 shanselman
Small world! - RT @exhoward: Went to see Angels and Demons. Ran into @shanselman and family during dinner. Good to see you guys.
05:13:50 shanselman
Someone needs to explain the appeal of Elvis Costello, because I do NOT get it. Guy's got a mediocre voice at best,
05:43:07 shanselman
#hanselcade cont. http://twitpic.com/6du15
06:18:44 shanselman
#hanselcade cont. http://twitpic.com/6dvza
06:34:25 shanselman
#hanselcade cont. http://twitpic.com/6dwu2
07:48:36 shanselman
#hanselcade cont. http://twitpic.com/6dzv4
07:51:28 shanselman
#hanselcade cont. http://twitpic.com/6dzz4
08:08:35 shanselman
#hanselcade cont. http://twitpic.com/6e0mj
08:17:43 shanselman
#hanselcade nearing partial completion http://twitpic.com/6e0xu
08:30:52 shanselman
#hanselcade insides http://twitpic.com/6e1cy
09:13:22 shanselman
#hanselcade http://twitpic.com/6e2qn
09:20:16 shanselman
#hanselcade got the pinball flippers also...next step paint http://twitpic.com/6e2y2
09:22:03 shanselman
#hanselcade internal chaos http://twitpic.com/6e2zt
10:43:37 shanselman
RT @livesearch: www.bing.com is live! Time to follow @bing instead of livesearch everyone.
10:54:02 shanselman
Hey @bing why no opensearch.xml, suggestions and icon?
11:10:12 shanselman
RT @bing: @shanselman IE8 search provider stuff is coming soon. We have to get the thing out the door first. :) ^betsy
11:10:41 shanselman
Add Bing to your Windows 7 Search Providers and @bing from Windows Explorer http://bit.ly/Ir5WI
11:23:28 shanselman
Ego Searching on @bing. I love that it has 'learn how to use twitter' under my name. Awesome. http://bit.ly/KIKqu
11:26:27 shanselman
Force @bing to think you're in the USA via @longzheng http://bit.ly/42kg8
11:33:51 shanselman
Bosom Buddies: How to make Google Chrome use Microsoft @Bing for Search http://bit.ly/QwDmK
11:39:39 shanselman
Tonight was a VERY productive night on the #hanselcade Arcade Machine. Pics here http://twitpic.com/photos/shanselman BIG thanks to @johnbat
11:49:41 shanselman
R @robertpi Apparently @big is in the middle of the late night global preview rollout, so as we're poking at them, they are doing things
11:54:04 shanselman
R @DougMartin note that @bing is updating now about the rollout wrt mobile and http://bing.com on iPhone
11:57:21 shanselman
Reminder: LIVE Bingcast at 10am PST Stefan will demo and answer questions about @bing http://bit.ly/ft02K
11:59:46 shanselman
Wow, the @bing video *rollover* stuff is pretty slick...rollover a video http://bit.ly/y8FIs
12:16:01 shanselman
blogged: Bosom Buddies: How to make Google Chrome use Microsoft Bing for Search: Microsoft's new Search .. http://tinyurl.com/lxkch6
12:34:12 shanselman
The 'WHEN to Travel' graph in @bing is pretty slick. I could see myself using that. http://bit.ly/7EOqt
12:48:30 shanselman
Best @bing comment so far? 'Holy Crap it doesn't suck' - time to make T-Shirts! http://bit.ly/15wcqH
12:51:20 shanselman
The @bing Music Video browser is nice, especially the top artists part http://bit.ly/seghp
12:51:55 shanselman
R @Tigraine Non-US and trying to @bing? It's not rolled out yet. Lie and say you're US #bing http://bit.ly/42kg8
12:57:22 shanselman
R @Tigraine It's still rolling out. It'll take a few hours.
22:16:23 shanselman
RT @microsoft_cares: full Xbox Live games on demand, with retail-like pricing, coming in August. http://tinyurl.com/nrsk64
22:21:30 shanselman
Sweet! GhostDoc lives on! http://bit.ly/R5QYM
22:24:57 shanselman
Anyone else have an #sfbag? It seems like a little boutique company with some quality stuff. I have their Kindle case. http://bit.ly/Q5z7V
22:49:40 shanselman
Woot! RT @RayLinder: Hey @shanselman, you saved my life with this: http://tinyurl.com/2rlfuw
22:50:16 shanselman
R @DeveloperInfra @ChrisLove Ya, I've switched over to 7-Zip...it's worth it for their 'right click and drag' support
22:51:17 shanselman
Hopefully I'll bring the #hanselcade home from @johnbat's garage tonight and start thinking about paint. http://bit.ly/Z40zt
23:27:25 shanselman
RT @jglozano: I was just laid off. If you're looking for .net talent, let me know at javier-at-lozanotek-dot-com
00:37:29 shanselman
Is there any chance it will be this cool? http://bit.ly/m0RT2 #xbox360
00:57:21 shanselman
Anyone have a Lenovo W500? Is it better than a T500? Should I stretch and get the T?
02:05:53 shanselman
Just caught three 7 year olds (7!) throwing bricks and rocks into my fence and backyards. Jumped the fence after them. So uncool.
02:35:26 shanselman
R @kjhughes @chadmyers they were throwing bricks in a backyard with 2 babies, AND they broke planks off my fence...I was justified.
02:36:17 shanselman
R @ssathya Ha! I should have thrown the ASP.NET 3.5 book at them, but that's a deadly weapon. #getoffmylawn
02:41:33 shanselman
The result of the evil seven year olds #getoffmylawn http://twitpic.com/6fpmn
03:45:53 shanselman
'Were those good kids or bad kids that threw rocks today?' 3 yr old after pause: 'They were good kids *before!*'
05:45:34 shanselman
Just had the neighborhood kid hammer my fence planks back on. Correct punishment. #getoffmylawn http://twitpic.com/6g2ge
06:12:19 shanselman
RT @johnbat: Just dropped off the #Hanselcade with @shanselman. It's home. There's a part of me that will miss it. *sniff*
06:49:34 shanselman
Installing Win7 RC on a sample Lenovo W700ds. Crazy Laptop.
08:12:12 shanselman
Putty and primer for the #hanselcade http://twitpic.com/6g9lq
08:25:24 shanselman
Just realized that the image search on http://www.bing.com is 'infinite' - they keep reseting the scrollbar as you get close to the end.
09:38:28 shanselman
Lol! - RT @corneliu: @shanselman Yeah, I've used all my bandwidth scrolling through a list of images for one hour. But it's cool.
18:12:51 shanselman
Nigerian? Just released Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba Lang Packs for Vista! http://is.gd/MnUf http://is.gd/MnUY http://is.gd/MnVd
18:15:11 shanselman
R @acorcoran I've given up on iPhone cases. Instead, I got a Mophie Juice Pack case...and doubled the battery life.
19:00:38 shanselman
R @mikehole and I won't say anything how if you get a few Welshman together in a room they'll form a choir. ;) Or Jones the programmer.
19:17:21 shanselman
RT @gapingvoid: I agree with Mark Cuban. Most Web content is ignored and/or unread http://bit.ly/RWrsc
23:17:07 shanselman
It's the wife's 35th BD today. She asked me if this makes her a 'cougar.' My wife + pop culture vocab = great fun. Happy BD Small Wife!
01:01:26 shanselman
:( RT @madkidd: Unfollowed @shanselman I just don't care enough about #hanselcade or his fence.
02:11:38 shanselman
#hanselcade art http://twitpic.com/6i0pl
03:50:53 shanselman
You turn your back for a *second...* - #babiesandchinesefood http://twitpic.com/6i8fe
05:37:20 shanselman
Holy crap...they've updated 'Flight Control' for iPhone. #timesuck
06:55:22 shanselman
#hanselcade paint day http://twitpic.com/6ikbc
08:04:14 shanselman
Hm, do I do another coat (second coat?) #hanselcade http://twitpic.com/6infr
08:31:00 shanselman
R @LukCAD I'm building a personal Arcade Machine with @johnbat. I'm painting it tonight. Tomorrow I put on the artwork. #hanselcade
20:29:05 shanselman
Post from the VP of Engineering of Mozilla on the MSFT Firefox ClickOnce AddOn: http://bit.ly/NFcpJ
20:32:32 shanselman
Windows 7 launch date is Oct 22 #win7 http://bit.ly/x6FZx
20:34:58 shanselman
R @ChristiaanH You're getting BSODs on Win7? Can you give me details?
20:39:50 shanselman
Trying again: Post from the VP of Engineering of Mozilla on the MSFT Firefox ClickOnce AddOn: http://bit.ly/Pk8G4
20:44:21 shanselman
Cool. There's ONE! ;) Try Bing for a Month. http://bit.ly/11lrXJ
20:51:54 shanselman
R @pmaroun There's something wrong with that dude's blog.
20:52:35 shanselman
Apparently if I post a link to something (like a small blog) it'll take the site down. Hm.
21:23:08 shanselman
Do you Google your dates before you go on them? Now, '“I actually Banged him last night and not much came up.' http://bit.ly/njdar
21:42:43 shanselman
R @mediapyre Yes, boot from VHD! http://bit.ly/8Px1F
22:02:25 shanselman
RT @lazycoder: Spot on comment on how your motivations change once you have a kid. http://is.gd/Nrau
22:13:36 shanselman
Hm, @csells told me once, 'if you're not getting in trouble at work at least twice a year, you're not doing your job.'
22:14:15 shanselman
RT @melissamaples: 'Beacuse' is just about my most common typo. #mytypo
22:14:36 shanselman
'Tommorow' is my most common typo. #mytypo
22:54:49 shanselman
#hanselcade getting close...maybe tonight http://twitpic.com/6jz7m
22:55:21 shanselman
#hanselcade detail work http://twitpic.com/6jz91
23:23:51 shanselman
RT @GuyKawasaki: 10 common social media mistakes http://adjix.com/nnpc
23:24:03 shanselman
RT @oriwall: Wow! In a Win7 vs. MacOSX Leopard showdown conducted by Lifehacker, Win7 has the lead http://bit.ly/8FZRc
23:24:55 shanselman
New SEO Toolkit for IIS7 http://is.gd/NuWp
23:30:33 shanselman
Searching 'Google Squared' for 'ASP.NET PMs' ...hee hee http://is.gd/Nvaf
23:42:52 shanselman
R @davidperlow What kind of video card do you have? If you BSODd in Win7 on an AVCHD I would bet it's a bad video card driver.
00:25:07 shanselman
I was looking up @realscottgu in the address book at work and noticed his badge picture... http://twitpic.com/6k6ry ;)
00:48:36 shanselman
Interesting security issue in Rails 2.3...read the comments http://is.gd/NyjX
00:58:33 shanselman
Hey, @realscottgu is now @scottgu
02:13:30 shanselman
Codeplex sites are now searchable via Koders.com. http://is.gd/NBIe
02:15:41 shanselman
blogged: Running a Subversion Server off your Windows Home Server: Disclaimer - People have been injured.. http://tinyurl.com/phj654
02:52:40 shanselman
Taking the 3 year old to his very first movie. Going to 'Up' - very exciting.
02:59:12 shanselman
'Will there be chairs at the movie?'
06:26:22 shanselman
Speed up Aero Peek on #win7 http://bit.ly/1tZaS
06:31:24 shanselman
Wow, I am doing a horrible job of catching up on email.
06:50:35 shanselman
#hanselcade decal/art day http://twitpic.com/6kz56
07:28:29 shanselman
#hanselcade is 95% complete! Next step coin doors and software interface. http://twitpic.com/6l10j
07:29:08 shanselman
#hanselcade on/off switch http://twitpic.com/6l11i
07:31:41 shanselman
#hanselcade screen 20' dell LCD with custom black bezel http://twitpic.com/6l15m
07:42:21 shanselman
Massive thanks to @johnbat for all his help on the #hanselcade. Truly couldn't have done it without him. Now, coin slot lights.
07:51:38 shanselman
Poop on you. I can use Xbox and PlayStation also. RT @codinghorror: r @shanselman LCD in your mame cabinet? boooooo! Arcade monitor only!
07:52:06 shanselman
Heh. It's only been like FOUR days. You'll live. ;) RT @t_butler: I dig @shanselman but I'm sick of hearing about #hanselcade
07:54:33 shanselman
Folks with iPhone OS3 -- will I still have to wait TENS OF SECONDS as I type email addresses and it looks them up?
07:59:11 shanselman
Simulating a CRT on a LCD (lots of screenshots) http://bit.ly/19Ftf1
08:00:21 shanselman
R @CumpsD Sure, disable Aero Peek from the Taskbar Properties, uncheck 'Use Desktop Preview.'
10:56:38 shanselman
Using Live Mesh with Git http://bit.ly/5MBep
18:11:24 shanselman
R @swirlee YouTube Tip - go to your account, to playback setup, and make HQ the default. http://bit.ly/4cn93
18:36:40 shanselman
Not in the US, though. Sorry. RT @marshallk: Connan O'Brian's Twitter segment is quite a gas http://bit.ly/sonJt
18:48:18 shanselman
RT @thirteen23: Quake in Silverlight 3? http://tinyurl.com/cf43qz Oh no they didn't.
20:33:51 shanselman
Shiny! RT @johnbat: Congrats @shanselman, one of the 20 developers to follow, too cool. http://tinyurl.com/qpazsy
21:15:36 shanselman
My rotator cuffs are killing me. I can barely lift my arms.
22:07:48 shanselman
Oh ya! Bing.com is Adult Content? Blocked at Panera's Wifi by Sonicwall. http://twitpic.com/6mbxg
22:41:49 shanselman
R @GlennHalstead Rotator Cuffs are the tendons in your shoulders that basically do EVERYTHING. When they are strained, you're useless.
22:42:39 shanselman
R @Spanjis And Google isn't? That's the part I'm confused about.
22:44:25 shanselman
From SonicWall Support just now 'The request has been reviewed and rated as: '29.Search Engines/Portal' at 2009-06-04 13:30:02.653' @bing
22:49:04 shanselman
Cool Bing Tip for Corporations/Firewalls/Cafes. You can add '&adlt=strict' to the url to force safe search to be on. via @tigbbs.
17:46:54 shanselman
RT @RobinDotNet: RT @jimmyfallon: Next Wednesday Microsoft is gonna demo Project Natal on our show. Our little e3.
17:51:35 shanselman
RT @seretw: RT @ acedtect: I've been waiting for this movie for over 20 years - http://bit.ly/fTS1q
18:21:49 shanselman
Search Engine Stats at StatCounter.com, including Google and Bing http://bit.ly/16VTjn
18:54:35 shanselman
R @chrisrpatterson Windows Home Server PP2
19:02:09 shanselman
r @chrisrpatterson I have the first HP Media Smart with 2Gigs of RAM (upgraded)
19:27:36 shanselman
RT @GuyKawasaki: Top ten reasons not to blog http://adjix.com/84a5
19:30:40 shanselman
The new Dev10IDE MSDN View: http://bit.ly/ijVBo
20:06:03 shanselman
R @aaronjensen remember the dev10ide view is the HTML that's meant to be seen from INSIDE the IDE. However, give them feedback.
20:17:51 shanselman
R @jvanderh Here's MSDN loband details http://bit.ly/e9o1Q
22:14:41 shanselman
RT @IDisposable: Genius comes in all forms, my favorites are usually shirt-borne. http://site.despair.com/socialmediatee/
22:16:07 shanselman
blogged: Building your own Arcade Cabinet for Geeks - Part 1 - The Cabinet: This is the first part of a .. http://tinyurl.com/kwjju4
00:16:08 shanselman
blogged: Building your own Arcade Cabinet for Geeks - Part 2 - The Monitor: This is the second part of a.. http://tinyurl.com/pz6hpy
06:31:59 shanselman
Language Interface Packs for dozens of languages for #Windows - Click 'Language Offerings' http://bit.ly/gD9a
06:43:44 shanselman
People are freaking out about @bing's pron filter. I'm not seeing how Goog is any different. Their video player plays in srch results also.
06:58:55 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: The WorldWide telescope is one of the coolest things on the web. Silverlight version too http://bit.ly/Zkn56
07:16:06 shanselman
blogged: Building your own Arcade Cabinet for Geeks - Part 5 - Paint and Art: This is the fifth part of .. http://tinyurl.com/lvyspz
07:25:34 shanselman
RT @Janefonda: http://twitpic.com/6q59l - Back stage after 'Ruined' with the cast, Samantha, Susan, Oprah, and i am there, behind somewhere.
07:35:29 shanselman
HiDef Video of the Final #hanselcade http://bit.ly/FTE0y
08:16:00 shanselman
blogged: Building your own Arcade Cabinet for Geeks - Part 6 - Computer Hardware and Software: This is t.. http://tinyurl.com/lmrlt4
08:16:01 shanselman
blogged: Building your own Arcade Cabinet for Geeks - Part 7 - Success and Conclusion: This is the secon.. http://tinyurl.com/qv4ja2
08:40:34 shanselman
:P - RT @codinghorror: @shanselman excellent mame series, but.. no trackball? only one set of flipper buttons (no nudge)? LCD monitor? :(
08:41:45 shanselman
@codinghorror I prefer the LCD monitor and MAME supports fake overlays and effects to simulate CRTs. http://bit.ly/17h0Ta
08:42:19 shanselman
@codinghorror There was no way to keep the panel stock and do a trackball. That means a few games are out, plus golf. Sucks, sure.
08:42:39 shanselman
@codinghorror You're saying to add two more flippers below? Where's nudge go?
08:48:39 shanselman
R @codinghorror Same thing I have, plus the trackball. I bought it but it was HUGE. http://twitpic.com/6q9q8 and http://twitpic.com/6q9r2
08:49:23 shanselman
R @codinghorror I can add two more flippers easy. Is one nudge? Can't I just remap a nudge key?
08:49:38 shanselman
R @codinghorror Is dual flippers common?
08:50:11 shanselman
R @paddyslacker That's the same thing I have, plus one extra flipper set and the trackball.
09:06:44 shanselman
R @codinghorror What front end are you using?
18:37:18 shanselman
'Daddy, can you make my milk *lava hot* like toasted bread?' @overheardathome
06:37:00 shanselman
R @Skarin Dude, we had a party today with 30 people and the #hanselcade, without planning it, was a HUGE hit. Everyone needs one.
09:20:54 shanselman
Adding an Xbox MN-740 Wireless Adapter to the #hanselcade and Bing sent me to my own blog! http://bit.ly/17tSOw
23:21:18 shanselman
RT @ScottATaylor: Ever wanted a whole wall to be a White board? Check out IdeaPaint http://bit.ly/XGtgs really cool found via Inc mag
02:37:32 shanselman
RT @Jersson: hey @shanselman estas loco? :D hizo su propio cabina de arcade!! http://tinyurl.com/ojwf4u (yo tambien quiero)
07:48:23 shanselman
Sitting in a hotel room, trying to find a movie to watch. I haven't found one that has scored over 40% on RottenTomatoes.com yet.
07:49:01 shanselman
R @wfehler There is a part in 'Up' when two men fight with sticks/swords, and there are some menacing dogs. I prepped my son and he did OK.
07:50:45 shanselman
R @buzzfrog Can't start WLW on #win7, go %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft.NET\Primary Interop Assemblies\ and run gacutil -i Microsoft.mshtml.dll
07:52:43 shanselman
R @theogor Heh. No, I'm up in Bellevue working on a super secret project for a super secret MSFT partner on some super secret stuff. Secret.
07:53:41 shanselman
R @SCMcDonnell Bing.com is doing pretty OK about 80% of the time. Images, Videos, Travel and Shopping are AWESOME. General search, 80% 4 me.
08:05:03 shanselman
R @vitaminjeff Apparently there's a bug in Twitter where folks who aren't following who you reply to can't see the reply, so you add 'R' b4.
08:08:13 shanselman
You down-under and you want a home arcade? It's like $5 in USD! ;) http://is.gd/SCW5
11:22:28 shanselman
Using Speech Recognition to Program in Microsoft Visual Studio http://is.gd/SR6L
11:37:34 shanselman
Kind of surprised at the small number of comments on the Arcade machine...guess few people do this stuff http://is.gd/SSck
11:50:21 shanselman
RT @StuartDavies: DailyMash: 'Dutch To Invent Word For 'Cricket'' - http://tinyurl.com/mz8oso
00:28:16 shanselman
R @fuzzzerd I figure it took about six 8-hour days to do the arcade. Those hours were spread over many weeks of an hour here and there.
07:45:13 shanselman
Watching 'The Listener' - the dude said 'Kraft Dinner!' This show is Canadian. Darn Canadians, they look just like us.
08:00:05 shanselman
RT @FloatingPoint: @shanselman Canadians, Cylons, take your pick. :)
08:05:24 shanselman
Man, I need to update my Tools List. 10,195 views on that OLD 2007 page this month.
08:13:17 shanselman
random....I just fixed a REALLY obscure paging issue...'Older Posts' on my blog won't skip many days now. Whew.
08:25:24 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: vanilla ice apologizes http://bit.ly/O6yFB
08:46:50 shanselman
Ok, #tools time! I need to update the ultimate tools list. Tweet me your #tools with this hash tag!
18:27:43 shanselman
Go mention me and win me a mac! RT @TRayburn: Register for Dallas TechFest and win a Mac Mini. http://tinyurl.com/DTFMiniContest
21:58:48 shanselman
Brilliant...blind search...vote for the best results: http://blindsearch.fejus.com
04:07:20 shanselman
Lol! - RT @noelsequeira: Headed to Bellevue to meet @shanselman for dinner. Dream come true!!!
04:41:54 shanselman
Dinner w/Imagine Cup 2k8 Interop Award @noelsequeira @jandert0n @creativeriot @amithgeorge & @jassand http://twitpic.com/70qwo
08:20:08 shanselman
RT @JAndert0nhttp://twitpic.com/71363 - Just back from a really long day followed by dinner with @shanselman and @haacked. Totally fun!
10:16:37 shanselman
blogged: Breaking All The Rules with WCF: Sometimes, in my job, I go onsite at partners and work with th.. http://tinyurl.com/kjrnjm
12:02:55 shanselman
R @2leggedspider Derive from WebFormsViewEngine, override just FindView(). Look at the NerdDinner code on Codeplex at the MobileViewEngine.
20:35:36 shanselman
RT @JoshClose: A co-worker suggested returning DataSets from a web service... a blog post from @shanselman http://bit.ly/BuBJz
03:56:57 shanselman
Heading home...
08:44:42 shanselman
Turns out that no one is really using Twitter at all. http://bit.ly/uVs6q
08:46:13 shanselman
Mechanical Turks and Bing http://bit.ly/EuPNp
08:46:42 shanselman
Crap. My Kindle 2 is bricked.
09:39:40 shanselman
R @bradwilson Not yet, but I'm still looking to sell my gently used Kindle2 so I can get a DX....
09:52:26 shanselman
18:37:13 shanselman
RT @kenpm: I've tried getting used to Skype 4.0 but the new UI really gets in my way. Such a step backward.
19:03:10 shanselman
Me first! - RT @kerbyk: New series!!! 'Bytes by MSDN' 16 influentials talk about their summer resources! http://bit.ly/FzHHL
19:53:44 shanselman
SQL Server is doing some planning for Web Features. Please take and RT this one page survey: http://bit.ly/Qq53e
19:54:43 shanselman
Video of be being silly on MSDN. Part of a series: http://bit.ly/FzHHL
20:05:37 shanselman
RT @crazeegeekchick: 25 Funny Country Song Titles: http://bit.ly/3kj8f
20:37:31 shanselman
'If I Can't Be Number One In Your Life, Then Number Two On You.' http://bit.ly/3kj8f
20:51:36 shanselman
RT @lokeuei: Awesome! Jimmy Fallon plays with Natal http://ping.fm/q2M1N
20:52:15 shanselman
RT @frohman: 'I really don't look at Twitter for technical content, I look at it more for funny videos of Justin Timberlake.' - @shanselman
21:51:14 shanselman
Tell my boss! ;) RT @jmorrill: Good MSDN video. Boy that Scott is just a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.
21:56:04 shanselman
Use our browser and we'll give you food. http://www.browserforthebetter.com
23:13:19 shanselman
RT @elijahmanor: @shanselman Thanks for the shout out in your latest MSDN video http://bit.ly/3XNPC I now schedule, tweet, & delicious
23:17:07 shanselman
blogged: MSDN Bytes - Today's Random Silly Hanselman Video: I just got an email that a video I did with .. http://tinyurl.com/l46vx4
01:32:43 shanselman
Downtown Portland #PDX http://twitpic.com/75kgw
03:37:50 shanselman
Please be Full of Care... http://twitpic.com/75wbd
06:01:37 shanselman
Looks like @bing knows your salary. ;) Try queries like 'software engineer salary' http://bit.ly/YwTIl
06:18:31 shanselman
Awesome, SGMLReader has been rev'ed. Great .NET Library for making back markup good markup http://bit.ly/gcYAM
06:20:06 shanselman
RT: @ivanwalsh Override Bing local settings. Go to http://ping.fm/XQSaV and set English - US as your default region. Get full Bing features
06:23:42 shanselman
RT @joshholat: ...Wolfram|Alpha can do better [Salary Results] http://bit.ly/21GTJ ;-) Actually, Google gives the worst results! Haha
10:23:46 shanselman
.NET Dev? Here's the blog I read first each morning: http://bit.ly/a9y2u
10:07:11 shanselman
RT @duncan: There are hundreds, maybe thousands of naked people bicycling through Portland right now. NAKED. http://twitpic.com/7d586
10:09:10 shanselman
RT @Mohamed_Meligy: DevPocalypse ? A *Basic* Asp.Net MVC + jQuery Game: http://tinyurl.com/nlajct #aspnetmvc
10:09:36 shanselman
Portland is a weird town. 3000 naked bike riders: RT @duncan: Even more. http://twitpic.com/7d5g3
20:28:24 shanselman
What is #squarespace?
04:25:39 shanselman
Looks like @keyvan has lots of citizen journalism going on in #Iran. Follow him for on the ground tweets.
05:27:45 shanselman
RT @AD_Betts: Army pass on to Martinsburg. Enemy being run out, our men save some burning commissary stores.
06:29:01 shanselman
Looks like @keyvan has lots of citizen journalism going on #IranElection Follow him for on the ground tweets.
20:06:18 shanselman
Heading to Norway...waiting at the airport...sigh...
07:10:56 shanselman
In Amsterdam airport...Skype on iPhone is brilliant!
07:11:14 shanselman
RT @cwayman: Listened to 5 hours of @shanselman 's #hanselminutes today. Good job you dont have an annoying voice ;-) lol
07:13:28 shanselman
Schipol... http://twitpic.com/7ixae
07:49:17 shanselman
15 times I've been in this airport, just got lost and entered, left and entered Europe again. Damn these D-Gates in Amsterdam.
08:19:55 shanselman
Looks like Visual Studio Gallery has been rev'ed: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/
20:06:55 shanselman
At #ndc09 group photo http://twitpic.com/7k248
21:28:17 shanselman
Where do you eat in Norway? Apparently here...(not my choice, but yummy) http://twitpic.com/7ka0d
22:26:08 shanselman
10pm and it's still not dark in Norway. #eternalday http://twitpic.com/7kg2z
08:15:38 shanselman
Mental note: when you are tired, remember that 50 degrees celcius is, in fact, hotter than 50 degrees farehenheit.
10:02:22 shanselman
Gettting ready to start my .NET 4 talk at #ndc09. The projector is 16:9! Scandalous.
11:24:08 shanselman
Getting ready for my next talk on 'Making your blog suck less' in #ndc09
14:52:17 shanselman
Starting to get panicky about the talk with @haacked at #ndc coming up in an hour.
15:09:29 shanselman
'Quebecois is like the Klingon of French.' @bellware
15:20:33 shanselman
R @mostlybob Joual is French-Canadian slang, Quebecois IS the language and the people.
15:21:06 shanselman
R @mostlybob @bellware is French-Canadian, BTW.
15:51:01 shanselman
#ndc09 sessions http://twitpic.com/7mb5h
15:54:28 shanselman
Giving away books at our #ndc09 session to Norwegians who dare to speak. A very quiet people.
17:46:47 shanselman
RT @pprovost: Scott Hanselman 'overflows the room' at #ndc09. http://twitpic.com/7lxvx | http://twitpic.com/7lxws
17:47:42 shanselman
RT @gshutler: Awesome RT @haacked: Strongly Typed Everything with ASP.NET MVC using one T4 file - http://is.gd/14xpm
18:03:56 shanselman
R @fossilfoundry Sure, more on T4 here: http://bit.ly/Y1XAk
18:56:12 shanselman
Uploading some Hanselminutes on 9 videos for Channel 9 at #ndc09
23:43:32 shanselman
Full time, onsite 8-12 week contract in Beaverton on ASP.NET MVC stuff...talk to @vstuart if you're interested. RT if you're in Oregon.
23:43:51 shanselman
RT @fkalseth: http://twitpic.com/7nlut - Great Ethiopian meal with @shanselman @haacked @henriksen @nmerrigan ++
23:44:43 shanselman
Also talk to @travelportland for good Portland tips, @gattolina
08:53:41 shanselman
RT @alexmoore: Hmm, @shanselman says A-Jill, @laribee says Ah-jEYEle (Talking about Agile)
09:16:43 shanselman
Sitting in the #ndc09 hotel, noticing that @unclebobmartin has iTunes open: http://twitpic.com/7p0o2
09:20:08 shanselman
Trying to see if I can upgrade my iPhone to 3.0 from #ndc09
09:36:35 shanselman
Getting ready for my talk on Astoria at #ndc09 coming up at 1:30pm...so many demos to fix up
09:39:10 shanselman
Blogged with Video at #ndc: 'Inside the Speaker's Room' http://bit.ly/PkNXk
10:07:57 shanselman
Where would I find *wooden* Thomas Trains (not metal) in Oslo at #ndc09? Like Brio, but Thomas the Tank Engine. Looking for Bulstrode.
10:08:26 shanselman
RT @nmerrigan: http://twitpic.com/7p28g - @shanselman) & @haacked in the HaHaa brothers. Caption competition anyone? #ndc09
10:17:13 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes on 9 - In Norway, inside the Speaker's Room: I'm in Norway, speaking at at the Norw.. http://tinyurl.com/nxcp3b
10:39:50 shanselman
RT @markhneedham: 'Why would you want to be a professional speaker...doesn't that mean a professional non-doer?' @shanselman
12:39:50 shanselman
Crap! My database has GIFs instead of PNGs and my demo doesn't work. Panic and Pastie: http://bit.ly/JeDd4
12:39:59 shanselman
Crap! My database has GIFs instead of PNGs and my demo doesn't work. Panic and Pastie: http://bit.ly/JeDd4 #ndc09
14:34:08 shanselman
RT @henningst: Love the jokes @shanselman makes about Microsoft :) Never a dull moment in his talks. #ndc09
14:34:23 shanselman
RT @srstrong: #ndc09 Astoria is actually pretty cool. Thought that it was just REST over my DB, but it's better than that.
14:51:55 shanselman
Sorry about being late for the book signing at #ndc09. We'll be back ON TIME at 3:45pm
19:01:59 shanselman
RT @Anyware: I'd *love* to see comments about Hanselman's 'WinForms talks at conferences' video: http://bit.ly/gtH2r #PDC09
19:22:51 shanselman
It's over for Tweetie. I'm all about @tweetdeck for the iPhone now.
19:42:54 shanselman
RT @fbochatay: @shanselman Just made a new release of bDule, would love your feedback and list of missing features. Http://www.bdule.com
20:23:15 shanselman
At #ndc09 watching the band 'DataRock' - http://twitpic.com/7q6hm
13:36:38 shanselman
RT @NNUGBergen: Remember that @shanselman is coming to Bergen to do some more speaking on Saturday. It's FREE! http://tr.im/p2vH #ndc09
17:24:31 shanselman
Hanging at #ndc09 with @unclebobmartin http://twitpic.com/7szro
18:04:41 shanselman
RT @Anyware: More conference talk from @shanselman. Keep the feedback coming...#PDC09 and MIX are listening: http://bit.ly/ohjme
18:48:09 shanselman
At #ndc09 in Norway...a Whopper 'Piñata?' with chips inside the burger. oy. http://twitpic.com/7t894
21:02:35 shanselman
Heading to Bergen, Norway tomorrow. Remember, I am to be paid in wooden Thomas Trains. ;) #ndc09 http://bit.ly/sbP6j
22:45:41 shanselman
RT @saraford: Chuck Norris 'The Programmer' jokes http://is.gd/12pf9
07:39:44 shanselman
RT @bellware: speaker lounge conversation at #ndc09 http://bit.ly/pMqTb @pprovost @mfeathers @unclebobmartin @tedneward (via @mfeathers)
07:47:50 shanselman
More 'Hanselminutes on Channel 9' video from #ndc, this time with @jeremydmiller http://bit.ly/wlO8A
08:19:40 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes on 9 - More from Norway, inside the Speaker's Room: I'm heading to the Bergen, No.. http://tinyurl.com/meh9n5
08:22:10 shanselman
Hm, tried to Google for Chuck Norris... http://bit.ly/IMmPU
21:21:57 shanselman
Whew! Back in the states.
06:00:39 shanselman
Why would I EVER pay $1.99 for an Episode of a TV Show on iTunes? Someone explain why that section even exists?!
20:45:10 shanselman
Wow travelling west is so much easier than travelling east. Just slept until I was *finished*. Whew.
20:52:48 shanselman
Sarkozy says burqas are 'not welcome' in France http://bit.ly/7s8Jy
20:53:48 shanselman
That's not very nice at all, and certainly not supportive: Sarkozy says burqas are 'not welcome' in France http://bit.ly/7s8Jy
21:35:16 shanselman
RT @kdevine7800: @shanselman What's next? Outlawing Fedoras?
22:30:53 shanselman
Seen on a European bottle of Pepsi: 'Warning: Drink then Swallow.'
22:35:09 shanselman
RT @timoreilly: Study shows half-life of friends is seven years http://bit.ly/OxzRk (via @gnat in http://bit.ly/40TD94 )
22:35:23 shanselman
RT @mrinaldesai: HD DVD As Popular As Blu-ray: Blu-ray was declared the winning format l.. http://u.mavrev.com/d9il
22:47:40 shanselman
Me: 'I wish I had a shorter flight.' 3 year old: 'If you want a shorter flight, take a shorter plane!' @overheardathome
22:59:11 shanselman
wow, this looks cool http://tinychat.com via @calinative
23:27:16 shanselman
Hm...I may have to buy a PS3 just to play God of War. I bought a PS2 for the same reason. What's the best PS3 to get?
23:38:01 shanselman
RT @jeremydmiller: I feel uncool because I didn't start programming on some archaic computer. A 386 is the oldest computer I ever used.
23:38:40 shanselman
R @jeremydmiller Scandalous! A 386. ;) Wow. I built a 8086XT back in the day. Were you old when you started in computers?
23:47:36 shanselman
Interesting article on ASP.NET MVC Validation Strategies...a good idea? http://bit.ly/KPovy
23:53:40 shanselman
R @jeremydmiller Interesting! I did AutoCad like @chadmyers, but my first actual CODING was on a C64.
23:59:06 shanselman
Apparently communism fell in 2007. ;) (First sentence of this iPhone review) http://bit.ly/HLNmi
00:15:20 shanselman
Wow, just got an offer from a voice over artist to redo the babySmash voices, and include 4 languages!
00:31:31 shanselman
Another Mobile Device File updated with dozens of mobile devices added: http://bit.ly/i3pc5
00:38:37 shanselman
Getting a little tired of Googling/Binging for answers to questions people send me...the first result is usually the answer.
00:40:24 shanselman
RT @jonincalgary Some guy gets Win7 running on a Pentium II, with 96MB of RAM, 4MB Graphics Card: http://bit.ly/rQMkE
00:51:51 shanselman
Yes, but http://www.lmgtfy.com/ is *mean* and I don't want to be mean to people who ask a question sincerely.
01:17:56 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 165 - Working Effectively with Legacy Code with Michael Feathers: My one-.. http://tinyurl.com/mn2puk
01:56:39 shanselman
Oregon doesn't look so good on this chart of U.S. Unemployment: http://bit.ly/ELtjS
02:03:44 shanselman
Just figured the T4 template out for this. Absolutely Brilliant. It buries lies, but it's brilliant. http://bit.ly/16NZwN
02:05:41 shanselman
@martinfowler What do you think of this invocation of your name? It is how it's supposed to be? http://bit.ly/JpGat
02:15:02 shanselman
R @bleroy True. At some point, no matter what language, someone calls LoadLibrary('foo') and that's a magic string. ;)
02:50:47 shanselman
RT @davidebbo: @shanselman In the end everything is string. What do you think your DNA is made of? :)
03:41:54 shanselman
RT @lmgtfy: @shanselman If you're worried about mean, try the 'nice' hidden feature. Add &n=1 to the end of a lmgtfy URL. 'It's that easy'
04:45:18 shanselman
RT @longzheng: sneak peek at Bing mobile application concepts http://is.gd/18YMr
04:45:41 shanselman
RT @longzheng: the one and only mjf is now on twitter :) @maryjofoley
05:28:38 shanselman
Is 250 for a PS3 80gb on Craigslist a good deal?
05:59:55 shanselman
Holy crap! FlyClear just shut down! And I just renewed. That's some BullSh*t. How far back can I refute charges on my VISA? #flyclear
15:11:00 shanselman
RT @Dunn_Browne: Received orders to camp in a wheat field. All these men camping in it will destroy it, & Uncle Sam will have to pay.
19:26:35 shanselman
What's wrong with the Transformers Movies? The robots are TOO COMPLEX. There's more going on than the eye can handle. I miss the cartoons.
19:27:40 shanselman
RT @MisfitGeek #Podcast Episode #2 - Does VB have a future? -http://bit.ly/le9H6
20:25:07 shanselman
Why is Twitter Search sucking so deeply lately?
21:32:56 shanselman
Having a heck of a time posting to my blog via 3G...keeps timing out.
21:33:21 shanselman
RT exhowardLunch at Chipole. BK has The King, Chipotle needs The @Shanselman. http://post.ly/wBW
22:39:51 shanselman
Free to the first 75k I hear: Microsoft Security Essentials http://bit.ly/12tBmR
22:42:40 shanselman
If you're on the #win7 *BETA* then haul ass and get on RC before Jul 1: http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/springboard/default.aspx
22:45:31 shanselman
Got feedback on Win7? http://bit.ly/win7feedback
23:17:54 shanselman
blogged: Accidental Prescience and the Secrets of Project Natal: I can't remember which episode, but a f.. http://tinyurl.com/mr92km
23:17:59 shanselman
blogged: Back to Basics - Trust Nothing as User Input Comes from All Over: There was an interesting bug .. http://tinyurl.com/klocl4
23:18:02 shanselman
blogged: These are the little bugs that lead to madness: I received an interesting email today where a f.. http://tinyurl.com/lk46sn
23:52:59 shanselman
Are more people doing Lean Software? http://bit.ly/khaY1
00:19:19 shanselman
Having some BiZZARE battery issues in iPhone 3.0...had it USB plugged in all day and it's dead! Doesn't want to charge, in a reboot loop now
00:31:30 shanselman
R @chadmoran No this is iPhone 3.0. Now I can't run ANY 3rd party apps. They all crash on startup.
02:11:54 shanselman
Installing new ATI Drivers *from AMD/ATI* under Win7 64....Lord Help Me.
02:36:26 shanselman
Best. Movie. Review. Evar. Ebert FTW! #transformers http://bit.ly/oynLw
02:59:35 shanselman
Best Tribute to Ed McMahon http://www.hiyoooo.com
03:17:03 shanselman
blogged: ASP.NET Ajax - Script Combining and moving ScriptResource.axd's to Static Scripts: I've got a l.. http://tinyurl.com/koqzb3
06:56:29 shanselman
Looking for suggestions (style, layout, structure) for http://www.overheardathome.com to get it to 'take off.' Ideas?
20:39:04 shanselman
Wow, I'd have to say that this is a prettier interface than the iPhone: http://bit.ly/1sao4M
20:50:49 shanselman
RT @tweetmeme 10 Unusual Places to Get Design Inspiration http://cli.gs/myduM
23:22:45 shanselman
MS Response to the FixOutlook campaign: http://blogs.msdn.com/outlook/
23:31:47 shanselman
ASP.NET Forums updated to use @alexgorbatchev's excellent SyntaxHighlighter FTW! http://bit.ly/GpU1t
00:53:37 shanselman
RT @edward_tanguay: good podcast on WPF/MVVM, @shanselman asks right questions and @idg10 responds in depth, http://is.gd/1cqYK
01:51:09 shanselman
Nice! Just typed '?' in Gmail and got a popup with all the keyboard shortcuts.
01:52:52 shanselman
RT @jmorrill: 'one of the things I think that is really holding WPF back...There's nothing that says 'and here, make a VM.'' - @shanselman
01:52:58 shanselman
RT @jimminatel: Note to self: cancel trip to Argentina. What happens in Argentina apparently does not stay in Argentina
02:16:56 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 166 - Windows Presentation Foundation explained by Ian Griffiths: My one-.. http://tinyurl.com/nphq56
02:39:36 shanselman
if only I had this reference poster earlier! ;) http://bit.ly/VW5Kk
05:57:03 shanselman
The #sqftgarden is looking good, although something is eating my broccoli. http://twitpic.com/8cfuv
23:12:18 shanselman
R @nhambayi take a look at http://nuigroup.com. They have guides on how to make your own multitouch sensors with webcams and butcher paper.
23:30:27 shanselman
Looks like @davidebbo is changing your source code. ;) Go vote on his idea on his blog now! http://bit.ly/1aoBFe
00:17:04 shanselman
RT @BernhardHofmann: Hanselman on WPF: 'It just works; until it completely doesn't work.' I can actually FEEL that sentiment.
00:17:13 shanselman
blogged: The HaaHa Show visits .NET Rocks: While in Norway last week, Phil Haack and I were lucky enough.. http://tinyurl.com/mn4r6k
00:18:45 shanselman
RT @robconery: 'I work for Microsoft, but they don't talk to me'. @shanselman (very good DNR show) http://bit.ly/Nk0k6
00:21:11 shanselman
OMG, Michael Jackson is dead.
00:31:25 shanselman
#michaeljackson is dead says the http://www.latimes.com/
01:26:45 shanselman
Seriously, to the girl at Starbucks just now. Comparing Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson when it comes to *influence* isn't even CLOSE.
01:27:28 shanselman
WTF, jeff Goldblum is dead too?? (not confirmed) http://bit.ly/zqXBb
01:30:14 shanselman
Seriously, who ISN'T dead! I say Nathan Fillion #isntdead. Who else #isntdead?
01:47:10 shanselman
Anyone know kenji.hiranabe and can put me in touch with him?
01:47:45 shanselman
I wish #win7 was $30. That'd be EPIC.
02:17:37 shanselman
blogged: The Weekly Source Code 43 - ASP.NET MVC and T4 and NerdDinner: I really advocate folks reading .. http://tinyurl.com/l6jbqj
02:31:41 shanselman
RT @KevinSpacey: Jeff Goldblum is alive and well. I just spoke to his manager. Stop these stupid rumors.
03:07:04 shanselman
My small town's flag...a smidge over the top? That's 120ft tall. http://twitpic.com/8fcmz
03:08:53 shanselman
Still pissed at Martin Bashir for what he did Michael Jackson. Can't stand to watch Bashir on TV.
05:44:27 shanselman
R @MajorPhule An intro to T4: http://bit.ly/Y1XAk
06:21:24 shanselman
Order #win7 upgrades now on Amazon (via @IDisposable) *Professional* http://bit.ly/36JGrt
06:22:35 shanselman
Order #win7 upgrades now on Amazon (via @IDisposable) *Premium* http://bit.ly/15S06D
08:05:37 shanselman
RT @orand: wow, Ian Griffiths out-hanselmaned @shanselman on the latest Hanselminutes. loved it.
09:38:19 shanselman
FAVOR: If you're an iTunes listener of my podcast, could I impose upon you to review the show on iTunes? I'd like to broaden the audience..
06:29:07 shanselman
I am 470 calories over my daily budget. And I am hungry.
17:15:18 shanselman
RT @GregWoods: ok @shanselman I regret to say you're now unfollowed. My brain can only cope with so many words prefixed with 'hansel' !
17:15:47 shanselman
RT @skobalczyk: http://twitpic.com/8ns9f - My son loves playing with #babysmash on HP TouchSmart. Thanks @shanselman :-)
17:35:46 shanselman
RT @pilotbob: @shanselman You got hanselkicked!!!
17:36:03 shanselman
RT @portman_wills: Apparently, @shanselman should not write glowing product reviews anymore. R.I.P. Dell Mini 9. http://bit.ly/5heIU
17:37:35 shanselman
RT @RockyLhotka: it wasn't cats breeding, that's loud too, but in a different way; maybe it was a bunny being hunted by an owl?
17:37:53 shanselman
RT @martinrue: You know you need a new laptop when scrolling a web page interrupts music playing.
17:38:11 shanselman
Off to help my brother move.
17:48:17 shanselman
To my son whose name is not Fred but I called him Fred to be silly w/ him. 'Hi, Fred!' *pause* 'Hi Daddy Meatball!'
21:10:05 shanselman
Helping my brother and his wife move...holy crap check this out: http://twitpic.com/8ovfv
23:47:28 shanselman
RT @DavidGood: http://twitpic.com/8p2dw - @shanselman I didn't realize that stuff was valuable. I have all of my Star Wars & GI Joe toys.
00:30:58 shanselman
RT @YoungBillyMays: #wearblue4billy - Wear blue tomorrow in memory of Billy- ...It made me smile and my dad would surely be honored.
04:09:40 shanselman
Finished moving my brother and family into their new house http://twitpic.com/8q1o9
19:12:19 shanselman
It's probably time for a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie about Twitter...what would it be called?
19:13:09 shanselman
'2 mentions' - #youvegotmail2009
19:13:37 shanselman
RT @chilkari: @shanselman from my perspective, 'You've got FAIL' #youvegotmail2009
19:16:24 shanselman
RT @SubliminalEd: @shanselman tweepless nights? #youvegotmail2009
19:53:57 shanselman
RT @SubliminalEd: @shanselman #youvegotmail2009 '@tommy689 + @meggers142 4ever'
20:38:43 shanselman
The revolt has begun! -RT @pshaun: I just unfollowed Hanselman. Too many personal updates. No use to me. I followed him only for.NET topics.
20:39:24 shanselman
R @pshaun You really need to try following more than 6 people. You won't get much out of Twitter without at LEAST a hundred or more. Honest.
20:53:57 shanselman
RT @mhenry07: @shanselman RT @unclebobmartin: Twitter is not a single topic medium. If you follow someone you follow the whole person.
20:54:32 shanselman
Thanks! - RT @kmacmahon: @shanselman Hey! Grats! http://bit.ly/HVExF
20:54:43 shanselman
LOL! RT @Grumpydev: I might unfollow @shanselman - too many tweets about people unfollowing @shanselman ;-)
20:55:37 shanselman
Ha! - RT @carpdeus: @shanselman you do .net stuff!?!? Who knew? ;)
21:10:21 shanselman
R @darenmay Sure http://www.stoplivinginthepast.com/
22:15:00 shanselman
Here's how I use Twitter and why you should follow more people http://bit.ly/4AKGg
22:19:24 shanselman
RT @daveh551: @shanselman Something wrong with this picture in your blog: 'Twitter is just a list of crap'...'Just let it flow over you'
22:31:44 shanselman
blogged: Twitter: Let the Information Wash Over You: There's a lot of information, both useless and usef.. http://tinyurl.com/n5oa2m
22:49:28 shanselman
Cool! RT @kzu: Go get a free copy of @shanselman MVC book with your purchase of Visual T4 Editor http://is.gd/1injQ
23:11:31 shanselman
More ways for .NET Programmers to unfollow me. A .NET specific Twitter Stream http://bit.ly/k58Fq
23:12:07 shanselman
Why would one want a Facebook 'fan' page over a real page?
23:21:35 shanselman
Why do people still bother with Esperanto? http://bit.ly/olArC
00:02:04 shanselman
RT @melissamaples: @shanselman Something sexy about that esoteric knowledge... if a guy knew Esperanto I'd go on a 2nd date w/him.
00:08:05 shanselman
Interesting ASP.NET MVC Forum 'plugin' http://bit.ly/PmTkK
00:52:21 shanselman
Interesting Tabs Add-On for Visual Studio 2008 http://bit.ly/kvesz
02:21:31 shanselman
RT @RobertKozak: RT @ravndal: Does VS2008 and VS2010 run side by side? Me:Yes!
02:21:57 shanselman
RT @davidebbo: MVC T4 template 2.1.00 pushed to CodePlex. Misc improvements & fixes. Thanks for all the feedback! http://bit.ly/WsCBq
04:43:21 shanselman
RT @tomforemski Scobleizer Traffic Plunge: The Real-Time Web Can Be Bad For Your Blog http://su.pr/6ZTxMn
05:07:27 shanselman
RT @Col_wainwright: The fifth corps has now arrived.
06:32:46 shanselman
'Thirty-nine percent of surveyed dads spend two hours or less per workday with their children...' http://bit.ly/6vWgw
06:44:14 shanselman
And oldie but a goodie. This is the reason people follow me. My mysterious past. http://bit.ly/G7oQx
06:50:02 shanselman
07:36:36 shanselman
Interesanté ;) Cuál es mi noticia? RT @jaimesanchez: Señores hora de ir a dormir los veo mañana con noticias sobre @shanselman
07:45:04 shanselman
I wonder how much money the kids on G4TV make to be on that show? 100k? More or less?
09:56:02 shanselman
Trying to get my mind around what's happening this season on HBO's True Blood. Such a great show - I love HBO.
17:32:57 shanselman
RT @jeresig: I'm loving the improved standards support in Firefox 3.5: http://bit.ly/25TxJv
17:34:53 shanselman
RT @jaimesanchez: Amigos, ESTA CONFIRMADO!!! @shanselman viene a México, va a estar en #SG09 va a dar el keynote el lunes 28-sep.
19:06:43 shanselman
RT @Direct2Dell: GPS and Wi-Fi Positioning Coming to the Mini 10 http://tinyurl.com/l5ppnb
19:31:11 shanselman
Ladies, make your BlueTooth non-discoverable. I just told a lady here that her computer was broadcasting her FULL NAME. Dangerous.
19:47:03 shanselman
R @RobinDotNet @geekgrrl It seemed to me that it was more likely for a psycho dude to stalk you than a psycho chick to stalk me...?
19:48:47 shanselman
R @RobinDotNet @geekgrrl @julietteko Didn't mean to be sexist, but rather a steward of the safety of the opposite sex. Chivalrous != Sexist?
19:53:18 shanselman
RT @SaraJChipps: BLOGGED: How to Contributee to Open Source (When You're Not Exactly Scott Hanselman) http://is.gd/1j9Bk
20:10:15 shanselman
I wish when I updated to Firefox 3.5 it wasn't still called Firefox 3.5 Beta 4...now I need to uninstall and reinstall.
20:47:30 shanselman
WPF Made Easier? - RT @EisenbergEffect: @shanselman You could also check out Caliburn http://caliburn.codeplex.com/
20:47:58 shanselman
RT @stclairjohn: @shanselman - Mono in VS2010: http://bit.ly/P2eqh
23:15:37 shanselman
I don't know how people can stand having personal email addresses like frank75pzcstr@foofoomail.com. Seriously, tidy up.
23:29:57 shanselman
Just used the word 'soluble' in a code review. @bellware would be proud (I hope).
23:36:29 shanselman
02:32:55 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 167 - Convention Over Configuration with Jeremy Miller: My one-hundred-an.. http://tinyurl.com/m5e92q
02:50:57 shanselman
A 'data access' strategy is different from a 'database access' strategy.
07:05:47 shanselman
Wow, I'm not a vegan, but this is really interesting reading. http://bit.ly/725CB
07:15:32 shanselman
Spending some time reading @UdiDahan's best stuff: http://www.udidahan.com/first-time-here/
08:44:42 shanselman
Trying to add @jskit to http://www.overheardathome.com
09:01:15 shanselman
Making some small changes at http://www.overheardathome.com with @jskit. Please go visit and rate some posts.
10:03:07 shanselman
RT @ironshay: Cool! Ruby-style JavaScript http://jsclass.jcoglan.com/
10:04:57 shanselman
RT @larsw: RT '@unclebobmartin: @saraford What the hell is codeplex?' oh. the horrors. #fail
10:05:39 shanselman
RT @bellware: I think the space bar on iPhone keyboard could act as left/right cursor move by acceping slide gestures
10:07:59 shanselman
RT @corewarrior: Looks like the #Ubuntu project is accepting Mono based applications for inclusion to the distribution. http://bit.ly/1714jT
19:45:07 shanselman
*The Shark Jumping Begins.* RT @ScottATaylor: Twitter Grows “Uncomfortable” With The Word Tweet In Applications http://bit.ly/1qdPd
20:17:44 shanselman
RT @martinfowler: The summary of the value of Pair Programming by @elharo very much matches my own views: http://bit.ly/17mKLU
20:30:19 shanselman
RT @steverb: Looks like twitter was within their rights. Techcrunch Misleads http://www.fwd2tweet.com/18/ http://tweetknot.com/
20:35:33 shanselman
What's worse, this commercial, or the fact Bobcat Goldthwaite directed it. #youvebeenwarned http://bit.ly/CZtFl
20:41:24 shanselman
I like Firefox 3.5 but it just doesn't *LOOK* like the rest of Windows 7...the theme isn't right.
20:46:32 shanselman
Bing for Firefox! http://bit.ly/zFf3f
20:50:01 shanselman
RT @harjeetkumar POLL If purchase cost was equal, what software would you buy for your server? http://twtpoll.com/krada2
20:50:33 shanselman
R @jayshepherd Well, Mac would say yes. What I'm saying is that Firefox on Win7 looks like a WinXP app. It doesn't fit.
20:52:39 shanselman
R @jayshepherd Absolutely. In fact, Firefox 3 developers declared their browser would look more the target OS: http://bit.ly/UO3a7
20:54:19 shanselman
R @benhyrman Yes, that IS the official Bing Addon and the developers mentioned are ON the Bing Team. http://bit.ly/zFf3f
21:47:11 shanselman
NDC videos are all off by one. They are all there, just shifted up one. Pick the one you want, then click the one above. http://bit.ly/1 ...
21:53:16 shanselman
R @haacked You can also just use a URL like http://bit.ly/1jI0q
22:27:03 shanselman
Looking for a REALLY interesting .NET Open Source project? How about Terrarium on Win7 with WPF? Help @bsimser http://bit.ly/UAURy
22:29:10 shanselman
RT @alvinashcraft: Welcome Rubina Ashcraft, born 7/1 @ 2:32pm, 8lbs 4oz, 20.5' long... Still working on a middle name.
00:19:27 shanselman
R @MotoWilliams Correct links for my NDC talks are on my bolog.
00:29:20 shanselman
blogged: Videos from the Norwegian Developer's Conference: All of the talks at this year's Norwegian Dev.. http://tinyurl.com/kplr98
01:00:27 shanselman
R @monomanbr Take a look at the license. Terrarium actually MS-PL, line for line, with a single 'non-commercial' added clause.
01:01:59 shanselman
RT @Grumly57: what interesting .net opensource project ? What about http://opensimulator.org ? :)
01:37:20 shanselman
Has anyone read 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?' http://bit.ly/kC06u
01:38:23 shanselman
Windows Media on Linux? http://bit.ly/12bUOz
01:51:58 shanselman
Looking at http://www.peoplebrowsr.com vs. TweetDeck, example PB is Frantic and Insane. Wow
01:57:26 shanselman
Interesting Stacks on Win7 http://bit.ly/18RoMV
02:12:34 shanselman
我的氣墊船裝滿了鱔魚! http://bit.ly/905Wj
02:17:13 shanselman
Sneakpeek of LightWeight MSDN. Not Done yet, coming soon: http://bit.ly/g2avE - remember? http://bit.ly/e9o1Q
02:22:31 shanselman
R LOL! @JungchanHsieh 让我们吃! 鳗鱼党在我的房子。
02:23:52 shanselman
R @goneale @goneale These are all pre-pre-secret betas. This'll be out later in the year.
02:32:03 shanselman
R @JungchanHsieh 这是有趣。 我以为你开玩笑 !
02:33:59 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 168 - Successful Cross Platform .NET Development - Mono and Banshee with .. http://tinyurl.com/nvarul
02:41:44 shanselman
I just want to let folks know that I'm not dead. http://bit.ly/JD22r
04:45:43 shanselman
Just discovered this great Classic Arcade Blog: http://www.rotheblog.com/ @rotheblog Truly a connoisseur!
05:13:54 shanselman
I have GOT to meet this guy. He's going to make getting my SAG Card a lot harder. Darn him and Vanessa Williams. http://bit.ly/VdunU
10:52:53 shanselman
RT @baxiabhishek Posted: Microsoft Maren: Arabic using English Chars http://tinyurl.com/lphf2u
19:07:16 shanselman
Gallery of Washington DC Man-Bags http://bit.ly/JrHuN
19:11:51 shanselman
That's a heck of a Flight Safety Video http://bit.ly/10MgFV
19:20:30 shanselman
*Fantastic* explanation of ASP.NET Dynamic Data http://bit.ly/tUGlo
19:24:10 shanselman
To school kids: 'Hunger can be a motivator' http://bit.ly/JciSM
19:47:54 shanselman
R @fabioxgn It's the same in Zimbabwe. Kids are lucky to get 2 meals a day where one is at school. Many get only the school meal.
19:50:11 shanselman
You've got Tweets in my Bing! (twitter results showing up in bing searches http://bit.ly/dRmpa )
20:03:49 shanselman
Get over it people. Can I get a DesqView emulator please? http://www.sevenclassicstart.com/
20:29:31 shanselman
Got kids interesting in programming? Gorillas in Small Basic http://bit.ly/KNAr2 link via @calcock whose blog you should be reading.
20:34:11 shanselman
Anyone using AutoMapper? Looks very useful: http://automapper.codeplex.com/
20:43:56 shanselman
R @tziegmann Sure, Teaching Children and Kids to Program the Old School Way http://bit.ly/cLEMT
20:52:54 shanselman
R @mariohcornejo No reason kids can't be doing sports AND programming, no?
21:59:17 shanselman
Freddie Mercury was a genius, people.
22:16:29 shanselman
The .NET Firefox AddOn is now hosted on Mozilla's site: http://bit.ly/agrs0
22:25:36 shanselman
It's like 95 degrees outside and I'm stuffed up. Who gets a cold in the summertime?
22:26:03 shanselman
RT @Gen_Alexander: Longstreet says Lee is already fretting over the delay, and we should attack at once.
23:34:42 shanselman
Doing some WPF Pair Programming with @lostintangent
00:05:13 shanselman
Be careful when you 'ping' a boss on IM, or you may end up calling a General Manager a 'pig'
00:08:18 shanselman
R @SteveDuitsman Heh, I think the http://www.twhistory.com/ is BRILLIANT.
01:32:06 shanselman
Now where did I leave my giant shopping cart? http://twitpic.com/93d2d
03:10:44 shanselman
'For men, self-improvement ends at toilet training.'
05:57:05 shanselman
R @Verneon You can run Win7 RC on Netbooks or Notebooks now. I'm running Win7 Ultimate on my Mini 9. You can run any version.
06:23:01 shanselman
R @duanenewman DasBlog takes whatever email address you have and makes a gravatar. It works with OpenID if it can get an email from the RP.
06:30:09 shanselman
It's TweetCraft...twitter client for World of Warcraft http://bit.ly/y4P3J
07:52:43 shanselman
R @evilbobby Here's that picture of the iPhone External Battery Pack http://twitpic.com/54e51
08:42:56 shanselman
Two teeth exploring the wide world. Fun for kids to read. http://bit.ly/ikBYA
08:43:57 shanselman
R @EthanSuplee Go to the Parc de la Villette, definitely kid-friendly.
08:46:04 shanselman
RT @darkxanthos: Blogged:'Social Skydiving Day 10: First Rejection' http://post.ly/14aA
09:12:22 shanselman
JavaScript and Unicode Character Validation http://bit.ly/RT8QZ
09:21:49 shanselman
10 Things to Know About Silverlight Prism (with videos) http://bit.ly/xauBE
09:51:06 shanselman
Your worst speaking disaster? I just added mine in the comments. via @berkun http://bit.ly/TDUwD
10:32:15 shanselman
blogged: My Lenovo Choice - ThinkPad W700 vs. ThinkPad W500 Review: "But it’s the same laptop!".. http://tinyurl.com/kpdu33
10:32:26 shanselman
blogged: Review - Mophie Juice Pack (not the Juice Pack Air): The battery life on my iPhone is laughable.. http://tinyurl.com/lamdyr
19:08:56 shanselman
Interesting discussion on 'How not to do Dependency Injection in NerdDinner' - read the comments http://bit.ly/DvRqU
19:13:02 shanselman
RT @mfeathers: I'm a fan of 'poor man's dependency injection.' Often external configuration is overkill.
19:13:25 shanselman
RT @AnthonySteele: @SHanselman says: 'To be an expert in any system is also to be an expert in trivia' http://tinyurl.com/ln9ssh
19:14:46 shanselman
R @TonyMishler D00d, I'll say it again. If I'm up your Twitter feed, you're doing Twitter wrong. ;) http://bit.ly/4AKGg
19:15:14 shanselman
RT @mhinze http://bit.ly/KxYMC automapper in nerddinner example
19:18:28 shanselman
R @DotNetWill Nope, Baby Sign Language in my experience (2 kids) speeds up their language skills.
19:24:19 shanselman
R @Andersonimes @jbogard Agreed, it was an excellent post both in content and in tone. I'll write a follow up.
19:25:16 shanselman
R @Carl_J @DotNetWill Totally agree. Baby Sign Language should be taught to ALL kids. http://bit.ly/UQooV
19:28:12 shanselman
Checking out https://www.microsoft-hohm.com
19:31:53 shanselman
3 yr old: 'My eyebrows hurt.'
20:37:54 shanselman
People, these tragically hipster wide-sided eyeglasses are getting out of hand. You're not a 20 yr old German guy. #pleasestop
22:58:45 shanselman
I am consistently shocked and awed by the clothes and condition that other humans will be seen in, in public. Grooming, folks. And no PJs.
23:02:12 shanselman
RT @MrTeller: Midnight. Riding in a limousine from Reno airport to Tahoe. No light in the limo except our two iPhones, as we watch the maps
04:15:18 shanselman
Chilling at Qdoba with @lostintangent in Redmond, talking about WPF and our recent pair programming exercise. It's a bromance in the making.
06:40:52 shanselman
RT @damienguard: Think I'll hand-out sneak previews of Envy Code R v0.8 at tomorrows Nerd Dinner http://nerddinner.com/717
08:48:23 shanselman
The World's Oldest Bible http://www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/
09:07:04 shanselman
Watching 'Virtuality...'
09:19:06 shanselman
Go vote for the SourceForge Community Choice Awards http://bit.ly/DOAgj #oss #tech
09:29:44 shanselman
Microsoft site for 'Developing in a Downturn.' Coupons, training, deals, videos. http://www.microsoft.com/thrivedev
09:46:33 shanselman
R @krazineurons Try http://www.asp.net/mvc and http://www.tinyurl.com/aspnetmvc
10:37:57 shanselman
RT @migueldeicaza: RT: @segphault C# and CLI now under Community Promise: http://u.nu/8cmh
10:38:44 shanselman
RT @voidspace: Shared: From Microsoft: C# and CLI under the Community Promise: First the big news: http://twurl.nl/re2fd4
19:24:44 shanselman
Ok, last time Seattle. NerdDinner tonight http://nerddinner.com/717
19:25:43 shanselman
5% of Twitter users account for 75% of all activity http://www.sysomos.com/insidetwitter/
19:27:01 shanselman
150 followers is the magic number. http://bit.ly/lwNeT
19:37:48 shanselman
Streaming MJ memorial http://bit.ly/49ZyT
19:39:50 shanselman
Folk, flood @bgoldy to get him to come to the NerdDinner tonight. http://www.nerddinner.com/717
19:55:45 shanselman
Remember that when the ad says '2x digital zoom' that really means 'no zoom at all.'
20:22:54 shanselman
Overheard in this MSFT meeting. 'Microsoft is known to eat their young.' - 'No, we're nicer now, we mostly just gum our young.' #msftquotes
20:26:23 shanselman
Al Sharpton has been working out http://bit.ly/49ZyT #mj
20:30:15 shanselman
RT @ReginaWalton: #MJ RT @ToureX: Al Jazeera is airing the memorial. That shows his global reach.
20:47:58 shanselman
RT @jenali: No smartphone /Internet access –Listen via phone w/ @UrbanMediaNet by calling +1 (347) 838-8053 #MJMemorial
22:21:11 shanselman
RT @scottcate: http://www.windows4all.com/ is pretty cool - found via @ComponentArt SL Contest
22:33:21 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes on 9 - What Laptop do Alpha Geeks Use?: I'm up in Redmond visiting for a few days.. http://tinyurl.com/me4nx2
02:44:09 shanselman
RT @mrhanney: going to nerd dinner in Bellevue w/ other Microgroovers, host @shanselman , http://bit.ly/MRywg
02:44:41 shanselman
Great bug! - RT @LiquidPT: @shanselman Nerddinner bug? Tonight's is not showing. Did it think it was EST and that it's past now?
04:22:19 shanselman
At the Nerd Dinner with @damienguard. Note the look of English distain. http://twitpic.com/9nfer
06:23:31 shanselman
It's the obvious next move. Called this a year ago. RT @iTod: 'Google Chrome OS' as early as tomorrow? http://arst.ch/4fj via @arstechnica
06:38:19 shanselman
RT @soulhuntre: A year ago A google OS might have mattered, but #win7 runs so well on my dell mini9 it isnt relevant any more
07:38:47 shanselman
Google Chrome OS - http://bit.ly/XEySO
07:43:44 shanselman
@codinghorror heh, it is/was the only move. Next they'll start passing out Bootable USB keys to bypass other OS's.
07:50:12 shanselman
Interesting that Google Chrome would announce now, when they're planning for, what, 2H 2010? Seems early. Perhaps to mess with win7rtm?
08:12:01 shanselman
RT @BrentO: put another way, Google just pulled a Project Natal.
08:23:52 shanselman
RT @jigarme: Just wondering if EU asks Google to ship Google Chrome OS without bundling browser, what will it contain.. :)
08:36:13 shanselman
I'm having trouble figuring whose avatars are green to support #iranelection and who is using night vision goggles.
09:39:58 shanselman
Met a bunch of cool, enterprising 12yr olds at the Nerd Dinner. They have their own tech site! http://bit.ly/3wzuyK
09:48:28 shanselman
These people who are 'friends' of Michael Jackson can't be friends, precisely because they're on TV telling his business.
10:10:49 shanselman
Sweet, wonderous, merciful Lord, Keanu Reeves couldn't act his way out of a wet paper sack.
10:25:03 shanselman
RT @spoon16: Pandora (And Other Internet Radio) Has Officially Been Saved http://ff.im/4WKBb
18:56:24 shanselman
RT @forkfly: A useless and trivial once in a lifetime happening is less than 3 hours away: 12:34:56 7/8/9. http://ff.ly/pt9yrg
19:27:38 shanselman
Just passed a dude at MSFT in Bldg 42 who was asleep at his desk. Couldn't sneak a pic, but I think he's been here all night.
19:28:18 shanselman
RT @davidleitko: @shanselman Not to mention, you just missed 07/08/09 10:11:12!
19:28:42 shanselman
RT @carlosfigueroa: RT @EdgarSanchez: Oh, well there's always a 12:34:56.789 twice a day
19:29:10 shanselman
RT @adymitruk: @shanselman only the US cares. Aug 7th is the real deal.
19:55:27 shanselman
Twitter gives comments a permalink. How nice that future generations will be able to view the smart-ass archive.
20:29:15 shanselman
Is this REALLY a WAR on the PC, or just a Skirmish? http://bit.ly/6NBnr
20:35:52 shanselman
RT @Estep: There's a saying, 'don't bring a knife to a gunfight'. Google is bringing toothpicks. They might sting. Just a little.
21:03:02 shanselman
RT @kellystuard: Never underestimate the pain of a properly placed toothpick -- like under a fingernail.
21:21:32 shanselman
RT @nerdist: Just saw dude at Starbucks rocking a Powerbook 5300! http://bit.ly/12TmoB check out those specs! 100MHz..tee hee...
21:22:49 shanselman
Just had a great meeting with @Microsoft showing them how I use Twitter. Really cool group.
21:23:28 shanselman
RT @baxiabhishek: RT @TechmemeFH: Amazon's Kindle 2 gets a $60 price cut, now at $299 (Darren Murph/Engadget) http://bit.ly/JIDRM
21:31:20 shanselman
In @scottgu's office, eating his candy stash. He's not here so it's creepy. http://twitpic.com/9pkmk
22:20:29 shanselman
The Gu! http://twitpic.com/9pqrs
23:05:34 shanselman
Overheard at MSFT: 'I serve at the pleasure of The Gu.'
00:20:16 shanselman
Just left the .NET Micro Framework PM. The tiny clr lives, and it's awesome. http://twitpic.com/9q53t
00:21:30 shanselman
NikhilK and BradA and family designing software (vigorously) in bldg 42. http://twitpic.com/9q595
01:27:43 shanselman
Just left @demondo and now looking for bldg 5
02:27:19 shanselman
RT @grantimahara: http://twitpic.com/9p2hu - #gorncannon story meeting
02:30:29 shanselman
RT @bellware: i've always found it easiest to find buildings on campus by taking the building number your at and dividing it by 0
02:42:51 shanselman
Just bumped into @marklio in the hall, on my way to my last 1:1. Sounds like side-by-side CLR versions is going to be sweet.
02:56:08 shanselman
RT @lancefisher: You know what people. No one cares about stealing your JavaScript. No one wants it.
04:00:00 shanselman
Just met with some .NET4 people. Some *amazing* framework package size opimizations are happening. More soon.
04:47:56 shanselman
What just happened, explained: ''All circuits busy' is what happens when you try to call an android phone from Redmond.'
05:03:18 shanselman
RT @bellware: microsoft: 'please write out a bubble sort algorithm on the whiteboard' me: 'System.Collections'
05:06:57 shanselman
Nice hashtag! Let's hear more #linkbait RT @kevdog: #linkbait 'How Not Using Google Chrome Kills the Rainforest'.
05:17:50 shanselman
RT @bellware: microsoft: 'what's the difference between big endian and little endian' me:'i think they prefer to be called native americans'
05:19:38 shanselman
Suddenly, strangely I have urge to buy a 1.5TB external drive. What's come over me?
07:24:40 shanselman
RT @tudiabetes: July 14, 14K People w #diabetes test their blood sugar at the same time. http://14kPWD.org #14KPWD (pls RT)
07:27:06 shanselman
RT @Dick: hilarious commentary on Google's Chrome OS http://a.sxip.to/VFaw
07:33:49 shanselman
Awesome! RT @sajidnizami: http://bit.ly/Kfalw
07:38:43 shanselman
.Net folks, check his profile and follow this guy. Him's good people --> @IanET
09:26:05 shanselman
#MJ's vitiligo (skin color disease) http://bit.ly/WzDiH
20:27:21 shanselman
We're in the process of releasing SL3. I jumped the gun-not ALL sites are ready. Avoid weirdness-wait til t'mrw morning.
20:30:51 shanselman
R @thecodemonk Technically @jbristowe sucks. ;)
20:37:27 shanselman
RT @scottgu Part 1 of my ASP.NET MVC Talk in Reading is online: http://tinyurl.com/lgcoqu
21:08:51 shanselman
21:40:18 shanselman
Why is this a good idea, children? http://twitpic.com/9t84m
00:16:51 shanselman
ReWalk Exoskeleton. Wow. http://bit.ly/9ytlu
00:51:28 shanselman
Downloading the .NET Micro Framework http://bit.ly/egOdo
00:53:04 shanselman
Looks like @devhawk beat me to it and made a PowerShell Script for adding VHDs to Win7 Boot: http://bit.ly/eFyCR
01:03:05 shanselman
I wonder why this Samsung SSD is not longer sold. What's the alternative? http://bit.ly/ysYJT
01:08:14 shanselman
R @aderuwe Sure, there's lots of boards for .NET Micro Framework http://bit.ly/JzwK4
01:24:47 shanselman
Some 1st Drafts of Movie Lines...join in on Twitter http://bit.ly/o5HIJ
01:26:55 shanselman
'Would you mind, pretty please? Just clean the car.' #1stdraftmovielines
01:27:34 shanselman
'Wow, that IS quite a knife.' #1stdraftmovielines
01:27:59 shanselman
'Only a man who's ass is thin...' #1stdraftmovielines
01:28:34 shanselman
'Cut him some slack, his leg hurts, Johnny!' #1stdraftmovielines
01:30:14 shanselman
'What's Baby doing in that corner? C'mon guys? Seriously.' #1stdraftmovielines
01:31:00 shanselman
'Then you killed her, in a jit of realous fage!' #1stdraftmovielines
01:35:13 shanselman
'Are we having a conversation? Are we having a conversation?' #1stdraftmovielines
01:42:58 shanselman
'Show me the Wire Transfer!' #1stdraftmovielines
01:51:24 shanselman
RT @passionsista: RT @Gloson: 5 Very Weird URL Shorteners http://bit.ly/Helxe
01:52:30 shanselman
Great video from @alyankovic on @Craigslist http://bit.ly/AhWtt
02:42:16 shanselman
Poop on you AT&T for taking away all my rollover minutes if I change plans!
02:45:25 shanselman
Anyone using AT&T Navigator?
03:08:39 shanselman
Called AT&T and even though I've been with them for over 10 years, they refuse to give me my rollover minutes. Wow. #attfail
03:34:33 shanselman
R @gixug I *had* 12,000 rollover minutes. I even offered to cut a deal and get keep a few thousand. They said no. I'm in shock. #attfail
04:18:42 shanselman
RT @IanET: Watching The Gu rehearse...
04:21:49 shanselman
RT @calinative: Didn't get in to CNN Black in America 2. They gave us parting gifts: a church fan(?) and a plastic cup. #cnnbia2
04:39:52 shanselman
RT @agilejoe: I am really digging @agilezen. It has a clean simple interface and a great Lean Kanban tool.
05:59:20 shanselman
Shoot, 'Philosophy Talk' was being recorded just a few miles away...
06:04:03 shanselman
RT @Pogue: review of Microsoft's Bing: http://bit.ly/4pMzXU . Oh, and here's the video! http://bit.ly/7Ypbk
10:13:27 shanselman
Give @clarkezone some love for this. RT @irascian: Expression Encoder 3 has some nice new features. http://tinyurl.com/l45zhx
10:36:40 shanselman
RT @dina: I'm reading: Web 2.0 Five Years On: thought-provoking read@timoreilly http://bit.ly/1asIU1
10:41:08 shanselman
Very much enjoying reading 'World War Z' - recommended
18:51:32 shanselman
Ouch. RT @ScottATaylor: iPhone Tethering To Cost $55, Coming in September? http://ff.im/-53skL
19:06:37 shanselman
Just submitted a talk for SXSW
19:17:43 shanselman
Inbox CHAOS!!!
19:19:23 shanselman
'I dream of a better tomorrow where chickens can cross roads without their motives being questioned!'
19:20:12 shanselman
Still makes me smile http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/
19:24:07 shanselman
Trying a build of @damienguard's custom Programmer's Font http://bit.ly/NnSWb
19:29:34 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 170 - Kanban Boards for Agile Project Management with Zen Author Nate Koh.. http://tinyurl.com/ntvlzn
20:20:39 shanselman
RT @BrandonWatson: Chrome OS leaked (fake) screen shot http://bit.ly/hdXcJ
20:23:39 shanselman
Silverlight 3 Twitter Client from @sobees http://www.sobees.com/
20:36:25 shanselman
Does anyone use a Google Mini Appliance? http://bit.ly/W2ncU
21:27:41 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes on 9 - The .NET Micro Framework with Colin Miller: I'm was Building 42 yesterday .. http://tinyurl.com/mtt4xt
16:53:43 shanselman
RT @jeffreypalermo: #nfjs overheard: resume driven development- RDD. use all the latest libraries and frameworks
17:18:37 shanselman
RT @SondreB: Photos of today's Zombie Walk in Oslo, Norway: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sondre/sets/72157621278094910/
18:57:26 shanselman
RT @mattcutts: All Googlers should read Anil's piece at http://bit.ly/15S5wC and try to agree with it as much as possible...
23:51:19 shanselman
FYI @teamsilverlight- Regarding cross-domain twtr - RT @al3x: @shanselman Nope. Every time we've tried it's resulted in security issues.
23:57:16 shanselman
'I'm very astute, Daddy!' - Wondering if my 3 year old is watching Thomas the Tank Engine or Meet The Press.
00:07:49 shanselman
RT @kirstinj: 6 year-old: 'Mommy, will you carry me upstairs?' Me: 'You're so heavy now! I'll try...' 6 year-old: 'There is no try!'
06:37:06 shanselman
Fluent News: 'Passion or Recklessness? Free Climber Falls'. http://news.fluentmobile.com/s/18047519
10:22:30 shanselman
RT @mkennedy: Updated Gmailer (Gmail Notifications for Windows 7) http://bit.ly/uiIoK
10:27:22 shanselman
Hey, I'm on This Week on Channel 9! http://bit.ly/nYqPv
10:35:24 shanselman
Another Gmail Win7 Notifier! RT @imhassan: have you tried this GMail notifier? http://tinyurl.com/n29ph8
10:38:00 shanselman
Insane! Lycos still exists? http://www.lycos.com/
11:29:44 shanselman
It's a *crime* how few subscribers that @brianpeek has on his blog. I'm subscribing twice. Http://www.brianpeek.com
06:05:38 shanselman
Listening to Habesha music on Afropop
06:06:12 shanselman
RT @secretGeek: Using a time machine as a paternity test: Go back in time, kill your 'dad.' If universe doesn't explode: not yr real dad.
06:09:19 shanselman
Hey, @jsnover the Microsoft PowerShell Architect is on Twitter! Swarm, swarm!
06:10:00 shanselman
Weirdest shoes ever? Five Finger Shoes - RT @jsnover: http://twitpic.com/auurn - New shoes.
06:27:55 shanselman
R @dfarmer I stopped worrying about retweeting old stuff because there's a whole other half of the world who just woke up! :)
10:56:43 shanselman
I know there's Swedes here, reply to my girl pls - RT @fatbellybella: any good thrift stores in stockholm, sweden ?
11:00:23 shanselman
RT @secretGeek: damn battery went flat on my moleskine. can't put in any more ideas.
11:02:39 shanselman
RT @davidebbo: Blogged: Two ways to use T4 templates: support code vs. one-time generation http://bit.ly/9Nwam
22:19:19 shanselman
Wow, this is going to be so amazing. http://www.apple.com/trailers/newline/thetimetravelerswife/large.html
22:48:49 shanselman
R @BrandonWatson Are you joking? The Time Traveler's Wife is one of the best books I've read in YEARS. Glorious Story. The movie will rock.
22:50:31 shanselman
Better link for the Movie Trailer for Time Traveler's Wife - AMAZING - http://bit.ly/9rpkh
22:53:45 shanselman
Better with no QuickTime http://www.thetimetravelerswifemovie.com/
03:28:35 shanselman
I hate the way the lady at the Indian Restaurant at Wash. Sq. is cheap with the meat. There's a piece on the spoon and she shakes it off.
03:46:27 shanselman
Hey, old dude. Really, frosting your tips isn't taking the years off. In fact, it broadcasts your age even more. Acid wash? Really?!?
06:13:03 shanselman
RT @grantimahara: I fully endorse any table that has bacon, ninjas, and robots. 'The Periodic Table of Awesome' http://bit.ly/8Bsl
06:30:23 shanselman
The 18mo old just learned what happens when you over your head with a towel and go running full speed into a wall.
10:26:53 shanselman
RT @robcthegeek: #biphasicsleep article http://bit.ly/NiLSL
10:27:55 shanselman
@RickStrahl try binding the IIS service to just the wired ip?
10:32:23 shanselman
Just noticed @juliebenz from Dexter is on Twitter. She has a *brilliant* authentication technique for her profile pic! More should do that!
10:43:01 shanselman
Considering the purchase of a Westin Heavenly Bed, but only if they throw in the Westin Heavenly Puffy Pirate Shirt as well.
17:39:09 shanselman
RT @scottgu: The White House just moved http://www.whitehouse.gov/ to run on ASP.NET
17:47:56 shanselman
RT @jancowol: I dig @unclebobmartin in the latest @shanselman podcast: 'An architect that loses coding skill becomes irrelevant'
17:56:45 shanselman
By any chance does anyone have a custom rebuilt version of MSXSL.exe for MSXML6? #lazyweb'
17:56:45 shanselman
By any chance does anyone have a custom rebuilt version of MSXSL.exe for MSXML6? #lazyweb
19:14:39 shanselman
'SSDs are a must for any professional developer' (with metrics) http://bit.ly/OCs6E
19:15:14 shanselman
R @akcoder It's actually our Tempurpedic bed my wife and I are getting rid of. It's KILLING us. We're dying, seriously. Gotta get rid of it.
19:18:56 shanselman
R @akcoder We've had the Tempurpedic for about 4 years and it's TOO squishy. We wake up EVERY morning in pain. Getting squishier.
19:20:23 shanselman
R @ardalis Last time I tried a RAM disk was in the early 90's. Why would I do a RAM disk over an SSD?
19:36:17 shanselman
Even now, in 2009, I'm secretly impressed with myself when I successfully print an envelope at home.
19:36:37 shanselman
R @jassand Possibly a Westin (or W) Heavenly Bed.
20:17:16 shanselman
R @hoopsomuah Yes, all devs should have SSDs as their C: drive.
20:37:36 shanselman
Everyone should just be connected to Everyone by default on Facebook. It'd save me 10 min a day of clicking Confirm Friend.
20:48:49 shanselman
'..until the maintenance is completed on 7/25/2009 at 11pm (EDT). ' *11PM?* Dude, it's noon! #attfail #daytimedowntime
20:49:36 shanselman
R @BenAlabaster @Spatacoli @doomdicA Collectively, :P
21:32:19 shanselman
Wow, they picked the WRONG Black Man to arrest this time. http://bit.ly/3wBso9
21:42:18 shanselman
But he DID provide ID and was still arrested. #henrylouisgatesjr http://bit.ly/19Gych
21:47:41 shanselman
R @jhicks0300 I'd believe a known newspaper over a blog.
21:57:14 shanselman
RT @grkaiser: the police report goes into more detail (PDF LINK!): http://is.gd/1Fz5M
22:39:49 shanselman
New Wiimote lib for C# posted! http://bit.ly/13FfV
22:41:40 shanselman
R @ndcollier Very good point that 3rd version - the truth. The http://bit.ly/SkipGatesPoliceReport reads too 'I'm just a caveman' #skipgates
22:56:58 shanselman
Great point! Is your lawn? Stoop? Sidewalk? RT @frodoc22: #skipgates As a lawyer: Motion to dismiss. Your front steps are not a public place
23:17:58 shanselman
RT @bscheiman If you had the last piece of paper in the world, what would you do with it? What would you write? #lastpieceofpaper
23:37:03 shanselman
Short Survey from MSFT Patterns & Practices on Web Guidance http://bit.ly/nS1AK (pls RT)
00:40:42 shanselman
LOL - RT @harrislacewell I dare you to find a LESS threatening black man than this. http://bit.ly/NvS5A #SkipGates
03:42:50 shanselman
I hate mattress salespeople.
04:03:51 shanselman
You do not look like your avatar. #twittertruths
04:06:00 shanselman
RT @ToureX: This tells a very different story of what happened between Skip Gates and the cops: http://bit.ly/yTxbB #skipgates
04:27:54 shanselman
Babies and ice cream! http://twitpic.com/b2j1n
05:43:04 shanselman
@codinghorror everyone sleeps?
10:35:29 shanselman
RT @eddieizzard: Russia had the first man in Space, US the first man on the moon. Due to rivalry, Russia would have exposed any fake landing
10:38:29 shanselman
I just can't put 'World War Z' down...I'm Zombie Obsessed lately. Great book, people!
18:51:30 shanselman
RT @MikeG1: If your application releases 1.0.0, 1.0.1, and 1.0.2 within six hours, I begin to get suspicious about your QA.
18:54:04 shanselman
RT @FeteSociety: All I need is 7 votes to have 500! http://www.blogyourwaytoantarctica.com/blogs/view/224 #Blogher09 # stl #science
18:55:10 shanselman
RT @lazycoder: Source code to the LEM computer from Apollo 11. The Command Module in the trunk as well 'commanche'. http://is.gd/1GzEX #fb
18:58:24 shanselman
RT @mkovalcson: @MatthewTimbs- blog about how great SSD's are http://bit.ly/1EWGOv
19:30:23 shanselman
Charges dropped against #skipgates http://bit.ly/NvmAW
20:27:51 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 171 - The Return of Uncle Bob: My one-hundred-and-seventy-first podcast i.. http://bit.ly/3wvQrO
21:02:21 shanselman
I love reading the Morning Brew (for .NET programmers) http://blog.cwa.me.uk/tags/morning-brew/
21:09:47 shanselman
IE8 slow for you? Probably a psycho Add-On. Technical Details Here: http://bit.ly/jqHPC
21:13:22 shanselman
How To Safely Eat Roadkill http://bit.ly/ECbJE
21:33:22 shanselman
RT @calinative Doh. He had me until he wrote 'as long as were conversating...' 'Conversating' AND 'were' instead of 'we're'? #whyimsingle
21:44:17 shanselman
I once met Uhura. #lameclaimtofame
21:46:52 shanselman
I once met @csharpfritz #lameclaimtofame
21:54:28 shanselman
Anyone have photos from the last Seattle Nerd Dinner? @ruchitgarg was looking for some.
22:55:34 shanselman
Can you answer, @grothaug? - RT @Designation_One: Is the @shanselman #ndc2009 talk on NET4 still MIA ?
00:53:39 shanselman
Ruby and Python inside your browser script tags: http://r.ch9.ms/gestalt #gestalt
01:25:48 shanselman
The HanselPortal lives! - RT @haacked: My new virtual office mate @shanselman http://twitpic.com/b5m8w
01:28:33 shanselman
RT @locksandlox: This is the most comprehensive version of the story I've seen #SKIPGATES http://bit.ly/Kt4t5
01:41:11 shanselman
R @ntmisa I have a Dell Mini 9 (now discontinued) and it runs VS2008 great. Any machine with 1-2 gigs or RAM does OK with VS2008.
01:51:30 shanselman
RT @chrispirillo: http://stopautodm.com
01:53:06 shanselman
Microsoft offers to pay for a gym membership and I just don't see myself using it. Very sad. And my ass gets fatter. And not like 'phat.'
01:55:41 shanselman
REMOTE EXPERIMENT: @haacked and I have a *PORTAL* machine between our two states, on all day. http://twitpic.com/b5m8w
02:05:25 shanselman
R @kirstinj I'm remote. How else can people 'stop by' and see me? How else can I participate in random cube discussions?
02:42:44 shanselman
RT @DrewRobbins: We do the same with our family in Japan. It's on for several hours a day, virtually linking the two family rooms.
03:33:04 shanselman
Concert in the park http://twitpic.com/b658l
04:59:02 shanselman
RT @jonesette: The bravest thing that men do is love women. - Mort Sahl
05:00:59 shanselman
If '-oscopy' is in your tweet, that's a #TwitterTMI. I am tweeting this from the toilet. #hypocrisy #stopplease
05:04:00 shanselman
Me to my 3yr old: 'Does Obama look like anyone we know?' (our whole family) 3yr old: 'He looks like anybody.' #postracialwillcomeoneday
05:30:21 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: Intel's new X25-M SSD drives: faster /and/ cheaper. http://bit.ly/j7a5w
06:18:06 shanselman
#skipgates speaks http://bit.ly/A7bDX
09:55:29 shanselman
R @davidlowe Episode 6 of #dollhouse is where it all changes.
18:46:24 shanselman
Bam!-RT @SaraJChipps: #racism is based on feelings of inferiority...The world is easier to handle when 75% of the planet is inferior to you.
19:14:23 shanselman
Seems like just 'Differences' - RT @kirstinj: I'll mix it up here and ask about prejudice against the disabled? Same? Different? #racism
19:32:22 shanselman
I NEED this #telepresence #robot http://www.anybots.com/abouttherobots.html
21:58:18 shanselman
America's Most Trusted Newsman (seriously) http://bit.ly/3CjXdm
22:01:38 shanselman
Updated my Video Portal post with a new 'How To Make It Less Creepy' section. http://bit.ly/1LfRO6
22:04:46 shanselman
R @jevdemon I dunno, it's decent news. Daily Show Viewers are more informed than most (table of figures:) http://bit.ly/FX7WP
22:13:36 shanselman
RT @Carnage4Life 100 Things your kids will never know about => http://bit.ly/14Gc9o
22:27:33 shanselman
blogged: Best Practices for Individual Contribution: I just got an email from a GM (General Manager) at .. http://bit.ly/4CzqV
22:29:02 shanselman
Conway's Game of Life, as mentioned by @unclebobmartin, written live in APL. I don't get it. http://bit.ly/17DGSs
22:30:31 shanselman
rt @nickipatel The longest solar eclipse of the century in beautiful photos! http://ow.ly/hVKL
22:35:22 shanselman
#inhighschool I was the VP of the African-American club. I was also in the LGBT club. I am neither gay nor black. Best clubs ever, though.
23:05:20 shanselman
Windows 7 has just RTM'ed. Woot! #win7 #ftw http://bit.ly/eGiRg
00:11:36 shanselman
Someone just wandered into the office in Redmond with an #aspnetmvc question and I was able to interrupt via portal. http://bit.ly/1LfRO6
01:21:20 shanselman
This Virtual Remote Work Portal is working out nicely. @BradWilson just stopped by to ask me if I was going to a party next week.
03:56:05 shanselman
Heading to Bandito Taco on Cornell.
04:19:28 shanselman
RT: @Microsoft: Steven Sinofsky & Steve Ballmer @#MGX; Notice Steve holding gold RTM disc http://twitpic.com/b9ffk #Win7
05:48:24 shanselman
Still waiting for 'Mixed in America,' 'Other in America,' and 'Checking Two Boxes in America.' #bia2
09:51:39 shanselman
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland trailer is being taken down for copyright violations all over. Um, PROMOTE your movie? http://bit.ly/22hFJ
18:05:11 shanselman
Are blogs journalism? - 'Transparency is good, but not a replacement for the 'old objectivity'' - http://bit.ly/2FItoU
18:54:15 shanselman
RT @slkrck: RT @MatthewMcD: Just Posted: Outlook 2010 First Impressions http://bit.ly/eFvEj --> NICE post
20:04:52 shanselman
C# API for Bing! It's BingSharp! http://bit.ly/WUUBl
20:16:34 shanselman
Bing for PowerShell - PoshBing! - http://tinyurl.com/poshbing
20:19:05 shanselman
Interesting...hard read, but interesting. RT @aL3891: Introducing Rx (Linq to Events) - http://snurl.com/nsj30
21:04:07 shanselman
UltraMon (BETA) MultiMonitor support for Win7 JUST updated: http://bit.ly/2aAqx
21:21:08 shanselman
Complete List of Libraries to talk to Bing! http://bit.ly/5ZgYd
21:49:19 shanselman
Ladies, it takes a non-trivial amount of chutzpah to pull off leopard prints in 2009 #beaware
22:53:49 shanselman
Pretty Fly for a Wedding Entrance (video) http://bit.ly/2mmTRu
23:14:05 shanselman
Overheard over the @haacked Redmond/Portland Portal - 'Wait, can this dude SEE us?' http://bit.ly/1LfRO6
23:45:48 shanselman
Any XAML Designer Types got 30min to 1hour to help me and @lostintangent with a Keynote demo?
00:23:18 shanselman
Just got an email from bosses around #Win7 PR Coverage. Check this screenshot. ;) LOL http://twitpic.com/bdkde
00:35:22 shanselman
R @hermanjunge Yep, the Nerd Dinner MVC samples is also available as HTML http://bit.ly/mQ2vW
00:52:05 shanselman
Overheard at Microsoft - 'Talking to the customer isn't a replacement for working at an insurance company for 20 years.'
00:52:50 shanselman
Off to Ikea!
05:35:55 shanselman
There's not enough mixed folks on #bia2. Where was #bia2 twenty years ago? Folks are more mixed now, it's time for 'Other In America.'
05:56:19 shanselman
RT @ScottATaylor: Comic-con: Dexter Season 4 First-Look Trailer (Video) http://ff.im/-5DIY0
06:13:33 shanselman
RT @jongalloway: @aanttila: Linus Torvalds: 'Microsoft Hatred Is a Disease' http://bit.ly/r7567
06:41:25 shanselman
Bill Gates: My 1979 Memories http://bit.ly/4ze033
07:01:38 shanselman
Time for @tweetdeck to include a 'tiny fonts for All Friends so I can see more random tweets' option. RT ppl!
07:02:08 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: can you code? http://crap.teurasporsaat.org/archive/5851.jpg
07:02:47 shanselman
RT @baxiabhishek: Time for BillG's keynote, and the event. Watch it LIVE here: http://bit.ly/NnxHJ
08:12:14 shanselman
Eek! #tweetingwhileintoxicatedcancausetrouble RT @jasonmauer: Drunk.
08:13:59 shanselman
Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 http://bit.ly/462dNn
08:26:14 shanselman
Anyone in Portland have a Amazon Kindle DX I can borrow for a day or two? I have a Kindle 2, but want to try a DX. I'll buy you a #taco.
08:29:30 shanselman
RT @ScottATaylor: Your Fave Tweets Made Into Stickers | WallTweets Twitter Stickers http://bit.ly/Hjm8i
09:57:14 shanselman
Best Coffee Mug Ever for CSS and HTML People? from @stevenf http://bit.ly/nHN6b
10:02:04 shanselman
This is horrible. A 2 year old who smokes http://bit.ly/ty7zM
10:03:22 shanselman
Best Coffee Mug for C# Programmers: Cup<T> http://bit.ly/3ffi9y
10:18:25 shanselman
RT @raybooysen: Nice demo by Charles Petzold on Matrix 3D Projection in #Silverlight: http://tinyurl.com/kngswe
10:52:01 shanselman
Downloading a browser in Windows 7 without a Browser (for Europeans) ;) http://bit.ly/Bwy6w
18:43:26 shanselman
Looking into the Podcast issues...the publish failed...
18:47:50 shanselman
RT @WriterChanelle: RT @10000Words: The date U joined Twitter says a lot abt U http://bit.ly/dj2JF
18:48:47 shanselman
http://www.whendidyoujointwitter.com/ then reference this http://www.damjanov.com/twitter.jpg
19:08:18 shanselman
Listening to my boss type. He types faster than any other living human. Sounds like cockroaches running up a wall.
21:05:53 shanselman
Heading to lunch with @csells. Food court FTW! Should we do a video? Submit your questions!
21:05:58 shanselman
RT @brampitoyo: Hundred-degree weather: bring it on.
21:07:43 shanselman
RT @znmeb: The 100 Most Influential People in Twitter living in Portland. More at http://bit.ly/7Mlsf
22:59:00 shanselman
Great best practices for ICs post from JD: http://bit.ly/An5ug
01:41:30 shanselman
It's kiddie pool time as the temperature approaches 100F...
02:43:10 shanselman
.@jskit I just reserved my spot to be amongst the first to get #ECHO! http://bit.ly/echoinvite
05:13:52 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: A perfect example of AutoTune http://bit.ly/RquYV http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-Tune
05:18:26 shanselman
RT @askmanny: 'For the first time, a 3GB memory laptop from a well-known brand has ventured below $300.' http://5z9xb.tk
05:24:30 shanselman
RT @tweetmeme: Bill Gates Dumps Facebook: “Too Many Friends” http://ff.im/-5IOuM (via @StevoBigK)
05:26:30 shanselman
RT @scottdw2: .NET Format Strings For 'Smart Date Ranges' http://www.transactor.com/misc/ranges.html
05:29:07 shanselman
ATTN: Social Networking Super Magical whatever people - honest question, what do you do for money?
05:31:18 shanselman
Yikes. - RT @fraying: There's no justice like Yelp justice. http://bit.ly/nQsBx
08:49:02 shanselman
Nice version of Stand By Me: http://bit.ly/a6BH
08:57:47 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: 100 best movie lines in 200 seconds http://bit.ly/15o2oG
10:52:49 shanselman
RT @ClintRutkas: used Web Platform Installer (http://www.microsoft.com/web/) to install SQL Server 2008, OMG so easy! thanks @shanselman
10:55:34 shanselman
RT @codinghorror now letting Google host our jQuery dependency, as it was consistently our #1 bandwidth consumer http://is.gd/1N5Uz
10:57:30 shanselman
Wow, there's some kind of Spam Attack via API happening on Twitter right now http://bit.ly/2PzzXR
11:09:19 shanselman
Think Twice About an IPhone (very funny video): #ATTFail #iphone http://bit.ly/9zbNi
12:30:55 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 172 - Dan Bricklin on Technology: My one-hundred-and-seventy-second podca.. http://bit.ly/MkupM
18:53:17 shanselman
RT @john_lam: @codinghorror: this core i7 HP system looks like a great deal: http://bit.ly/5SxAT (yeah it's Frys but I can buy one today)
18:56:53 shanselman
RT @john_lam: (via @scottgu) SilverlightSpy 3 DLR integration looks fantastic: http://twitpic.com/boqbw http://bit.ly/3vR2Br
19:12:59 shanselman
Windows UX guidelines now updated for Windows 7 http://bit.ly/LEMQl
19:25:05 shanselman
Wow, could YouTube's HD and HiRes Streams be slower?
21:06:24 shanselman
He's looking sad, so I ask the 3 yr old, 'What are you thinking about?' - 'Alligators.' @overheardathome
21:11:30 shanselman
RT @blowdart: It's amazing how many questions on SO are asking how people can send an object over WCF. People miss remoting.
21:14:45 shanselman
Headig up to Seattle to hang with @lostintangent and do a keynote tommorow.
21:34:31 shanselman
Starting to think about the 20 year high school reunion. I wonder if it'll be just like high school, except swollen.
21:35:57 shanselman
I'm missing two 4 gig flash drives. Now I'm questioning the need for owning a flash drive at all.
21:37:06 shanselman
woot!!! RT @ayende: Linq for NHibernate released: http://bit.ly/sL5b4
21:37:52 shanselman
@ayende can you put nhibernate under nerd dinner for me? It'd take you 20 mins.
22:23:08 shanselman
@RickStrahl 'object instances' - can you be more specific? You want a clone()? Deep copy? Describe the feature and I'll ask.
22:25:08 shanselman
@ayende of course. I'd like a nerddinner sample with swappable backends via IOC. That'd be cool @robconery can do the work with/for you. ;)
22:27:11 shanselman
RT @DougBenson: If your name is Rob, you really should shout 'You got robbed!' right after sex. I mean it.
23:42:38 shanselman
Apparently the entire country has decided to stop at this I-5 rest area today.
23:55:26 shanselman
Considering ice-ing my hands each night. Any other typists/computer people try this?
23:56:07 shanselman
RT @scottgu: Linq to SQL features in .NET 4. Damien did a great post about this: http://tinyurl.com/n6jz28
01:50:53 shanselman
03:53:29 shanselman
Sweet merciful lord it's hot in Seattle. That is all.
05:44:30 shanselman
At @lostintangent's house in a panic over tommorow's talk.
09:04:53 shanselman
Staying at @lostintangent's house the night before the keynote. He says he takes 30 minutes to get ready, I take 15. Who's the man, here?
10:40:52 shanselman
International People (non-US) - do you guys have infomercials where you live? Pitchment? Obnoxious sales people on TV?
10:53:54 shanselman
Great information, thanks folks! This will help for @lostintangent's and my talk tomorrow morning. :) I appreciate it!
21:13:03 shanselman
Heading to the MSFT campus
22:06:43 shanselman
Silverlighting with Bing! http://bit.ly/nM4Io
22:12:59 shanselman
In a big meeting with people I don't recognize in building 37
22:32:02 shanselman
Want to work for Microsoft as a Developer? Mention me. ;) http://bit.ly/x34w9
05:55:04 shanselman
RT @weirdralph: An amazing 73% of Twitterers admit to tweeting while driving. The other 27% admit to tweeting while being hit by a car.
17:31:18 shanselman
Off to campus for a day of meetings. Going to learn more about 'M' also.
19:12:26 shanselman
R @adriarichards Nice new blog theme! http://butyoureagirl.com/ #blogher09
21:32:51 shanselman
Say hi people, I'm demo'ing Twitter for my Group
21:59:00 shanselman
Thanks everyone!
00:34:43 shanselman
People: Model-Driven or Data-Driven? What's the diff? Is data-driven a dirty word? Is model-driven anything at all? What's Microsoft tools?
00:44:24 shanselman
How do you design (cough model cough) your application? Where do you START? Go. ;)
00:44:56 shanselman
The 'M' team is watching these tweets on a 52' monitor. Now is the time to tweet your model-driven opinions to an audience.
02:57:03 shanselman
Wow. The Temp in Oregon: http://twitpic.com/byz4q
05:34:03 shanselman
Bing! to replace Yahoo Search - RT @TallyDigitalBiz: CNN http://bit.ly/n7qhv
06:36:14 shanselman
RT @theblurayblog: Joss Whedon's 'DOLLHOUSE: SEASON ONE' now available on Blu-ray. 36% OFF at Amazon.com http://bit.ly/257wEO #tv #film
08:01:31 shanselman
'Science only needs to be proven wrong once, while Faith only needs to be prove right once.'
10:36:18 shanselman
Checking out the comments from our keynote this week: 'There was a lot/too much fun in the session'
10:36:31 shanselman
Checking out the comments from our keynote this week: 'I come to Seattle to educate myself - not to watch a comedy show'
10:36:47 shanselman
Checking out the comments from our keynote this week: 'unfocused, almost too gimmicky.'
10:37:18 shanselman
Checking out the comments from our keynote this week: 'energy level in the room was off the charts. Great way to start off TechReady!'
10:37:42 shanselman
Checking out the comments from our keynote this week: 'best session ive attended. great concept. please do it again'
10:38:02 shanselman
And finally, 'the show was too distracting to follow much of the content' :)
10:50:09 shanselman
Oh, no! A Dilbert comic about *us!* - RT @harriyott: for @shanselman & @haacked: http://bit.ly/fs6YL
10:52:38 shanselman
RT @cvallance: 'You can't please all the people all the time... and last night, all those people were at my show!' - Mitch Hedberg
10:57:21 shanselman
Development in a Downturn (podcasts, posts, etc) http://www.msdnevents.com/ThriveDev/
19:34:58 shanselman
R @markstahler ya, I thought that list was insane! Where's ScottGu? Dan Bricklin? And Carmack last? WTF. Jeff and I have no business on it.
19:39:20 shanselman
Kind, but wrong. - RT @jbristowe: @codinghorror, @shanselman (and @stevenf) '30 Most Influential People In Programming': http://bit.ly/MTUPn
19:51:31 shanselman
I'd support that! Loud != Influential != Smart - RT @karlprosser: @shanselman maybe rename if '30 Loudest People in Programming'
20:01:39 shanselman
Let's make that list! - RT @richardmatthias: I'd nominate you for the 30 most prominent moustache wearers in programming.
20:06:05 shanselman
Best moustaches in programming? Here's #1 --> RT @GFvonB: I'll volunteer for that list!
20:08:34 shanselman
EPIC! 'The Beards of Python' - RT @sadukie: The Python community is already ahead of you guys on this: http://bit.ly/a90om
20:09:57 shanselman
The day's burning question. - RT @bbetances: are we talkin chin straps too or just full on upper lip stache?
20:13:54 shanselman
I nominate @CMastication for the #2 spot in 'Best Moustaches in Programming'
20:22:04 shanselman
If only @rainnwilson was a programmer... #codingstache
20:26:41 shanselman
RT @adamskt: if only @SarahKSilverman was a coder: http://twitpic.com/c1gsg #codingstache
20:44:32 shanselman
RT @maryjofoley: Good @dinabass story on cutting costs. MS exec travel. $200 million cut in each of last 2 Qs: http://bit.ly/283jDX
20:53:02 shanselman
RT @stretchmarkmama: Headed to the park. Where I fully expect to bump into Satan. http://www.katu.com/news/local/51987402.html
20:53:30 shanselman
It'll hit 107F in Portland today. Then, water boils.
20:53:47 shanselman
RT @Rosemont_Farm: Hello? Average summer temp in Oregon 66.7*. Something is wrong here. http://bit.ly/ZwQBP
23:05:45 shanselman
*sweats* http://twitpic.com/c232c
23:21:04 shanselman
When is this news? http://twitpic.com/c255e
00:06:18 shanselman
In the #diabetes doctor waiting room. Checkup every 3 months, folks!
00:49:34 shanselman
Me to my doctor: 'Are you saying I'm fat?' My doctor: 'I'm saying you're not 170lbs.'
01:14:22 shanselman
Finally made an appt to get this Trigger Finger looked at. Anyone else get this fixed?
01:15:22 shanselman
RT @bellware: twadict: i can quit anytime i want.
01:18:20 shanselman
2012 the end of the world? Stock up on canned goods? Discuss.
01:35:23 shanselman
110F + 2010 + Oregon = Chaos? http://twitpic.com/c2nn0
07:13:39 shanselman
Please RT - ASP.NET vs. PHP on IIS (funny video) - FIGHT! http://bit.ly/oqYQW
07:41:06 shanselman
Are you a Startup in the NW? Startup Weekend for BizSpark Devs http://bit.ly/3eayz3
08:14:38 shanselman
Reading and Answering 32 'Pls Mr. Scott Send me the Codez' emails. They are so earnest.
08:24:11 shanselman
Watching 'The IT Crowd' on Netflix Instant Streaming on my Xbox
09:11:15 shanselman
Laptop Bags made of recycled FIRE HOSES. (Great idea, it's tough stuff) http://bit.ly/zjcO2
09:25:57 shanselman
R @Danbo Personally, I prefer 'The Big Bang Theory.' I find the writing on 'The IT Crowd' to be very simple.
11:43:59 shanselman
Watched 6 eps of 'The IT Crowd.' Didn't laugh. I may not be British.
11:51:55 shanselman
Sorry my friends. 'The Big Bang Theory' > 'The IT Crowd'
12:00:50 shanselman
R @snagy I respect your decision. You're still sore from the revolt of the colonies. ;)
12:08:10 shanselman
R @siphilp Good 'Big Bang Theory' video http://bit.ly/lGPh1
12:15:21 shanselman
Fantastic! - RT @RyanFox: Here's one of my favourite scenes from the Big Bang Theory: http://bit.ly/WAi2d (VIDEO)
12:15:35 shanselman
'Everything is better with Bluetooth.' http://bit.ly/8hYP0
12:17:11 shanselman
RT @julianharris: Netflix competition - amazing story http://twitzap.com/u/Xl0
19:02:14 shanselman
RT @browniepoints: You'll Like this it's WINS (Windows IIS .NET SQL) - @latringo: what is the acronym for the .NET equivalent of LAMP stack?
19:05:03 shanselman
RT @baratunde: RT @TheOnion: Obama Meets With Gates, Arresting Officer http://bit.ly/Qvvpk #p2
19:05:49 shanselman
RT @jamesthigpen: Or WIMP, Windows IIS Mysql PHP.
20:39:52 shanselman
If you've forgotten your comb, then the wider the comb-teeth, the more likely you are to use another dude's comb.
20:43:42 shanselman
Take Back the Beep Campaign (via @kevdog via @pogue) http://bit.ly/nyAAb
22:23:34 shanselman
R @mikemalloy Agreed. VoiceMail is THE way to never hear from me.
22:27:26 shanselman
Video on Channel 9 - Me talking about Scaling sites with Caching http://bit.ly/12Vjsg
22:29:19 shanselman
Here's the right URL: Video on Channel 9 - Me talking about Scaling sites with Caching http://bit.ly/12Vjsg
00:06:06 shanselman
R @tehlike @ayende Looks reasonable. The HomeController and AccountController come with MVC, not with NerdDinner, but he has valid points.
00:07:40 shanselman
Crap, MS IT is rebooting machine in 10:05 minutes, and my video render is done in 11:23 minutes.
00:57:51 shanselman
I wonder if anyone has just randomly, without realizing it, swallowed their Apple iPod Shuffle.
00:57:58 shanselman
RT @passionsista: Mint.com data: Economy may be bouncing back #VentureBeat http://tinyurl.com/mvgfna
01:02:01 shanselman
Apparently yes, you CAN swallow an iPod - (video) RT @kevindente: @shanselman http://bit.ly/2nhA25
01:36:29 shanselman
RT @lyzadanger: Does everyone else already know about this site?! It's amazing: http://www.artificialowl.net/
03:30:05 shanselman
RT @ehexter: @JRGarcia http://bit.ly/hRjma Minimal MVC template is on codeplex. put together by the ASPInsiders
05:14:55 shanselman
RT @BlackJournalist: I'm still trying to sell my Wii. If you know anyone who wants it, tell them to hollaaaaaaa....tinalburton@gmail.com
05:16:13 shanselman
Still useful! Tune your fonts! RT @scottgal: @jbogard use the tuner: http://www.microsoft.com/typography/cleartype/tuner/Step1.aspx
05:18:08 shanselman
Which am I? - RT @tacanderson: From Corporate to Personal: A Breakdown Of The Four Types of Twitter Profiles http://ff.im/-5XBfz
07:34:00 shanselman
Steve Ballmer on the Yahoo! Deal (Puppet Video, funny) http://bit.ly/TRrhj
09:22:20 shanselman
ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 (via @haacked's blog) http://bit.ly/gHBkN
09:45:37 shanselman
RT @ch9 Hanselminutes on 9 - ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 with Phil Haack and Virtual Scott http://bit.ly/3vPGOD
12:29:02 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes on 9 - ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 Released: I was up in Redmond this week and stoppe.. http://bit.ly/GXNzk
01:25:30 shanselman
@bing Is Bing made with ASP.NET MVC or WebForms?
09:04:49 shanselman
Trying to watch 'Stepbrothers' but it's painfully bad.
09:05:50 shanselman
'keming. noun. The result of improper kerning.' http://bit.ly/1aCCvx
09:10:44 shanselman
The Associated Press officially is insane. http://bit.ly/lsILy
10:54:07 shanselman
R @JonathanMalek I did dig deeper. I get hNews and Microformats. A 'beacon' seams dodgy, but I do it with my RSS content (which is stolen).
10:56:53 shanselman
R @JonathanMalek hNews is a fine idea,extends hAtom, +2 charisma. Even better when Google lets us search it. It's the Protect,Point,Pay part
10:59:43 shanselman
More about the AP and hNews at http://bit.ly/3BwNzM & http://bit.ly/13Y7lf & from the author @JonathanMalek
20:29:03 shanselman
RT @cloudberry99: My view of Mt Hood's summit... Lovely morning there yesterday. Wildflowers rampant... http://twitpic.com/cj4jb
20:30:26 shanselman
RT @Werner: 'Your body wasn’t built to last: a lesson from human mortality rates' http://bit.ly/RIfXM (seen at HN)
20:35:26 shanselman
RT @JonathanMalek: I think the 3P's need a better explanation. @dsearls has an interesting take at http://bit.ly/4zUtGn.
23:36:06 shanselman
RT @corewarrior: Common electronic devices and the cost to make them! http://is.gd/1Zxwu #electronics
23:37:24 shanselman
RT @mrinaldesai: Analyst handled Apple tablet, says competitors have paused production lines until launch http://bit.ly/3U7Uya tip @Techmeme
02:51:07 shanselman
RT @lidnug: Life inside The Big Blue Monster, a Q&A with @shanselman, Aug 13, 10:30am PDT register - http://bit.ly/updB1
03:12:50 shanselman
RT @alyankovic: Jumping on the twitvid bandwagon... http://twitvid.com/0F74B
05:51:06 shanselman
*Portland* area folks: A friend of mine has PS3 to sell. It's the original one with the card slots and PS2 compat. Let me know if u want.
05:53:24 shanselman
Trying Novolog in my pump instead of Humalog. First two days have been magical. An insulin that works? Crazy. Can't tell if it's luck yet.
06:48:20 shanselman
WOW. Looks like @migueldeicaza and friends working on a Public Domain C# version of SQLite (now 'SQLSharp') http://bit.ly/VMy9z
07:01:39 shanselman
RT @peterrojas: Good discussion about owning both an Xbox 360 AND a PS3: http://bit.ly/YW0i1
07:19:43 shanselman
Upgrading my Sister-In-Law's computer to Win7 from WinXP using the 'Easy Transfer Wizard.' Write up to come.
07:24:25 shanselman
R @photolarry @jeffa00 You actually *can't* upgrade from XP to Win7. I'm 'upgrading' in quotes. I'm transferring their settings and files.
07:26:04 shanselman
Reading on @chadfowler's blog, thinking, this beardless dude looks like @chadfowler! Same dude. I'm an idiot. #dontshave
09:19:56 shanselman
Fantastic Blog if you're into Self-Improvement Techinques http://bit.ly/4hMOLM
09:51:47 shanselman
Anyone in Portland, OR have a decent PCI video card lying around they don't need?
10:45:26 shanselman
R @LostInTangent Try 'Kwaito' music. Also get the Tsotsi Soundtrack. Also, 'Freshly Ground.'
11:17:04 shanselman
R @GarethStep @mdupreez @LostInTangent Here's my 2007 African Music List: http://bit.ly/185F2
11:37:12 shanselman
Interesting, Skype just asked to install Google Chrome
11:39:43 shanselman
Sigh...the old Dell I upgraded to Win7 has a poopy onboard video card. I need a PCI video card (not express) for Win7. Preferably Free.
20:29:31 shanselman
RT @baldy_za: Who needs a Weber? This is my new braai http://post.ly/1qpy
21:07:04 shanselman
Twitter trending topics is officially a wasteland
21:41:19 shanselman
RT @digitalBush: Pretty soon all you'll see is #owmyballs in the trending topics.
23:43:39 shanselman
RT @charlieo Need help w/ a presentation: What is the fundamental importance of Microsoft employee blogs?
23:47:30 shanselman
RT @portman_wills: for @shanselman and all other SSD lovers: lions and tigers and 1TB SSDs, oh my! http://bit.ly/1q8DTq
00:04:14 shanselman
According to an internal Microsoft person, this is the last great PCI (not PCI-Express) video card for Win7: http://bit.ly/DeXj5
00:09:30 shanselman
.NET Powered Bartender? (video) http://bit.ly/BPgpZ
00:23:56 shanselman
00:25:49 shanselman
I'm not sure, but I MAY have just eaten an inappropriate number of Pringles.
00:27:42 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 173 - All About Microsoft with Mary Jo Foley: My one-hundred-and-seventy-.. http://bit.ly/13wg9q
00:40:12 shanselman
5-year-old boy plays 'Folsom Prison Blues' by Johnny Cash http://bit.ly/2WZ2tS
01:39:28 shanselman
Porting an iPhone app to Windows Mobiles http://bit.ly/ijoxF
02:28:41 shanselman
blogged: Step-By-Step: How To 'Upgrade' from Windows XP to Windows 7: You've likely heard that you can't.. http://bit.ly/271wBG
05:32:25 shanselman
My 3yo: 'We learned Jupiter today. The teacher brought Jupiter to school. It was just like the real one, but a little smaller.'
06:10:10 shanselman
Tell me I'm not the only one that flat gets lost in Facebook. I just want to find my photos. It takes 6 clicks because I'm lost.
06:17:28 shanselman
RT @ahockley: @shanselman The success of Facebook indicates that the general public really doesn't care about design or UI.
06:28:07 shanselman
blogged: Step-By-Step: Turning a Windows 7 DVD or ISO into a Bootable VHD Virtual Machine: I'm loving th.. http://bit.ly/24DL31
06:41:18 shanselman
R @ITBlogger Watching Dexter for the first time? I'm jealous. That's high on the list of shows I wish I could experience for the first time.
06:42:27 shanselman
RT @schwarzwald: programming as portrayed in hollywood movies. i LOL'd. http://bit.ly/j0Y3l
07:15:29 shanselman
Great cover of Jazmin Sullivan's 'Bust Your Windows' from the upcoming @gleetv (US Only) http://bit.ly/3izstl
07:24:07 shanselman
I'll be speaking at http://ntegrate.net/ in Chicago in January, the week of my birthday. I hope they give me Thomas Trains. @ntegratenet
09:57:32 shanselman
RT @paddydonnelly: A few of these Wizard of Oz illustrations are fantastic: http://bit.ly/wB0id
10:00:28 shanselman
Some AMAZING High Dynamic Range photos. These are REAL photos. http://bit.ly/kParz
10:02:05 shanselman
Sand painting? RT @bsimser: RT @whitk227 You shouldn't miss it! This artist is amazing! http://tinyurl.com/m77nf8
10:06:49 shanselman
R @LaTtEX Well, no added light. HDR photos show more than our eyes are built to see, but not more than is there.
10:44:20 shanselman
Thoughts about this potential talk title and abstract? What would you want to se... Read More: http://is.gd/21T3i
11:14:03 shanselman
'What Personality Disorder Do You Have?' Try it: http://bit.ly/1hmNYy (via Actor @jason_isaacs from http://bit.ly/g4vyQ)
11:34:33 shanselman
RT @UdiDahan: The expectation of many devs is that when writing an app, they shouldn't need to write infra, either MS or OSS will provide it
21:19:25 shanselman
Zero to Awesome in Nothing Flat: The Microsoft Web Platform and You http://is.gd/21Y90 (via @pdc09)
21:29:34 shanselman
What's your favorite Online Banking Website from a design perspective?
22:06:10 shanselman
Where's my Jet Pack? Oh, there it is. http://bit.ly/Oslyj
23:58:13 shanselman
Do NOT touch her hair. I heard that. Chris Rock's Trailer for 'Good Hair' http://bit.ly/PUAqJ
00:49:44 shanselman
Hey, @scottgu just stopped by the HanselPortal. Serendipity works. http://twitpic.com/csh5y
01:57:01 shanselman
Companies, here's exactly how NOT to treat Twitter: http://bit.ly/3Vho3W via @Scobleizer
02:30:30 shanselman
RT @brian_henderson: wow, nice! RT @timheuer: whoa, GPS.NET goes open source!? http://gps3.codeplex.com/
02:42:38 shanselman
I'm concerned the neighborhood wasps are organizing a coup of some kind. http://twitpic.com/csxj6
02:46:46 shanselman
: One man enters a VM alone, his only weapon is patie (cont) http://tl.gd/bp9l
02:52:53 shanselman
Can we get #ESPNfail to Trend? Companies, here's exactly how NOT to treat Twitter: http://bit.ly/3Vho3W via @Scobleizer
03:00:55 shanselman
@Jaykul um, yes. ;)
04:28:24 shanselman
What Productivity Persona are you? http://bit.ly/sQM7z
04:42:34 shanselman
Hey, I'm about to hit 16,000 followers, and only 15,500 of them are spambots! Perhaps I should give away a prize. Tell your friend(s).
05:02:02 shanselman
Looks like @ClintRutkas just offered up a free Coding4Fun book to my 16,000th follower. Not sure what happens when that follower unfollows.
06:12:05 shanselman
RT @jvanderh: Better, why not give it to the 16,384 follower? 11111010000000 is not such an elegant number
06:23:34 shanselman
Thinking to go see Transformers...
06:30:55 shanselman
Starting to think poorly of people who say 'gotten'. I think I'm those people though.
07:33:40 shanselman
Watching Transformers. Just not seeing the whole Megan Fox thing.
07:34:36 shanselman
:P RT @ssbilas: Bye bye @shanselman, way too much noise to signal, can't take it any more.
07:36:17 shanselman
R @ssbilas LOL. But Atwood, Penn Jillette and Snoop Dogg bring the content? ;)
08:16:55 shanselman
Transformers is just a visual #hotmess. You can't see what's head or arms. It's just junk piles slapping each other around.
08:25:42 shanselman
Wow, were those two robots racial stereotypes or am I hypersensitive? #transformers
08:33:11 shanselman
So it's not just me. RT @timheuer: #transformers http://bit.ly/3vZnuR
18:55:37 shanselman
11 Things That Look Like Joe Jackson http://bit.ly/PzJAm
19:56:32 shanselman
Nice OSS Wiki Engine (the one they use on CodePlex) and works on Mono http://bit.ly/HK7ZE
20:02:25 shanselman
RT @blackgold9: Cool #win7 feature. I was listening to zune client, decided to make a call via skype. #win7 turned the music down!
20:13:15 shanselman
It's official. I'm genetically incapable of spelling 'convenience' on the first try.
20:14:03 shanselman
The blog of the man who makes Windows 7 *beep* http://bit.ly/13RhBa
20:16:01 shanselman
Go ahead, plug your audio device into your microphone jack #win7 http://bit.ly/HSC4z
21:23:16 shanselman
This is the C# reimplementation of SQLite: RT @yardie: new site for sqlsharp http://bit.ly/1yMbm6
21:41:25 shanselman
RT @mhinze: oh no! that george sodini mass-murderer gym-shooter guy was a .net developer. http://bit.ly/eF3sI
21:45:04 shanselman
This gym-shooter is just so sad. How can one get these loners help? http://bit.ly/L95SQ
22:04:56 shanselman
RT @Jaykul: Liked 'Zune HD hands-on, impressions, tears of joy #zune' http://ff.im/-6bgaj
22:08:26 shanselman
Sinofsky is a ninja. '...While we appreciate the drama...' http://bit.ly/j9u6C
22:34:21 shanselman
LOL! RT @mstum: I heard that there is an even bigger #win7 bug: Using Diskpart to wipe your Drive can cause Windows not to start anymore.
22:47:47 shanselman
Now THAT IS A WEBSITE!!!!!!!!! - ;) RT @blowdart: This, this is what the Stack Overflow UI should look like http://havenworks.com/
22:52:39 shanselman
EPIC! #badwebsites - RT @ChrisMBarr: Please tell me you've seen http://yvettesbridalformal.com/ before - it's even better!
23:03:46 shanselman
RT @juliebenz: http://bit.ly/erRaN take a peek at new promo for Dexter Season 4!!!!
23:26:37 shanselman
RT @spongefactory: How about this (very successful) deliberately #badwebsite http://bit.ly/Bwm30
01:06:17 shanselman
R @lingscars It's true, I can't argue with Success as a Metric!
01:20:15 shanselman
Two followers from 16,000! Prizes! Woohoo! Who will it be.
01:24:23 shanselman
Anyone got any crap, er, prizes to give away to #16,000? As @kevindente says, with my # of UNfollowers we may go over this many times. ;)
01:30:22 shanselman
woohoo! RT @paulroub: @shanselman I'll throw in some Vault or Fortress Licenses
01:31:01 shanselman
I think for 32768 I will do something BIG and get a lot of prizes. Like, be organized.
01:32:50 shanselman
Well, this is lame, spammy people are showing up now.
02:13:23 shanselman
DEVS PLEASE RT: ATTN: Vista Users with Dev10 Beta 1/.NET4b1 -> Uninstall *before* upgrading to Win7, or do a clean Win7
05:04:49 shanselman
Why is my grass suddenly full of mushrooms? Too much water?
05:20:57 shanselman
Real Tragedy of Open Source? RT @abock: Long work day. I am eating a completely wrapped sandwich I found in @migueldeicaza's trash can.
09:09:22 shanselman
RT @iTod: 'that was way too close' - a slideshow/study of impossible escapes from the original GI Joe http://tr.im/vH6u
11:17:51 shanselman
I need a vacation. However, my job is changing slightly soon so who knows when that'll happen. Nice to have a job, so no complaints here.
18:56:58 shanselman
@UdiDahan sorry, i'm really I'll suddenly. I'll schedule a better time soon.
19:43:08 shanselman
Greatest website ever? http://www.cheeseandburger.com/ via @abock
20:04:49 shanselman
Horrible and hilarious email sig that will block Google Ads in Gmail http://bit.ly/xVpah
21:26:26 shanselman
There's not enough Amish on Twitter. #obviousobservations
21:28:08 shanselman
RT @sowrey: Patrick Warburton and Bruce Campbell need to do a project together. With a cameo by William Shatner.
21:38:38 shanselman
RT @Chris_Kasten: let's not forget @HotAmishChick though!
21:40:35 shanselman
Interesting. Just discovered I can do queries from the Start Menu in Win7 and add 'type:email' to it
00:10:31 shanselman
'I know my friend's phone number! It has an 8 and two 4's!' - my 3 yr old
00:10:54 shanselman
'Hey man, where is your head, man?' - my 18 month old to a mannequin
00:11:02 shanselman
RT @DamianEdwards: jeepers, Akamai download links for Win7 are *heaps* quicker, the rumours are true!
00:14:10 shanselman
Darn it, I'm liking Bing more and more. It's still my default search engine and the results are getting better each week.
05:54:36 shanselman
05:56:12 shanselman
R @scottdw2 Good Q. I work for Microsoft, but I'm a normal person with regular opinions. I own Macs, Tivos, iPod, Zune...Open to all ideas.
05:57:57 shanselman
R @techherding I dunno. I decided to use Bing for a month about 6 weeks ago. I think it's powered by Lycos. ;)
06:00:37 shanselman
Be sure to REFRESH the http://whentwitterisdown.com/ page a few times, @scobleizer. ;)
06:39:26 shanselman
For #win7 admins, the Automated Installation Kit (AIK) has been updated: http://bit.ly/8m3rp
06:42:27 shanselman
RT @jbristowe: Don't forget the Windows 7 Training Kit For Developers too! http://bit.ly/frBuT (Updated today!)
07:06:37 shanselman
Is there a better FREE Anti-Virus tool than AVG? It seems to use 100% CPU all the time on Windows 7.
08:20:03 shanselman
I am doing some job descriptions for an opening and I just typed 'exerpeicen' which is apparently not close enough to 'experience' for Word.
08:20:29 shanselman
Very cool extensions to MSTest from @fabiomaulo (of NHibernate fame) http://bit.ly/OPzVb
08:22:40 shanselman
Trying Avira then Avast for my relative's new Win7 machine
08:45:34 shanselman
It's a shame that Firefox 3.5 doesn't have all the cool Win7 menu and taskbar stuff...
10:20:10 shanselman
Nice Windows 7 Upgrade chart showing your options from @edbott http://bit.ly/KxmIi
21:24:55 shanselman
Are you a member of the 'Overextended Class?' (via @gapingvoid) http://bit.ly/h0C0V
21:53:41 shanselman
Happiness is 60MB/s transfers.
22:13:28 shanselman
R @travislongley Yes, it was Gigabit between two machines from Win7 to Win7 http://bit.ly/V5MAL
23:03:45 shanselman
RT @billevjen: Comment on the new @Wrox cover design at http://bit.ly/4iLXLo
00:04:49 shanselman
RT @DavidGood: Blast from the past. See what's new in Visual Studio! http://bit.ly/17tO3s
00:06:21 shanselman
Ouch! My eyes and ears! - RT @jbristowe: 'Is 'Hansel', as a prefix, the new ActiveX?' - From Zoolander: http://bit.ly/2eqZ52
00:12:10 shanselman
RT @MehulHarry: Liked: Raymond Chen's 'Programming means that sometimes you have to snap two blocks together' - http://is.gd/26Z5G
00:21:18 shanselman
Should @wrox change their classic 'nerdheads' style book covers? Discuss here: http://bit.ly/nsdP2
00:37:11 shanselman
RT @NatalieMBF: 'Math problem' vs. 'Meth problem' #oneletterbigdifference
00:44:23 shanselman
RT @dwynne: Touché my little friend #oneletterbigdifference
00:44:52 shanselman
RT @RobinDotNet: 'Dirty Harry' versus 'dirty, hairy' @oneletterbigdifference
00:44:59 shanselman
RT @SQLRockstar: started an email with 'If you' and forgot the 'I', #oneletterbigdifference
06:38:15 shanselman
Interesting technical discussion about mixing English and Arabic or Devanagari fonts: http://bit.ly/EmJYk
08:25:47 shanselman
Trying to think of ways to hire @bellware
08:26:28 shanselman
RT @haacked: Found a pic of @shanselman's first day as a Lead: http://bit.ly/B3KCo
09:48:03 shanselman
I'm not sure what I think of Ikea furniture, but I'm debating doing an entire room with it. Mistake?
09:58:54 shanselman
R @Tigraine Not with the mouse. WIth the keyboard, yes, use 'Window+arrow key.' Shift-WIndow+Arrow key moves the whole window.
10:00:53 shanselman
R @Tigraine Also try Win+up and Win+down, as well as the Win+numberkey and shift+win+numberkey combos. Also Shift+MouseClick.
21:46:18 shanselman
Having a diabetic pity party today. 'You people' have no idea how good you have it.
21:55:30 shanselman
Trying to think of a (joking) derogatory team for non-diabetics so I can look down on you all. 'Sugaries?' or perhaps 'Cupcakes?'
21:58:09 shanselman
Nice, two suggestions...'sugardaddies' or 'fruitcakes.' i think the latter is the one. Now, to make it a part of the lexicon....#diabetes ;)
21:58:53 shanselman
Lol! RT @jwatson3d: 'Candyasses'?
22:26:47 shanselman
blogged: Vista Users - Uninstall Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 before upgrading to Windows 7: Disclaimer: I .. http://bit.ly/49dMa7
22:26:59 shanselman
blogged: Windows 7 Easy Upgrade Path Truth Table/Chart: Wow, everyone is moving up to Windows 7. I'm loo.. http://bit.ly/Jl7UP
22:27:05 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes on 9 - Managing People (and wisdom with Chris Sells): An email went out to our or.. http://bit.ly/173sfG
22:27:12 shanselman
blogged: Top 10 Tips Working Developers Should Know about Windows 7: I've been tweeting about Windows 7 .. http://bit.ly/sIulX
10:01:47 shanselman
Just finished a 3 hour 'True Blood' marathon with the wife. I'm hooked again. Darn this show! :) Reading the books now too. So good.
10:32:21 shanselman
21st Century Woodworking: Assembling Ikea stuff and getting it right the first time. The sense of accomplishment is powerful (and so sad)
19:33:37 shanselman
Talk directly to the Microsoft Office Product Planners: Add your idea http://makeofficebetter.com
19:34:38 shanselman
Just saw the site LOGO for http://makeofficebetter.com ROTFLMAO
21:29:36 shanselman
How do you have you Win7 taskbar options set up? http://twtpoll.com/by5pn8 #twtpoll #win7
23:15:31 shanselman
Wow, AMAZING children's bedroom designs. Show your kids! http://bit.ly/GDHoz
23:58:19 shanselman
Cool DOSBox runs great on Windows 7! (via @sbisson/) http://bit.ly/1CFALt
00:43:04 shanselman
NerdDinner in the Cloud (Azure) with Source http://bit.ly/xyszA
01:02:59 shanselman
I'm presenting a Live Meeting Chat for the .NET LinkedIn Group ON Thursday http://bit.ly/updB1
01:08:08 shanselman
Interested in how @bing sees you? Use their Webmaster Tools to check your indexing http://bit.ly/mhi3z
01:37:29 shanselman
Chatting with the author of Sources of Insight. He's had some great posts lately. 'How to Have A Strong Week' http://bit.ly/strongweek
05:47:21 shanselman
Wow, my nephew's Nintendo DS only does WEP? What is this, 2002? #nintendofail Looks like he's not getting online tonight.
08:18:33 shanselman
Apparently there are no G-rated movies any more. I can't find a movie for the 3 1/2 yr old and I to go see. http://www.kids-in-mind.com/
08:20:42 shanselman
Wow, just got SPAM from @excite.com. Are they still alive over there? What must that be like, living in 1997?
08:22:55 shanselman
Reading internal Win7 emails, someone's debugging a crash dump. I laugh to myself each time I read 'I took a dump, and it's over here...'
09:16:17 shanselman
AT&T made me buy a new phone because of that 'water sensor dot' in all phones. They insist it got wet (cont) http://tl.gd/cedi
09:47:37 shanselman
Hm...I miss Chipotle. I think that'll be Breakfast, Second-Breakfast, Brunch and possibly Elevensies tomorrow.
19:44:56 shanselman
RT @WriterChanelle: RT @washingtonpost: Can we fight obesity with a soda tax? http://bit.ly/16cJ6u
20:16:27 shanselman
RT! Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue 'NerdDinner/TweetUp' Aug-18 http://www.nerddinner.com/873
21:22:47 shanselman
Want fantastically ugly eyeglasses mixing18th century tech with 21st? http://bit.ly/ee5O8
21:46:13 shanselman
Sweet Deal from ORCSWEB (they host my website!) http://owurl.com/Shared
21:50:06 shanselman
Hey @chrispirillo, if anyone is early for GnomeDex, I'm doing a NerdDinner/TweetUp on Tues http://www.nerddinner.com/873
22:07:23 shanselman
R @jeff_tucker Thrilled with them. Their techsupport actually knows what they're talking about.
22:28:10 shanselman
Devs RT: What's the future of #webforms? Where do you want to see it go? What kinds of improvements? (use the hashtag)
23:47:49 shanselman
Thanks everyone for all the #webforms input!
01:20:22 shanselman
I've got two jobs open working for me: http://bit.ly/4tvhCK and http://bit.ly/3TTGbA
01:34:30 shanselman
Google Opt-Out Option (via @johnbat) [video] http://bit.ly/ovXbm
01:46:58 shanselman
Wow, 'True Blood' last night was amazing.
01:48:28 shanselman
Just to be clear, the WHOLE TEAM is remote. I don't live in Redmond. Two jobs open: http://bit.ly/4tvhCK and http://bit.ly/3TTGbA
02:02:07 shanselman
Why are SPAMMERS still able to talk to me on Skype even though my privacy settings explicitly forbid it?
03:39:22 shanselman
Making blackberry pie http://twitpic.com/dkf9h
04:25:19 shanselman
Pie #FTW! http://twitpic.com/dkkww
04:29:48 shanselman
Sadly, @robconery is leaving me. http://bit.ly/114DPI - Very sad. I'm tearing up.
04:42:03 shanselman
The end of pie http://twitpic.com/dkn1j
07:35:37 shanselman
I'm starting to see why Google Chrome would need an Operating System of its own. http://twitpic.com/dl4ur
07:37:44 shanselman
I've just about had it with Messenger on Windows 7. It's the one ill-behaved app.
07:44:11 shanselman
Wow, an Oregonian died in Zimbabwe http://bit.ly/X3uba
09:20:58 shanselman
Wow. Netflix Instant updated on my Xbox today. Truly, Netflix on Xbox is worth the price of the Xbox itself.
09:26:17 shanselman
Every #win7 keyboard shortcut in one place http://bit.ly/Oayln
09:33:31 shanselman
Google Microsoft Adobe *Wave*. We running out of words? http://bit.ly/btFPx http://bit.ly/kYczj http://bit.ly/XtBrZ
09:40:30 shanselman
R @ChrisOnTheMoon :P I use a Harmony One for my Xbox 360 and, well, basically everything. Best remote ever.
10:07:47 shanselman
'It's arguably the best consumer remote with pro aspirations that we've tested to date.' http://bit.ly/1aaFv4
21:39:33 shanselman
A pictorial representation of my shocking rise to power in the Microsoft Corporate machine. http://twitpic.com/dn4jf
21:40:51 shanselman
ASP.NET MVC demo with controls from DevExpress (via @mehulharry) http://bit.ly/1aTXnI
21:46:57 shanselman
Hm, should people include a 'Hobbies' section on their resumes? You sure learn some interesting stuff.
21:49:11 shanselman
I need a robot (via @motowilliams) Great pics! http://bit.ly/8jEcx
21:58:19 shanselman
My wife has taken to referring to my fat ass getting fatter as 'The Softening.' #FailedHighlanderTitles
22:02:27 shanselman
RT @brandonleblanc: New Blog Post: Paint.NET v3.5 enhanced for Windows 7 using DirectWrite http://bit.ly/Szyib
22:18:26 shanselman
R @tomasrestrepo That org chart is GLOBAL. That includes GMs in every country in the world. http://bit.ly/5NnjW
22:39:56 shanselman
Anyone use an Eye-Fi card for their Camera? Wireless SD card auto-uploads your photos? Good WAF? http://bit.ly/10uiY2
22:55:37 shanselman
Just noticed 'One Click Directions' on Bing Maps. First time I've seen directions online the way humans give them. http://bit.ly/9TwQ1
22:58:47 shanselman
RT @tehlike: Blogged: Even Developers Make Art: http://bit.ly/PJDIS
01:41:59 shanselman
Maybe there's no Twitter Community at all (photochart) http://bit.ly/3eUOg2
01:43:38 shanselman
Looks like a great @woot today, a robot for the kids! http://woot.com/
02:02:34 shanselman
Doing a video call with the a PM for 'Windows 7 Virtual XP Mode' http://bit.ly/1S2jTJ
02:04:32 shanselman
R @wngreenway Here's a list of good Programming Podcasts: http://bit.ly/jLj0h
05:07:50 shanselman
RT @RobinDotNet: A week later, I'm still getting a kick out of this website: Try out 'meet the cheese' tab. http://cheeseandburger.com/
05:11:18 shanselman
.NET Dev Poll: What are folks using to get data into Silverlight apps? http://twtpoll.com/j79ksu
06:11:04 shanselman
Hm, Hulu Desktop is having trouble tonight.
06:11:15 shanselman
RT @lidnug: LIDNUG: Life inside The Big Blue Monster, a random Q&A with Scott Hanselman 13th of AUG 10:30am PDT - http://bit.ly/35S2Ro
06:27:05 shanselman
R @Butterflieq If you have a large monitor, Hulu Desktop feels more like TV, 10 ft interface, etc. http://bit.ly/aWqzW
06:57:25 shanselman
Full day Silverlight free Silverlight event in Redmond (and LIVE online!) on Sept 17: Register free: http://bit.ly/eU3pm
07:44:19 shanselman
You ever use software so slow that you can FEEL the other programmer's FOR loop?
07:53:20 shanselman
Watching 'Lakeview Terrace.' This is like a horror movie for mixed couples.
18:00:04 shanselman
RT @jeffhandley: @damienguard Your Linq to SQL cheat sheet is awesome, great idea! http://bit.ly/3bP5x
18:11:32 shanselman
RT @peterschay: Another Windows 7 XP Mode success -- running Cisco VPN Client 5.0
18:28:24 shanselman
RT @idtechcamps: Overheard at camp - Camper: 'My mom says if I get good grades she'll buy me Windows 7.'
18:33:43 shanselman
RT @terjekrogstad: Windows 7 runs nicely on your slow churning ten year old pc - http://bit.ly/MfWjT
18:37:52 shanselman
RT @LanceUlanoff: RIP Les Paul died. He was 94. http://bit.ly/19r9FM
18:40:23 shanselman
R @mkpelland Yes-ish...migration details for XP->Win7 here http://bit.ly/BenlF
19:19:07 shanselman
Folks, please give @spolsky feedback on the new #fogcreek beta home page (I know my thoughts) http://bit.ly/11piXI
19:21:04 shanselman
Doing a LIVE Meeting RT @lidnug: 10mins till we start our event with @shanselman - http://bit.ly/35S2Ro
19:22:05 shanselman
There's one.
19:35:09 shanselman
Hanging out LIVE WebCam now on a Content Free meeting of @lindnug http://bit.ly/35S2Ro
21:21:55 shanselman
#winMBP @taptaptap is giving away a $5999 ColorWare STEALTH MacBook Pro to celebrate launching Convert for iPhone! http://taptaptap.com/+NCb
00:58:49 shanselman
RT @majornelson: Now watching a demo of the latest build of Facebook on Xbox 360. It's on track to ship later this year.
00:58:58 shanselman
Should I pre-order a Zune HD?
05:08:13 shanselman
RT @spolsky: really? you can't scroll? OK, maybe you shouldn't be buying advanced web-based project management software.
05:08:33 shanselman
RT @spolsky: 13 years after Nielsen told designers to stay above the fold, because 'people can't scroll',developers still parrot that belief
05:09:39 shanselman
Me to my Luddite brother: 'There's an App for that!' My brother: 'What's an App?'
05:10:21 shanselman
My Luddite brother: 'That's funny! Someone should write that down! On paper.'
05:47:43 shanselman
Got Wii Sports Resort and Wii Motion Plus tonight with a coupon only $39. Putting babies to bed then virtual ultimate frisbee FTW!
06:08:38 shanselman
Us: 'We're back!' 3 yr old: 'What did you bring me!' Us: 'Warm hugs!' 3 yr old: 'That's not a thing!' @overheardathome
06:08:53 shanselman
RT @jimgaffigan: Biting into a chocolate chip cookie and realizing it's an oatmeal raisin cookie is kind of like finding out she's a dude.
07:25:32 shanselman
R @peSHIr Funny you mention that. Basketball hurts my arm, but I've been playing the Wii Motion Plus Archery for the last hour.
07:26:23 shanselman
Classic Post: How to adjust your car's side/rear-view mirrors (not how you think) http://bit.ly/akDoD
08:04:42 shanselman
Hacking IKEA Products http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/
08:26:25 shanselman
Chatting with @TessFerrandez on VOIP
08:31:46 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 174 - Hanselminutiae-five with Richard Campbell: My one-hundred-and-seven.. http://bit.ly/2qXVQ7
11:30:28 shanselman
Classic Video (Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy) - People, teach your kids science. http://bit.ly/jtRRF
11:31:12 shanselman
@TessFerrandez Ya, it's crazy. They are so clear as if you're in the same room.
11:31:24 shanselman
RT @redjungle: Cool - so back up and running again with windows 7 in under an hour. Most impressed so far.
20:19:41 shanselman
At a secret meeting in a secret location (Starbucks) with @csells. We just hatched a master plan. Mwahahaahaha.
20:46:29 shanselman
At TGIF, @csells has just ordered the ultimate salad, 'lettuce, cheese, and bacon with ranch on the side.' #EPIC
21:17:07 shanselman
RT @ndcollier: Starbucks is a pretty secret location given the sheer number of them in a small radius.
00:25:36 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: I recorded a new podcast with @shanselman on website optimization! http://bit.ly/12bSur
02:34:48 shanselman
Got Scripts? (>4000 Scripts in the new Script Gallery) http://bit.ly/14XBDc
04:31:08 shanselman
This #sqftgarden is making veggies faster than I can make salad. http://twitpic.com/dxpxl
04:32:09 shanselman
RT @donbox: District 9 - wow.
05:19:26 shanselman
'Friends do not let friends use IE6,' said Amy Barzdukas, Microsoft's general manager for Internet Explorer.
05:20:05 shanselman
RT @DJKevyK4life: My friend has kleptomania, but when it gets bad, he takes something for it.
05:56:21 shanselman
Newton v2? - RT @Eatmatter: Apple iPad. Wonder how much this is going to go for; http://bit.ly/3ou2d
06:29:26 shanselman
Going to see 'District 9'
06:38:46 shanselman
@codinghorror How much? That's the Art Lebedev?
08:02:19 shanselman
In the middle of 'District 9' - this may be the greatest Sci-Fi movie since Blade Runner.
08:56:14 shanselman
'District 9' is amazing. Perfect style, direction and the most organic special effects since 'Children of Men.' A sci-fi classic, today.
09:17:48 shanselman
Devs Pls RT: Poll: As an ASP.NET dev, you use IIS on your dev machine or VS Web Server? http://twtpoll.com/038p0t
10:48:54 shanselman
Merciful lord, low blood sugar sucks. Staring at a 59 mg/dl with 3U pending...gotta pull this airplane up fast. #diabetes
03:10:13 shanselman
Food poisoning is like really miserable forward time-travel. Just woke up, lost 18 hours of my life. Where am I? Where's my jetpack?
04:44:00 shanselman
Mathematical Modeling of a Zombie Outbreak Research Paper (PDF Link) http://bit.ly/Y59pJ
09:14:42 shanselman
Did I miss an ep of True Blood tonight?
09:16:50 shanselman
Thinking I'll go see District 9 again tomorrow.
09:38:41 shanselman
Agreed re: District 9 - RT @jonincalgary: It was a fantastic movie. The CGI was the best I have ever seen.
11:13:15 shanselman
Lol - RT @serafinowicz: http://twitpic.com/e3pjg (thanks to @DanThomasUK)
11:14:44 shanselman
RT @y2kprawn: Had to unfollow @shanselman...he tweeted in the middle of a movie.Thats very unhealthy to have to take it that far.
21:05:02 shanselman
RT @SCMcDonnell: Apple has become what Microsoft used to be. No cross platform capabilities and even the SDK requires money.
21:05:51 shanselman
RT @DavidGouge: #aspnet #mvc #startthemyoung http://yfrog.com/7db8dj
00:59:16 shanselman
RT @lidnug: @shanselman's recorded session at LIDNUG is now available to download - http://bit.ly/OxZCL (117mb)
01:07:58 shanselman
How did your spouse/partner and you decide who sleeps on which side of the bed? #justCurious
01:24:41 shanselman
Sounds like men sleep closest to the door...
01:25:11 shanselman
RT @davidlmorris: Psych suggests man sleeps on the side nearest the most threatening opening. Door OR large window.
06:18:09 shanselman
Dev Poll: When you deploy your ASP.NET apps...how is IIS setup? http://twtpoll.com/yrkzp5
19:39:20 shanselman
Fascinating Developer Poll results (IIS configuration for ASP.NET apps) http://twtpoll.com/yrkzp5
19:41:12 shanselman
RT @gulpanag: RT @TIME: Nearly 90 percent of U.S. money contains traces of cocaine | http://su.pr/2AVoDe
20:07:15 shanselman
RT @bluesun2600: African-American Photographs (Portraits & Snapshots) http://ff.im/-6JYVi
20:28:57 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 175 - Optimizing Your Website with Jeff Atwood and Stackoverflow: My one-.. http://bit.ly/17q0MV
20:46:19 shanselman
Heading to Seattle to speak at @devscovery but feeling only 60% of optimal. Going to be a horrific week.
20:47:19 shanselman
RT @abelafonte: YOU'RE vs. YOUR... that's 7th grade English. How come it's so hard on social networks? http://snurl.com/qe49o
20:48:28 shanselman
RT @jongalloway: RT @Carnage4Life: The new Google is the old Microsoft - http://bit.ly/oWz0O
20:49:13 shanselman
100 books I will never read http://bit.ly/16RfCe
20:55:12 shanselman
RT @jldavid: @HelloApp - A Twitter Application for Conferences (written with ASP.NET MVC): http://is.gd/2lrLi (via @jbristowe)
20:57:19 shanselman
RT @aspmvc4life: 'Is it a waste of time building your own ASP.NET MVC blog engine ?' blog - http://bit.ly/36d8de
21:00:26 shanselman
Tears me up that Usain Bolt stops running at 85 meters every time http://bit.ly/U3pf6
21:00:36 shanselman
RT @kangamono: Finally, Moonlight 2.0 Beta is released. Get it while its hot: http://go-mono.com/moonlight-beta #moonlight
21:08:59 shanselman
There's your answer @aspmvc4life from @paulwheeler 'I don't think it is EVER a waste of time to write *any* code if you love writing code.'
22:28:58 shanselman
Just got off the phone with @eyads from UAE. Great guy, we'll hang out at Mix10.
22:35:31 shanselman
Sad. What will i read at the Dentist? - RT @jongalloway: Readers Digest gun git sum bankruptsy cuz no1 reedz nomo. http://bit.ly/175eN1
23:30:26 shanselman
Help, pls. Go vote this SXSW talk up and RT http://bit.ly/Bi8s0
01:03:20 shanselman
Talking to @bellware on the phone
01:44:39 shanselman
REST and ASP.NET MVC http://bit.ly/Yij03
02:37:31 shanselman
RT @ednamessick: 'My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them'. ~ Mitch Hedberg
04:37:38 shanselman
On the phone with @scottgu
05:44:42 shanselman
NerdDinner/TweetUp in Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue - All Are Welcome (King County RT!) http://nerddinner.com/873
05:58:47 shanselman
PointCast! #blastfromthepast http://twitpic.com/ebju1
06:29:58 shanselman
Hearing more and more about Twitter Stalkers. Three this week. People suck, it seems.
06:58:26 shanselman
Really Google Chrome? Version 4? Seriously?
09:59:54 shanselman
Can someone bring some 'hi my name is' name tags and pens to the Seattle TweetUp/NerdDinner? http://www.nerddinner.com/873
10:01:31 shanselman
R @kiwipom LOL. I think @codinghorror can take it. You know what he calls RDPing into Production? 'Hanselmanning' into production.
10:02:20 shanselman
Lost 12 pounds. What's the new diet that's sweeping the nation? Food poisoning! I've regained my girlish figure.
10:03:00 shanselman
RT @jldavid: Try out the Zune HD at Best Buy stores later this week! Stores and preview times (PDF): http://is.gd/2mrJQ
10:06:37 shanselman
If you can access Hulu, you owe it to yourself & your partner to clear the next 14 hours and watch Firefly http://www.hulu.com/firefly
10:40:46 shanselman
Really Netflix? - The Inauguration of Barack Obama - Because you enjoyed: Jason's Lyric,Malcolm X,Poetic Justice #blackfolks
11:13:38 shanselman
R @GregWoods Ah, sorry. Right click on the taskbar explorer icon, add 'c:\' after 'explorer.exe' and then left-click will go to c:\
16:20:59 shanselman
RT @alvrod: RT @jzy: reasons to grow a giant beard. http://www.biggerbetterbeards.org/
17:11:03 shanselman
Watched half of 'Bon cop, bad cop' last night on Netflix streaming. Recommended.
18:47:06 shanselman
At @devscovery showing folks how to use Twitter. Just saw @bikerscum sign up. Welcome new user. We'll see how long it lasts. ;)
00:55:18 shanselman
Getting ready to talk about 'Social Networking for Developers' in the 'Engineering Excellence' series at MSFT. 5 people here. ;)
00:56:38 shanselman
Spam is out of control on Twitter. #newsflash
00:57:25 shanselman
Social Networking + Engineering Excellence = #irony
03:15:51 shanselman
Tonight, NerdDinner/TweetUp in Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue http://nerddinner.com/873
03:54:18 shanselman
Meeting near 'Uncle's Games' - Seattle Nerd Dinner
09:09:38 shanselman
Anagram your name! - RT @IDisposable: It seems that @shanselman almost enchants http://bit.ly/NlKRq
18:44:52 shanselman
People in Washington, as a collective, cannot drive. #frustrated
18:48:40 shanselman
The voice of Microsoft Press? ;) RT @MicrosoftPress: People in Portland, as a collective, drive 5 MPH below the speed limit. #hippies
23:56:18 shanselman
RT @sjarawan: new kids woot site http://kids.woot.com. Thomas the train talking railway set today
06:47:23 shanselman
Free ASP.NET MVC TDD Chapter (I haven't read it yet) http://bit.ly/LmpMy
09:26:00 shanselman
RT @jeresig: I've written a eulogy to _why: http://bit.ly/vLoYH
09:26:31 shanselman
RT @jeresig: One of my favorite developers, _why, has deleted his online presence and all projects. I miss him. http://bit.ly/LBk63
09:35:30 shanselman
RT @newsycombinator: _why's best twitter posts http://bit.ly/wbpjT
10:00:27 shanselman
RT @HenryGibson1935: Happiness moves in a circular motion but I am perpendicular and so I am sad
10:12:16 shanselman
I'm really impressed with the way @WilliamShatner engages and replies to his fans. His tweetstream has a very personal touch. Kudos, Shat!
10:31:50 shanselman
RT @serafinowicz: Amazing mashup of Prince's 1999 and... ??? who is it? http://twaud.io/9D
11:02:57 shanselman
RT @WriterChanelle: The Importance of Being Intelligent – Even on Twitter http://bit.ly/rS0lt
11:04:26 shanselman
RT @jonskeet: I want to be part of the ultimate C# book: 'Beginning Pro Visual C# in a Deeply Effective Nutshell for Dummies in 21 days'
11:06:04 shanselman
Suddenly I miss Metacrawler.
05:10:16 shanselman
'New Zealand, like Scotland but further.'
08:23:05 shanselman
Interesting. Rspec + IronRuby + C# for BDD? http://bit.ly/Kiz2I
19:29:35 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 176 - NServiceBus with Udi Dahan: My one-hundred-and-seventy-sixth podcas.. http://bit.ly/p8kQZ
19:41:49 shanselman
Locked in a room with @csells at Microsoft's Portland Office
20:24:45 shanselman
Is there an official (ish) API to have your GPS or location aware device details from JavaScript? #lazyweb
22:24:05 shanselman
What was Venn like as a kid? 'Hey dad, I'm standing in the door frame. I'm in the living room AND the dining room!' @eddieizzard
23:04:26 shanselman
Looks like @msconnect is now on Twitter. If you have thoughts, ideas, bugs, whatever, about connect.microsoft.com go tell them.
23:06:29 shanselman
RT @bradykelly: #Telerik Announcing the New Open Source Extensions for ASP.NET MVC http://tr.im/wQVp
01:43:14 shanselman
RT @jabancroft: @JayCross: 'You can only pay attention for 9 or 10 minutes. University would work a lot better as a series of Ignite talks.'
01:43:21 shanselman
RT @voidspace: RT @philhassey: Not doing TDD to save time doesn't.
02:17:49 shanselman
Someone just offered to buy my hanselman.com domain. Um, no? No price.
02:34:25 shanselman
Ok, I'd sell hanselman.com for three million dollars.
04:57:52 shanselman
Yes!!! - RT @Diabeticizme: the no 1 ladies detective agency season 1 on DVD 9-8-09
04:58:20 shanselman
RT @jamessocol: http://bit.ly/3kXHD5 < Firefox multitouch.
08:58:10 shanselman
Finishing 'Bon Cop Bad Cop' on Netflix. Great movie, people!
09:04:25 shanselman
Trying out a Kindle DX for the week. Stoked.
19:03:58 shanselman
RT @mark_ingalls: watching a @shanselman talk he gave on MS campus at 1.5x speed. I'm pretty sure I've ripped a hole in space / time.
07:20:05 shanselman
Not quite working yet, but this unattended Demo of Quake in Silverlight gets 40fps on my machine http://bit.ly/ST90z
03:14:30 shanselman
Omg, True Blood is on Tonight!
22:04:48 shanselman
There are few things more stressful in a marriage than the birth of your first child OR packing for a weekend at the beach.
00:37:32 shanselman
Help Steve out, folks: RT @StevenLJackson: Was laid off this morning and am looking for next great opportunity! #HireSteve
06:12:29 shanselman
@RickStrahl if it ain't broke...
23:41:52 shanselman
RT @CNN: Swine flu could infect up to 50% of the U.S. this fall/winter. See what regions could be most affected: http://bit.ly/18FgB7
23:45:33 shanselman
RT @stimms: Is there a facial hair standard over at http://www.hanselman.com/blog/? You decide.
03:10:18 shanselman
RT @robconery: Just posted an 80 minute tutorial on building Nerddinner with MVC: http://bit.ly/IbZul
03:17:52 shanselman
RT @robconery: Looks like all 3 of the new MVC videos are up: Why (3 minute), How (10 minute), and What (80 min) http://bit.ly/jrLYs
10:33:56 shanselman
RIP RT @anviae: 'The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die.' - Senator Ted Kennedy
18:20:39 shanselman
RT @craignewmark: RT @jdlasica: Gotta like this: @steverubel describes Twitter as “a sushi boat moving at 100 mph.' http://ow.ly/lm8h
18:25:19 shanselman
RT @kathysena: @ghidotti: Driving/texting teens/adults view this PSA. Graphic, but important. http://ow.ly/looX
18:25:43 shanselman
RT @SteveAndrews: Live Meeting with @haacked on MVC 2 going on now: http://www.c4mvc.net/MVCAugust09
01:10:48 shanselman
The videos of the talks from #NDC09 are slowly making their way online. @grothaug has torrents up http://twurl.nl/smqm8m and I'm seeding.
06:32:00 shanselman
RT @sholsinger: r @xkcd YES! No other mortal could have illustrated it better. http://xkcd.com/627/
06:34:58 shanselman
@borekb :)
07:16:28 shanselman
Watching the Musical Commentary on the Dr. Horrible DVD. Worth the price.
09:17:30 shanselman
Welcome @graemeross to Twitter.
09:18:42 shanselman
If you have a moment, and the inkling, would you mind reviewing my podcast on iTunes or Zune? http://www.hanselminutes.com
10:25:07 shanselman
Disappointed in this week's True Blood. No revelations and a very short ep to boot. I want some closure!
21:06:13 shanselman
'Contrary to popular fanboy belief, Mac is not more secure from a software standpoint than modern Windows' http://bit.ly/3RnTd1
21:54:56 shanselman
The @wrox covers are changing. Go comment http://bit.ly/EbnvW
22:18:43 shanselman
RT @jglozano: http://www.peopleofwalmart.com
22:24:55 shanselman
R @zvolkov That's very negative. I RT what's interesting, not what's Pro-Microsoft.
23:41:23 shanselman
Just noticed Google Chrome version 4.0 (on the dev channel) just added Windows 7 features (jumplist, etc)
23:42:46 shanselman
'If Snow Leopard has full ASLR and DEP, it would bring its security close to the level of Vista' http://bit.ly/3RnTd1 via @lazycoder
01:35:22 shanselman
Free Silvelight and Windows events in Seattle with @scottgu speaking http://bit.ly/DDxsD
03:05:50 shanselman
The inventor of the shopping cart died. They had trouble at his funeral, the hearse kept pulling over to the left.
05:57:07 shanselman
Cleaning one's garage is ridiculously cathartic.
06:33:02 shanselman
Add video from your networked storage into Movie Maker http://bit.ly/WjWoZ
06:36:00 shanselman
Nice! Bing Search with As You Type Results via @longzheng http://bit.ly/9yt5z
07:12:32 shanselman
Yikes, on vacation for 3 days and I have 39 'please send me the codez' emails to go through.
07:22:05 shanselman
Wow. I ate WAY too much cheese.
08:45:26 shanselman
Wow, $250 Xbox360? Insane. Forget the games, it's a great media center and netflix box. http://bit.ly/1V7xFm
09:06:51 shanselman
Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 http://bit.ly/2Mhw5
09:07:44 shanselman
R @vitaminjeff Here's the correct XBox 360 prices link: http://bit.ly/4Frv8R
09:23:52 shanselman
I'm really enjoying the show 'Defying Gravity' but I'm afraid it'll be canceled...every show I love is cancelled.
10:03:24 shanselman
How important is it when using a 'Repository' that it follows the exact meaning of the original pattern? (repository per-table, etc)
10:09:48 shanselman
RT @bellware: @shanselman ps: the repository isn't repository-per-table, it's repository-per-aggregate-root
10:39:12 shanselman
Reading http://dddstepbystep.com/
10:47:22 shanselman
Registering for #pdc09. Ordering the Halal meal plan...yummier food. :)
18:46:05 shanselman
RT @ayende: All the #ndc09 videos - finally. RT and help seed! http://bit.ly/1pbJS (via @grothaug)
20:58:38 shanselman
Wow, Michael Jackson was murdered! http://bit.ly/WFDfb
21:07:11 shanselman
Very cool. A wikipedia for software algorithms with in browser IDE. @codinghorror should check it out. http://www.algorithmatic.com/
21:20:25 shanselman
Crap, I broke http://www.algorithmatic.com/. It was really cool, too.
21:26:37 shanselman
The problem with answering email is that those people will mostly likely email me back.
21:27:56 shanselman
Interesting suggestions for Microsoft Office showing up over at http://makeofficebetter.com/Outlook
21:41:11 shanselman
Someone just emailed me for help on a project written in Ada.
21:43:21 shanselman
Bummed I can't use Snow Leopard on my Mac Mini. Another dead (non-Intel) Mac.
21:47:09 shanselman
Update on Microsoft making Windows Live IDs be OpenIDs http://bit.ly/4NO2Z
21:49:42 shanselman
RT @baratunde: 'If you keep talking long enough, eventually you'll say something true.' -me
21:53:07 shanselman
Nice response from @chrismessina on the MSFT LiveID/OpenID findings. http://bit.ly/OSNAh
22:38:29 shanselman
Great Gmail App specifically made for Windows 7 #win7. Updated to v2! http://bit.ly/A7Xh8
22:40:46 shanselman
Looks like I'll be speaking at the Microsoft Company Meeting! Now I need to figure out how to make my part wacky.
22:41:25 shanselman
RT @portman_wills: Dual-screen laptops a reality this year? http://bit.ly/Q9wRp
23:07:05 shanselman
Reason #99 why I don't bother with Wolfram Alpha: 'Wolfram|Alpha isn't sure what to do with your input'
23:56:10 shanselman
What's your favorite Google Bomb?
00:13:24 shanselman
Fantastic series by Larry Osterman on 'Microsoft 2x years ago today' http://bit.ly/hkgZS
01:34:52 shanselman
blogged: Amazon Kindle vs. Amazon Kindle DX - The Final Word: I'm absolutely thrilled with my Amazon Kin.. http://bit.ly/W4Joi
16:51:36 shanselman
RT @saqibs: Handy Windows 7 tip - use shift to send files to more places http://tr.im/xhGN
16:52:09 shanselman
RT @saqibs: Open source Bing SDK for Mac/iPhone - search web, plus images/video/news/phonebook from Cocoa (Touch): http://bit.ly/a90QC
16:55:39 shanselman
RT @saqibs: Lil' Hacker, a phone freak who, being blind, used his acute sense of hearing to cause havoc: http://bit.ly/mae3C
17:08:33 shanselman
@ActiveNick hm....pretty sure that exists. I've seen it on a phone. Ask @bing
18:49:33 shanselman
Lovely, suddenly Google Reader has dupes of ALL my folders, one capitalized and one not. Their web client doesn't handle bulk well.
20:37:21 shanselman
RT @Keith_Combs: RT @MicrosoftStore: @Keith_Combs Lifecam HD will be available on September 10th.
04:58:17 shanselman
RT @mindykaling: i hate how every little independent coffee place in LA feels like it needs to have some complicated ethos
05:05:21 shanselman
One day I will quit Microsoft and put together IKEA furniture full-time because I freaking ROCK at it. How do normal humans manage? ;)
05:56:28 shanselman
Me to 3 year old who is still awake at this hour: 'What are you thinking about?' 'Pie.' @overheardathome
08:30:59 shanselman
This 'You're/Your' issue may just be the #1 thing preventing people from entering the middle class. #hotmess
11:43:43 shanselman
Want to help with Silverlight UX Research and get some $ or software? http://blogs.msdn.com/corrinab/archive/2009/08/30/9889051.aspx
12:11:13 shanselman
RT @timoreilly: OH: @perrychen at #foo09: 'What we need is an X Prize for how to make people not look stupid on a segway.'
05:11:21 shanselman
Tightening up the 3 year old's fade. One day I'll open a barber shop.
05:37:56 shanselman
Are you @tweetie going to explain the 'Secure Connection Failed' errors? There's hundreds and hundreds of complaints if you search.
06:07:19 shanselman
Do people on the East Coast (NYC, etc) go to see Therapists more than the West Coast? Is that cultural? Everyone go to a shrink in NYC?
06:22:50 shanselman
R @stefwiththef you know all the True Blood characters are on Twitter? @sookiebontemps @northmaneric @vampirebill @kitchenbitch
06:30:10 shanselman
RT @ShawnWildermuth: Very cool history of the Apple v. Microsoft Ad War: http://is.gd/2IAcT
06:45:36 shanselman
The version of the Windows 7 UX guidelines is now available at http://bit.ly/Dj3AS
06:49:34 shanselman
From 2003: Raising Multilingual Children http://bit.ly/PVYCp #parenting
10:33:10 shanselman
Just saw Inglourious Basterds. Impressed. I'd given up on QT but this was a really good movie. Recommended.
10:47:49 shanselman
RT @EllieLove: COOL: Reruns of Fringe and Glee With Twitter Commentary http://bit.ly/TXJv5
18:57:09 shanselman
@bing he wants to use Bing Maps in an iPhone app.
20:01:03 shanselman
Wow, is it just me or has YouTube been sucking lately? Can't get a reliable stream. Not a chance with HQ or HD.
21:30:49 shanselman
RT This! - Just noticed a NEW view on MSDN called 'Lightweight' (feedback box in corner) http://bit.ly/1YsPz
22:25:00 shanselman
RT @AyeshaJ I feel like we're being forced to keep up with technology. What happens to the people who don't? And, some of the elders?
22:25:43 shanselman
R @AyeshaJ What happens/ed to people who who don't learn to read? Or to use the phone? Or turn on a radio? Or make fire?
23:08:43 shanselman
RT @aaronlerch: ...unfair comparisons. When fire was new, there weren't new releases each month, or 50 flavors.
01:29:26 shanselman
RT @lcooney: http://twitpic.com/g0vrk - ASP.NET team mtg w/@shanselman videoconferencing in from Quiznos. CLASSIC
01:36:33 shanselman
I think a $299 XBox is a good gift...can't justify giving it to myself, though. (Do I need another?) http://bit.ly/FBxdD
04:27:21 shanselman
blogged: The Weekly Source Code 45 - Kicking Butt on Windows 7 *and* Windows XP: I really advocate folks.. http://bit.ly/rapv
05:56:38 shanselman
Wow, greatest Shadow Puppets ever? (video) http://bit.ly/uLtLE
06:03:53 shanselman
Black Eye = Eye + Story http://www.morenewmath.com
06:20:44 shanselman
Updating the tools list. This is going to take DAYS. Send me your favorite tools.
18:49:47 shanselman
Having my yearly review. Eek!
19:51:08 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: If you're looking for a PS3 with PS2 back-compat and you're in the Portland OR area, contact @shanselman before Sept 8.
19:57:04 shanselman
Ponzi Scheme = ROI - R - I http://www.morenewmath.com
20:00:51 shanselman
Woot! - RT @QdobaOregon: It's Double Point Day at Qdoba! Bring your Qdoba Card with you to lunch today & get 2x the points.
20:02:18 shanselman
RT @adymitruk: #gitsharp check it out if you haven't already http://bit.ly/12bTC7
21:18:06 shanselman
Wow, Win7 has a little ThinkPad icon for my laptop! Just appeared in Devices: http://twitpic.com/g44md
21:43:59 shanselman
PHP Cache Extension (PHP gets even faster on Windows) http://bit.ly/2R1lUu
22:19:54 shanselman
PLZ RT: Calling all test ninjas the ASP.NET QA team is looking for you! http://tinyurl.com/TestNinja
22:22:04 shanselman
Great details on how the Device Experience works in Windows 7 http://bit.ly/2hkpk7
22:30:44 shanselman
Gmail is down for me at least http://www.google.com/appsstatus
22:47:25 shanselman
RT @WriterChanelle: Interesting RT @davekerpen Facebook Adds 'Widowed' Relationship Status http://bit.ly/9HrJB
00:55:26 shanselman
Help Carl Franklin (and me) test our CDN. Download two files for me and tell us what's faster! http://bit.ly/wihHK
00:58:51 shanselman
Oh, just noticed @MSWindows is online. Tell them I said 'Hi' tweeple.
01:59:44 shanselman
This zuchini is out of control! Now what? #sqftgarden http://twitpic.com/g57is
04:23:00 shanselman
RT @turoczy: Hey...Yes YOU, you super interesting PDX person you. @portlandonfire asks What's your story? http://bit.ly/mz05k
05:03:38 shanselman
RT @samsontech: RT @newgear1: http://twitpic.com/g0ju2 - Today's newgear: The Samson Go Mic! High quality, pocket-size USB condenser mic.
06:23:35 shanselman
R @AyeshaJ The names for hurricanes and cyclones, interestingly, are selected LONG in advance...a LIST: http://bit.ly/tXquT
06:24:28 shanselman
RT @jeremydmiller: Youch. I just read somewhere that Kid n' Play are now 45 and 47 respectively. That's.. ...weird.
06:57:17 shanselman
Mickey Rooney talks to Ben Stiller (@redhourben) about Twitter (video) http://bit.ly/11887f
06:58:42 shanselman
RT @TonyBunce: Baby Smash for Blackberry? http://babygo.zeebu.com/
09:43:20 shanselman
Great Computer Troubleshooting Flowcharts for normal people! http://bit.ly/YidAi
11:43:17 shanselman
Amazing Online Visual Dictionary (you really have to see it) http://www.visuwords.com/search.php
12:09:37 shanselman
Online Google-esque 'Microsoft Project' clone? http://gantter.com
12:20:04 shanselman
RT! It's @shanselman's Ultimate Tool List for 2009! http://bit.ly/hanseltools
12:25:52 shanselman
blogged: Scott Hanselman's 2009 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows: TAX DEDUCTIBLE.. http://bit.ly/LJ8LX
19:06:04 shanselman
Most amazing Robot Hand video I've ever seen. http://bit.ly/denqj via @danielfe
22:15:13 shanselman
RT @MehulHarry - Blog: CodeRush: Unit Test Runner Preview - http://bit.ly/13s5TF
23:08:02 shanselman
RT: @MSWindows: We've got 7 pizzas. Every 7th follower to RT this will receive one free pizza. #WinWin7 http://bit.ly/win7rules
23:12:27 shanselman
Other Online Google-esque 'Microsoft Project' Clone: http://www.tomsplanner.com/ @tomsplanner
23:23:33 shanselman
RT @jeffhandley Do you consider the #RiaServices DomainDataSource to be Data Access in the UI? http://twtpoll.com/3qu35y
23:38:31 shanselman
New WPF/C#/MEF/IronRuby Twitter Client called 'mahTweets' from @aeoth http://bit.ly/wvLBZ
23:43:05 shanselman
New 'Code Optimized' profile in Visual Studio (or the 'I hate designers view') http://bit.ly/USZV4
23:45:48 shanselman
Ever get hit in the face like a physical slap, except it was another dude's B.O.? That dude just walked by me. I was slapped 2 seconds later
00:29:36 shanselman
Remember the ImageResizer from XP? It's available for Vista and Win7 now! http://bit.ly/1v2Oo1
06:18:38 shanselman
Going to watch 'Defying Gravity' with The Wife
06:29:42 shanselman
RT @vtango: 4 more Zune HD's to be given out. Follow @vtango and other Microsoft experts on Twitter http://bit.ly/tFgtm #vmworld
06:31:43 shanselman
It's official, Twitter has turned into MTV. And not the one in the 80s with music video. The crappy one. From now. #trendingcrap
08:17:59 shanselman
RT @vitaminjeff: Watching 'Surviving Disaster' and learning how to land a commercial plane and survive; 121.5 is the emergency frequency. :D
08:20:51 shanselman
Oh ya! RT @bradwilson: Glee starts up next Wednesday. Just thinking about it makes my scalp tingly. @gleetv
09:38:13 shanselman
Big thanks to @jdiller and @dimebrain for helping me with OAuth and http://tweetsharp.com/ today. TweetSandwich has been upgraded! :)
09:58:54 shanselman
RT! It's @shanselman's Ultimate Tool List for 2009! http://bit.ly/hanseltools
11:04:35 shanselman
RT @JohnLarroquette: Dreams permit every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives. Here's hoping for sheer lunacy.
11:05:40 shanselman
RT @KevlinHenney: 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know http://tinyurl.com/97tepsk
11:12:58 shanselman
RT @KevlinHenney: RT: @gilescolborne: Why are CAPITAL LETTERS so annoying? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8234637.stm
18:56:26 shanselman
RT @Jaykul: Liked 'Eyes-on LG's 15-inch OLED TV makes us want to punch an LCD' http://ff.im/-7Bniv
19:37:05 shanselman
Holy crap. This spider is living INSIDE my honeycomb window shades...I'm freaking out. http://twitpic.com/gbucu
19:52:59 shanselman
Cool. Host a Windows 7 Launch Party and get a free Copy. http://www.houseparty.com/windows7
19:55:13 shanselman
Spider tips: RT @databyss: Step 1: Burn down your house (don't risk missing him) Step 2: RUN! HE'S STILL AFTER YOU! Step 3: GOTO Step 2
20:18:25 shanselman
'It is my sincerest aim to assist every Dell esteemed customer like you to best of our ability to try and bring a smile on your face'
20:44:32 shanselman
Hey, looks, it's @technogranma!
21:29:45 shanselman
Survey: Are you a developer? Do use AdBlocking Software? http://bit.ly/vhfO1
21:47:49 shanselman
FIXED: Survey: Are you a developer? Do use AdBlocking Software? http://bit.ly/vhfO1
22:02:44 shanselman
Congrats to J.D. Meier and his inspirational blog 'Sources of Insight' on its 1 yr birthday! http://bit.ly/K0Ynt
22:13:46 shanselman
RT @MissSuccess: Build your personal brand in 10 steps: http://bit.ly/Ns0uf
22:16:22 shanselman
Video: Apple store emptied by thieves in 31 seconds http://bit.ly/oj6RB
23:40:33 shanselman
Awesome Windows 7 Thing?...Just copy/pasted files between local and remote machines over Remote Desktop
01:00:40 shanselman
Apparently you could CopyPaste files over RDP since 1868 and I'm an idiot.
03:48:08 shanselman
Results of that survey earlier today on Developers and AdBlocking software: http://bit.ly/dHXZl
03:52:35 shanselman
RT @peace_joy_love: For those concerned about Maia Campbell, http://bit.ly/1oy0n #maiastruth
04:43:08 shanselman
Got the spider out with compressed air. On 2nd thought, launching a spider skyward was likely a mistake. http://twitpic.com/ge05p
05:13:21 shanselman
RT @angrytownhall: FACT: MOST fires should NOT be covered b/c summer is a preexisting condition
05:15:36 shanselman
I can't believe Nene from #RHOA is a trending topic. What a #hotmess of a show.
05:29:38 shanselman
RT @timheuer: How do you prefer to learn Silverlight? - http://bit.ly/12EZ7M
07:26:41 shanselman
Wow! - RT @dervorbote: I think the Hanselcade just got one uped. http://tinyurl.com/2rqh7c
19:18:17 shanselman
AT&T tries to fix it http://bit.ly/Jm3UO
19:18:37 shanselman
RT @aleta: Yeah Oregon is a trending topic. Yes, it rains a lot here. So don't move here. Stay where you are at. :-)
20:38:38 shanselman
RT @KindleCovers: Amazon's 1984 Kindle Credit: Thank You, Big Brother! http://bit.ly/2inYTx
20:39:47 shanselman
Yes! - @RUbetweenjobs: When emailing ur résumé, unless specifically requested, send PDF, not Word doc http://ow.ly/nwRQ
21:35:49 shanselman
Watching people stop and stand for a minute on a broken escalator is HILARIOUS.
00:22:07 shanselman
Portland folks. I'm brokering a deal for a PS3 (the one WITH PS2 emulation) last deal fell through. Anyone want a PS3 with Emulation?
01:32:17 shanselman
RT @serafinowicz: I'm a jenius.
01:32:54 shanselman
Just finished my script for the Microsoft Company Meeting next week. I'll try to film all the backstage stuff and sneak it on C9.
01:42:03 shanselman
I'm sorry people, I'm just not feeling this whole 'put your little kid on a leash that looks like a cute backpack' thing.
03:15:11 shanselman
Weekend? What weekend?
03:18:48 shanselman
RT @GLEEonFOX: Don't miss the GLEE Tweet-peat with live tweets from the cast, FRI at 9pm ET/PT only on FOX!
03:19:39 shanselman
RT @GLEEonFOX: FREE Glee music videos are available on iTunes! http://bit.ly/1YOyUC & http://bit.ly/xInme
04:54:48 shanselman
I need to stop eating these children's Gummi Bear Vitamins! Gonna get liver failure or something. So yummy though!
05:16:53 shanselman
RT @darthvader: 'Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.' Kenobi always was a sarcastic bastard.
05:17:03 shanselman
RT @darthvader: The power of the Dark Side grows strong this year. Coincidentally, so does the Yankees' lead in the AL East.
05:32:30 shanselman
RT @Scobleizer: RT @jackie_danicki: AWESOME iPhone app! http://bit.ly/DwUhn - smiling so hard my face hurts! (I Am Tpain)
06:32:13 shanselman
Watching @gleeonfox with Twitter happening ON SCREEN!
06:38:10 shanselman
My 3 year old started singing 'Rehab' after he heard this song. He thinks it's called 'Ohio.' Daddy! Play Ohio! #glee
06:44:06 shanselman
Someone finally figured out Interactive TV...@gleeonfox with Twitter Live! #glee
08:07:47 shanselman
I can't imagine that the PSP GO is going to work. Thoughts?
09:15:29 shanselman
RT @Cannonade: 'Nothing is scarier, if you have zombie issues, than two toddlers throwing themselves at your door' @shanselman
20:48:26 shanselman
My 3 year old: 'Why are there no French Fries at Fry's Electronics? I'm hungry.' @overheardathome
00:23:55 shanselman
Considering going to work at Fry's Electronics to show these idiots how to talk tech. #frysfail
05:52:17 shanselman
RT @mattcutts: What was your favorite game for the Commodore 64?
06:11:58 shanselman
So excited about the new HD WebCam http://bit.ly/AMOcE
07:20:35 shanselman
Time to take the wife's braids out. I predict 4 hours for this process.
09:09:34 shanselman
Still unbraiding
21:46:17 shanselman
Gave up after 4 hours of unbraiding micros. Phase 2 tonight. #marriage
00:54:57 shanselman
My 3 year old won't stop singing 'Bad Horse.' Problem? (video: http://bit.ly/eFD7i
02:49:16 shanselman
Crap. I've officially lost a NetFlix movie. What a putz I am.
03:36:46 shanselman
Tator tots or Fries, people?
04:20:06 shanselman
Tator Tots FTW! (I would literally *drink* ranch dressing if there was a socially acceptable venue)
04:29:06 shanselman
I'm saying 'put down the knife' to a certain diaper-wearing individual an awfully lot lately.
04:31:13 shanselman
Am I lactose-intolerant if I just refuse to put up with Milk's attitude?
04:41:01 shanselman
My grandfather John Joseph Hanselman passed away today in 1963. He died September 6th, 1963 at 10:30 pm.
05:38:04 shanselman
RT @willschiff: Best night ever. MEGA SHARK and GIANT OCTOPUS are trending topics on Twitter.
05:52:20 shanselman
Wow, I respect NetFlix more every day. They only charged me $14 for the lost DVD. Blockbuster would have charged full retail + evil fee.
06:18:23 shanselman
RT @PeopleofWalmart: 1,221,000+ visits to the site yesterday...
07:09:04 shanselman
Unbraiding micros, day 2
09:18:51 shanselman
Success! Braids removed! Finger combing and Pink FTW! #endofblackhairtweetsfornow
10:24:32 shanselman
Getting ready to go to Seattle tomorrow for Company Meeting rehearsals...hopefully I'll tweet backstage.
18:47:06 shanselman
RT @michaelianblack: RT: @marcmaron Is today the day we remember all those brave Americans that have lost their jobs?
18:48:48 shanselman
Text- RT @SCMcDonnell: President's remarks to public schools tomorrow: http://bit.ly/huhsr
18:50:05 shanselman
;) RT @baratunde RT @TheOnion: White Sufficiency Movement Asserts Whites Right Up There With Other Races http://bit.ly/2bg1CC
19:46:16 shanselman
Lovely. Snow Leopard upgrade halfway through install. Disk Utility says it can't repair my disk. Machine works fine, has for years. Stuck.
20:56:21 shanselman
'Online, people can't see the yawn.' http://bit.ly/Keu9x
22:32:23 shanselman
Found and buried the 3 year old's first dead bird. #LifeAndDeath
23:26:06 shanselman
Thoughts? - RT @marshallk: WordPress Just Made Millions of Blogs Real-Time With RSSCloud http://bit.ly/3iDoj
01:08:24 shanselman
Getting ready to make the drive to Seattle
01:29:50 shanselman
RT @JessicaDema: Windows 7 [approaching] the popularity of Linux http://optolog.com/1829
06:10:54 shanselman
Off to a movie with @bradwilson
08:59:21 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: Just saw Extract with @shanselman. One second review? 'Meh.'
09:02:59 shanselman
Interesting, share business cards over Twitter. Does anyone still do that? http://www.twtmycard.com/
09:05:03 shanselman
Trying to get Snow Leopard to connect to Exchange - 'Mail.app has quit unexpectedly'
10:19:54 shanselman
Going to be tough getting to sleep this week.
17:14:22 shanselman
A lot of 'what do you think of this secret biz idea' emails lately. Feel bad replying with 'sounds like this 10 yr old company' emails...
17:40:42 shanselman
The trick to getting parking on the Microsoft campus is showing up before 9am, it seems.
17:43:57 shanselman
Netflix is treating America to a FREE showing of the newly restored Wizard of Oz. No membership needed http://bit.ly/1b70wO
20:21:46 shanselman
Heading to Safeco Field for Company Meeting rehearsals...
20:33:22 shanselman
The venue http://twitpic.com/gzog8
20:45:19 shanselman
Walking to rehearsals... http://twitpic.com/gzpz5
20:52:22 shanselman
Entering the field... http://twitpic.com/gzqwd
20:57:20 shanselman
Backstage... http://twitpic.com/gzrlx
20:59:35 shanselman
More backstage at the Company Meeting rehearsal http://twitpic.com/gzrx8
21:09:00 shanselman
Practicing... http://twitpic.com/gzt6l
21:10:22 shanselman
Big screen... http://twitpic.com/gztbu
21:36:02 shanselman
Deep in rehearsals http://twitpic.com/gzwqf
21:37:18 shanselman
Big-*ss screen http://twitpic.com/gzww8
23:26:21 shanselman
Do you code C++ or write Windows Apps in C++?
23:53:44 shanselman
When you write C++ applications for Windows, what frameworks do you use?
00:02:09 shanselman
20 Most Bizarre Craigslist Ads of all time http://bit.ly/IMAFd
02:10:38 shanselman
05:12:58 shanselman
In my hotel room, talking to myself in the mirror practicing a presentation. The Glamorous Life.
05:19:09 shanselman
RT @longzheng: Yay font news! Georgia and Verdana extensions coming early 2010 http://is.gd/33Acu
20:17:01 shanselman
On a call about something extremely exciting that's happening tomorrow. Woot!
20:42:50 shanselman
The grass here is unreal. It's real, but it's unreal. http://twitpic.com/h3r8y
21:05:42 shanselman
Really? http://twitpic.com/h3uac
21:22:01 shanselman
RT @ryanc: Project #Tuva is a wildly engaging way to experience archival video of the Feynman lectures. http://bit.ly/mgNUX
22:01:20 shanselman
Lunch http://twitpic.com/h41w9
23:55:06 shanselman
Just did the exec rehearsal at Safeco Field...didn't die, so that's cool. #msftcomeeting http://twitpic.com/h4h88
04:06:43 shanselman
RT @timheuer: New govt idea: legislation in 3 tweets or less. If you can't get your points across then it is crap.
04:28:01 shanselman
blogged: Windows Tip: Easily show your Computer Name in the Taskbar: For those of you (and me) who manag.. http://bit.ly/127gDe
06:04:28 shanselman
Saw 'G.I.Joe' with @haacked. I liked it better when I saw it the first time, it was called 'Street Fighter: The Movie.'
07:13:49 shanselman
I hope Fizzbin catches on http://tr.im/yjfg
08:25:08 shanselman
Answering 'please send me teh codez' emails....19 to go.
08:39:40 shanselman
RT @KindleCovers: Steve Jobs explains lack of camera in iPod touch, questions Kindle ... http://bit.ly/12RMJv
08:39:53 shanselman
RT @davidgmiles: Do the rest of the unemployed populace still get up, showered and dressed at the time they would if going to work?
08:41:48 shanselman
Bellware gets +2 Charisma for correct use of a Klingon word in a Tweet. RT @bellware: qapla'! http://snaptweet.com/13f8b
17:22:01 shanselman
Going to be a big day!
17:25:47 shanselman
Dressing for my speech today... http://twitpic.com/h74u5
17:53:05 shanselman
So much work for 5 min...I shudder to think if it were 10!
18:49:25 shanselman
Steve Balmer just walked by.
18:58:45 shanselman
Big News: We just announced http://codeplex.org
20:29:30 shanselman
blogged: Microsoft creates the CodePlex foundation: Very cool news. Today Microsoft announce the creatio.. http://bit.ly/hgfNv
20:31:13 shanselman
Mac's new OS: 'Cougar - not as attractive as previous versions, and getting a little desperate.'
20:41:51 shanselman
Seth Myers at the company meeting http://twitpic.com/h7taw
21:24:58 shanselman
The whole stadium isn't full, so it's not *too* many people. Maybe 25,000?
23:02:22 shanselman
Attn: Everyone who is at the Company Meeting! Tell your bosses, friends an co-workers to use the Magnifier tool in their presentations! ;)
23:40:18 shanselman
RT @davewiner: http://lite.facebook.com/ -- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
23:53:22 shanselman
Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game starting at 5:30pm PST - view online for free in HD: http://snfextra.nbcsports.com/
00:43:34 shanselman
Hoping to be home for dinner...
00:47:39 shanselman
Had to wear makeup for the show today. No guyliner though.
01:06:53 shanselman
Car on fire! http://twitpic.com/h8u9c
03:55:54 shanselman
RT @coolcsh: Thursday night football streaming via Silverlight: http://bit.ly/1hg4w2 Better then real TV.
04:06:58 shanselman
Pics! - RT @osbornm: For real now @shanselman on stage... http://twitpic.com/h9iqa
04:56:12 shanselman
A view of 20k Microsoft employees at today's Company Meeting at Seattle Safeco field http://yfrog.com/0ryg5aj (via @tosolini)
04:59:55 shanselman
Sometimes you just miss WordPerfect: http://www.baara.com/q10/
06:10:41 shanselman
Chatting live on http://tinychat.com/wanparty
10:01:30 shanselman
*Cough* - RT @john_lam: @shanselman was the only presenter at the Company Meeting to use zoomit. Seriously folks, it's not that hard!
10:27:01 shanselman
RT @michaelqtodd: RT @JasonKneen Britain's Prime Minister Apologizes to Alan Turing showing e-petitions work. http://tinyurl.com/p7kuen
10:29:51 shanselman
The news should be more sensitive to this young woman - RT @rssofcwz: BBC Caster Semenya tests as 'inter gender': http://bit.ly/4vqhBT
20:11:45 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: DEV POLL: The front-end for the biz app I am *currently* writing is: http://twtpoll.com/yyvbun
21:19:56 shanselman
R @karlseguin I like to think it attracts a lot of reality. Check the comments, good discussions all around.
23:06:11 shanselman
And STILL this site makes me smile: http://www.cheeseandburger.com/
01:09:30 shanselman
RT @kathysena: Can you imagine if Twitter had been around on 9/11/01?
01:33:55 shanselman
Google didn't change their logo for the 9/11 anniversary? But Michael Jackson's Birthday gets a custom logo? #fail
01:40:27 shanselman
Cool....MS Academic Research Search Engine http://academic.research.microsoft.com/ - wonder if it'll show up in Bing someday.
01:45:08 shanselman
R @kmcdade take a look at http://www.ask.com/ or http://www.bing.com/ - those sites tastefully commemorated 9/11
01:48:16 shanselman
R @codinghorror Are you kidding? 'Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.'
01:52:30 shanselman
R @robinista blind folks can text; did she have headphones or an earbud on? The phone likely talks to her.
02:00:11 shanselman
R @codinghorror Poop on you. Changing a logo for Andy Warhall's BD is a good idea though? You'd say, 'he's dead, who cares?' right?
02:04:17 shanselman
Nonsense! - RT @Federico_II: @shanselman as a self-professed 'Microsoft shill', you are not entitled to comment on any matter Google
02:05:22 shanselman
It's @bellware on the CodePlex foundation http://bit.ly/2amMyA
02:07:13 shanselman
R @codinghorror Weak retort.
02:08:56 shanselman
RT @ShaunEutsey: @shanselman even a shill can recognize failure in the competition. And have an obligation to point it out.
02:12:01 shanselman
R @Federico_II It is as a Google user that I comment on Google. Microsoft hardly owns me. My personal authenticity, by now, should be clear.
02:18:58 shanselman
By the way, @codinghorror, I still love you man, you commie pinko bastard. <smooches>
02:37:53 shanselman
I get such a kick out of seeing really old (70-80+) interracial couples. Just lights me up. #mixedfolksftw
04:31:02 shanselman
OH: 'Scuba? Skydiving? Hell no! You'll never hear about a NetFlix-related death or injury. It's my favorite sport.'
04:31:37 shanselman
RT @mattcutts: @shanselman maybe you missed the Google blog post? About using Google tools on the Make History project? http://bit.ly/tIa1J
05:23:44 shanselman
Considering a live (to tape) podcast tonight...with Twitter guests.
05:29:57 shanselman
I was thinking more with TinyChat. Maybe in about 30-45 minutes.
05:32:46 shanselman
Cool. Let me put the kids down and then we'll do a show.
06:18:14 shanselman
06:18:29 shanselman
just joined a video chat at http://tinychat.com/hanselminuteslive Make your own video chat at http://tinychat.com #tinychat
06:46:32 shanselman
Wow, TinyChat SUCKS
06:46:55 shanselman
Can't reload, can't unban, it's chaos!
06:47:47 shanselman
Trying live meeting
06:50:05 shanselman
Now I'm trapped! I can't get into my own chat.
06:51:23 shanselman
Trying again in ustream
06:53:26 shanselman
Broadcasting at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hanselminuteslive
06:57:30 shanselman
TinyChat and UStream FAIL. MOving to http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/63416
07:06:16 shanselman
3rd times a charm, recording the worst podcast ever, live at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/63416 - call in!
07:29:33 shanselman
Great discussion on http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/63416
07:52:00 shanselman
RT @emiliocavazos: listening to @shanselman talk about codeplex foundation while hacking on some ruby code. It's a brave new world.
18:01:52 shanselman
Carrier Pigeon vs. Internet: http://bit.ly/16UetZ
20:37:10 shanselman
RT @jrguay: @JesseLiberty Blog: Mini-Review of Code Rush: http://bit.ly/1atP7F
20:41:46 shanselman
RT @tallin32: I'm surprised the universe hasn't exploded under the strain of conflicting forces from this: http://www.cocoasharp.org/
21:22:34 shanselman
Me too...I was hoping for a movie trailer. - RT @mordredlefay: I saw X-Factor as a trending topic and thought it was X-Men related. :/
22:56:00 shanselman
Mr. Liberty goes to Washington - RT @JesseLiberty: 4x /year I go to Redmond. starting tomorrow @ 5am EDT I tweet my autumn trip.
01:38:34 shanselman
'Where did you come from?' 3 yr old: 'You got me at the store, took me to the doctor, then he growed me out!' @overheardathome
02:44:21 shanselman
RT @victorgaudioso: Here's a list of all my Silverlight Video Tutorials in one post: http://is.gd/3akPI
02:44:59 shanselman
RT @SparklingClient: You: Blazing hot Blend designer. Me: Looking. Joe Biden: Needs to know why #Silverlight rocks.
04:15:08 shanselman
RT @tedneward: OH: 'I think we should breed chickens with no bones.'
05:19:41 shanselman
RT @kevindente: Holy crap, 'open the lid' experience on my Thinkpad is dramatically faster with Windows 7.
05:20:11 shanselman
RT @MoTancharoen: http://twitpic.com/hiskz - @nathanfillion and @drhorrible
06:15:46 shanselman
RT @JoanntheRedhead: Yeah, has got to be the strangest date I have ever been on. Took me 2 meet his mom in a cemetery. Not kidding.
06:16:41 shanselman
RT @Tagirl27: Serena Williams hasn't lived in the hood for almost 20 years.
06:19:04 shanselman
Yikes. If you have your IQ listed in your Twitter profile, it's likely inversely proportional to your EQ.
07:28:17 shanselman
People, it's 2009. Time to lose the big opening 'skip intro' Flash for your brochure-ware website.
07:54:58 shanselman
MS Ajax 4 Preview 5 http://bit.ly/h3f0x
07:59:21 shanselman
New library of Test and Utility APIs to make testing .NET and Win32 apps easier http://testapi.codeplex.com/
08:14:30 shanselman
RT @chrismessina: Useful side by video comparison of the iPod Nano vs. Flip SD from @NewTeeVee: http://bit.ly/PteWU
08:17:17 shanselman
Review: Flip Mino HD vs. Flip Ultra SD (videos of my kids) http://bit.ly/GIvjH
08:35:12 shanselman
Twitter Review of the Movie 'Sunshine Cleaning' - Meh.
09:12:08 shanselman
Watching 'The Net' - 1995, son. That's the stuff.
09:16:46 shanselman
Wow, @igor_moochnick has ALL the Microsoft Certifications. I used to have lots and they've ALL lapsed. Win3.1 FTW! http://bit.ly/I8jes
09:26:33 shanselman
R @tallin32 I totally remember 'Nowhere Man' - great show, and filmed in Portland, OR
09:31:32 shanselman
50 @bing tricks for Librarians and Researchers (and Ninjas) http://bit.ly/Q1hp4
09:35:16 shanselman
Just noticed that there's a 1-800-Bing- 411 (1-800-246-4411) service.
09:47:20 shanselman
'It seems like Microsoft is a company with 2 warring factions.... the more cooperative faction is gaining traction.' http://bit.ly/1HzEd
09:53:00 shanselman
Yikes! - RT @azammitt: u tweet too much and un drunk. Ibdint wanna ynfilloe u but I have to. Srrry. I tbinkur cool but I'm drnk
10:00:28 shanselman
Seriously, watching The Net in 2009 is a HOOT. Next is 'Hackers' and maybe 'Sneakers' ;)
10:40:48 shanselman
RT @serafinowicz: Again, the publishers have rejected my novvle.
20:00:23 shanselman
RT @rschu: Happy programmer's day everyone! It's the 256th Day of the Year. http://programmerday.info (via @ivanassen)
20:23:11 shanselman
25 years after my first email address I'm starting to tire of email. What a chore.
20:26:27 shanselman
The 19 month old is wandering around the house singing '...go rehab?...i say...NO! NO! NO!' @overheardathome
21:09:57 shanselman
RT @SookieBonTemps: Time's runnin' out. About 6 hours left. #trueblood #tbfinale ♫ http://blip.fm/~db6hj
21:10:56 shanselman
RT @ZDubDub: Totally real. http://yfrog.com/18bx4ij
22:04:08 shanselman
;)RT @MrTeller: The French like to show they're better than you. If you try to speak French, they'll instantly talk English to show off. Ha!
22:04:50 shanselman
RT @MrTeller: He offered beverages and I said, ''D'eau, s'il vous plait.' AND HE GAVE ME SOME WATER. Oui!!!! I'm a Frogtalking maniac.
22:18:47 shanselman
R @serbrech Heh. I suspected not. It's a joke. The only people more fun to make fun of than the French, are well, Americans. ;)
22:29:13 shanselman
RT @kzu: this codeplex foundation thing is really cool. I want to see OSS out of the alt.net/cutting-edge niche and into the mainstream
00:07:33 shanselman
RT @haacked blog: More On The CodePlex Foundation: http://bit.ly/3JLNZp
04:03:11 shanselman
RT @SookieBonTemps: Special Talk Blood after #TrueBlood 2 hour show! Call in or tweet. 9:30pm CDT. Details here: http://ow.ly/pbHC
05:53:10 shanselman
RT @jsnell: Watching SNF on NBC.com. Silverlight has such better video performance than Flash on Mac, it's not even funny. Earth to Adobe.
05:55:01 shanselman
Are we done with Khanye's foolishness yet? Can we have some NORMAL talented famous people now? Do they exist? Denzel? Jay? Beyonce? Anyone?
05:56:15 shanselman
RT @RickStrahl: Oh man C++ is like a watching an old movie you remembered fondly and then finding out that it really sucked.
06:05:31 shanselman
Overheard: 'Kanye West hates Black People.'
06:09:14 shanselman
Ok, time for @TrueBloodHbo. Silence!
06:20:09 shanselman
RT @baratunde: Kanye apologizes... in all caps. Insists he's 'real' http://twitpic.com/hofzt #VMAs
06:30:09 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 177 - Hanselminutiae-seven with Richard Campbell: My one-hundred-and-seve.. http://bit.ly/3vT2ZE
06:30:13 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 178 - Inside a Visual Studio Plugin - CodeRush with Mark Miller: My one-h.. http://bit.ly/VmG4M
06:34:41 shanselman
My first 'live to tape via Twitter' podcast is up. Organized and recorded over Twitter and a conf call: http://bit.ly/CgEC0
07:05:35 shanselman
I bought Dr. Horrible videos on iTunes, then it crashed. They are gone, but I paid for them. How do I get them back?
08:31:07 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 179 - Hanselminutes Live: Open Source and the Codeplex Foundation: My one.. http://bit.ly/19UIWm
09:39:43 shanselman
Hilarious read as a guy asks for a Crack for software IN THEIR FORUMS. Read the keys carefully. http://bit.ly/PgLRW
10:03:09 shanselman
Wow, I really hope Mint.com doesn't start SUCKING after this. http://bit.ly/r79uR
10:30:35 shanselman
WTF? ABC has canceled 'Defying Gravity?' I *just* watched the last show! WTF was 'Beta?' Will I ever know?
11:02:33 shanselman
R @MrAndyPuppy There ARE 6 unaired eps left #defyinggravity
11:12:24 shanselman
Life is what happens in the long spaces between clicks in iTunes.
09:58:10 shanselman
RT @forkfly: This video is incredible! Great! Awesome! I could go on, but we'll leave that to Apple. http://ff.ly/hd5kcr
18:07:04 shanselman
RT @njeaton Big 'Halo 3: ODST' launch party next Monday at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. http://bit.ly/2CeilE
18:46:43 shanselman
RT @EllieLove: Google Acquires reCAPTCHA http://bit.ly/AnYgf
19:17:19 shanselman
RT @EverythingMS: Windows 7, now with extra street cred http://bit.ly/4LitK
19:22:21 shanselman
@codinghorror Swine flu? Or regular flu?
19:24:44 shanselman
Just got my flight to Sweden. I leave at 7:30am and arrive at 7:30am THE SAME DAY. Time Travel or Teleportation?
19:27:50 shanselman
R @travismurray Ah, you're right. It's 7:30am the next day.
20:16:31 shanselman
The customer is http://notalwaysright.com/
20:54:22 shanselman
At Quiznos. The owner is helping the drivers of a Loomis Armored Car *break into their car.* Locked out, it seems. #fail
21:03:47 shanselman
RT @michaelowens: Today, I realised that if Austalia is a day a head of us, and if the world ends in 2012...they are the first to go.
21:05:00 shanselman
Sweet. Installing the 'Games for Windows LIVE Client' now - Updated Games for Windows http://bit.ly/XOUgn (via @brandonleblanc)
21:15:40 shanselman
Cool, Process Explorer says the Games for Windows LIVE client is written in WPF? http://bit.ly/XOUgn
21:55:11 shanselman
Patrick Swayze in his finest work (video) http://bit.ly/LddFu
21:56:25 shanselman
RT @ScottATaylor: Crazy? Weird? Wild? WTF!! Auto Accidents (PICS) http://ff.im/-8ejUc
22:14:49 shanselman
R @jhauge My list of programmer podcasts: http://bit.ly/jLj0h
22:46:33 shanselman
RT @bleroy: 'Dad, do you remember when I was 2? - Yes. - So why can't I?' Great TED talk: http://bit.ly/3XS9Fy
23:31:37 shanselman
That tablet is hot - RT @sudhagart: Nice.. so many touch devices launching just in time for #Win7 http://bit.ly/BS4If
00:12:27 shanselman
Why does Kanye continue to disrespect me personally? Link: http://bit.ly/9gWRM
00:26:20 shanselman
Analysis of the CodePlex Foundation from the founder and org. dev of MySQL: http://bit.ly/4pl8n
01:28:48 shanselman
'Remember kids, in order to maintain an untenable position, you have to be actively ignorant.' @StephenColbert
03:13:22 shanselman
Smoking a wet cigarette you found on the ground in the parking lot? No, I'm sure you could quit anytime, mang.
04:49:57 shanselman
R.I.P. it seems @HenryGibson1935 has passed away.
05:40:54 shanselman
RT @vitaminjeff: Voice-Over-Twitter w/ JAJAH. 2 minute calls. JAJAH @ Call beta. http://bit.ly/2R6hJe
06:02:41 shanselman
oh, YES. http://dontjudgemyhair.com (via @kevindente)
06:09:58 shanselman
Need to replace my dead old Mac Mini 'Kitchen PC.' What's the $300 equiv, like a 'Shuttle PC?'
06:12:17 shanselman
R @aeoth That's an interesting idea. Maybe just use my Dell Mini 9?
07:08:28 shanselman
Why you should date an Asian (music video) http://bit.ly/3vKENE
07:33:21 shanselman
Watching @GleeOnFox!
08:43:18 shanselman
Just installed Windows 7 on an OLD Dell Laptop I had lying around. 30 min install and I've got a new Kitchen PC! Woot!
09:06:12 shanselman
Let's just shove my whole family in a photo booth, shall we? http://twitpic.com/i0zeq
09:13:28 shanselman
RT @jc00ke A Javascript NES emulator http://j.mp/46qbqn
09:15:01 shanselman
Great Mom's site (based on StackOverflow, via @IDisposable) http://moms4mom.com/
09:47:54 shanselman
Put a Recycle Bin in your Windows 7 Taskbar http://bit.ly/UubrR
10:22:31 shanselman
RT @TheCodeJunkie: How Google made the Chrome Logo http://is.gd/3mYz1
10:35:12 shanselman
RT @fireland: I was halfway through the appendectomy when I realized that Wikipedia was full of sh*t.
10:46:53 shanselman
RT @donchiefnerd: Kanye West was a lot nicer before that house fell on Kanye East.
11:08:50 shanselman
RT @michkap: 'A scourge of anger has struck America's 7th most popular sport and 38th most prestigious award show. We're doomed.'
11:09:59 shanselman
@TessFerrandez nov 2-9 as I understand it
11:36:35 shanselman
RT @adam_arrington: Unfollowed @shanselman today. That man tweets every third breath.
18:56:47 shanselman
You a student? Go take a class and get Windows 7 CHEEP http://www.win741.com/
19:00:41 shanselman
RT @theogor: 'We give you 24/7 support, 5 days a week.' #fail
19:03:04 shanselman
Best Obama pic ever? (via @azizansari) http://bit.ly/33tUsv
19:26:51 shanselman
Hm, Klout? http://www.klout.com/profile/summary/shanselman/
21:10:38 shanselman
I'm officially OVERWHELMED.
23:25:17 shanselman
RT @nathansmith: Good post by @motherfuton - http://bit.ly/tdXpw - Educate about ditching IE6, but don't treat them like they're dumb.
23:26:32 shanselman
RT @sholsinger: @shanselman I had to use a Win XP driver for Intel 845g graphics on an old Dell Dimension 2400, but it works great! Go Win7!
03:45:06 shanselman
Well, the 3 year old has croup.
05:18:25 shanselman
Either the use of word 'postmodernism' is incredibly pretentious, or I'm a community college grad.
08:52:41 shanselman
Installing Adobe Premiere. What's the easiest video editor if I have multiple video and audio streams? I just want to switch between them.
09:00:25 shanselman
Just hired my first Windows Client Community PM. I'll let him announce himself in the morning. Still looking for the ASP.NET one.
10:29:56 shanselman
blogged: Batch Converting a Directory Tree of Videos Recursively with Handbrake for Streaming to an Xbox.. http://bit.ly/IAQon
10:32:39 shanselman
On my fifth 'Southern Vampire Mysteries' book on my Kindle. Great series! #trueblood
18:40:49 shanselman
Speaking in front of 20,000 people? How you DO IT if you're 8yrsold: (amazing video) http://bit.ly/A6Xcz
18:55:18 shanselman
Coolest electrical plug ever? 360 degree spin! http://www.360electrical.com/
19:08:37 shanselman
RT @badbanana Just recorded a segment with NPR. Turns out you don't need to play your own flute music at the breaks. Awkward.
19:14:09 shanselman
RT @lisarahmat: Why did the Muslim cross the road? Oh. So now a Muslim crossing the road is suspicious activity?
19:16:23 shanselman
RT @lisarahmat: Where is your god now, roast beef sandwich?
20:47:18 shanselman
English and UK people! You have no electrical outlets in the bathroom? Is this true?
21:05:25 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: --> @shanselman 's newest team member :) I am VERY excited to be focusing on win client once again
21:06:32 shanselman
You all look the same to me! - RT @blowdart: English and UK? UK is an outer join for the English, Scots, Welsh and some Irish dear boy.
22:24:07 shanselman
RT @jdiller: Hilariously brilliant! (NSFW very strong language) http://is.gd/3qmxJ
23:24:28 shanselman
RT @scottcate: Remember the kids clock we talked about? Blue==Sleep, Yellow==OK To Leave Room ... http://bit.ly/sXTzc
23:50:01 shanselman
Cool! ImgBurn has been updated with Windows 7 light-up features...the progress bar shows up in the taskbar! http://www.imgburn.com/
00:21:34 shanselman
'...a whole life full of sheet cake and victory.' - Patton Oswalt
00:23:32 shanselman
R @solacelove Here's a video of what my day looks like with these two little insane people: http://bit.ly/EI4nd
00:29:00 shanselman
I'm torn. I'm getting fat, but getting fat tastes good.
01:25:35 shanselman
RT @mashable Twitteleh: Twitter for Your Jewish Mother [Parody Video] http://bit.ly/xTMp5
01:27:22 shanselman
RT @mashable SNEAK PEEK: Twitter’s Upcoming Retweet Feature [Pic] http://bit.ly/rKPhD
01:30:38 shanselman
Why is it that my ability to POUND through email accelerates as I approach 5pm?
02:46:21 shanselman
http://twitpic.com/i8htz - This #sqftardening thing actually works! Today's haul:
05:15:23 shanselman
Apple ][ games in your browser! Feels like #oldschool - RT @chrispirillo: http://www.virtualapple.org/
05:30:39 shanselman
Thoughts? - RT @HackerNews: Google Releases A Nuke. Apple Won’t Win This Fight. http://ez.ly/AVi
05:32:08 shanselman
Maybe 25? - RT @ginasmith888: how old is too old to play a high schooler in movie? http://bit.ly/VTAKy
06:50:42 shanselman
RT @kev_nz: Apple *IS* run like people THINK Microsoft is run.
07:08:15 shanselman
@codinghorror Yay!
07:09:30 shanselman
RT @crohit: Windows XP Theme for Windows 7 http://retwt.me/2EcM
08:24:20 shanselman
Is this really true? I feel fine. *sips diet coke* - RT @iamkhayyam: Aspartame in Diet Soda is Making You Sick | http://j.mp/k4VnU
09:48:13 shanselman
RT @Glinner: Internet dumbing-down hysteria compared against previous waves of anti-tech backlash http://url4.eu/THPE (via @BoingBoing)
09:58:14 shanselman
RT @laurabess: Can jay leno just retire already??
10:01:22 shanselman
It's a whole new kind of TV, people! It's revolutionary Prime Time! You see, Jay Leno 2.0 got rid of the desk! It's New Media, son!
10:09:22 shanselman
I'm not sure I want to live in a world where all my favorite shows are cancelled but 'Parks & Recreation' is renewed. #tvfail
10:30:38 shanselman
'The easiest way to get 15 minutes of fame, is to be rude to someone.'
17:38:24 shanselman
Is this Apple's Ring of Death? - RT @rschu: I can't power-up my #iPhone 3GS! I use OS 3.1 Even reset didn't help. #epicfail
19:24:03 shanselman
RT @badbanana: At this rate, we may need to tap into our Strategic Celebrity Reserves. Tell Loni Anderson to stand by.
19:25:45 shanselman
RT @edbott: Listening to Zune Pass subscription using Safari and Silverlight on a Mac. Very nice!
23:51:19 shanselman
Ok, I'm fat and it stops now.
01:15:28 shanselman
Whatever happened to R. Kelly? Listening to 'The World's Greatest.'
08:42:16 shanselman
Congrats! - RT @Scobleizer: Welcome Ryan! [pic] http://ff.im/8putx
10:21:42 shanselman
Eid Mubarak, Eid ul-Fitr! - RT @USEmbassyKabul: http://bit.ly/KoFUc #eid
19:38:08 shanselman
'Helicopter Parenting' - hovering over your child at every moment from DNA to graduation.
01:28:29 shanselman
RT @kevindente: 7 signs your UI was created by a programmer. http://bit.ly/vyEdZ
02:50:31 shanselman
Wow. Got an error while reviewing a local restaurant - 'We have detected the following inappropriate words in the details: runs.'
03:53:26 shanselman
Tracking calories really teaches you about tradeoffs. A lot trickier as a Type 1 diabetic, though.
05:12:51 shanselman
Sore and hungry. Is this what Healthy feels like?
05:51:12 shanselman
RT @gordonshumway: 'You're Fonda lung Klingon right now.' Yes, iPhone. That's exactly what I meant to say.
05:52:18 shanselman
RT @gordonshumway: I thought I had a lung parasite once, but it was just a fluke. - ANIMAL PLANET, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?
06:22:04 shanselman
RT @RobinDotNet: I haven't said this in a while: I STILL love my Kindle DX.
08:15:39 shanselman
Watching 'The Mutant Chronicles' with Netflix streaming in HD to mah Xbox, son! FTW!
18:51:54 shanselman
I used to think that awards were just tokens of popularity, but now I see they are the only true measure of a person's worth as a human.'
18:56:51 shanselman
Jokes from The Emmys: http://bit.ly/lGyfv
18:57:10 shanselman
RT @SaraJChipps: Just found out that the company I am with lost its funding so I will be looking for a new gig shortly.
19:00:54 shanselman
White People Like Moleskine Notebooks (satire) http://bit.ly/XPRmQ
19:28:21 shanselman
Why Joe Wilson did it (the back story from SNL [video]) http://bit.ly/DiXTe
20:26:54 shanselman
RT @adymitruk: #agilevancouver registration opens today http://bit.ly/43YKUS @martinfowler, @mfeathers and Eric Evans
21:06:32 shanselman
R @tooshel I did Musical Theater in High School, so I LIVED @GleeOnFox.
21:23:39 shanselman
Are you a beginning programmer? Try checking out: http://www.msdn.com/beginner
22:39:00 shanselman
Ok, FYI the audio for Hanselminutes show 180 really isn't acceptable. I'm going to coord with @brada and record a New Show.
22:39:48 shanselman
RT @wfehler: just got a phone call from the president of Memory Express explaining what he's doing to improve service. Colour me impressed.
22:41:44 shanselman
I hate it when I reflexively say 'You too!' to statements like 'have a nice flight' or 'enjoy your meal.' #suchadork
00:26:09 shanselman
RT @badbanana: It's the last full day of summer. Tomorrow, it's back to closed-toe shoes and closed-back pants.
00:31:27 shanselman
Classic Blog Post: Finding Geek Balance Outside My Comfort Zone http://bit.ly/bQ6rh
01:41:59 shanselman
RT @MisterMinor: Why is education the only industry that uses words like'tardy'? Has anyone ever been tardy to a finance meeting?
01:42:10 shanselman
RT @pelikhan: Editor Extensions for Code Contracts.NET http://bit.ly/S5Hr9
02:34:34 shanselman
blogged: Square Foot Gardening for Programmers: As I've said before, I'm not handy, but I'm trying. I wa.. http://bit.ly/2mR1BF
02:50:45 shanselman
Sweet lord it's a good night for TV. #dvrftw
04:17:30 shanselman
'...and the dinosaurs die and sit in the ground for thousands of years and then they turn into Vaseline.' - my 3yo @overheardathome
06:15:51 shanselman
RT @jglozano: speaking spanish with @shanselman via skype.
06:33:14 shanselman
Um, no thank you video call advertisement? Yikes. http://twitpic.com/io4uh
07:34:58 shanselman
Taking the online training for the Microsoft Standards of Business Conduct. Wow, the Anti-Harassment video makes me uncomfortable. Mean!
07:50:43 shanselman
RT @kaffia_june: #iTunes gives me acid reflux. I'm going to bed.
08:16:50 shanselman
MSDN Subscriptions is hiring both PM and Test! Jobs here: http://bit.ly/kNBE6
08:17:59 shanselman
TechNet has 7 job openings at Microsoft! Is one your new job? Tell them I sent you. ;) http://bit.ly/3Fjg8A
08:32:46 shanselman
Great 20 min intro for absolute beginners who wonder how the Web Works... http://bit.ly/108NOd
08:46:19 shanselman
8 year olds explain Object Oriented Programming? So what's holding YOU back? ;) (video) http://bit.ly/aiKQW
09:43:24 shanselman
RT @IDisposable: Instant Bueller http://instantbueller.com/ //Uh, yeah... (via @jzy @billious)
10:01:27 shanselman
If Star Wars was made by Environmentalists (video) http://bit.ly/8aw4O
10:30:25 shanselman
blogged: Programming for Absolute Beginners: You, Dear Reader, very likely don't need this information. .. http://bit.ly/12wwqD
10:48:35 shanselman
RT @EllieLove: How We Tweet: In a Car, From a Toilet http://bit.ly/iihXP
11:16:59 shanselman
Easy way to make turn .NET methods into Ajax callable methods: http://bit.ly/33BbXU
11:32:40 shanselman
Overheard: 'The Mobile Web has totally changed the way I poop.'
20:44:12 shanselman
What day is this?
20:46:57 shanselman
Eek! ;) RT @trumpetg: Before you accept an invite to the Windows 7 Launch Party consider who may be attending + underlying risk of Swine Flu
20:49:13 shanselman
Virtual Machine Downloads (120days) for IE6, IE7, IE8 on both XP and Vista! http://bit.ly/FLG9S
22:57:54 shanselman
I’ll be on the free online panel for next week’s #IYC2009: http://bit.ly/s3ylj Register today! Come with your questions.
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RT @adymitruk: #agilevancouver conference registration is open! http://trunc.it/23ekw
00:26:31 shanselman
Any small ASP.NET features/bugs you've wanted over the years we've missed?
03:03:28 shanselman
When you're driving and asked 'where are you?' do you lie a little and give a location ahead if where you are? Always?
04:49:29 shanselman
RT @darkhelmetlive: What do you do while programming, besides programming? http://twtpoll.com/b5mled #twtpoll
04:52:37 shanselman
@oising can you give specifics?
07:49:53 shanselman
If you didn't get Calculus the first time (interesting Christmas gift?) http://bit.ly/1X2WVu
07:52:21 shanselman
*Handheld* Mame/Amiga/Console Emulator from @ThinkGeek http://bit.ly/rmWrJ <- me want
08:32:13 shanselman
R @BrianPeek Details Me have. It's not great. re: '*Handheld* Mame/Amiga/Console Emulator from @ThinkGeek http://bit.ly/rmWrJ' ?
08:56:15 shanselman
Microsoft Developer *Labs* Projects: http://bit.ly/ThBH2
10:12:25 shanselman
RT @technogranma: Yahoo's new web portal goes live http://tinyurl.com/m7e2zx
10:14:09 shanselman
World's LONGEST Basketball Shot (video) http://bit.ly/yw8VF
10:34:01 shanselman
Fantastic JS PNG library to fix most IE6 PNG issues: http://bit.ly/2S7rQ #javascript #css #tech #ie6
11:57:36 shanselman
I RT this apolitically. It's funny regardless. - @charltonbrooker: Down With Grammar: http://bit.ly/3iUmG4
12:32:36 shanselman
blogged: MultiBrowser or CrossBrowser Testing and deconstructing Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview: .. http://bit.ly/12pcv6
19:50:18 shanselman
RT @JeffSand I'm hiring: multiple Microsoft full-time jobs - web devs who love ASP.NET CSS and Javascript for C9/Open Source Projects
20:12:49 shanselman
Feeling very managerial today.
20:38:21 shanselman
Developers: Which community personality type are you? http://twtpoll.com/puyaef (Please RT!)
20:47:23 shanselman
RT @QdobaOregon: Free burritos today - Beaverton location only! 2-3p. 4655 SW Griffith Drive, 97005. Tell them you saw this on Twitter!
21:12:25 shanselman
21:22:28 shanselman
RT @metschick: Holy crap, Brian Stokes' wife is also having a baby? These Mets only score @ home, it seems.
21:36:56 shanselman
OH: 'We're not an ad agency; we're smaller and we have a foosball table.'
21:46:59 shanselman
RT @cakewrecks: Holy cow, check out the cake!! http://twitpic.com/iqm90
21:54:19 shanselman
A screen reader would F-up WWASRS, so thanks for that. ;) RT @haacked: When doing HTML, ask yourself WWASRS. What Would A Screen Reader Say?
21:58:01 shanselman
RT @KeesDijk: Watching "ASP.NET MVC in Action screencast " http://tinyurl.com/klrxcf
22:01:24 shanselman
Wot wl hppn wen all the ppl tht do txt spk otp r 40, iykwim?
22:40:00 shanselman
Translation: 'What will happen when all the kids that use text speak on their phone are 40?'
22:40:38 shanselman
RT @portman_wills: @shanselman This is what happens: http://squeakertime.com
22:41:49 shanselman
RT @digitalBush: I've noticed high up people in companies using txt-speak in regular emails. Serious professionalism fail.
22:42:29 shanselman
Signing Time Rachel in Oregon! RT @ST_Rachel: I'm performing this Saturday in Seaside, OR. Here are the details: http://bit.ly/28bTdh
22:54:07 shanselman
RT @gruber: The Ultimate Productivity Blog: http://productiveblog.tumblr.com/
22:55:35 shanselman
RT @migunov: Windows 7: Your PC, your life http://ff.im/-8BFze (music video)
23:15:58 shanselman
I get a LOT of 'Hey, check out our product' emails, but never one THIS personalized. Nice touch! http://bit.ly/1wQ4HR from @aprigo
23:29:35 shanselman
RT @firewallender: My head just exploded inside! RT @jazzyphoto: R2D2 System! @engadget http://bit.ly/tMxnu
00:33:48 shanselman
If the site is already Open Source, is this really a flaw? http://bit.ly/2DGkjw
01:36:03 shanselman
When is CBS going to learn that I want FULL EPISODES online. Not clips, not cutesy :57 second long crap. Otherwise forget your network.
02:32:55 shanselman
RT @DevHawk blogged: IronPython 2.6 Release Candidate http://bit.ly/1L7VO8
02:40:51 shanselman
Are you a Developer in LA? Attend this FREE Windows 7 Dev Camp. It's FREE. That's no fee. http://bit.ly/1p4iP5
02:41:58 shanselman
What do you think about #ironpython? (answer with the hash tag)
05:53:42 shanselman
3yr old talking about 18mo old giving bedtime kiss: 'He's smooching WRONG! He's smooching with his mouth OPEN!' @overheardathome
05:54:55 shanselman
That's me! - RT @ewilliamsh: Does anybody knows who Scott Hanselman is ¿¿¿??? #sg09mty
06:55:29 shanselman
Watching @gleeonfox!
09:28:59 shanselman
RT @slace: haha I'm loving the #ScottGuAnnouncement thread!
09:32:14 shanselman
IE Frame brings the power of the IE rendering engine to Google Chrome. #ScottGuAnnouncement
10:09:08 shanselman
Too tired to blog about the @scottgu announcement so I'm off to read my 6th @SookieBonTemps book and pass out in a pool of my own spittle.
10:31:09 shanselman
Everyone, @scottgu's announce is in 30 min. Looks like @bgoldy is coordinating, so follow him if you want SPIN! ;)
10:34:12 shanselman
RT @bgoldy: #scottguannouncement is now trending on twitter -- awesome. 27 minutes till show time
10:44:40 shanselman
RT @minhajuddin: LOL Spam has started flowing into the #ScottGuAnnouncement tag
17:03:55 shanselman
RT @scottgu: Announcing the WebsiteSpark program: http://tinyurl.com/websitespark
17:53:13 shanselman
Starting an 'Ignite Your Career' Webcast Series in 7 minutes at http://bit.ly/2lGsq via LiveMeeting.
18:07:19 shanselman
LOL - RT @BAoki: there's ignite yer career and then 'set it on fire' (the untold story) :) #IYC2009
18:12:00 shanselman
RT @GuyKawasaki: How the computer graphics for Star Wars IV (1977) were made http://om.ly/IwNf
18:15:46 shanselman
Incredibly fascinating video on how a hundred year old dictionary is made. Show your kids: http://bit.ly/uyeyW via @Coudal
18:26:02 shanselman
R @annwitbrock They FOUND the old old plates and they are 'reprinting' it in the old style with old techniques, by hand.
18:32:45 shanselman
R @kevindente Turning a page is a skill. Driving a manual shift car. Reading an analog clock. My kids will do all before the easy stuff.
18:53:05 shanselman
This is useful...group MANY tweets and assign a permalink http://www.quoteurl.com/
19:34:56 shanselman
OK, I gotta do this and you gotta watch. Baby Dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies (video) http://bit.ly/kdpR2
19:56:27 shanselman
Service company building website for other people = WebSiteSparkSoftware company building a software product (your own IP) = BizSpark
20:20:49 shanselman
RT @RobinDotNet: At MSFT store Mt.View, I can see Ballmer.. - http://twitpic.com/iyqdk
20:28:51 shanselman
WOW http://bit.ly/vHBwZ amazing Silverlight Panorama
20:45:56 shanselman
RT @ToureX: Katie Couric Could Single-Handedly Underwrite One Year of NPR News says Mediaite. http://bit.ly/kVvIV
21:06:16 shanselman
RT @bleroy: The new Live Messenger web toolkit, built on Microsoft Ajax: http://bit.ly/QJNRt
21:14:35 shanselman
RT @argodev: note that this is running on #azure --> WOW http://bit.ly/vHBwZ amazing Silverlight Panorama
22:09:39 shanselman
I've got the Win7 Taskbar set to 'Combine when Taskbar is Full.' I can't fathom how you guys can stand the default.
23:39:18 shanselman
Nice new chunk of sample code for ASP.NET including bing, mobile, and search enabled apps: http://bit.ly/1r78ax
23:43:07 shanselman
Manager stuff...writing commitments for the team for GM review. 'Bring sexy back' commitment was rejected.
23:52:30 shanselman
RT @SteveSyfuhs: @shanselman should change it to 'bing sexy back'...that'll get approval
01:45:20 shanselman
RT @BrandonLive: FYI, Paint .NET 3.5 totally rocks. And makes great use of new Win7 APIs like DirectWrite! http://bit.ly/131ogi
03:44:18 shanselman
'Free Mullet Removal' http://twitpic.com/j0j4n
04:04:28 shanselman
Looking for a Zune HD in Portland. Sold out all over town.
06:01:12 shanselman
Insane! A desktop should be FILLED! - RT @bradwilson: The correct # of desktop items (for @scottgal) http://yfrog.com/125zvp
06:11:13 shanselman
RT @boblaskey: Help raise $10K in honor of my 8-yr old son to prevent/cure diabetes http://tinyurl.com/lrzrwa #jdrf
06:16:51 shanselman
I can't believe everyone (so far) prefers a clean desktop! What's wrong with you people?! What's the desktop for? Make those pixels work!
06:22:53 shanselman
An empty inbox means incoming is processed. A full desktop means current work! - RT @bleroy: @shanselman why do people like an empty inbox?
06:23:54 shanselman
What kind of heresy is this? What planet did I wake up on? Tufte, people! - RT @alanstevens: The desktop is not a destination.
06:26:46 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: OMG YOU GUYS! Flight of the Conchords in Rock Band!!! http://bit.ly/4juTgK
06:28:33 shanselman
Hm... RT @robertmclaws: Have you seen Fences? http://tinyurl.com/cnuvkw You desktop can be both!
06:29:50 shanselman
@codinghorror time for dueling blog posts!
06:33:00 shanselman
Tweeple! printscreen + twitpic = #showmeyourdesktop
07:13:06 shanselman
Wow: RT @dsokol: Busy, cause I get stuff done. #showmeyourdesktop http://bit.ly/1Qjz3l
07:22:29 shanselman
Uh, oh - RT @jglozano: I lied...my actual desktop is this one... :P http://twitpic.com/j17ei #showmeyourdesktop
07:42:26 shanselman
Very interesting stuff at #ShowMeYourDesktop
18:10:14 shanselman
Your turn, tweeple. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. More at #showmeyourdesktop http://twitpic.com/j2pkr
18:29:05 shanselman
I don't care what these people say, 'Ecks vs. Sever' is still a great movie. http://bit.ly/12BMsc
18:56:25 shanselman
Mining StackOverflow Data with LINQ and Parallel Multi-Core Extensions to .NET http://bit.ly/oimkF
18:58:57 shanselman
If you like @GleeOnFox, these character-tweeters are hilarious: @rachelberryglee @s_sylvesterglee @quinnfabrayglee @kurthummelglee
19:42:19 shanselman
MediaWiki or ScrewTurnWiki? Why?
19:45:07 shanselman
RT @duncan: AT&T carrier update downloaded via itunes. Ok, I guess that's cool like 2003 or something.
20:17:30 shanselman
RT @ToureX: Whoa. The man, the legend, the intellectual Michael Jordan, Princeton Professor @CornelWest is on Twitter.
21:00:36 shanselman
Seriously, WHY don't you have this Universal Remote Control. Just sold another, word of mouth. http://bit.ly/NWzu9
21:18:05 shanselman
Wow, thanks for recommending 'Fences' for organizing my desktop. I love it! http://bit.ly/CvFZJ
21:18:47 shanselman
R @ryexley If you've spent >1 hour messing with your remotes in your home theater and you value your time ~$100/hr, you'll get that remote.
22:24:54 shanselman
My wondrous NEW organized desktop using Fences. Woot. #showmeyourdesktop http://twitpic.com/j3sqv
22:27:58 shanselman
@karlseguin It's supposedly amazing in Sweden. It's awesome in Norway. Ask @billevjen about Finland
23:25:17 shanselman
R @heyDarren If you sit in front a computer for a living, *Nothing* will change your life more than >=3 monitors. NOTHING.
23:38:03 shanselman
R @t9t Wait a day, my desktop will fill up. Until then, I say 'Strong Opinions, Weakly Held' with a hat tip to @codinghorror
23:39:12 shanselman
Anyone else have this Mini USB Monitor? http://bit.ly/4kNLYa (via @camsoper)
23:54:55 shanselman
Screw the Hummer. I'm driving this! http://bit.ly/qnv97 #americaheckya
00:27:43 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 181 - Monomania - Mono, MonoTouch, MonoSpace, and MonoVS with Joseph Hil.. http://bit.ly/LXrNC
00:29:44 shanselman
Attention Oregonians and Portlanders. It seems @Jennicricket is passing through Oregon and thinks it's bland and lame here. Crush her!
01:32:53 shanselman
Fun #microsoftfact: There are no humans working at Microsoft at 5:01 on a Friday.
02:20:48 shanselman
OK, it's 5:01pm, can I punch out?
02:23:34 shanselman
R @jsenior Any NVidia card with two DVI ports. I have two GeForce 8600 GTS and can run four monitors happily. These are $50 cards.
02:33:25 shanselman
R @schwarzwald My home office looks like this http://bit.ly/FUydN
02:41:37 shanselman
Hm...Verizon FIOS is down or sick in Oregon...time to punch out. Bye.
03:45:39 shanselman
RT @wilw: http://twitpic.com/iukn1 - I can't believe I'm actually here. #bigbangtheory
05:03:37 shanselman
My 3 yr old: 'DADDY! I found a PENNY! I'm going to buy you a new COMPUTER!' @overheardahome
05:04:40 shanselman
RT @jschementi: Time to start building real #ironruby and #ironpython websites: what content would you like to see?
06:07:05 shanselman
Not everything needs to be a damn iPhone: http://www.rubikstouchcube.com/ #newsflash #fail
06:07:45 shanselman
RT @RayLinder: I've decided to use ASP.NET MVC 2.0 Preview 1 to rebuild and update http://www.navajonationmuseum.org
06:08:59 shanselman
#1 most unsung MSFT #tech - RT @ehexter: #MSDeploy went 1.0 yesterday and no one is talking about it... http://bit.ly/CyXTT
06:09:15 shanselman
RT @haacked: A new HTML Encoding code block syntax for ASP.NET 4 http://bit.ly/X4UlL
06:14:00 shanselman
More a list of writers and editors - RT @jasonhiner: 'Follow my list of 100 tech experts on Twitter with one click' http://bit.ly/dj139
06:15:55 shanselman
Best remote ever - RT @jenali: Picked up my Harmony One remote. I can't wait to set it up! http://yfrog.com/3o83646967j
07:20:15 shanselman
Anyone have good .NET examples of code talking to Social Networks? (yes, I know about Bing and Google, I'm asking for YOUR apps & OSS code)
07:32:56 shanselman
RT @smashedthehomie: if your ex is currently pissing you off/annoying you watch this. http://bit.ly/9z4kQ (thank you @shanselman)
18:55:20 shanselman
My hair stylist confirmed I'm losing my hair. Which means I'm aging. Which means I'm not immortal. So I'm dying. This looks bleak.
18:57:55 shanselman
Good stats! - RT @bradwilson: More than half the people who have ever lived are alive today. < 50% chance of death!
23:04:41 shanselman
RT @BrianDeacon: That total number of people who have ever lived thing is a myth: http://bit.ly/qV8FG
00:07:43 shanselman
RT @james_a_hart: Slightly disturbed by how much the boy's new lego knight resembles @shanselman: http://pic.gd/155e98
01:04:47 shanselman
Please pray for my wonderful friends and their new preemie.
01:35:07 shanselman
Funny, just got recognized at the airport. Pilot for Horizon used to program at Intel and listens to the podcast. #fameimaliveforever
03:10:09 shanselman
Heading to #Sg09mty soon...still tweaking my presentation...
03:34:43 shanselman
Great reads on World Population via @Phil_Wheeler: http://bit.ly/6PMhA http://bit.ly/qqNJo http://bit.ly/38us66
05:19:07 shanselman
My 3yr old singing 'Bad Horse' from @drhorrible (he does this all day!) http://bit.ly/4uRoNE
05:26:48 shanselman
I'm going to be 36...which Gen am I? GenX? GenW? I'm not a tween...
05:53:17 shanselman
Me to 3yo, re: his little friend: 'Will Katie be your wife when you grow up?' 3yo: 'She's not a WIFE! She's a PERSON!' @overheardathome
05:57:15 shanselman
RT @EdwardNorton: Thanks to all making donations of all sizes. Let's see if we can get 100,000 of us to give $20.
06:00:30 shanselman
RT @tweetie: How often is everyone hitting the 'secure connection' error recently? Twitter is working really hard on it - better?
07:31:37 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: Almost infinitely better than any Windows Vista ad I can recall: http://bit.ly/2NxKtO
12:22:36 shanselman
Yikes! - RT @Meligy: IE Tab (IE Frame) for Google Chrome http://bit.ly/2PByU5
12:42:50 shanselman
Wow, I can't believe that lady is tweeting while driv
14:07:31 shanselman
Breakfast of champions or pathetic 5am attempt to fill my empty piehole? http://twitpic.com/jcli8
14:09:38 shanselman
I need to start a website, like dreggsoftheairport.com or something...these people are pathetic...wait, I'm at the airport.
14:17:25 shanselman
R @scottgu my list of .NET interview q's: http://bit.ly/15C41q
14:24:52 shanselman
@scottgu I'm at the gate going to Mexico. You avoiding me? ;)
18:50:45 shanselman
@oising sounds like base URL is wrong in site.config?
18:58:35 shanselman
Anyone have any good 'zingers' about why the .NET community (online or otherwise) is great?
19:03:57 shanselman
@oising search for bar? Where does it exist?
19:18:45 shanselman
@oising that's not dasblog, then, that's asp.net...check web.config
19:29:42 shanselman
Watching a lady at the airport literally drag her son by one arm. I've found dropping them and leaving them there is a better motivator.
02:17:33 shanselman
Working on my #sg09 presentation with the very patient @jaimesanchez after a fine meal of carnitas and chile de arbol
03:16:00 shanselman
Anyone have any experience with Disqus? I can't get it working on http://www.hanselminutes.com
03:26:04 shanselman
Wow, that's the guy who does the voices on the #clevelandshow? http://bit.ly/ks3IY
03:37:53 shanselman
R @Chris_Kasten I just switched that site to IntenseDebate and it worked instantly in all browsers. Disqus has a JS error in IE7 and IE8.
03:41:38 shanselman
Yay, http://www.hanselminutes.com now has Threaded Comments!
04:44:17 shanselman
@oising sure, email me.
16:00:25 shanselman
Having been in Mexico now for a day, it's clear I have the advanced Spanish Language skills of a 16, possibly 17 month old baby. #sg09
05:18:03 shanselman
Muchas gracias! RT @LauraDark: Genial representante de MS, genial la charla por parte de Scott Hanselman!!! =D
08:19:51 shanselman
I was asked today what I'd like for lunch in Monterrey. I said 'Mexican Food.'
08:20:12 shanselman
RT @sween In today's performance, the role of Monday will be played by Keanu Reeves.
08:31:08 shanselman
Folks, take a minute and go get the New Paint.NET 3.5 Beta (that's *3.5*) - it's a great new visual refresh of the UI http://bit.ly/U19nR
16:24:10 shanselman
Hey, just noticed @raganwald is on Twitter.
22:46:43 shanselman
Just recorded a great show! Coming soon! - RT @mollydotcom: Going to meet @shanselman to record a podcast.
07:13:33 shanselman
Renting 'Johnny Mnemonic' on iTunes for 0.99! Classic movie. He gives up his childhood for...wait for it...50gigs.
20:42:40 shanselman
'...you were not among the first 27897 to confirm their host status...' - odd number but I'm still having a Windows 7 party.
21:05:08 shanselman
Tip your waiters, people!
21:36:45 shanselman
On the plane...do I watch 'The Proposal' or 'Terminator: Salvation?'
21:46:10 shanselman
Tweeple: I Iove you fools. Thanks for the movie tips!
02:31:52 shanselman
RT @region4tvIvan: en la foto -> http://twitpic.com/jryia @mollydotcom @shanselman en el #sg09 Molly E. Holzschlag/ Scott Hanselman
02:32:24 shanselman
New release of the Ajax control toolkit! http://bit.ly/3gglWK
03:35:27 shanselman
'I know everything!' - my 3 year old @overheardathome
04:48:42 shanselman
RT @anildash: Apparently, Slashdot is *still* using the 'Bill Gates as a Borg' icon for stories about Microsoft. It was lame in 1998, fellas
05:47:00 shanselman
RT @subdigital: 'VSS (1992) revolutionized version control but was built for a different time' http://bit.ly/3kht9X
06:38:05 shanselman
. @spolsky Of crse it was not written by Microsoft, but rather by OneTree Software. Still,it introduced MS devs to SCC, lousy though it was.
07:14:53 shanselman
Watching 'Modern Family' - what a GREAT show!
08:39:05 shanselman
Watching Kristin Chenoweth in @GleeOnFox - such fun
09:11:48 shanselman
Just got a Google Wave invite...
19:39:20 shanselman
RT @MSWindows We hit 48,777 followers, so we'll be giving out a copy of #Win7 later today. Now get us to 50,777 so we can give out 2! ^NS
19:44:39 shanselman
A *pile* of Windows 7 themes, themepacks and wallpapers from all over the world: http://bit.ly/JUwik
19:53:18 shanselman
RT @Kandura: Custom language 'brushes' for code on your blog w/ SyntaxHighlighter JS http://bit.ly/sh-brushes
20:46:41 shanselman
Bank of America demands thumbprint from man with no arms http://bit.ly/s4Iqs
21:18:43 shanselman
So far Google Wave seems 'meh.' I don't get it. @#hype
21:25:27 shanselman
I have found myself using http://www.Etherpad.com a lot...looks like Google Wave and was around a while ago.
21:39:13 shanselman
Really interesting video of BumpTop Desktop with more MultiTouch gestures than I can memorize: http://bit.ly/37y2sR
21:40:04 shanselman
R @migueldeicaza my Wave email is my first name @ my last name + .com
21:54:56 shanselman
Ah, @migueldeicaza my bad it's hanselman.scott@googlewave.com
21:59:12 shanselman
Looks like Windows XP Mode for Win7 has RTM and will be available soon http://bit.ly/1DutKb
22:26:47 shanselman
Google Wave is like UNIX 'talk' with threads, permalinks and rich media. VERY Alpha. http://bit.ly/wkwqT
22:40:43 shanselman
So, @JonSkeet, @migueldeicaza are I in a Google Wave: http://twitpic.com/jvdui
23:01:44 shanselman
So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica? http://bit.ly/1fP6R7 (via @Spatacoli)
23:12:57 shanselman
Hey, I DID get a Windows 7 party pack after all! Pics: http://twitpic.com/jvihw
00:09:16 shanselman
RT @jglozano: RT @migueldeicaza: MSBuild comes to Mono: http://bit.ly/7nZRI
00:16:09 shanselman
Bummer! - Google Tells Employee to Decline Microsoft Award http://bit.ly/18uHP5
03:50:06 shanselman
Just saw 'Surrogates' with Bruce Willis. The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
05:41:11 shanselman
Free MSFT security software, ready for you to install on your mom's machine. ;) http://bit.ly/ExWlG
06:02:52 shanselman
Letterman: I'm a victim of extortion attempt http://bit.ly/Lm7Xo (via @cnn)
19:25:46 shanselman
Old news, but still funny...notice the similarities between the Google Chrome icon and Pokemon (and others) http://bit.ly/ihKMT
19:51:08 shanselman
Wow, I'm a mess. I just had to lookup how to do something in Excel. http://bit.ly/2jy6JN
19:52:39 shanselman
This is VERY cool. Tweet *multiple links* with one URL! http://bundl.it/ via @sarajchipps
20:41:56 shanselman
My Zune HD is here! Pic: http://twitpic.com/jzbzp
20:47:40 shanselman
I got free engraving on my Zune at https://zunestore.net
22:24:24 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 182 - The History and Future of Web Standards with Molly Holzschlag from.. http://bit.ly/nedK3
02:33:44 shanselman
RT @mollydotcom: Holy @shanselman batman! Excellent discussion together about HTML5, DOCTYPES, history and future of Web http://is.gd/3SLne
05:03:43 shanselman
'I don't want to wash my hair 'til I'm seven.' - my 3 year old @overheardathome
05:40:19 shanselman
RT @sfoshee1: Wow! Only moving image of Anne Frank! RT @mashable Video of Anne Frank Surfaces on YouTube http://bit.ly/irZ0z
06:55:45 shanselman
Claire's new hair on 'Heroes' *totally* works for her face. The wig last season almost made the show unwatchable.
07:13:30 shanselman
NSFW language but @fireland is just Pure Win. Here's his best tweets ever: http://bit.ly/BzyI0
08:16:07 shanselman
NHibernate DSL build with Microsoft 'Olso' tools. Interesante: http://bit.ly/Xy15a
08:56:18 shanselman
Holy crap this week's ep of Dexter was a cliffhanger.
10:16:40 shanselman
R @RickStrahl zunepass gives you 10 mp3 downloads a month *in addition* to the unlimited leased music.
18:30:03 shanselman
RT @timoreilly: Love this video about being a scientist: 'What's the job part?' http://bit.ly/6JlJx Every young person should watch this.
20:04:13 shanselman
RT @hotdogsladies: 'Colored' index cards? Really? At Office Depot, it's like the 60s never even happened.
20:04:54 shanselman
RT @hotdogsladies: Google Wave seems like an ideal tool for collaborating on any project you'll talk about a lot but never actually do.
22:45:35 shanselman
The older I get the more I appreciate a good nap.
22:47:37 shanselman
RT @brampitoyo: See a video about Gabriola, the new OpenType-savvy font that’s bundled in Windows 7 – http://tr.im/gabriola
23:07:41 shanselman
Cool! Just noticed that the numbered 1-5 hotkeys on my MS keyboard map to Alt-# for Win7 apps!
05:38:58 shanselman
Just noticed my blog shows up in mobilr mode from a Zune HD
17:09:24 shanselman
RT @fabiomaulo: Happy NHibernating on the CLOUD!! (#NHibernate with #SQLAzure) http://bit.ly/2g5uce
17:10:26 shanselman
RT @aishatyler: Vacation tweets day 2! Aisha stays in a castle, nearly gets kicked out: http://twitpic.com/k8puk
20:45:03 shanselman
Cool! Development on the classic .NET Reflector app starting up with some real innovations: http://bit.ly/1HILio
21:05:04 shanselman
Hope in Indonesia via @IDEPbali. Their site is http://bit.ly/zmGOa and facebook is http://bit.ly/3QEgnX. Donate and RT!
22:54:51 shanselman
So, what's this? Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel are the same person?
23:38:13 shanselman
AMAZING - a *reverse* image search engine. Finds other instances of a image: http://tineye.com/
00:13:15 shanselman
It's Drew Carey! - RT @DrewFromTV -> @Drew I'll up my donation to LIVESTRONG to $100k if I get 100k followers by Nov 9th.
00:23:38 shanselman
I wrote this #diabetes article *8 years ago* and nothing's changed in diabetes tech: http://bit.ly/18AJf7
00:32:52 shanselman
RT @haroldhart: RT @ScottAllen ...Burglars targeting ppl via Twitter, Facebook who tell about big purchases, etc. http://is.gd/3PI83
02:20:46 shanselman
Blast from the past. I'm in #asp.net on the FreeNode IRC Channel right now http://bit.ly/14YgMQ
04:03:36 shanselman
If Communion consisted of Tater Tots and Ranch Dressing I might go every day...
05:48:57 shanselman
The Twitter Trending topics are the saddest part of my day. Who are these people? #theinternetsaregoingtohell
19:32:39 shanselman
Great site that collects the best Ghanaian (Ghana) music and vectors you off: http://sribuo.com/
20:01:46 shanselman
R @colin_gemmell Here you go, my list of .NET and programming podcasts: http://bit.ly/T7Cnt
20:04:07 shanselman
Interesting (if odd) idea...buy a hardback version of every book you buy on the Kindle: http://bit.ly/4tBKd8
20:41:27 shanselman
The technology behind Google Wave is powerful, but the implementation combines the worst of IRC, Usenet and ICQ.
20:46:36 shanselman
R @Jaykul Wave conversations aren't all invite only. Just type 'with:public' to see the seething underbelly of the internet.
21:22:02 shanselman
I'm arguing with some hardline IRC people in the ##asp.net room about Twitter vs. IRC: http://bit.ly/14YgMQ
21:26:31 shanselman
'irc is a multiplayer notepad'
21:35:00 shanselman
R @dontgoawaymad High School reunions are just high school, except swollen.
21:37:15 shanselman
R @grifmon True, but the problem with 'realtime communication' on the web is that it assumes I'm INTERESTED in realtime comm.
00:02:21 shanselman
Hm, without Windows crashing and blue screening all the time, my life doesn't have enough techno-drama! #win7FTW
00:29:32 shanselman
Just got my tiny iMo Monitor from Mimo. Perfect for Twitter! Pic: http://twitpic.com/keyyn
02:31:29 shanselman
blogged: Review: Mimo Monitors - iMo Pivot: NOTE: This review was written using the DisplayLink 5.2.209.. http://bit.ly/3Xugr0
05:12:01 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: ok, tweeps, what makes something a netbook rather than a small notebook? Size? Processor? Something else?
05:13:40 shanselman
I just woke up, it's apparently 1999 because Mo'Nique has a talk show. #hotmess
05:40:28 shanselman
RT @laughingsquid: 'Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.' - Jess Nevins (via @dav & @danger_ranger)
05:49:25 shanselman
RT @drew: RT @mager The coolest thing I've ever see a computer do. PhotoSketch: http://bit.ly/IzAwQ
08:32:32 shanselman
uh oh! - RT @CoderDennis: Ever notice @shanselman and @scottgu have the same eyes? http://twitpic.com/kgiq6
08:44:36 shanselman
Saw 'Away We Go' with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph - a sweet character study, they have great chemistry. Not sure of the point, but fun.
08:52:38 shanselman
Wow - watch this! RT @jongalloway: Chris Harrison is consistently awesome. Scratch input is a recent example. http://bit.ly/Ra0l6
08:53:18 shanselman
RT @bradwilson: I've been using Google Wave for 10 minutes and I'm already ready to throttle someone. Waaaaaay too early, folks. Move along.
09:04:57 shanselman
Now THIS is interesting...
21:12:31 shanselman
So, @Wrox won't be putting our faces on the ASP.NET 4 book. Please offer (honest) suggestions on pics for the cover? http://bit.ly/nRzpq
22:24:03 shanselman
So sweet. - RT @amandadiva: I'm just a Ruby lookin for her Ossie.
22:27:52 shanselman
blogged: How to Collaborate with Remote Employees with Office Communicator 2007 R2: Our business admini.. http://bit.ly/b92SQ
22:39:04 shanselman
RT @ShaunaCausey: Top 10 Signs You're A Twitter Addict: http://bit.ly/2W42gJ
23:33:16 shanselman
People seem to say Q1 or Q2 rather than an actual month just so they can later wimp out on a deadline.
01:49:18 shanselman
Join us on Tues for a Nerd Dinner *on the MSFT Campus.* Free Pop & Pizza: RSVP & RT please! http://www.nerddinner.com/1142
02:12:41 shanselman
RT @MossyBlog: Interesting - http://www.whatbrowser.org/
02:18:51 shanselman
05:39:27 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: lol don't look too closely at my receipts ;) http://expenseasteak.com (via @Tableteer )
05:49:02 shanselman
'The human mind is like Van Halen. If you just pull out a piece and keep replacing it, it just degenerates.' #dollhouse
06:28:11 shanselman
RT @kgdavis: Win7 party pack unboxing: http://bit.ly/win7partyunbox
06:28:48 shanselman
LOL - RT @rtmfd: Awesome review of Win7: http://bit.ly/o8s1D
08:15:17 shanselman
@codinghorror yikes, 6 months? Not sure which technique you used but that's hard. We did a modified Ferber and it took 2 weeks. Congrats tho
08:16:33 shanselman
@codinghorror ah, just saw this...what was 4 days and what was 6 months?
08:23:45 shanselman
Watching 'Trauma' on NBC. Liked it better when it was called 'Third Watch.' Doctors, Lawyers, Cops...is there no other drama?
11:03:13 shanselman
RT @TechCrunch: Kindle 2 Goes to $259, International GSM Version Coming October 19 http://bit.ly/TI76V
17:55:38 shanselman
RT @turoczy: Congrats to Portland's @secondporch for making it into @techcrunch today ;) http://bit.ly/Zs3Zd
18:47:07 shanselman
Congrats! - RT @haacked http://twitpic.com/kld4o - Mia Yokoyama Haack born today at 3:17 AM! My world domination crew is complete!
19:21:20 shanselman
Join us on Tues for a Nerd Dinner *on the MSFT Campus.* Free Pop & Pizza: RSVP & RT please! http://www.nerddinner.com/1142
19:43:21 shanselman
RT @jschmiede: 'Facebook Developer Toolkit 3.0 - ASP.NET MVC Sample' by Kevin Marshall http://j.mp/qF4He
20:36:44 shanselman
More people should read this great Free 'Foundations of Programming' ebook http://bit.ly/fVXEb from @karlseguin
20:52:09 shanselman
This is how you promote a product. You put 'Windows 7 Support','3D animations' and a 'Try Out' button. Want. http://dexpot.de
20:57:24 shanselman
@karlseguin No pressure. ;)
21:03:34 shanselman
RT @codinghorror: Introducing Stack Overflow Careers http://bit.ly/24Nkcd
00:30:40 shanselman
On the Skype with @codinghorror for my next blog post. He's apparently talking to me while he's 'Hanselman'ed' (RDP) into production now.
00:49:28 shanselman
Oh my goodness. The OSI has lost its corporate status? http://bit.ly/Q4vmB #opensource #problem
02:28:51 shanselman
blogged: Review and Comparison: Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD and VX-7000 with High Quality Video in Skyp.. http://bit.ly/qYAS8
02:32:58 shanselman
If you're attempting to order in Italian, at the Olive Garden, you're an idiot. #thatsjustphysics
04:14:27 shanselman
Lol...when parents text. - RT @jenali: RT @Billy3G: http://twitpic.com/ko3t4 - Crime. Against. Nature.
05:43:22 shanselman
Got some MSDN news coming in a few moments...
05:58:31 shanselman
There's a new MSDN in the works...Live Preview Here. Please RT liberally ;) http://bit.ly/3IpAnm
06:31:20 shanselman
blogged: A new MSDN for a new Operating System and a new Development Environment: The team I work at Mi.. http://bit.ly/xLWG1
09:25:24 shanselman
@RickStrahl kill dwm.exe from taskman and it'll come back.
09:30:38 shanselman
Highlight of 6th gr. was math teacher showing factorials. 'What's '5!' mean, class?' I screamed 'FIVE!!!' Things went downhill.
09:32:35 shanselman
RT @DrewFromTV: $1 Million to Livestrong for 1 Million followers by end of '09. Read about it at CBS, who pay my salary. http://bit.ly/7F04J
09:45:36 shanselman
@codinghorror I'm mobile so i can't see, but I forwarded to the dev for that. I think/hope you're a doofus.
09:53:46 shanselman
RT @tobiasgmayer: 'Ken and the Scrum Alliance — a very personal perspective' http://bit.ly/LAfHU
09:57:16 shanselman
'Calculus saves lives...it keeps dumbasses out of medical school.' (via @vstuart)
10:33:03 shanselman
RT @zkosior: On Ken and Scrum, 'You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.'
17:38:52 shanselman
RT @judell: My 1st day in Hebrew school: 'Who was Abraham?' Me: 'He freed the slaves!' Teacher: 'No, that was Moses.' Me: 'Moses Lincoln?'
17:39:43 shanselman
RT @judell: Amazed by the power of these words on a customer service call: 'I, too, am recording this call for quality assurance purposes.'
17:42:33 shanselman
There's a new MSDN in the works...Live Preview Here. Please RT liberally ;) http://bit.ly/3IpAnm
18:17:30 shanselman
My Windows 7 Launch Party is tonight...thinking of activities...
18:58:26 shanselman
RT @rbonini: New Sysinternals utility - Disk2vhd v1.0 – Creating a VHD from a physical hard drive http://ff.im/9rn2C
19:28:22 shanselman
Rock on, I just noticed that Windows 7 and Canon just updated my printer UI to this: http://twitpic.com/kq9y1
20:51:42 shanselman
It's clearly time to spin the WHEEL...OF...LUNCH! http://wheelof.com/lunch/
20:55:43 shanselman
Unbelievable. A regular mechanical piano...that SPEAKS. Video via KrazyDad: http://bit.ly/1nQXIA
21:09:36 shanselman
Awesome: http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/
21:22:48 shanselman
Embed Tweets in PowerPoint http://bit.ly/YTN3g
21:56:39 shanselman
Getting ready to use 'Fizzbin' to bypass technical support for Dell...wish me luck! http://bit.ly/REXuY
00:16:16 shanselman
Going to present 'Demystifying the Internet' to an audience of my elders. Any ideas?
04:21:05 shanselman
RT @rogerpence: post-it note on mother's computer: To google, www.google.com.
07:47:21 shanselman
Everyone's finally left my Windows 7 Launch Party. It wasn't as nearly as geeky as you'd think. #ohyesitwas
07:48:04 shanselman
LOL - post-it note on mother's computer: 'To google, http://www.bing.com.'
08:03:05 shanselman
http://www.urlshorteningservicefortwitter.com/ via @sarajchipps
08:26:46 shanselman
Chipotle + Billy Mays = Chipotlaway: hilarious video: http://bit.ly/yQfxp
09:21:56 shanselman
RT @robconery: The 200 page manual on Inversion of Control: http://bit.ly/emtAK
17:20:29 shanselman
LOL - RT @baratunde Breaking News: U.S. President Barack Obama has won the 2010 Super Bowl!
18:30:16 shanselman
Hey, a credit card reader on a Coke Machine! #innovation? #tenyearslate? http://twitpic.com/kucjp
19:05:10 shanselman
Obama should give the Nobel Prize back. It's the only reasonable thing to do, and it's the right thing to do.
19:10:48 shanselman
LOL - RT @kennymacdonald: why? Taylor Swift didn't give her VMA back ;)
19:30:58 shanselman
RT @BarackObama: Humbled.
19:52:42 shanselman
Color ebook reader? It's ON now, Amazon, sez Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/8vCoG
20:47:40 shanselman
Wow, Panera is limiting Internet Access to a 30 minutes during lunch, literally driving me out of their location. Hm. Now what?
20:59:27 shanselman
R @egyamado http://www.hanselman.com/suckless
21:11:40 shanselman
What's the best and cheapest mobile Internet provider 3g/4g?
22:50:50 shanselman
Ended up buying a month to month @clearwire account. Sitting on the patio @ Chipotle attending a LiveMeeting via Roundable over WiMAX. Whew!
23:00:33 shanselman
Microsoft amateur photographers create a book for charity: http://bit.ly/4E10KR
01:57:32 shanselman
Setting up meetings with the ASP.NET team and every meeting that's at 9am is getting declined! These people roll in at the crack of noon.
02:10:31 shanselman
WTF Twitter? Apparently ONCE is too many. #fail 'Yikes! We need you to wait for a bit before trying to login again.'
02:14:00 shanselman
RT @hotdogsladies If your social media consultant has never had a popular web prprty that wasn't about social media, you might be a redneck.
02:31:49 shanselman
Apparently 90% of iPhone apps are for showing to people. 'Wow! That's cool!' Do you use it daily? No, but I show it a lot.
02:33:07 shanselman
blogged: Review: Trying Clear from Clearwire - Mobile Broadband Service: As a remote worker, I really n.. http://bit.ly/3mP75Z
02:47:07 shanselman
Nice - A StackOverflow iPhone App RT @conceptdev: An iPhone app whose sole purpose is to show other people is a winner? http://is.gd/49OcO
05:28:32 shanselman
RT @ScottATaylor: Facebook ‘poke’ leads to woman’s arrest http://bit.ly/v2X8r
05:30:57 shanselman
Onedayallquestionswillbedomains.com - RT @willwillis: http://www.howmanypeopleareinspacerightnow.com
05:39:38 shanselman
The Internet is officially over. - RT @MikeAtPCHelps: http://www.sometimesredsometimesblue.com/
06:34:39 shanselman
'Our friend is getting married, do you know what's next?' My 3 yr. old: 'He's gonna get a girlfriend.' @overheardathome
07:16:45 shanselman
Giving the KeyPass Password Manager a try... http://keepass.info/
07:45:29 shanselman
Man, all these white folk be trippin' wit' they 'blackcent' and they one black friend...oh, shoot. There I go. http://bit.ly/25vggh
07:52:08 shanselman
RT @jc00ke: Hulu Labs has a Ubuntu/Fedora Linux desktop client http://j.mp/2W3NXu
08:09:23 shanselman
Sweet sassy mollassy, it's Stan Lee! @smilinstanlee
08:38:03 shanselman
LIttle Max is 5 years old and has #Diabetes. Video of Max: http://bit.ly/4fbT2B to donate: http://bit.ly/jYwun - Do RT.
08:58:42 shanselman
TimeSaver? Multi-App Batch Installer tool...I don't know them, but code 'computerzen' for private beta. http://getvolery.com/
09:49:55 shanselman
Watching Flash Forward. GREAT SHOW, but Gabrielle Union and John Cho? #when10sdate7s
09:56:15 shanselman
Is it more disturbing that @codinghorror has 23k followers or that his infant son (currently in the 'plant' phase of life) has 600. ;)
10:54:13 shanselman
Going to record a Hanselminutes Show in a few minutes...maybe with a studio audience?
11:03:49 shanselman
Broadcasting live now! See me at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hanselminuteslive
12:09:44 shanselman
Thanks for a great Live show everyone! Audio will be up at http://www.hanselminutes.com soon!
21:58:21 shanselman
Best Wedding announcement ever? Great design (via @badbanana) http://bit.ly/UCgAw
22:47:20 shanselman
Getting ready to go to the @greghughes wedding!
07:47:29 shanselman
This morning's UStream recorded 'Hanselminutes LIVE' audio podcast is now online: http://bit.ly/yFXZj
08:51:25 shanselman
Was talking to @huseyint a while back and he had an idea for a refactoring 'code tennis.' Two programmers enter, only 1 leaves, thoughts?
10:47:23 shanselman
Wow, being a good Dad requires a lot of concentration.
18:27:18 shanselman
RT @jbristowe: 'Are you enjoying the USB port? You're welcome.' http://bit.ly/Wn74w
18:43:39 shanselman
Do all 2 yr. olds go through a phase where they insist on wearing socks for gloves, or just my kids?
19:02:33 shanselman
Me: 'Where's the moon?' 3 ye. old: 'It's with another Earth right now.' @overheardathome
19:46:43 shanselman
Portland people...what's the best Internet choice for a home in *rural Newberg*? a 3g mifi? Sprint? There's no Fios or comcast. Dsl?
22:20:16 shanselman
My 3 yr. old: 'If you say the S-word when you are alone, the police will come and take you to jail.' @overheardathome
02:43:41 shanselman
3.5 year old wants his training wheels off...too soon?
03:52:24 shanselman
I don't know why anyone would want to eat White Bread.
05:59:27 shanselman
#type1 #diabetes #endo Q: I'm consistently have high highs 1-2 hours after eating. Novolog is too slow. Ideas?
06:01:12 shanselman
Adv. #type1 #diabetes #endo Q: Considering a 'parallel insulin pump' with Symlin..thoughts? No basal? Small basal? No one is doing this yet.
06:03:44 shanselman
RT @tacanderson: Google Sidewiki is making me a control freak http://ff.im/-9E6q7
06:54:01 shanselman
WOW WOW WOW. Best way to teach a kid to ride a bike (for geeks, via @decarufe) http://bit.ly/2deDIy it's a @Gyrobike!
08:30:44 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 183: LIVE! Gadgets, Hi-Def, WebCams, 4G and More: My one-hundred-and-eig.. http://bit.ly/BIT9p
09:06:45 shanselman
Wow, surprising review of this week's podcast episode: 'This one sucked. Please remove the suck for next time.' http://bit.ly/opIwV
10:13:30 shanselman
Seattle: Tues Nerd Dinner *on the MSFT Campus.* Free Pop & Pizza: RSVP & RT please! http://www.nerddinner.com/1142
05:45:46 shanselman
'Design your User Interfaces, don't Decorate them.' - Billy Hollis
06:48:13 shanselman
Wow, two questions. One, how could this hotel's network SUCK MORE. Second, how do I have a @clearwire signal in REDMOND?!?
07:07:21 shanselman
Can't....move....must....by....Dyson...Air Thingie http://www.dyson.com It's the Segway of House Fans!
07:26:09 shanselman
I think that @codinghorror's son @rockhardawesome would appreciate this Tauntaun Sleeping Bag: http://bit.ly/13zYum
07:37:47 shanselman
Pure win. 'Most inappropriate Google Suggests of All Time' http://bit.ly/4bxZev
10:08:18 shanselman
Are you going to #pdc09? @pdc09 has ongoing puzzles and there's lots of videos on C9: http://bit.ly/5UPOf
10:08:40 shanselman
Support PDC09 Nov 17 - 19, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! - http://bit.ly/1a7Xn8
23:21:05 shanselman
Looks like IIS Smooth Streaming has released: http://www.iis.net/smoothstreaming
00:09:20 shanselman
Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue TweetUp/NerdDinner - *Free* on MSFT Campus, public welcome! http://www.nerddinner.com/1142 - DO RT
01:36:47 shanselman
Just started following @thisispointless
02:50:28 shanselman
Trying to figure out what the h*ck we're doing at this Nerd Dinner.
08:09:23 shanselman
Just saw Zombieland. Totally recommended. Great show, stay past the credits for more fun.
10:35:03 shanselman
Heard on 'Law and Order' just now: 'I don't know my ass from Windows 95.'
18:36:52 shanselman
Just can't imagine a $1100 camera when the Vado HD is ~$100. Tweeple? - RT @Pete_Brown: the HD camera I use. Ihttp://bit.ly/83r4O
22:41:20 shanselman
Chaos! Cool stuff coming, but the work to get it done is bananas.
01:51:55 shanselman
My favorite keyboard is now available in a 'Silent version' - and it still has no labels. :) http://www.daskeyboard.com/
06:36:11 shanselman
RT @hotdogsladies You say, 'I'm great at multitasking.' I hear, 'Delusion's made my carelessness scalable.'
08:07:07 shanselman
Happy Diwali!
08:18:50 shanselman
Apparently if you buy me you can get 8% cashback from Bing? Screenshot: http://twitpic.com/ll503
11:29:18 shanselman
blogged: Obscure Windows Home Server Tip: Restoring when you didn't have Network Drivers installed befo..
19:48:24 shanselman
One should always invest in a good chair, monitor, bed and keyboard. Don't buy cheap if you're using something thousands of hours a year.
19:52:21 shanselman
RT @JeanGreasy: Also, always avoid annoying alliteration.
20:31:21 shanselman
R @rit @migueldeicaza But name one object in your life you touch more than your keyboard. Spend good money on these things.
20:56:42 shanselman
Breaking News: OMG, a 6 year old climbed into a balloon and has floated away! http://bit.ly/4BIjfG
21:28:41 shanselman
Hey, that's cool. There's an actual OFFICIAL Support Twitter for Windows 7 - @microsofthelps
21:29:55 shanselman
There's also Win 7 support at http://answers.microsoft.com
22:08:17 shanselman
RT @anglicangeek Help my Sierra Leone missionary friends match this donor's pledge! The matching expires tomorrow. http://bit.ly/nYtIn
19:36:21 shanselman
What's the social rule about correcting coworkers' grammar? Does it just depend on if you're cool with them on a person level?
19:46:21 shanselman
Most telling is that only ONE if you Tweeple corrected my incorrect 'person level'...should have been 'personal level' #wasitplanned
19:46:50 shanselman
“Only correct an adult's grammar if he asks or if your name is also going on a doc he wrote” -@jknecht
04:33:46 shanselman
'Who gonna check me, boo?'
05:06:26 shanselman
RT @alyankovic: http://twitvid.com/EFE89 - GRAMMAR, people!!!
05:34:42 shanselman
The new MSDN is rolling out worldwide...lots of cool stuff to come...soon: http://www.msdn.com
05:53:54 shanselman
Announcing http://LetMeBingThatForYou.com via @haacked
06:06:08 shanselman
Congrats to the MSDN team! - 'Sim-shipping a complete redesign across 37 locales with 10s of thousands of pages.' http://www.MSDN.com
07:59:42 shanselman
blogged: Hanselminutes Podcast 184: Preview of ASP.NET 4 with Scott Hunter: My one-hundred-and-eighty-forth podca... http://bit.ly/1UI6up
08:34:05 shanselman
@karlseguin Feel free to email me feedback on the *.net sites and/or MSDN and I'll make sure they are heard.
08:34:39 shanselman
RT @mahdi: Getting Started with #NHibernate (Video) http://ping.fm/3R6t4
11:06:34 shanselman
Looks like a new *Free* PDF eBook on 'Deploying Windows 7' http://bit.ly/2RfCCA
20:28:05 shanselman
Going to StackOverflow #DevDays with @spolsky and @codinghorror in SFO soon.
21:10:16 shanselman
I'm thinking I'll stop answering my phone with 'Hello' and instead with 'AT&T Fail.' Ring! #attfail
21:31:28 shanselman
There are no words to express how these children *utterly destroy* the house each day. Raze, Rinse, Repeat.
22:25:00 shanselman
Now following @Shaver, VP of Engineering at Mozilla (Firefox)
22:37:03 shanselman
“pushing a change...that will let Firefox 3.5 users override the blocking of .NET FA/WPF plugin if they're patched” -@shaver
23:11:34 shanselman
Singing 'Rehab' as a lullaby to the 18mo. old. #thisiswhatitscometo
03:18:06 shanselman
“MSFT confirmed that the .NET Framework Assistant is not exploitable, so we've removed it from the blocklist; one down!” -@shaver
03:18:48 shanselman
“we're still working on the blocklist tweaks to help enterprises override the blocking of the WPF plugin, stay tuned!” -@shaver
03:57:06 shanselman
R @Jaykul @shaver the Framework Assitant is for ClickOnce. The WPF plugin is for XBAP. Only XBAP was exploitable, AFAIK. They at separate.
05:42:45 shanselman
RT @Mike_FTW Pop-up windows are the Kanye West of interface.
13:53:34 shanselman
I hope @shaver is sleeping, he and his team have been working hard.
14:03:19 shanselman
Prepping for StackOverflow #devdays w/ @Spolsky, @codinghorror and @rory_blyth. It's like an ep. of 'The Big Bang Theory.'
14:12:31 shanselman
Combing my hair with an Afro Pick because I can't find my freaking comb. #nextstopdreads
15:33:13 shanselman
I'm shocked at the outfits people will wear to the airport.
18:34:45 shanselman
blogged: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2: Lots of big stuff happening this week. Today Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is availa... http://bit.ly/3AL8Bq
18:36:29 shanselman
Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Beta 2 people! Details and new splash screen: http://bit.ly/2QjYZE - RT with a vengeance!
18:47:56 shanselman
Apparently I Hanselman'ed my own blog! Scandalous.
20:00:24 shanselman
Napping in the green room at StackOverflow #DevDays in SFO http://twitpic.com/m59en
22:00:21 shanselman
R @marckus I've installed it on 3 machines. Two on bare metal and one on VHD. I would recommend 'boot to VHD' as shown on my blog, though.
22:06:55 shanselman
Darn Paparazzi. Guy said, 'can I get a picture?' Of course I say, sure! He wants me to take his picture with @spolsky. ;)
02:39:37 shanselman
Just recorded an hour long podcast with @codinghorror, @Spolsky, and @rory_blyth with literally Zero Content. ;)
04:30:03 shanselman
Went through Security at SFO with two Insulin Pumps on (+Symlin) and they pulled me aside. Frisked+explosive sniff of all tech. I had lots.
04:44:54 shanselman
Flight delayed 4 hours. Home tommorow. Poop.
04:58:44 shanselman
Confused...what's the difference between http://www.clear.com and http://www.clearwire.com ?
05:24:15 shanselman
'How Skype Is Changing The Job Interview' http://bit.ly/4e0spL - Fun fact, I interviewed BOTH my new hires over WebCam.
05:27:00 shanselman
Damn! I've lost my Etymotics headphones while interviewing @spolsky at DevDays. Sigh, need replacements for the flight. http://bit.ly/29mhif
05:38:17 shanselman
EPIC WIN! Security had my headphones! woot!
05:47:33 shanselman
Man, the Asst. Manager at Inmotion at SFO *really* knows his audio. Dude is going places. You know when you meet someone and just know?
05:56:45 shanselman
Cool! A Dyson Hand Dryer at SFO. #notjustvaccuums #boredatheairport video: http://twitvid.com/F05F1
07:03:51 shanselman
Cool....new Windows 7 Drivers for my Lenovo Switchable Graphics (Intel/ATI) http://bit.ly/4azMti
07:26:07 shanselman
OpenSearch .NET OSS Toolkit via @tathamoddie: http://bit.ly/1sT4tV and http://bit.ly/47nLjU
20:37:07 shanselman
RT @bgoldy: Live beet.tv roundtable at 30rock with me and others at 3pm EST. http://bit.ly/1JTcgo has all the info and links to livestream.
20:40:15 shanselman
RT @jeffl8n: The Creative Vado is the Amazon deal of the day today - http://bit.ly/1pWFPZ
20:41:31 shanselman
RT @jaimesanchez: ...no pudieron ver la plática de @shanselman sobre como manejarte como marca personal en linea: http://bit.ly/4a6jJX
20:43:25 shanselman
Folks? - “What would be the opposite of 'Parse'?, working on an API and 'Unparse' doesn't sound right.” -@mfpedraza
20:49:30 shanselman
RT @awright18: @mfpedraza according to the stackoverflow users the opposite of parse is to compose. http://bit.ly/4gcXwI
23:17:41 shanselman
RT @ScottGu Virtual User Group for ASP.NET MVC has a meeting at noon on October 21st CST timeszone: http://www.c4mvc.net/
02:57:37 shanselman
Saw a 38mg/dl with my own eyes today. Not a good feeling. #diabetes
03:07:46 shanselman
RT @joshrivers: Danger! Don't plug your Clear modem into your MacBook. http://bit.ly/1nn7Na
07:54:15 shanselman
I appear to be genetically incapable of spelling the word 'tommorow.'
07:54:58 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: Going to PDC and can bring a cool wpf/winforms/c++/sl/etc. windows app to show off on video? Tweet me! (RT please)
07:55:38 shanselman
@Jaykul @msdn good feedback. How different should they be? Not a lot of pixels there...
08:00:34 shanselman
Nature calls, standup title eludes Dave Chappelle http://bit.ly/27JufV
08:51:07 shanselman
And.....my @clearwire (Clear.com) WiMAX modem no longer works in Win7. This lack of proper driver support and silence from them is a prob.
09:00:14 shanselman
Attack! and RT! - @scottgu: VS 2010 and .NET4 Beta 2 are now available to download free: http://bit.ly/2010b2
09:02:22 shanselman
Heh. RT @WebDevOnLinux: Win7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu http://ow.ly/15WdJB
09:16:21 shanselman
Yay - RT @clearwire: We won't have drivers until the official release of Windows 7. Looks like that's pretty soon, though.
09:31:27 shanselman
blogged: The Minutes On 9 - Channel 9 Video Interviews with the ASP.NET 4 Team: Who loves you? Not only is Visual S... http://bit.ly/2KiBBL
09:54:27 shanselman
RT @VishalRJoshi: Table of Contents for ASP.NET Web Deployment in Visual Studio 2010 - http://tinyurl.com/lwtovm #VS2010
09:57:02 shanselman
RT @scottgu: I just did a blog post about VS 2010's new code navigation and call hierarchy features: http://tinyurl.com/vs10navigateto
10:34:20 shanselman
WIsh there was @clearwire outage site. I've been 'Searching for Network' for hours.
18:37:45 shanselman
In the Green Room at StackOverflow #devdays eating string cheese, getting ready to go on. http://twitpic.com/md7ab
21:06:16 shanselman
I blinked and I've got 300 emails. I wonder if they are important....
21:07:38 shanselman
Video: Microsoft Pressure Sensitive Keyboards: http://bit.ly/MFJfU
21:09:29 shanselman
Visual Studio 2010b2 EXPRESS EDITION Direct ISO Link http://bit.ly/2NuaZH (ISO!)
21:38:05 shanselman
I LOVE the Microsoft Cafe - http://twitpic.com/mdtz4
23:02:02 shanselman
Just left the Channel 9 studios, heading to building 5.
03:17:44 shanselman
RT @vsexpress: thanks for the plug! use #vsexpress to provide feedback
03:24:36 shanselman
RT @rbonini: Vista Users - Uninstall Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 before upgrading to Windows 7 http://ff.im/afdep
04:11:35 shanselman
Make one! - RT @christinahelton: I am sad that there are no 'nerd dinners' (nerddinner.com) near me anytime soon.
04:28:53 shanselman
RT @SCMcDonnell: Scott Hanselman's Email ZEB is working for me incredibly well (@shanselman). Check out the link: http://bit.ly/29Q2Wr
05:51:49 shanselman
When Bluetooth works, in its fullness, it's amazing tech.
07:29:49 shanselman
Wow! Clear (@clearwire) Windows 7 drivers? Pinch me! https://www.clear.com/support/download
09:27:21 shanselman
Bam! Tweet this, son! http://www.Microsoft.com
09:40:28 shanselman
Nice Windows 7 social mashup: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/social/
17:43:35 shanselman
What about this URL? - Real Time Twitter Search http://bing.com/twitter?setmkt=en-us
17:44:56 shanselman
RT @gabo: Nuevos temas para Windows 7 http://icio.us/pkkvzp
18:38:26 shanselman
Anyone know where I can watch the Windows 7 Launch now that it's over?
18:50:17 shanselman
Pile of NEW Free Windows 7 Themes and Wallpaper: http://bit.ly/3yvydg
18:53:19 shanselman
Here's the Windows 7 Launch Video (recorded) http://bit.ly/sBAxK
19:06:57 shanselman
RT @MicrosoftStore First pictures from inside the Microsoft Store http://post.ly/9kId
19:37:33 shanselman
Encoding the video from the @codinghorror, @rory_blyth, @spolsky podcast...
22:02:00 shanselman
My new PDC talk 'Super High Intensity Tips for ASP.NET MVC 2' ;)
22:03:41 shanselman
Awesome SEVEN SECOND Windows 7 Ads: http://bit.ly/picCL
22:37:13 shanselman
RT @henrikphessel: #LinusTorvald likes Windows 7 (Photo) http://bit.ly/2EE0dm #windows7
22:48:46 shanselman
Just left a video meeting with @scottgu to discover this: http://twitpic.com/midpw
23:33:18 shanselman
Good info on MSDN Subs and a free upgrade deal http://www.bit.ly/theultimateoffer
00:58:52 shanselman
Windows 7 Drivers for @ClearWire 4G WiMAX - Woot! http://www.clear.com/support/download Tell yo momma!
01:08:01 shanselman
RT @haacked: watched @shanselman's interview with Johnny Lee - 'Natal' before anyone knew about 'Natal'. http://bit.ly/146gVs
01:08:35 shanselman
RT @ftafra: LOL 'Japan Burger King Offers Windows 7 Whopper.' - http://digg.com/d217v3h?t4
01:51:32 shanselman
Couple of good shots of me at StackOverflow DevDays: http://bit.ly/3oRnYF and http://bit.ly/3c86rB
10:00:00 shanselman
Got the Red Sharpie off the wall (90%) but it took 'Goof Off' to do it. The Mr. Clear Magic Eraser was USELESS. http://twitpic.com/midpw
10:04:46 shanselman
The video is up for the @codinghorror, @spolsky, @rory_blyth podcast now: http://bit.ly/2YyjN2
10:05:12 shanselman
@codinghorror And UML in general, in fact.
10:10:22 shanselman
RT @MicrosoftPress Windows Internals 5E by Russinovich et al. is 8 for 8. Plus a sample chapter: http://ow.ly/w6vR
10:38:42 shanselman
400 emails...this isn't good....
11:13:31 shanselman
Interesting app to automatically install apps. Good for jumpstarting a new machine build http://ninite.com/
11:19:12 shanselman
Coding with a Rock Band Guitar? Insane. (Video...good parts start at 2:00) http://bit.ly/241Sl1
18:19:06 shanselman
RT @seanlinmt: Best Static Website Generator - Stack Overflow http://bit.ly/YkUcW
18:30:40 shanselman
I just realized that the reason the kids at the local High School look 12 to me is because the kids on the TV High School look 32.
18:44:14 shanselman
OK, REDDIT People - Please upvote this: 'Coding with a Rock Band Controller' http://bit.ly/3p7zsH
19:04:06 shanselman
Hulu to charge? #FAIL? http://bit.ly/2CnyCi
19:21:15 shanselman
Taking the day off to nurse a house full of people that are Sick.
19:25:07 shanselman
I'm as hearty and healthy as a very thin, pasty Ox.
22:19:00 shanselman
RT @robconery: Finally get to announce what I've been working on - Tekpub. It's live: http://bit.ly/zNyYU.
22:22:42 shanselman
“I am not greedy. I have a naturally large appetite. There is a difference.” -@MzStarrBurst
22:30:23 shanselman
My wife just said that when she dies I should make sure her hair is braided before the funeral. #blackdoescrack
00:04:59 shanselman
Epic Video: RT @lazycoder: Windows 3.1 launch party http://bit.ly/3chIdw (via @navparker )
00:07:19 shanselman
#followfriday @janetalkstech Good mix of tech and interesting links, videos and tips
00:08:54 shanselman
#followfriday My team at Microsoft: @jesseliberty @misfitgeek @timheuer @pete_brown and one more to announce soon.
00:11:07 shanselman
#followfriday @SookieBonTemps because she's fictional and likes vampires. Also a touch of fairy blood.
00:13:20 shanselman
RT @whiteafrican: 'America's greatest strength is that people want to live here.' Robert Guest at #poptech
00:15:48 shanselman
#followfriday @elonjames because he Brunches for Justice. #brunchhard
00:44:38 shanselman
Wonder when #hashtags starting being less about categories and more about parenthetical asides. #justsayin' #whatsthedeal #thatswhatshesaid
00:52:04 shanselman
I'm finding myself looking for ways to #hashtag ACTUAL conversations. #littlesigns #LEDScreen #step1admittingyouhaveaproblem
01:23:04 shanselman
I think it's time for my podcast site to get a design makeover: http://www.hanselminutes.com #notadesigner #eek
04:09:19 shanselman
I say it again. Couples sitting next to each other at a table meant for face-to-face sitting is weird. #againstnature ;)
04:16:37 shanselman
My 3yo re: Western Movie Poster: 'Daddy!!! It's the people who sing 'Bad Horse!'' @drhorrible http://twitpic.com/mofv6
05:31:04 shanselman
New insulin pump with no tubes...looks interesting (video:) http://bit.ly/bR7ll
09:12:30 shanselman
Always disappointed when I meet someone from Twitter and they don't look like their avatar. Was hoping for a Panda, not a dude in a onesie.
09:34:55 shanselman
RT @KindleCovers: Amazon Cracks Open Kindle App for Windows PCs http://bit.ly/3G4zrj
10:37:09 shanselman
Got high hopes for the 'V' remake...
11:13:58 shanselman
Interesting interviews on Windows 7 http://talkingaboutwindows.com
11:17:09 shanselman
Amazon Kindle for PC (Sign up for Beta) http://bit.ly/Nkbp8
11:18:45 shanselman
Windows 7 people (Pro and up) can get 'Virtual Windows XP' now free http://bit.ly/4OyFd
11:57:47 shanselman
RT @janetalkstech: Nigeria is actually fighting 419 scams. arstechnica article http://bit.ly/1MBKL7
12:01:11 shanselman
RT @Dichenlachman: Dollhouse then off for 4 weeks till Dec Dollhouse extravaganza 2hours for 3 weeks in a row.
12:03:43 shanselman
Going to speak at @Oredev soon. Well, not SOON, but it's coming up!
12:45:26 shanselman
@tednyberg @odetocode @oredev ah, we're having a big community thing that evening, i think, with @Bellware...
18:28:05 shanselman
What the heck happened to http://www.cnn.com?
18:32:14 shanselman
The Airline pilot who missed the runway by 150 miles is an Oregonian. He's very polite to the CNN guy http://bit.ly/4hAPqN
19:32:12 shanselman
When will Fox learn to stop cancelling Joss Whedon shows? Can we get this man his own network please?
19:38:47 shanselman
Not sure I want to be on a planet where 'The Ghost Whisperer' gets 4x the viewers as 'Dollhouse.' #mouthbreathers
20:42:58 shanselman
RLY? 2009 and I'm getting emails asking for 'link exchange.' #nineteenthcenturyweb
20:52:52 shanselman
#awesomewifihotspots post em if you see them http://twitpic.com/mrk10
02:00:29 shanselman
Let us think of other shows that have no business being on the air. 'Bones' 'Ghost Whisperer' All Lifetime Programming #makeroomfordollhouse
02:02:18 shanselman
Thinking of crap shows that shouldn't be on TV. 'Mercy' 'Hawthorne' 'ER' 'House (jumped the shark)' #makeroomfordollhouse
02:05:11 shanselman
Shows that need to be stopped. 'Wife Swap' 'Real Housewives of Everything' 'Gary Unmarried' #makeroomfordollhouse
02:09:13 shanselman
'Prison Break' 'Medium' Lifetime (again, crap) 'Fringe' #makeroomfordollhouse
02:13:04 shanselman
“One word: Fringe. X-Files for the dim. #makeroomfordollhouse” -@ghurlman
02:15:06 shanselman
Apparently we're about to start a war with the 6 people who like Fringe. I liked Fringe before when it was the bad eps. of X-files. ;)
02:21:17 shanselman
“Wouldn't those six people be the Fringe fringe?” -@kevdog
02:21:35 shanselman
“I liked Fringe until they plugged burnt up hard disks into a computer that was already on and could pull 'some' data off it” -@aaronmulder
02:29:17 shanselman
Did I mention I miss 'My name is Earl?'
02:30:42 shanselman
@Jaykul :)
02:32:12 shanselman
#followfridaysaturdayedition Hey, it's my hero @superfell (Simon Fell) maker of PocketSoap and TCPTrace! Followed. Woot!
02:35:46 shanselman
RT @CMastication: so why is it when I Google 'stuff they put on vomit at Disney' the top link is @SHanselman's blog? http://bit.ly/MMcFk
02:42:16 shanselman
“F. Gary Gray put his FOOT in Law Abiding Citizen, y'all. Five stars, A++ effort by everyone involved. Fantastic movie.” -@smashedthehomie
02:47:47 shanselman
“Don't we need 14 versions of Law and Order to keep the economy somewhat stable?” -@MotoWilliams
02:23:45 shanselman
Hey, THIS is my 15,000th tweet. It's like watching the odometer rollover.
04:31:28 shanselman
“I find the Submit button sexist.” -@jzy
04:31:56 shanselman
RT @ocelopan: the truth about the dinosaurs. http://bit.ly/Vo84Y
06:33:00 shanselman
Seems like all Firefox ever says to me when I try to update is 'Update XML file malformed (200)'
20:43:54 shanselman
RT @brian_henderson: did you hear November is: moustache month? - http://us.movember.com/
21:44:49 shanselman
“Just finished configuring xbox 360, windows home server and win7. Can now stream/record HDTV anywhere. My flabber is gasted!” -@rikp
21:50:29 shanselman
“Crushing grip of capitalism, racism and dirty hipster trash aside, its a beautiful day in Brooklyn!” -@sistertoldja
22:46:12 shanselman
Just bought the boys a Spiderman. The real shame of progress and globalization is that action figures are cheap crap. I miss my 70's GIJoes.
22:55:59 shanselman
What desktop SSD should I get to replace my 10k RPM velociraptor?
23:04:37 shanselman
'I want that Toy WALL-E because it's made from the parts of the melted-down real WALL-E.' - my 3 yr old @overheardathome
23:05:11 shanselman
“So that's $0.20 for every minute saved. Time is money. In those terms the SSD is dirt cheap.” -@rbonini
23:14:53 shanselman
RT @AmyJane On the phone with Mom. Phone starts beeping, like it's dialing. Mom yells 'The TiVo needs to use the phone!' and hangs up on me.
23:30:06 shanselman
“Astonishing. PC World writes lame Windows 7 article & 30 of first 34 comments at Digg are pro-Windows. Time have changed.” -@edbott
01:34:52 shanselman
“Crucial. On desktop, you only need 64GB since data will be on your big SATA drive. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002J9GDAG/” -@portman_wills
01:35:01 shanselman
“Also, do NOT buy SSDs from NewEgg, they have an insane return policy on SSDs. Buy from Amazon.” -@portman_wills
04:13:31 shanselman
The destructive power of a 4 year old and a 2 year old boggles the mind. Mental note: Fix bathroom drywall. And closet door. And counter.
04:33:10 shanselman
“Check out our new blog for MS Web Platform, http://blogs.msdn.com/webplatform/ latest info on #PHP, #WebPI, #SL and more” -@markjbrown
04:33:32 shanselman
“Silverlight Audio Player for WordPress - http://bit.ly/2LsnRN” -@timheuer
05:13:19 shanselman
FYI, I'm seeding the full set of Videos from Norway's NDC conference using @grothaug's torrent. Get them with uTorrent: http://bit.ly/VTKZj
05:22:18 shanselman
Windows 7 Easy Upgrade Chart via @edbott http://bit.ly/ZnBiH
09:29:30 shanselman
“iTunes is so f'ing horrible.” -@codinghorror
00:09:04 shanselman
OK, what is the difference between these two Intel SSDs? One at Amazon, one at NewEgg: http://bit.ly/4zRSxN and http://bit.ly/3PFAWr
00:11:38 shanselman
Hey, I'm on 'Ping' on Channel9 and the host doesn't know who Bruce Campbell is. (Video: http://bit.ly/19XU51 )
01:06:02 shanselman
Closed Captioning Support within Silverlight via @jesseliberty http://bit.ly/4mgZdM Might be of interest to @MarleeMatlin as she goes to DC.
03:21:21 shanselman
Nice. A suede jacket with wallet pocket for my Zune HD http://bit.ly/2eYnyB #sfbags
03:21:50 shanselman
RT @IanET: Key graphics features, bug fixes and performance improvements in WPF4 B2 http://tinyurl.com/yf779xh
03:30:57 shanselman
Blog on how the 'Windows 7 Social Media Hub' process works: http://bit.ly/4rCDsW about http://bit.ly/1wxUDF
04:39:52 shanselman
Things aren't blurry in WPF anymore. Details: http://bit.ly/Fe9fj
05:07:25 shanselman
“'The word bed actually looks like a bed'” -@jzy
05:09:02 shanselman
RT @ScottATaylor: RT @dudeman718: How Twitter is about to botch #Retweets: http://j.mp/AfTpe
05:26:42 shanselman
Don't Tweet and Fly! - Stray jet's pilots were on laptops http://bit.ly/3q1NhW (via @cnn)
21:08:07 shanselman
Not a good two days, these.
23:12:53 shanselman
Seems I may be having appendix surgery in the next hour or so. Not sure what this means for @oredev and stuff. http://twitpic.com/n6voa
00:36:53 shanselman
Wheeling to pre-op...woohoo!
00:49:50 shanselman
Here we go... http://twitvid.com/25301
04:21:48 shanselman
Not dead, in recovery. Refusing pain meds. All is well. Whew! http://twitpic.com/n84tj
14:07:45 shanselman
“@shanselman's hilarious video for monospace that had me rolling! http://is.gd/4Fj9b” -@gblock
14:09:27 shanselman
If you're diabetic and you have unrelated surgery, you're always paranoid doctors will treat you different when you say the D-word. They do.
14:11:45 shanselman
Thanks, not sure if I'll be walking - RT @graffen: Really hope you get well soon enough for @oredev - you're the main reason I'm going :-)
14:13:49 shanselman
I don't like to turn off the sound of my body when it's telling me something important. -> “why refuse pain meds?” asked by @graffen
14:22:20 shanselman
Me gusto 'nerdo señores' - “Esto es ser nerdo señores, twitteando vídeo rumbo a su operación de apéndice: http://twitvid.com/25301” -@hercax
22:08:16 shanselman
Getting discharged and preparing to go home and sleep for 4 months. :) http://twitpic.com/nb061
23:39:33 shanselman
“Save some painkillers for long meetings at work. Nothing says Corporate Synergy better than Percocet.” -@wfehler
23:50:21 shanselman
Hey, @scobleizer are these all on the SUL? - 5 Twitter stars you've never heard of http://bit.ly/2dr4Ux (via @cnn)
00:21:10 shanselman
RT @floatingfrisbee: Cool! BBC has a JavaScript library called Glow. http://www.bbc.co.uk/glow
01:19:22 shanselman
Great little sample code apps showing CPU and Memory Usage in the Win7 Taskbar! http://taskbarmeters.codeplex.com/
01:25:06 shanselman
RT @dashCommerce: dashCommerce 3.3 RC out and now licensed under MIT License. :) http://bit.ly/o7lRP and http://bit.ly/4GfGfm
03:44:42 shanselman
“...@katzpdx @znmeb weigh...in on the notion of social media certification: http://bit.ly/3xGNgf” -@CarriBugbee
03:45:24 shanselman
“Google Wave gets it's own App store? http://bit.ly/9GT9k” -@MissSuccess
03:54:44 shanselman
RT @billevjen: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 documentation - start here - http://bit.ly/12MjW3
04:55:01 shanselman
RT @OdeToCode: Blogged - some Win7 presentation mode tips: http://bit.ly/DCS9S
04:58:33 shanselman
RT @jzy: Epic Facebook thread. http://bit.ly/KASBj
04:59:52 shanselman
“121% of Australian babies are born obese.” -@NickHodge
05:00:49 shanselman
RT @jglozano: #mvcturbine getting some love in #monodevelop http://twitpic.com/nclns http://mvcturbine.codeplex.com/
05:03:30 shanselman
Seems a bizarre notion to me: RT @CarriBugbee: ...weigh in on the notion of social media certification: http://bit.ly/3xGNgf
05:47:29 shanselman
RT @CMSExpo: Social Media Certification? LOL! Cert's expire in 15 days. Then, back for 60 more days of training. Rinse, repeat.
08:51:22 shanselman
Excellent article on Windows 7 Sensor APIs w/code+details by @pete_brown http://is.gd/4GQG9 little-known win7 asskickery.
08:57:55 shanselman
RT @jongalloway: RT @spoon16: Turn Your Windows 7 Computer Into a WiFi Router In 5 Minutes, Free & No Hardware http://bit.ly/pQlTk
09:03:03 shanselman
“PowerShell 2.0 goes RTM for ALL Platforms http://bit.ly/12lUnh” -@spoon16
09:13:14 shanselman
Really really enjoying @spoon16's tweetstream.
19:26:35 shanselman
50-kilobit-per-second line...'birth of the Internet' http://bit.ly/2QdjzC (via @cnn)
21:42:40 shanselman
Sleep Momentum - the more you sleep, the harder it is to get up.
22:39:19 shanselman
Um, no? Commence flaming. - “For the last time...JAVASCRIPT IS NOT OBJECT ORIENTED!” -@x684867
22:45:33 shanselman
“OOP is 3 concepts: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. All 3 are possible in JavaScript.” -@lazycoder
22:47:43 shanselman
RT @CalebJenkins: oh neat +1! see how other people are listed. @shanselman 's on 248 twitter lists. http://is.gd/4Hycp #socialgraph
22:49:20 shanselman
BlogDiva.respect++ -> 'it's object oriented' should be considered a variation of Goodwin's Law in re: coding :D -@blogdiva
22:51:19 shanselman
Love this guy -> RT @jzy: “OOP is 3 concepts: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism” so that means my wife is OO.
23:12:53 shanselman
Awake, showered and dressed at the crack of 3pm. The whole day stretches before me. What will this new day bring? Ah, dinner!
00:02:57 shanselman
Made a Twitter List of my Team at Microsoft: http://twitter.com/shanselman/stoninja
00:23:52 shanselman
Multitouch mice coming from Microsoft? http://bit.ly/41DWOS
02:50:57 shanselman
“NYTimes Has Gone LOD (Linked Open Data) http://bit.ly/2b4GMI” -@spoon16
02:51:58 shanselman
Twitter followers got you down? Why not http://unfolloweveryone.com/ ?
04:01:34 shanselman
RT @connectifyme: A great article by Scott Hanselman- http://tinyurl.com/yj5vm4z - Thanks! @shanselman
07:02:31 shanselman
Great post from @pete_brown on Windows 7 Taskbar features in WPF 4 http://bit.ly/26aeZg
07:06:12 shanselman
Blogged: The Weekly Source Code 46 - @JeffreyKey rocks Windows 7 Taskbar Meters http://bit.ly/JF82s
16:58:55 shanselman
“#overheardathome from my 4 year old.. While my wife was rewinding a VCR tape: 'Mom, is it downloading??'” -@brada
16:59:29 shanselman
RT @brada: Poll: How quickly will your organization deploy .NET Framework 4? http://poll.fm/1avvw
18:22:59 shanselman
R @haacked @jeffhandley My appendix didn't burst, I caught it early. It's a long story and it's still not over. I'm healing slow.
18:34:04 shanselman
GM JasonZ has a Visual Studio 2010b2 Poll for you to take. A smidge long, but important http://bit.ly/1bSoEK
18:46:28 shanselman
HTML 5 - a 3 minute guide by @secretgeek http://bit.ly/sNBaW
18:52:04 shanselman
Wonderful http://diveintohtml5.org/
19:11:51 shanselman
Infodesigners HELP. This Visual Studio Poster is insane: http://bit.ly/lmSnW Got ideas? Org. visio doc-> http://bit.ly/dh9Ew
19:15:00 shanselman
RT @DiggsWayne: As Halloween approaches, interesting article about little girls, feminism and the 'princess' phenomenon: http://tr.im/DBJM
20:09:03 shanselman
Great bunch of American Sign Language videos to songs like Portal's 'Still Alive' http://bit.ly/3rxbE0
22:29:27 shanselman
THE constantly updated fresh list of funniest Tweets: http://favstar.fm/ - pure comedy Gold.
22:39:08 shanselman
Fall back -- time change is this weekend http://bit.ly/vsGwl (via @cnn)
22:42:53 shanselman
Disturbing analysis of my podcast from @tillig http://is.gd/4IxlD ;) - thoughts?
01:56:02 shanselman
Just received this gift basket of yummy snacks from my bosses at work! Mental note: Have Emergency Surgery more! http://twitpic.com/nlq1a
05:04:34 shanselman
Channel 9 Halloween Special Video. There are no words: http://bit.ly/2annc4
06:38:04 shanselman
Yikes! That looks pretty real. RT @manmohanjit: Now this is cool! Windows 7 Stimulation in Silverlight! http://tinyurl.com/mpooxa :)
06:39:38 shanselman
RT @pinggoat: VS2010 rocks! ....I don't think I'll use VS 2008 again.
07:14:52 shanselman
Wow, just installed Lenovo System Update 4.0 and got a PILE of new Windows 7 awesomeness. Death to craplets http://bit.ly/VoeYX
08:36:59 shanselman
Great utility adds 'Attach' and 'Detach' to VHD files: http://bit.ly/1GioFY
09:15:37 shanselman
Nice. 'CopyPasteKiller' for folks who have too much code duplication: http://bit.ly/2Pi9rI
11:06:15 shanselman
In the world of social media, privacy is dead http://bit.ly/4jUuWh (via @cnn)
11:29:38 shanselman
Lol @ link! - RT @tehawesome: Q: Awkward question to ask on Twitter that is often paired with frowny faces? A: http://tr.im/didyouunfollowme
22:15:21 shanselman
“With...regret today is my last day on CodePlex. Taking a new job at Microsoft. http://tinyurl.com/y8k6x3u for details.” -@jamesnewkirk
22:20:34 shanselman
RT @BurnNotice_USA: 'Don't argue with destiny. It will kick your ass.'
22:33:21 shanselman
RT @ShawnWildermuth: 'Guns make you stupid. Better to fight your wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart.' - Michael Weston
22:44:05 shanselman
Speaking in Copenhagen, Denmark next Saturday. Tell your Danes!
00:53:46 shanselman
I reject Halloween on multiple levels, first as a diabetic, then as a fat old dude that hates other people's kids.
00:55:18 shanselman
That's a hate crime. This really happen? Call the news and fire him. - T @victorgaudioso: I had a co-worker dress like a KKK member.
01:56:03 shanselman
Happy Halloween http://twitpic.com/ns0rv
02:02:23 shanselman
Boo! http://twitpic.com/ns2il
02:05:53 shanselman
Feeling sick... ;) http://twitpic.com/ns3hy
02:20:25 shanselman
Up up and away! http://twitpic.com/ns7ga
02:37:45 shanselman
Details on my Free Event in Denmark...sign up here Danes: http://bit.ly/1XQnHS
05:28:14 shanselman
“Seth Godin Misunderstands Dunbar's Number http://bit.ly/dqXt7”
05:45:57 shanselman
Sweet Merciful CRAP there are a lot of clocks in this house. #kissmytushdaylightsavingstime
08:29:32 shanselman
It's VERY difficult to be Black or Mixed in China: http://bit.ly/CTwHw and http://bit.ly/10BIFW
08:42:56 shanselman
VERY useful 'one page grid' for Parents on Diff Between Cold, Flu and H1N1 (PDF) http://bit.ly/3G8HvW
11:44:17 shanselman
WOW. Xbox people. 'Shadow Complex' is the MOST FUN I've had this year on Xbox. And it's a Downloadable (cheap) game.
21:36:23 shanselman
What techniques do you use to cope with information overload? #ironictoasktwitter
21:55:54 shanselman
Me: 'What do Superheroes do?' 3 yr. old: 'They catch people who fall out of windows!' @overheardathome
21:58:45 shanselman
Had a epic blast on Xbox last night. Non-gamer Wife says, sincerely: 'I'm glad! Did you make it past Level 1?' @overheardathome
22:52:48 shanselman
Disturbing Images: “ACTION ALERT-pls RT: Terrible violence ongoing at Friedewal Farm. Details: http://is.gd/4KlUE #zimbabwe” -@sokwanele
22:54:47 shanselman
RT @creolepimp: Any person who says 'irregardless', 'a-whole-nuther', 'all-of-a-sudden' will be sent to a work camp.
03:20:51 shanselman
I can't say how MUCH I dislike writing things longhand with a pen. It's SO foreign feeling. My muscles reject penmanship.
04:41:15 shanselman
WTF YouTube? 'An error has occured, please try again later'?
04:54:37 shanselman
iTunes sucks so bad on Windows, I wouldn't be surprised if it was running on some sh*tty little Virtual Machine that had to boot Mac first.
05:55:08 shanselman
R @xagronaut Agreed. Try FeedStation for Podcasts on Windows. #Windows7
07:09:27 shanselman
Just downloaded 'Torchlight' at Tweeples' recommendation. Will I be able to play this offline on a plane?
07:27:23 shanselman
@codinghorror I don't know if 'inevitable and obvious' counts as copying.
07:32:25 shanselman
Wooh, does my Lenovo W500 have a built in GPS?
08:22:32 shanselman
My heart goes out to the family of @djgraphite who passed away at only 29. http://bit.ly/gK1OA @bmf
16:09:39 shanselman
On a plane with some volunteers heading to Rwanda. They are discussing the benefits of their $175 Teva Sandals for the trip. #whitewhine
21:15:51 shanselman
“Scott Hanselman hablo de como crear tu marca personal en Linea... http://bit.ly/8nkqp ” -@jaimesanchez
22:20:28 shanselman
RT @lionemom: Holy crap. Brand new, clean install of Win7 is LIGHT YEARS faster than either VIsta or XP! Woot!
22:24:06 shanselman
R @theflaker On old machines and it's at least as fast as XP. Perceived speed is 70% video driver. I updated a $50 video card in an oldie.
23:08:19 shanselman
Upgrade #Fail. Welcome to 29B, also knows as the airplane's taint.
07:57:54 shanselman
In Malmö, at the Savoy for Oredev. Anyone awake?
08:35:31 shanselman
Hanging at the Savoy in Malmö with @bellware http://twitpic.com/o3tw2
10:29:30 shanselman
OH: 'Snow Leopard is totally Apple's Vista release.' #oredev
18:50:02 shanselman
Crap, slept through the party at @noopman's - heading now to meet the Mayor of Malmö? King? Someone important. ;) #oredev
20:34:23 shanselman
Dinner at Malmö City Hall #oredev http://twitpic.com/o5lgc
20:56:19 shanselman
Hey, it's master ASP.NET debugger @tessferrandez at @oredev - her blog is amazing. http://twitpic.com/o5oil
21:53:06 shanselman
Sitting at my table is Trygve Reenskaug. He is the inventor of the MVC pattern. #oredev. http://twitpic.com/o5wl0
00:58:23 shanselman
OMG - '...but the fact that he's not American-born takes away from the magnitude of the achievement...' http://bit.ly/10hoKu
01:10:28 shanselman
RT @ToureX: 8 racist ads you wont believe are from the last few years: http://bit.ly/2iI0Xx
01:18:13 shanselman
WOW. A 'classic ASP' Compiler that compiles VBScript/.ASP to .NET/IL. Epic. http://bit.ly/KPWMM via @calcock
01:30:26 shanselman
NSFW Language, but very funny: 'Douchebag solidarity movement' http://bit.ly/4y6y7v
01:59:45 shanselman
Hey, this is really interesting. New ASP.NET OSS project called 'Versatile Datasources' from Peter Blum http://bit.ly/4hxXhZ
02:07:04 shanselman
Windows 7 Location Driver for the GPS that comes with Streets and Trips 2009: http://bit.ly/3hzieZ
11:09:15 shanselman
RT @rschu: A great RockScroll replacement for Visual Studio. It's called 'MetalScroll' and open source! :) http://bit.ly/RLAWc
15:28:41 shanselman
The New MSN is a LOT cleaner: http://www.msn.com/preview.aspx
15:39:24 shanselman
Just found out what the Scanner Acronym TWAIN means. 'Technology Without Any Interesting Name.'
16:29:50 shanselman
New band name idea: 'Phil Haack and the Wikis.'
17:22:10 shanselman
Hm...the only Ethiopian Restaurant near Sweden is 45min in away in Denmark....
20:13:09 shanselman
Wandering around at #oredev
21:58:42 shanselman
Settle a bet: is the worth 'fourth' an adjective or something else?
22:23:24 shanselman
Carl Franklin playing live at The Bishop Arms in Malmö, Sweden now... http://twitpic.com/oa5s7
22:27:03 shanselman
VIDEO: Carl Franklin playing live at The Bishop Arms in Malmö, Sweden now... http://twitvid.com/5B918
22:48:14 shanselman
YouTube Video of Carl Frankin (taken 5 min ago) in Malmö singing 'The Joker' http://bit.ly/405YbZ
00:37:06 shanselman
Best TV Commercial (for Mobile Homes) ever? http://bit.ly/1w0Ynw
01:47:19 shanselman
Installing TFS 2010 Beta2 on Windows Home Server http://bit.ly/1qBJGL
18:05:06 shanselman
Video: Hanselminutes on 9 - Debugging Crash Dumps with @tessferrandez and VS2010 http://bit.ly/ecuUf
19:41:25 shanselman
“RT @Tech_Blend A Japanese Teenage Boy Improved Ruby 1.9 Performance Up to 63% http://j.mp/6hgTx” -@znmeb
21:24:13 shanselman
I'm starting to think that being chased by Ninjas On Fire is just 'part of my creative process.'
21:59:39 shanselman
I miss Chipotle.
22:06:05 shanselman
61 slides so far and they just keep coming...
22:13:19 shanselman
Sign up for RescueTime and see where your time goes: http://rescuetime.com/ref/9067
23:37:29 shanselman
Trying to figure out how to fit Neil Patrick Harris into my keynote tomorrow...I wonder if he is popular in Scandinavia?
23:42:00 shanselman
Trying to turn this pile of evocative stock photography into a cohesive presentation...
23:54:03 shanselman
Update Twitter, Doogie Howser M.D. style: http://www.twoogie.com/ via @jbristowe
00:08:56 shanselman
Wow, famous stupid celebrity tweets are funnier when they are read aloud on video: http://bit.ly/2qWTKM
00:09:26 shanselman
RT @jbristowe: Hoover Dam! Visual C# 2010 Express supports the Extension Manager! http://www.microsoft.com/express/future/
00:25:26 shanselman
Cool. Looks like I've actually got a keynote here. Time for bed. See you in 6 hours!
00:38:47 shanselman
Wow, it's OS X 'Stacks' for Windows 7: http://bit.ly/438FFO
00:52:07 shanselman
Uh oh. ;) RT @martinfowler: stock photos are the bullet points of the 21st century
00:53:13 shanselman
RT @ragavan: webfinger-in-the-browser hacking at http://bit.ly/2jGYj3 (via @michaelrhanson) #iiw #mozilla #firefox #openid
07:07:21 shanselman
I have no words. A treatise against Unit Testing? What's next, are we anti-Oxygen? http://is.gd/4O5Ri via @JimHolmes
07:13:28 shanselman
RT @serafinowicz: 'Sometimes a fart is so substantial, it is itself capable of farting.' - Stephen Hawking
07:16:39 shanselman
RT @LostInTangent: Lazy<T> is pretty sweet: http://is.gd/4OxBe. Gotta love being able to accomplish tasks with less code.
07:21:47 shanselman
I'm deeply bummed that my local MSFT DE, and friend, @JasonMauer has been laid off. Sucks. http://is.gd/4Oy1j
07:25:35 shanselman
Hey, WELCOME new Twitter people. Congrats. Now, please, STEP TWO: *update your avatar.* Now. I'll wait here.
08:02:21 shanselman
Getting into presentation mode for #oredev
11:57:28 shanselman
OH: 'Java is the new COBOL.'
15:43:21 shanselman
Working on setting up a LIVE video stream of a Panel with me, @ayende, James Bach, Chris Hughes, Ola Bini and a bunch of cool #oredev people
15:49:25 shanselman
Trying to prepare a live stream an #oredev session in 1 hour at 16:40 GMT+1
15:53:39 shanselman
RT @jamesmarcusbach: I met Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) and did his podcast show, here at #oredev. My brain is tingling! Thanks Scott.
16:08:02 shanselman
Setting up a LIVE #oredev video link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hanselminuteslive - 30 min to go
17:38:14 shanselman
Recorded version of our (very weird) #oredev panel here: http://bit.ly/3e4KTl
17:51:45 shanselman
All done at #oredev, now what? Everyone has run away!
18:27:50 shanselman
“Double Driver is a great utility for backing up your drivers before rebuilding a Windows machine http://bit.ly/3DjE5b” -@brianbolger
23:40:51 shanselman
Thanks to @noopman and all the folks at #oredev for a great conference this year. Off to Copenhagen tomorrow: http://bit.ly/4nRM0k
01:58:19 shanselman
Pretty Fish! (cool demo) http://bit.ly/11fQwd
20:20:33 shanselman
I need to go see 'Precious' - looks like an amazing movie: http://bit.ly/4ppgPv
20:39:23 shanselman
Wow, just when I thought I had a pretty good handle on 'weird' on the Internet, I learn about 'otherkin': http://bit.ly/48uhv0
20:50:58 shanselman
RT @jldavid: Tell the story of what you've done w/ .NET and win prizes (incl trip to Galapagos): http://www.mydotnetstory.com
08:03:27 shanselman
Hanging out in the SAS Lounge with @richcampbell
08:21:32 shanselman
Fantastic 'Vin' diagram: http://bit.ly/1bEphN
08:24:20 shanselman
Wow, the 'Chief Architect of the Nebraska Department of Forestry' that I mention in my talks is on Twitter as @MortForestry!
09:32:00 shanselman
RT @efosa: Reading: .net developer cheat sheets http://bit.ly/1LEfLc
09:42:40 shanselman
Updating my Zune HD to the new 4.3 Firmware...
09:56:50 shanselman
Updated my Zune HD to 4.3. A number of subtle improvements. Browsing is faster, some text has changed, new keyboard auto-predict
10:42:14 shanselman
Kindle with GLOBAL wireless: Kindle for $259.00 http://bit.ly/1I2oam
23:01:04 shanselman
DEVELOPER POLL: Created an IE8 accelerator or web slice? Any hurdles in creating it? http://bit.ly/49N9JM - do RT
20:46:00 shanselman
@Jaykul @tomasrestrepo I said 'hopefully' but I need to follow up. It's possible, but it's unclear if it's totally supported.
20:49:37 shanselman
Best social networking mispelling? 'Fecebook'
20:52:11 shanselman
“I think the Rihanna era is slowly ending.” -@creolepimp
20:53:03 shanselman
RT @chadfowler: CNN anchor just very nearly said 'compootah'. Sad that she self-corrected. That's my preferred pronunciation.
21:01:30 shanselman
RT @Favstar: http://favstar.fm is running off donations at the moment. If you'd like to donate http://bit.ly/1aPKdU
21:02:27 shanselman
RT @BurnNotice_USA: 'If you're looking over your shoulder to see who's coming after you, you can't see where you're going.'
22:06:53 shanselman
Comedian Katt Williams arrested, accused of burglary - CNN.com http://bit.ly/2PG8fh
22:46:42 shanselman
MUST SEE VIDEO: 'Tilt Shift' HP Create Amazing ad: http://bit.ly/1UZ24M
01:03:58 shanselman
Time to upgrade to the FINAL Paint.NET 3.5 - Best free paint app there is! http://bit.ly/Or8Nl
01:11:06 shanselman
Show this to your kids! Amazing interactive zoom comparison to show sizes of SMALL stuff: http://bit.ly/23VfMP
01:14:59 shanselman
*AHEM* Online Test if you're addicted to the Internet: http://bit.ly/10Se7p
01:27:31 shanselman
R @bradwilson Dude, tell me about it. I'm LOVING 'Torchlight' - best $20 game in years.
01:29:35 shanselman
Trying Brizzly for Twitter: The first 10 people to use this code can try it. http://bit.ly/1DhJmQ
01:47:49 shanselman
I wonder how many times I can give away invites for 10 people? http://bit.ly/2XTHsx
01:48:34 shanselman
More invites? Good for 10 people? http://bit.ly/2L4uDR
01:48:49 shanselman
OK, last one, 10 invites. http://bit.ly/4bTP5v
06:19:53 shanselman
@Jaykul didn't say wrong, said it's too early to know. I'll follow up with the project owner.
06:53:44 shanselman
@Jaykul @vseditor they know better than I. I'll ask them offline for details.
09:47:22 shanselman
RT @mashable: From Twitter to TV: Sh*t My Dad Says Gets CBS Deal - http://bit.ly/13b6a1
17:56:27 shanselman
When your 2 year old touches your chest and says 'boobies!' - and you're a man - it's time for a gym membership.
18:33:47 shanselman
Free Open Source C# virtual Wifi sharing: http://virtualrouter.codeplex.com/
18:37:34 shanselman
RT @KindleCovers: Amazon debuts Kindle for PC http://bit.ly/2j81Vv
18:51:25 shanselman
All you PS3 people...don't you think it's lame that you need to be mailed Physical Media to watch Netflix? No download? #welcometo1999
18:53:43 shanselman
Free Open Source C# virtual Wifi sharing: http://virtualrouter.codeplex.com/ by @crpietschmann
19:24:21 shanselman
BLOG: Download Podcasts with Powershell: A number of people have mentioned to me that they didn't realize that Power... http://bit.ly/2Fwrgv
21:01:12 shanselman
Maybe Tacos will make this day better.
22:55:22 shanselman
“There would be peace in the middle east if tacos were a staple.” -@bakasan
23:00:06 shanselman
Two words that sum up the entire Internet: 'Your retarded.'
23:36:41 shanselman
I'm deeply saddened that the irony of the 'your retarded' comment was lost on so many. #seriesoftubes
23:37:26 shanselman
Hey, just hit 20,000. Cool.
23:45:30 shanselman
Yikes, Adobe cuts 9% of workforce: http://bit.ly/2JN9Wd via @jeffwilcox
00:37:57 shanselman
Pretty sure there's no way to look cool in giant sunglasses. Especially indoors, at night. This means you giant sunglasses dude.
00:40:28 shanselman
Got Microsoft or General Computer Trivia? Share and it'll be on stage at PDC09! Format as Q&A: http://bit.ly/RkOx3
02:09:56 shanselman
Nice! Tweets near you: http://neartweet.com
02:52:17 shanselman
Best use of 'semiunducklike'? - 'A rhinoceros is not at all like a duck, but a goose is only semiunducklike.' via Bill Steele
04:45:55 shanselman
Me: 'You have to do what I say!' 3 yr old: 'Why? Because you're bigger than me?' @overheardathome
09:20:28 shanselman
Folks on Twitter are getting weirder. Had some disturbing tweets today, first ever.
09:36:50 shanselman
Yikes ;) -> “I rifle through your garbage in the hopes find enough discarded hair to complete my life sized doll of you.” -@chews
09:53:46 shanselman
I never know what to do when I'm putting a smilie near the end parenthesis. (you know? ;) )
18:00:08 shanselman
Great new weigh loss program worked for me: get Appendicitis then fly to Europe! I'm down 15 lbs.
18:46:42 shanselman
Got fun Computer Trivia? Share here and it will be on stage at PDC09! Format as Q&A: http://bit.ly/RkOx3
19:28:39 shanselman
Eeek! Xbox Live's Major Nelson just emailed me at work. I'm all a twitter.
19:53:42 shanselman
Cool, use MEF to plug in Tool Windows in Visual Studio 2010 as ordinary WPF Controls! http://weeko.codeplex.com/
19:54:14 shanselman
RT @alvinashcraft: Bing’s Next Chapter Begins Today http://ff.im/-bjxYZ
19:56:05 shanselman
Collecting some great Computer Trivia here for PDC, thanks everyone! http://twtpoll.com/936zni
20:03:43 shanselman
Seeing a lot of Fail Whale on The Twitter today...
20:09:43 shanselman
'I miss my attention span.' - @savvyfatty
20:12:57 shanselman
R @tooshel I know I'm going to hate the new ReTweet Feature.
20:31:24 shanselman
50% of coupon for WPF charts: http://bit.ly/61Pkf use coupon 'sh11'
20:35:11 shanselman
' if you only want to see someone's...tweets, you can shut off just their retweets altogether but still follow them.' http://bit.ly/37iut7
20:51:46 shanselman
Bing teams up with Wolfram|Alpha: http://bit.ly/28lMNM
21:54:05 shanselman
So many people have such dour faces when no one is looking. Are they happy?
22:18:30 shanselman
Seriously Giant Sunglasses Guy? You're still here? That look *barely* works on Bono. Stop. That is all.
22:24:45 shanselman
New 3D Games for the Zune HD out today http://bit.ly/2MAUyg
23:00:50 shanselman
Nice and complete Facebook SDK for .NET (Web, Windows, and SL) http://www.microsoft.com/facebooksdk
23:02:38 shanselman
Crap. I can't believe Dollhouse has been canceled. There is officially NOTHING good on TV. Fox sucks.
23:05:10 shanselman
R @smashedthehomie Sure, Glee rocks, but I'm just raging against the machine at this point.
23:10:29 shanselman
R @theflaker Well, they will finish the whole season and give it an ending, so I'm watching Dollhouse until the final ep.
23:23:03 shanselman
I'm LOVING Clear WIMAX Wireless. Sitting in Starbucks downloading Half-Life 2 at 600k/s while doing a full screen 640x480 video chat.
23:30:51 shanselman
Just noticed SpeedTest.NET now has http://www.pingtest.net/
00:57:42 shanselman
Just finished a conference call with 340 people. How hard is it to mute your phone? I swear someone had a bluetooth headset up their nose.
01:01:29 shanselman
Slick, a complete IDE in your browser: http://www.coderun.com/ide/
01:24:35 shanselman
RT @MikeAtPCHelps: Worst depiction of simple Internet technology by a primetime TV show. http://bit.ly/3EP0ri
01:44:10 shanselman
Very interesting take on Routing from the lead developer on ASP.NET MVC: 'SmartyRoute' http://bit.ly/3offZs
01:51:39 shanselman
Code by @johnvpetersen of NerdDinner with Fluent NHibernate: http://bit.ly/vC1nm
01:54:44 shanselman
Well, Inbox has 49 messages. That's something, I suppose.
02:28:31 shanselman
Thank you, Veterans!
02:54:04 shanselman
'Manservant poop YHWH' - thanks, iPod Touch. I'm sure that's exactly what I was intending to type. #autocorrectfail
05:05:02 shanselman
RT @jeresig: We're doing the jQuery Podcast live right now: http://bit.ly/jQueryPodcastLive
10:24:18 shanselman
RT @adriarichards: New Blog Post: Black People on Twitter! http://bit.ly/2EbmuN
10:44:44 shanselman
RT @Meligy: Stackoverflow for businesses? WOW http://startups.com/
19:06:11 shanselman
Starting to wonder if the Sega Dreamcast has killed the nickel arcade. #welcometo1999
19:22:10 shanselman
Considering updating my Mazda's GPS Map DVD but I'm scandalized by the $199 price. http://www.mazdanavigation.com
19:30:32 shanselman
Got email asking what hardware I run. Still running the @codinghorror Rig from 2 years ago: http://bit.ly/3cFMv4
19:32:27 shanselman
Tweeting for 2 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes, 50 seconds (April 30, 2007). How about you? http://bit.ly/eC942
19:58:59 shanselman
Overheard in meeting just now: '...cognitive load...'
20:55:16 shanselman
Great 5 min video from @pete_brown on Windows 7 & the Sensor/Location APIs (cool hardware!) http://bit.ly/3IzIRx
21:36:44 shanselman
Ninjas are chasing me and they are on fire. Perhaps if I light myself on fire they will go away?
22:57:15 shanselman
BLOG: Our little team is growing - Welcome to Jon Galloway and Pete Brown: Just about two years ago I joined Micr... http://bit.ly/31LPR5
22:57:38 shanselman
My team is growing...announcement of a new hire here: http://bit.ly/twOkT
23:14:25 shanselman
Fill out the 'Mozilla Web Developer Survey' (make sure all voices are heard) http://bit.ly/mdnsurvey1
23:58:02 shanselman
I need a break from #diabetes. Just one day. Even one meal. I'm tired.
06:12:06 shanselman
Starting to suspect I may be tired and/or stressed. Fell asleep on my office couch after the podcast and just woke up.
06:21:37 shanselman
“As dad of girl who uses wheelchair, people complaining about Glee episode need to get over it. http://bit.ly/3Lk27W” -@TonysMediaStudy
06:34:08 shanselman
'disability drag' - having able-bodied people play characters in wheelchairs. (term from http://is.gd/4TUD6 )
06:45:08 shanselman
RT @anildash: The @hunch team...comparing what foods conservatives & liberals like: http://bit.ly/hunchgrub
08:49:40 shanselman
'After all these years, I know I love my wife because when she walks in the room, I still suck in my gut.' - @awryone
19:05:04 shanselman
Woot! Down to 177lbs from 195+lbs! I shall have *four* tacos to celebrate instead of one....wait...
19:09:25 shanselman
Next stop six-pack! But for now, just Tupac!
20:04:07 shanselman
NASA says it has found water on moon http://bit.ly/1vsb2u (via @cnn)
00:33:25 shanselman
Pro tip, alert the media! Turn off Twitter and email and sh*t gets done. That is all.
01:01:38 shanselman
'It's raining here...Earth must be passing under the Moon.' - Bill Heys
02:37:31 shanselman
How many days of 8-10 hours of sleep before one isn't tired anymore?
04:29:54 shanselman
RT @taralconley: cerebral/fantasy movies recommended? (Think: What Dreams May Come, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Contact)..
12:27:02 shanselman
The Internet in One Word: 'oxymoran.' That is all.
17:42:24 shanselman
Happiness is fresh new winterized floor mats.
19:08:41 shanselman
An invite code for Brizzly, good for the first 10 people to use it. http://bit.ly/2CjxBM
20:09:42 shanselman
Sadly, there is no way for a married man (a fashionisto, if you will) to comment on a woman's outfit. The world will never know my wisdom ;)
20:14:39 shanselman
Sitting at the awesome bagel shop where I had breakfast. I may just have the same exact bagel for lunch. #donthate
20:15:53 shanselman
Brizzly invitation link, good for 10 people. http://bit.ly/2ZZMzy
17:53:04 shanselman
Either a haircut, or a nice wig, could turn this day around.
17:56:17 shanselman
“Channel 9 will broadcast live all day, Tues, Wed and Thurs from PDC09! http://bit.ly/3l5iqw ' (via @PDC09)
17:56:33 shanselman
RT @infragistics Going to #PDC09? Follow @infragistics to win a Netbook, software, book or gift card!
17:58:16 shanselman
“We will be tweeting RSVP Codes for the UndergroundAtPDC party.. stay tuned #UGPDC09” -@UndergroundPDC
00:15:48 shanselman
RT @Pete_Brown: 230 questions loaded into the trivia app, getting everything installed on my tablet in prep for #pdc09
00:17:59 shanselman
I'll be hosting Hanselminutes LIVE at @PDC09 streaming free online @ch9live noonish Tues, Wed and Thurs http://bit.ly/3l5iqw
00:22:25 shanselman
“Wish your high school English teacher was on Twitter? Now he is: @HerveyLake” -@juliejulie
01:53:51 shanselman
Looks like my @pdc09 trip has gotten a LOT more interesting! Thanks @scottgu. ;)
03:08:10 shanselman
Happy holidays! Hanselman ELFYourself family video -> http://is.gd/4VR27
03:25:27 shanselman
'So YouTube is gonna stream 1080p that nobody will be able to watch....a metaphor there somewhere, but right now it's buffering.' @aedison
03:58:24 shanselman
The free Auslogics Defrag 'Optimize' phase is great for shrinking VHDs I thought wouldn't shrink: http://bit.ly/49oTZK
04:12:13 shanselman
Heading to LA tomorrow...
05:06:55 shanselman
Am I missing a new True Blood or something?
05:41:59 shanselman
“I feel like right up until the second I took that test, I simultaneously understood and was confused by Schroedinger's Cat.” -@aedison
05:44:28 shanselman
RT @ahockley: In Portland? Like photography? There's a Flickr meetup tomorrow night: http://bit.ly/2rzsRd
07:46:31 shanselman
Anyone using this Zeo Sleep Coach? (via @gholliday) http://www.myzeo.com/
08:10:33 shanselman
RT @mc_frontalot: Congratulating @textfiles on crowdfunding his artistic endeavors for a few months.
08:13:18 shanselman
Got any cool ASP.NET MVC Ninja tips? Email me (scottha@...) and I may use them in my @pdc09 talk on Weds!
08:14:12 shanselman
Madness. Truly. Who cares? RT @lachlanhardy: http://typewar.com/
19:26:03 shanselman
Leaving for @pdc09
19:45:28 shanselman
Got a house for sale in Beaverton WITH Renter included (2 more years!) - good investment. Interested? Tweet me.
19:55:56 shanselman
RT @ST_Rachel: 'That Child Screaming on the Plane...is Mine' http://bit.ly/3yp1eC (Fitting, this post was published from 10,000 feet)
22:22:30 shanselman
Landed in LA for @pdc09. Need to haul ass over to the convention center.
23:41:22 shanselman
At the Sheraton in LA...heading to Qdoba...
01:01:27 shanselman
Trying to get my badges at @pdc09
01:44:06 shanselman
Backstage at the @PDC09 Keynote practice: http://twitpic.com/ptars
02:30:39 shanselman
Watching @donbox practice from backstage... http://twitpic.com/pth7a
03:13:47 shanselman
Many machines backstage at the @pdc09 practice http://twitpic.com/ptn01
04:58:39 shanselman
Heading to the bar at The Fig at @pdc09 in LA
05:01:07 shanselman
Walking down Fig...huge advert for GTA: http://twitpic.com/pu0ro
07:44:45 shanselman
If you're interested in @pdc09, be sure to follow the @ch9live twitter account and watch the live streams in the morning!
16:30:25 shanselman
Watch the @pdc09 keynote online, then follow the @ch9live Twitter account and watch live streams with new hosts all day.
16:57:09 shanselman
Live @pdc09 streaming all day at
16:57:58 shanselman
Live @pdc09 streaming at http://microsoftpdc.com all week, plus @ch9live immediately after!
17:20:38 shanselman
Best part of @pdc09? I can eat tacos 3 times a day, for a week, and my wife can't say no. And I do. ;)
18:00:32 shanselman
Getting ready to host @ch9live at Noon while watching @pdc09 live at http://microsoftpdc.com/
19:22:55 shanselman
Getting ready for @ch9live at @pdc09 -behind the scenes pics: http://twitpic.com/pw084
19:24:14 shanselman
A pile of cameras for the @pdc09 @ch9live live stream in 12 minutes: http://twitpic.com/pw0dw
19:25:17 shanselman
Backstage at @ch9live ... Send questions as replies to @ch9live - they are watching NOW! http://twitpic.com/pw0i9
19:32:22 shanselman
Soon, @ch9live will stream live at http://microsoftpdc.com
19:45:31 shanselman
Project Natal Prototype at the @ch9 booth (um, no) http://twitpic.com/pw34c
20:09:16 shanselman
It's the @ch9live schedule at @pdc09 -high-tech whiteboard photo: http://twitpic.com/pw62r
20:11:05 shanselman
OMG! It's Channel 9 guy! http://twitpic.com/pw6a5
20:28:02 shanselman
This is an actual photograph of a piece of the Azure Cloud at #pdc09 http://twitpic.com/pw8ji
20:28:50 shanselman
Literally inside a cloud server at @pdc09 http://twitpic.com/pw8n3
20:45:34 shanselman
Getting ready for @ch9live at http://microsoftpdc.com/ in 15 min.
21:32:02 shanselman
Freaking out on @ch9live at http://www.microsoftpdc.com LIVE
23:04:07 shanselman
Keynote tiny demo practice at @pdc09. Be sure to clap during my 6 min of geek fame. This datagrid is for you. http://twitpic.com/pwthb
23:50:51 shanselman
Stealing Swedish Fish at @pdc09 backstage #perks http://twitpic.com/px00h
01:24:48 shanselman
RT @visoft: 'What's new in MVC 2?' by Brad Wilson http://bit.ly/1XsXJV many good session at #NotAtPDC http://bit.ly/S4anl
01:40:18 shanselman
At the @devexpress coding with a Rock Band Guitar: http://twitpic.com/pxfcn
02:56:27 shanselman
Going to room 309 at @pdc09 for the Ineta Community BOF session. Join us.
03:04:17 shanselman
@migueldeicaza are you coming to the ineta thing in 309?
03:06:30 shanselman
Wow, lots of prizes and a $600 gift card prize in room 309 at @pdc09
04:16:41 shanselman
At #PDC09, where are the parties?
15:25:00 shanselman
Getting ready to head over to the @pdc09 keynote in LA. I'll tweet all the behinds the scenes. Time to practice demos with @jeffhandley
15:41:30 shanselman
Taxi drivers HATE $10 fares, it seems. Or, they are just bad people. #cantbesure @pdc09
15:42:29 shanselman
6:40am and @pdc09 is empty. #pdc09 http://twitpic.com/pzixl
15:45:55 shanselman
Getting ready to head over to the #pdc09 keynote in LA. I'll tweet all the behinds the scenes. Time to practice demos with @jeffhandley
15:54:19 shanselman
Crew breakfast at #pdc09. Shame I don't eat bacon. http://twitpic.com/pzk4o
16:42:04 shanselman
Time for makeup at #pdc09 keynote http://twitpic.com/pzp3c
17:08:06 shanselman
Getting microphones on at #pdc09 http://twitpic.com/pzrxt
17:16:47 shanselman
Big ass room before the #pdc09 keynote http://twitpic.com/pzsz5
17:44:02 shanselman
Master video control room at #pdc09 while Sinofsky speaks http://twitpic.com/pzw6s
17:44:54 shanselman
Live #pdc09 keynote at http://www.microsoftpdc.com now.
18:08:55 shanselman
Why was there no breakfast for #pdc09 attendees? Because every attendee just got a Free Laptop with Windows 7!!!
18:13:16 shanselman
No, Microsoft employees don't get laptops. ;) #pdc09 #holdme
18:26:40 shanselman
Ok, @scottgu live at http://www.microsoftpdc.com - here comes the Awesome. #pdc09
18:31:17 shanselman
Watching @scottgu from just backstage at #pdc09 http://twitpic.com/q01y2
18:41:04 shanselman
Crap, 5000 phones in a small space make phone demos hard. #pdc09
18:42:39 shanselman
Want to see the #pdc09 iPhome demo yourself? http://www.IIS.net/iPhone - please RT!
19:14:44 shanselman
RT @jeffhandley: Blogged: http://bit.ly/fuqfk Building ContosoSales - The @scottgu/@shanselman RIA Services Keynote Demo
19:16:24 shanselman
Heading to practice my actual #pdc09 ASP.NET MVC ninja tips talk in Petree Hall D after the keynote.
19:22:06 shanselman
@joepruitt really? Edge or 3g?
19:28:17 shanselman
RT @brada: Saw the @shanselman keynote of VS2010 and RIA Services, but what about testablity? Find out #PDC09 http://bit.ly/1HXOtD
20:11:16 shanselman
Getting ready in Petree Hall D to talk ASP.NET MVC 2. Woohoo! No slides to turn in, just demos. #pdc09
20:28:42 shanselman
15 years I've been presenting on stage and my heart beats fast each time. #pdc09
21:43:57 shanselman
Heading to the @ch9live booth to do 30 minutes LIVE at http://www.microsoftpdc.com #pdc09
23:12:37 shanselman
Hanging with @migueldeicaza in the Web Pavilion (Big Room) at #pdc09 doing an OSS panel http://twitpic.com/q13h0
23:27:20 shanselman
Going to be LIVE on http://www.MicrosoftPDC.com @ch9live at 3pm!
00:00:26 shanselman
Going live at http://www.microsoftpdc.com NOW! @ch9live rt! You want to see this!
02:19:02 shanselman
Sweet Merciful Wondrous Lord I want one of the #pdc09 Laptops. #butalasno
03:08:29 shanselman
@TessFerrandez thanks!
05:12:59 shanselman
Someone sell me a #pdc09 laptop! #covet #tencommandments
08:37:48 shanselman
Still partying at the PDC Underground in LA! Come to the Conga Room - say Shaina sent you #ugpdc09 #pdc09 RT!
17:48:06 shanselman
Prepping for #2's second birthday today! Babies!
17:49:39 shanselman
They grow up fast... http://twitpic.com/qdje5
23:21:43 shanselman
This is misguided. It's clearly an API change on the server side. - Facebook's iPhone App Is Broken. http://bit.ly/8TlHR6 by @parislemon
23:36:00 shanselman
97 gigs so far...still downloading #PDC09 sessions: download/rename scripts-> http://bit.ly/pdc09scripts
04:59:29 shanselman
Excellent photo essay from #pdc09 - RT @jeffhandley: Pictures from PDC09 http://bit.ly/4zlbh5 (
05:56:53 shanselman
Still frustrated with how poor this article is. It's fixed, BTW. - Facebook's iPhone App Is Broken. Who Will Fix It? http://bit.ly/8TlHR6
19:20:04 shanselman
Someone has contacted me about a $1.99 'Hanselminutes Podcast' app. Thoughts?
19:22:12 shanselman
Apparently they require it be at least $1.99, but I'm no clear there's any value to a podcast-specific iPhone app.
19:25:54 shanselman
Agreed, there's no value in a for-money app. I'll talk to @chrisntr about a MonoTouch free version we can all use the code to.
19:32:53 shanselman
Preach on. RT @sdether: I wonder if 'we can build an iphone app for your site' is the new 'we can do SEO for your site'
21:22:54 shanselman
Seriously. Professional full-grown English speaking humans with the 'Your Welcome?' #grownassman
21:39:04 shanselman
Harley, X-Ray, Conner, Madison, German, Shanaysha, Jango #namesoverheardattheportlandchildrensmuseum #welcometopdx
22:20:21 shanselman
RT @roentgenatrix: 17mm appendix, free fluid in the pelvic cavity...positive for appendicitis. http://yfrog.com/4ayx1j
22:51:34 shanselman
Seriously, Indian Food Court lady...who are you saving that big piece of chicken for? Shaking it off the spoon only hurts our relationship.
23:16:28 shanselman
A public restroom is not the place to blow your nose into the sink like you're at home. I say nay nay. #havesomehonor
00:20:31 shanselman
RT @Ogre: Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.
00:22:08 shanselman
'Let the river of crap that is Twitter wash over you.'
02:23:44 shanselman
Update for Windows Home Server coming in two days: http://bit.ly/1KPPPV
02:41:36 shanselman
Thinking about this BowFlex...anyone got it? http://bit.ly/6knBEN
03:29:18 shanselman
Wow, I still don't like the new Twitter Retweet Feature. Now I can't tell what's a RT or not.
05:12:08 shanselman
@Jaykul one, I use a client. Two, I follow 1200+ people...how can I recognize a new avatar as a rt when folks change their avatars anyway
05:21:32 shanselman
Odd...I unsubscribed from XM Satellite a year ago. Why does my old radio have all the channels suddenly? Free trial?
05:26:14 shanselman
RT @ggdm: Do you have an XM Radio w/o service? They are giving a first 'free trial' of several stations thru end of month now.
06:48:26 shanselman
We shouldn't waterboard terrorists. Just jam their funny bones up against a sharp cabinet door. I may have just screamed out a state secret.
07:18:15 shanselman
RT @Mary_Rarick: Does Jermaine not understand that he didn't win the award, MJ did? #AMA
07:28:48 shanselman
“At no point during the filming of Transformers 2 did anyone say 'ok, stop this has gone too far, let's just start over'?” -@jacksonh
07:34:16 shanselman
Wanna see an amazing movie? Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 'Brick.' Rent it now.
09:52:32 shanselman
RT @elonjames: They just played 'I'm on a boat' Non-Ironically. #WhiteCollegeBar
17:44:25 shanselman
RT @ElizabethSigns: A Toddler's nightmare: 3 y/o was talking in his sleep, bad dream. 'Nooooo! He's taking my cupcake!'
18:23:54 shanselman
Amazingly written article on #Diabetes and what we (I) deal with many times a day: http://is.gd/51Xlw please read at RT
19:53:47 shanselman
RT @jsenior Whitepaper on 'Building High Performance Web Applications' http://bit.ly/8KWjp5
21:38:04 shanselman
OMG I'm so having 'one of those' blood sugar days. #diabetes
21:47:17 shanselman
R @danwaters As soon as Seesmic has 'auto url shortening' and they move to .NET 4, I'll switch. Blurry text is keeping me on TweetDeck
21:51:33 shanselman
R @KevinHazzard Yes, my daily total insulin usage (basal+bolos) just went from 25U to 50U overnight. 3 days in a row. Cold? #diabetes
22:33:47 shanselman
The Free IIS SEO Toolkit (I demoed this at the MSFT Company Meeting) is v1 and FREE here: http://bit.ly/7TSjwm
22:52:58 shanselman
@Jaykul Has tweetdeck been updated?
23:12:26 shanselman
Interested in working on ASP.NET and Web Standards? Job Opening! http://bit.ly/5TMneb
23:19:35 shanselman
I wonder why I stopped drawing. I need to start again, I wasn't half bad. Great drawing video: http://bit.ly/7TMNqj
23:26:45 shanselman
RT @scottgu: interview with @DeepFriedBytes from #PDC09 is now online: http://bit.ly/70XqN1
23:38:35 shanselman
BLOG: Oredev Keynote - Information Overload and Managing the Flow: Effectiveness and Efficiency: I am by no means a... http://bit.ly/7DVmLR
23:54:08 shanselman
Clever. Make a Twitter Haiku (a 'Twaiku') about Windows Server & win an XBOX, TV and more: https://www.r2haiku.com/ #R2haiku
00:05:54 shanselman
Cool! RT @rhythmatik: Me and @alexpilon made this using ASP.NET MVC http://r2haiku.com
00:22:54 shanselman
Interesting, 'source code backup' separate from existing source code repro: http://www.transactor.com/
00:25:10 shanselman
Open Job Req to work on the ASP.NET 'Orchard' Open Source project: http://bit.ly/6apzHn
00:32:26 shanselman
Nice WPF/MEF/MVVM Pinball demo with source code: http://bit.ly/2JfjNF
00:40:36 shanselman
Interesting real world example of using the Microsoft Labs 'Pivot' tool by @brandonwatson http://bit.ly/44mFya
00:53:21 shanselman
Interesting. I just got an email from a recruiter at Google.
00:58:33 shanselman
LOL! RT @jglozano: does it begin with 'Dear Scoot' ...
03:06:00 shanselman
Wireless is lovely, but more and more I'm plugging in at home and getting 10x better speeds. Gigabit FTW!
03:12:26 shanselman
Moderately NSFW but amazing full body makeup - RT @MissJia: http://twitpic.com/qpba0 @kissmagazine Wow...thats neato
03:18:15 shanselman
RT @scottgu: Nice quick post about a cool new Silverlight 4 feature - Text Trimming: http://bit.ly/4Iywf5
04:51:07 shanselman
Great HD Video of the Shuttle taking off. Show it to your kids. Good stuff at 01:30 in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsJpUCWfyPE
08:08:06 shanselman
Sweet wondrous Showtime. 'Dexter' this season is BLOWING MY MIND.
08:17:40 shanselman
Got ideas or feedback for Azure? Here's a UserVoice Forum for your Cloud thoughts! RT! http://bit.ly/azureideas
08:26:12 shanselman
Great interview video with (Xbox) Halo's Principal Engine Architect Corrinne Yu http://bit.ly/8FgBIi #womenintech
08:31:45 shanselman
Technical Video I shot at #pdc09 - Technical Tour of Azure Container by one of the architects: http://bit.ly/azuretour
17:51:17 shanselman
RT @Carnage4Life: Didn't realize AT&T is the only network that supports using the Internet during a voice call. - http://bit.ly/5X3ybG
17:56:42 shanselman
RT @Carnage4Life: [Blog Post] The Many Flaws of Twitter's Retweet Feature http://bit.ly/08mt9Z3
18:00:01 shanselman
My wife: 'I'm totally going to shop at Black Friday so I can support my people.'
19:18:02 shanselman
Wow, fire near my house! http://twitpic.com/qrta9
19:46:53 shanselman
So sad, the house is fully engulfed. Doubly sad because of the holidays. http://twitpic.com/qrx06
19:55:33 shanselman
Twitter’s similarity to crack cocaine: “Yuppies do it on their iPhone. Cheap. Short. Fruitless.” http://bit.ly/5Jb2RP
20:09:05 shanselman
Do you like Programming Languages with significant whitespace? Then you'll love 'Whitespace' http://bit.ly/5MWnv6
20:25:49 shanselman
VERY nice Hotel Finder with Map: http://roomatlas.com
20:26:56 shanselman
First 1080p HD YouTube Video? (Muppets) via @alanstevens http://bit.ly/8UAJM2
22:36:01 shanselman
Meh, I still find 1080p BluRay to be grainy. #whitewhine
22:41:03 shanselman
“there are starving 720p children in China.” -@jzy
23:01:53 shanselman
I challenge you to find the difference, other than $400 - http://twitpic.com/qsp7e
03:05:47 shanselman
“I'm telling my family I'm not coming to Thanksgiving dinner because I'm anti-cruelty. Hell no, not to the turkey. To me.” -@debihope
04:31:26 shanselman
Hm, blogs (mine included) look way better on iPhones/Touches when you visit their RSS directly: http://is.gd/532Me
05:17:40 shanselman
Tightening up the 4 year old's fade...
05:21:46 shanselman
“Oregon is filled with pale, pleasant, bloated, fleece-clad, sexless, half-smilers. My people!” -@rainnwilson
06:30:03 shanselman
Wow, native PDF reader now?!?! RT @john_lam: Updating my Kindle 2 to 2.3 firmware that I got from here: http://bit.ly/12a7Jw
06:32:31 shanselman
Braids are $150 or more, but bald is free. #baldisfree
06:33:55 shanselman
RT @marshallk: The perfect Twitter client? (@MickMel writes up Sobees) http://bit.ly/1Gyfy2
06:34:50 shanselman
“Someone just boarded the plane rockin a snuggie. smh” -@amandadiva
06:36:32 shanselman
RT @john_lam: A $49 sports watch that is also a dev platform? Might get this: http://bit.ly/92NWF8
07:24:35 shanselman
BLOG: Screenshots: Amazon Kindle 2 gets Better Battery Life and Native PDF Support: I love my Kindle. I've talked a... http://bit.ly/5fgN91
09:24:19 shanselman
Trying 'Chromium OS' on my Dell Mini 9. Seems like any Linux LIVE CD so far. It's a bootable browser. http://bit.ly/7xirxQ
11:09:00 shanselman
RT @_huny: 'none of us could write tens of thousands of 140 character long answers to 'what are you doing' w/o some kind of ego trippin'
11:14:38 shanselman
Well, Chromium is a limp noodle in its current form on my Netbook. However, the http://moblin.org/ bootable image is cool.
17:49:21 shanselman
Best Twitter Client for an HTC Mogul? Thoughts?
18:07:42 shanselman
Back up your data with Mozy and save 10%! Use my referral: http://bit.ly/8OvJCa
18:31:20 shanselman
Watch out now, Twitter on your phone will totally change the way you poop. #youstillinthere? #whatthehellareyoudoing?
19:14:52 shanselman
Windows Marketplace for your WM Phone. http://mp.windowsphone.com on ur phone, or get texted http://is.gd/53xyl
20:39:13 shanselman
I'm thinking Nerd Dinner/Tweetup in Seattle/Redmond on Monday night to welcome @jongalloway to the team. Thoughts?
22:23:03 shanselman
RT @DigitalWoman: Cool! Just learned that Halo's Principal Engine Architect is a woman http://bit.ly/7gywR2
23:02:39 shanselman
Wow...with the kids at the zoo - photo: http://twitpic.com/qx7w5
23:08:30 shanselman
Got sheep? http://twitpic.com/qx8rr
23:23:04 shanselman
Lions in Oregon! http://twitpic.com/qxb6m
23:31:35 shanselman
RT @ObamaNews: Statement by the President on Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha http://bit.ly/5LyHB6
01:53:24 shanselman
Amazing video of 'The Matrix in Lego Stop Motion' - must see http://is.gd/53KFt
02:11:04 shanselman
'Run tell dat!'
02:36:10 shanselman
RT @GLEEonFOX: Don't miss an all-new episode of #GLEE tonight at 9/8c, only on FOX! http://bit.ly/5R8ryz
03:05:46 shanselman
Looks like every browser will get Direct2D Hardware Acceleration, cool. http://is.gd/53Mss
07:24:24 shanselman
Requesting an invite for Tweetboard Alpha (http://tweetboard.com) by @140ware, for my site: http://www.hanselman.com
07:27:58 shanselman
Crazy Black Friday Cashback from Bing...checking out Dell offers http://bit.ly/5MFQy2
07:34:27 shanselman
This Halloween Costume is FULL OF WIN. http://bit.ly/8TJOdB with video: http://bit.ly/8AzvaH
21:55:55 shanselman
@RickStrahl yep, I watch Hulu on my Dell Mini 9. Just don't expect to do 720p video AND compile.
22:02:11 shanselman
Hey, it's Thanksgiving. Or, as Type 1 diabetics with Insulin Pumps call it, Thursday. #diabetes
22:05:32 shanselman
RT @debihope: Telling your family 'I'm grateful for everyone I love, and also you' is not going to win you any popularity contests.
22:05:56 shanselman
RT @iamKOOFA: #imthankfulfor all the people who aren't willing to give up twitter for a day to spend quality time with family.
22:08:15 shanselman
@RickStrahl most netbook have various options for video. The Dell has a crap video card stock...you can upgrade but then you're at $500+
22:46:18 shanselman
@RickStrahl nope, stock. It's usually ok. Not perfect. The mini 9 is old though. Just take a USB stick to best buy and test yourself.